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Image courtesy Jay for TTAK

Most EDC knives aren’t equipped with four inches of razor-sharp S30V, but if you’ve got big hands and deep pockets (in both senses of the term) Spyderco’s large ‘Military’ might be just the backup blade for you. You can pocket a standard Military for about $150, but our resident Spyderco historian Jay reviewed the more expensive (and damn-near indestructible) Titanium-framed version.

Jump to The Truth About Knives for the full review.


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  1. THAT is the firearm I have wanted for a long time, the FN P90. Love it because I am right handed but have no right eye so i had to learn to shoot left eyed and right handed and the empty casings coming out of the bottom is for me.

    I settled for a .17HMR AR15 rifle mainly because I could no longer find 5.7×28 ammo for the FN.
    I can still find .17HMR for under $14 a box of 50.

    • I LOVE this gun. I had a super huge obsession with it, and never thought I’d actually own it.

      After about 4 years of lusting I got the opportunity to own it. Every time I handle it, I still fondle and oogle it.

  2. I owned one of the older Spyderco Militaries for about 10-11 years until it was stolen in September of last year. It had a CPM440V blade, of which not too many were made. I reckon they had issues with the steel being on the slightly brittle side, and indeed I helpfully managed to break the tip off foolishly prying an old keybard apart. They offered to replace the blade tip for free but i liked the 440 so kept it and had a friend regrind the tip. Also had a gunsmith drill new holes so I could carry tip-up. One of these days I’ll get another one.


    • The same happened to my first Military. 440 steel did not like my attempts to unscrew rather large bolt. I still have the knife, but the reground blade felt too short, so I bought a new one. S30V. After some years of everyday heavy use at work (construction) I decided to buy third one to carry when not at work.


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