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It doesn’t look too mall ninja-esque, but Benchmade’s new 484 folder has all the right moves for an EDC for CCW knife. It’s bombproof-strong and fully ambidextrous. And it’s not so big or scary-looking as to frighten the muggles. If anything, it might be just a little too sweet to haul around every day and risk it falling out of your back pocket. Jump over to The Truth About Knives for the deets . . .

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  1. Not when you can get the Volli for ~100. Yeah it’s a little tacticool, but its got S30V steel which is plenty sharp for anything you need to do, and its half the price. Unless you want it as a collector’s piece I see no reason to spend more than 100-150 for a really high-quality EDC.

  2. Hmm much as I “need” a new pocketknife, it’s a bit too “no so big or scary looking”. I happen to like the reaction when I have to use my BM Bedlam in public, all the damnyankees move aside and go talk about how great NYC is somewhere I can’t hear.

  3. A real beauty. As a knife collector, I have well over a hundred knives, but do not have this one. Spyderco, Cold Steel, and CRKT are my usual brands, but I will have to at least give this one a look, very nice.

  4. For people who cannot understand why the price is so high, it mostly has to do with the blade steel. The blade is made from M390 which is considered a “super steel”. It’s extremely high quality steel that is expensive to manufacture. It effortlessly takes a razor sharp edge, keeps that edge for a very long time, is very corrosion resistant, and is very tough. Generally it’s impossible to have a blade that has all those attributes, usually sacrificing one strength for another. For instance when a knife has the ability to keep its edge for a long time, it usually means it has very hard steel. However the harder the steel is, the less tough it is (more brittle), and therefore chips easier, and is usually harder to sharpen. M390 is unique in the sense that it has all the traits you could ever ask for in a knife blade. It’s by far the best steel on the market right now. A popular steel is S30V which is fantastic stuff and is the industry standard right now. M390 far outperforms S30V in every way. Anyone who know what a CATRA test is knows its been proven many times.
    Another reason the price is a bit steep is that it’s a Benchmade obviously. Benchmades are naturally expensive but they are fantastic knives. You do get what you pay for in this case. The brand name plus the exotic steel = $200 knife.
    Is it worth the money? Well that’s subjective to the buyer but at least you know why the price is what it is. It’s definitely not the most expensive knife. Just look up the Sebenza. They start at like $500.


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