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Image courtesy Kai USA

Todd Rexford’s custom knife designs will usually set you back a couple of thousand bucks. They’re damned fine knives, but handmade collectibles crafted from Unobtanium aren’t the ideal EDC for CCW knives. A well-designed and well-made blade that’s affordable (and replaceable) is generally the more practical choice. The $30 Kershaw Injection 3.0 could be just such a knife. We can’t give it our official seal of approval without testing it (hint to Kershaw: send us one!) but if it holds up as well as other budget Kershaws, it could be a sleeper hit.

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    • What’s wrong with a liner lock? I do prefer frame lock, but I’m not against liner locks either.

  1. Smith and Wesson extreme ops knife.

    $10 at academy. Sharp. Cuts open boxes and anything I’ve asked it. One knife usually last 6 months or so before I bend the clip back and it’s relatively unusable.

    That’s an EDC knife.

  2. Agreed. For a normal duty EDC, a decent liner lock more than fills the bill. If you’ll be needing it for more demanding tasks, go with a frame lock or a lockback. But a liner for this kind of knife is plenty.

      • I’m thinking if you need to engage some serious self defense with your folding knife where you’re going to have your fist ham-handed around the handle and you’ll be pumping like mad hitting meat and bone at weird angles with great force. In this circumstance you could pretty easily disengage the liner lock.

        However I’m not really looking for that in a folding knife, ever. And the same thing can happen with most locking systems, but I think a bit easier with the liner lock.


  3. Kershaw knives are effing great. Since I got my Kershaw Shallot, any other folder knife has become inferior. Only time I’ll carry any other knife is work. I’m only willing to mess up cheap knives, not my nice one. Not that I don’t think the quality can stand it, I just treat my good knives with care.

    My woman even carries around a Kershaw…

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