Not quite sure why you’d want a RPD Carbine in 6.8, especially as DS already makes one of these things in the much cheaper 7.62×39 caliber. But if you have some extra 6.8 caliber ammunition lying around and nothing to do with it this seems like the right tool for the job. The modified RPD rifle takes standard AR-15 furniture instead of that cosmolene soaked commie stuff. MSRP will be somewhere around $3k.


  1. A semi-auto belt-fed. Booooorrrringgggg… Call me when the Hughes ban is no longer on the books, and I might be interested. Until then, MEH.

  2. I just wish these guys would concentrate on cranking out the designs they already have. They are plagued by delays as it is.

  3. made a mistake of ordering a barrel on special from DSA they didn’t bother to say anything about it being out of stock like all the other folks do. Will never order from them again. Call before you order from them.


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