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Over the years, my “pocket pistols” have started migrating to a belt holster for convenience and comfort. But I’ve always a need for ultra-deep concealment. And no pocket pistol is complete without a pocket holster. While a $15 made-in-China nylon special from your local big-box retailer is more than merely adequate for trigger protection, I decided to take a slightly different path. Enter the Mika pocket holster. . .

Robert Mika was a police officer with the L.A.P.D. for 20 years. After securing his pension and moving to Wisconsin, Mika turned his attention to pocket holsters. “I came to realize the importance of having a holster that provides quick and reliable deployment of a firearm,” his website explains. “All too often I would find pocket holsters aesthetically pleasing to the eye yet lacking in the essentials of accessibility, concealment, and comfort.”

Mika addresses the all-important question of accessibility – the ability to draw a gun from your pocket quickly, easily and effectively – by fashioning his holster from non-standard materials. Quite what they are, exactly, he doesn’t say. But the holster’s made from a “moisture resistant material which will keep the inner surface of the holster dry.”

Mika reckons leather holsters retain moisture, which can make a gun stick on its way out. The Mika holster is surrounded by some sort of grip-enhancing material that looks suspiciously like those sheets of rubbery grippy material that we use to line the cabinets in our kitchen. It “grabs” your pocket from inside, keeping the holster from making an unwelcome surprise appearance.

Mission accomplished: the holster stayed in my pocket every time I draw. I’ve tried other, cheaper pocket holsters, and I’ve noticed that, occasionally, when the gun comes out of the pocket, the holster comes out, too. Still on the gun. All else being equal, drawing from a pocket is usually a little slower than drawing from a hip, so why risk ended up a little further behind the curve if you don’t have to?

As for comfort, the mystery Mika material is soft and pliable. It cushions the gun’s sharp edges perfectly, covers the entire weapon and presents a smooth profile from the outside. It’s as concealable as the gun it carries.


Now for the bad news: it’s ugly. So don’t display a Mika holster on your mantel piece of anywhere else outside your pocket. Thanks to word-of-mouth, the current wait time for a hand-made Mika holster is six to eight weeks. After this review, who knows?

Fortunately for TTAG commentators (who seem to balk at anything that costs more than a tank of gas), a Mika holster will run you $30. I’ve spent more for holsters that ended-up in “that” drawer. And this one does what it needs to do. Which just might save your life

Specifications: Robert Mika Pocket Holster
Price: $31.95

Ratings (out of five stars):

Accessibility: * * * * *

The Mika holster makes drawing your pocket pistol a fast and secure process. The “it’s not leather nor nylon” material is soft and moisture resistant, eliminating the problem of “sticky” gun.

Concealment * * * * *

The Mike holster is made to order according to your gun’s make, model and barrel length. So it disappears into the holster, which disappears into your pants.

Comfort * * * * *

The material is pliable and soft, pleasing to your pants and pistol. Available in your choice of color.

Overall: * * * * *

It won’t win any awards for beauty, and it’s twice as expensive as nylon pocket holsters from your local big box store, but Mika’s pocket holster makes it easy to draw, and stays put in the holster where it belongs. It could be a life-saver.


DISCLAIMER: The above is an opinion piece; it is not legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship in any sense. If you need legal advice in any matter, you are strongly urged to hire and consult your own counsel. This post is entirely my own, and does not represent the positions, opinions, or strategies of my firm or clients.

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  1. I got an Uncle Mikes #1 to hold my little HP22 in the inside pocket of my leather jacket. It was under $10 and holds it fine, but this one would probably be 10x better considering it probably wouldn’t come out of my pocket with the gun still holstered 90% of the time. I can appreciate now that cheap holsters aren’t worth it most of the time.

  2. Got a Blackhawk right off the rack for exactly half that price that does the same thing. Stays in the pocket during the draw that is. Just sayin’.

  3. Do you guys all wear clown pants or something?

    I have a Ruger LCP (so, pretty damn small) and every time I try to carry it with my supposed pocket holster, I feel and look like I’m walking around with a block of cheese in my front pocket.

      • Ugh.

        I wear Blakladers or hiking pants, depending on whether I’m working or leisureing, thankyouverymuch.

        Also, I don’t “skinny” anything these days, unfortunately.

    • “I feel and look like I’m walking around with a block of cheese in my front pocket.”

      Try a relaxed cut for your pants rather than those hipster ‘skinny’ ones…

      (Hey, man, you walked right into that one…)

      • As I stated above, everything about my cut is relaxed these days, sadly.

        Even with cargo shorts I still feel like it’s obvious.

        • No one ever gives me a second look with a Colt Mustang Pocketlite in front pocket with a Talon wallet holster (even though they are supposedly for the back pocket); the Colt is thicker than your LCP.

          one thing in your favor is that recenty cell phones have gotten larger, not smaller.

        • Have someone take a picture of you from 6′ in front and take a look at it. I’d bet you can’t see it. I don’t pocket carry much anymore for draw reasons, but it always looked like a ginormous bulge to look down at your own pocket compared to the reality of it.

    • I have the same feeling with my P290RS, but as with the argument for O.C., the people who notice an
      out-of-place bulky bulge (GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER) are the people carrying themselves.
      In my experience, anyway.
      I carry said pistol in the cargo pocket of my work pants in a Remora holster, and it draws no more attention
      than someone carrying their wallet or comically large smartphone. I’m looking at you Samsung…

    • I routinely carry a Colt Mustang Pocketlite or Kahr P380 in a Talon or Uncle George pocket holster in the front pocket in khakis, jeans, and shorts. Looks like a large cell phone. YMMV.

    • I prefer pleated front Wrangler khakis. I’m a salesman, so need to dress fairly nicely. Whenever trying on new pants, I always stick my gun in the pocket to check for printing.

  4. “…moisture resistant material which will keep the inner surface of the holster dry.”

    In other words, cheap vinyl “leatherette”.

    • More likely than not, it is the virgin skin from an unborn Nauga. “The Nauga is ugly , but it’s vinyl hide is beautiful”

        • How many baby Naugas will be slaughtered to make Naugahide?

          Baby Naugas looking up trembling with those big eyes as they’re waiting to be viciously clubbed to death ..

          (Sobbing uncontrollably…)

      • Do you know how they kill baby naugas? They stuff them into plastic trash bags until they smother!!! In front of the mother naugas, who are crying for their babies!!!! It’s an outrage! MOMS GOTTA SAVE THE INNOCENT NAUGAS!!! Call the media! We are marching! with idiotic signs and really bad haircuts!

  5. I didn’t really care for the one I bought. Bob Mika is obviously a good guy and I like buying from the little guy. The holster itself is made from some sort of material like the leatherette stuff my Dad kept his eyeglasses in, in the 70’s. The holster is rather loose, which made a little uncomfortable with my gun (Glock 42). I just figured on the off chance I out something else in that pocket (which I never do but never say never) the looseness of the holster and the big gap in there might allow it to fall in and interfere with the trigger.

    It was no faster than any other pocket holster. Frankly, because of the leatherette material,m it feels a little cheap. Desantis finally fixed a sizing problem they had with their holster for that model, so I just went with a new Nemesis. Give Mika a try though, they are not expensive.

  6. Thanks for the tip. I’m in the market for a new pocket holster for my 21a.

  7. I’ve been using.a Mika holster for 3 years so far with my SW 642. I have one for round pockets and one for square. They work great and Robert is a great guy to deal with.

  8. I have three Mika’s. They do what they are intended to do. Their creator is also a gentleman and pleasure to do business with.

  9. I have used the DeSantis Nemesis pocket holsters for years, and like them. They seem to work best in a hip pocket for me.

  10. I have three Mika Pocket Holsters for Glock 26, XD sub-compact, and SW 2″ snub.
    They’re light, soft, and comfortable.
    Most of all they do the job.

  11. Just received my pocket holster for a Ruger sp101and its perfect, also fits S&W 442. Quality is outstanding especially the stiffener at the opening. Will order from Mr. Mika again and will recommend to my friends. Thank you sir.

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