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Andre Romelle Young (a.k.a., Dr. Dre) is an extremely successful business man. He’s built  an empire on music, video and movies. He may have a net worth of over a billion dollars. Yesterday, the good Doctor found himself in handcuffs in his own driveway. An un-named person claims that Dr. Dre displayed a gun while asking him to move his car that was blocking his driveway. Not surprisingly, Dr. Dre has a different version of events. From

Dre told sheriff’s deputies he didn’t have a gun and that the man was blocking his driveway. He says the man moved his car but parked nearby. He says the man drove off after Dre recorded video of him.

Dre was briefly handcuffed while deputies investigated. No weapon was found at the scene, but deputies say the man initiated a citizen’s arrest for misdemeanor brandishing a firearm.

Incidents involving black men and police officers are very much in the news currently. The last month has been a media frenzy following to police shooting of two black men and the assassinations of eight police officers. This situation, however, seems to have been handled with a minimum of muss or fuss. From

Officers say the music producer was cooperative and consented to the search. He denied all allegations of the gun, informing police the man was parked directly in front of his driveway and blocking him in. The rapper asked him to leave – and he did – but immediately came back and parked in almost the exact same spot at the median in front of the home. Dre pulled out a cellphone to record what was going on and then the man drove off.

Pigeons and Planes reported that even though no weapon was found, the driver filed a police report. The case will go to the District Attorney, who will then decide if there is a legitimate case against the hip-hop artist.

Dre said the driver had previously engaged in a road-rage-type incident on the highway and followed him home, according to an LA Times source close to the investigation.

At first glance, it appears as though the police overreacted. Then again, they received a report of a man with a gun.  

The person who complained has filed a “citizens arrest” report. The whole thing will likely be thrown out.

There is another cynical, off the wall, possibility. Dr. Dre is in the entertainment industry. That industry lives off of media attention. Dr. Dre’s situation just created millions of dollars worth of free publicity. But that’s awfully cynical, isn’t it?

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  1. I don’t think Dre needs the publicity.

    Likely a stalker of some kind or someone hoping to start a confrontation and then sue

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Dre has enough attention and seems to actually be trying to live out of the spotlight nowadays. That guy may just be an a$$hole looking for a payday that Dre was not willing to give him in the form of an a$$ whoopin.

      • He pretty much spelled it out in “Forgot about Dre” back in like 1999.

        Shit, am I really this old now?

        • It blows my mind that people run around talkin’ bout guns like I aint got none? What you think? I sold them off?

        • “Nowadays everybody wants to talk,
          Like they got something to say
          But nothin comes out when they move the lips
          Just a bunch of gibberish..”

          I think TMZ is seeking revenge for Dre’s summary of their organization.

        • I was thinking more along the lines of when he said “give me one more platinum plaque, then fuck rap you can have it back…”

  2. Seems like Dre’s attorneys would shortly be making a citizen’s arrest (or whatever) against this creep for filing a false police report. I mean, the cops searched, and found no gun. Dre said there was no gun. I would at least *assume* that an oath was sworn by the complainant before the fuzz handcuffed a billionaire, even if he is black. And he swore there was a gun. Perjury takes a few years to pay for, maybe he could learn a craft in that time.

    Also; Dre does not have video surveillance of his driveway?

    • Dre did a great job of diffusing the situation.

      Rather than get into a civil suit, he should probably request a restraining order.

      • He should sue the hell out of the creep, get a judgement against him, and every time he buys a car or any substantial chattel property, have it seized and sold st auction to satisfy part of the judgement. The jerk will flee the state.

        • If you sue someone, they get to depose you and get discovery. Dre doesn’t want that.

  3. Citizen’s arrest again?

    Sure, go ahead. I have no problem as long as that doesnt nullify my ability to justifiably defend myself from kidnapping and carjacking, and that it does not burden me with the duty to comply because some dindu says so.

  4. “Incidents involving black men and police officers are very much in the news currently.”
    And the police do themselves no favors by sending only white officers? It’s bad optics.

    • “Hello, 911, what is your emergency?”

      “HELP! Some guy with a gun just robbed me! He’s robbing someone else down the street!”

      “Okay, sir, calm down. What is the ethnicity, racial make-up and religion of the person and are you sure he identifies as a man?”

      “WHAT? I don’t know! Just send someone!”

      “SIR, you need to calm down and answer my questions! We cannot just send police willy-nilly until we know exactly what race, ethnicity, creed and gender the suspect is so that we can match them to our officers. I’ll put you on hold until you can figure out the answer to those questions. Your approximate response time will be two days.”

    • I’m going to go out on a limb here, wouldn’t sending cops in to situations based solely on race be racist?

    • How many black kids grow up wanting to be cops? If you HAVE no black cops, because blacks don’t WANT to be cops, who’s fault is that?

      Must be W’s fault.

  5. If Dre had a gun, how could the person have made a citizens arrest? Would you attempt to cuff someone who was brandishing a gun? And why was he carrying handcuffs? Sounds more like a stalker.

    • “Citizens arrest” is procedural. It does not imply the citizen physically went hands on with The arrestee.

  6. “the driver filed a police report.”
    There would be a name on that report.

    When you get that name, then you have a story.

  7. I’m confused. It sounds more like the police were told that this man- whom they probably don’t recognize from Adam- was brandishing a gun. They then, based on this information, detained and handcuffed him so that they could frisk him for said gun (Terry Stop). He was then released. That doesn’t sound like a ‘citizen’s arrest’ at all, although it’s possible the citizen in question then went to file charges.

    I kinda suspect we’re missing something in the reporting here.

    • You are correct.

      I suspect the guy told Dre that he was making a “citizen’s arrest.” Dre responded by waiting for the cops to arrive to sort it out – smart move.

  8. My guess is that the guy saw Dr Dre pull something out (his cell phone) but from a distance thought it looked like a gun.

  9. I trust that when this all turns out to be nonsense the individual who orchestrated the citizen’s arrest is then arrested for false imprisonment and filing a phony police report.

  10. If the guy initiated a citizens arrest, then he should have actually arrested and detained Dr. Dre and confiscated the weapon, if there actually was one.
    Since he will have not evidence there ever was a gun, his case will not only get thrown out, he may even actually get charged for filing a false arrest report.
    The Dre will go after him in civil court.
    The question I have is that given that Dr Dre did have a weapon but actually did have a legal weapon on him
    what would have happened next?
    Would the police have probably cause to arrest him or would it still been a case of “he said vs he said”?
    It seems to me that not only do the police need to wear body cams for their own legal protection, but it
    seems like anyone who does carry a weapon will need to carry one for their “legal protection” as well.

    • Being harassed by some fool while standing on his own private property…consenting to a search and questioning by police, giving up his rights to “prove” his innocence? Nope! Hell no! It has to stop!

  11. A sucker who sobered up and was pissed over the $10 Chicom headphones the “Dr” sold him for price of an entry level shotgun?

  12. Dr Dre is in California. That in of itself means nothing, other than he would not be able to own a registered firearm due to his criminal record. He is on the record as a cannabis consumer (The Chronic), which would make him a no gun person as far as the Feds. Knowing however that he is a celebrity, He’d likely walk, even if he actually had a gun because that’s how they roll………..

  13. If this guy is smart he will get restraining order against unnamed citizen using the name from the “arrest report” and also put up lots of video recorders on the outside, and hire someone to monitor the video and, 24 x 7 guards around the outside of the place. Have the people he hired file any further police reports especially of this guy coming back. When you are famous and have money, you will be the target of this kind of nut case and you want professionals hired to deal with him, and to keep him and others away from you and your family.

  14. “Officers say the music producer was cooperative and consented to the search.”

    Dre has sure come a long way from his “F*ck DA’Police” days.

    Man we ALL gettin’ old and soft.

  15. Dr. Dre swatted? If it can happen to him … it can happen to you! By the way, if he didn’t have a gun maybe now is the time to buy one and get a permit.

  16. 1. )Wouldn’t be living in California if I was a Billionaire!

    2.) And if I’m a Billionaire, on my own private property and was subjected to local police harassment over a phantom “so called gun call.” I certainly would believe there would be couple of vacancies at the local police department for new hires by the time I got done with the township, and local law enforcement. Money would be no option to reclaim justice, my Constitutional rights ,and that what was taken from me at a whim from a false police report!

    3.) Then as a Billionaire, I’d turn my $-$$$ unlimited attention $$$ to this single-cell organism, or amoeba that disturbed my privacy , interfered with my Constitutional rights, and threatened my safety. I would unleash whatever legal HELL upon this person…

    4.) Never give up your rights to the police! A civil rights /criminal/real estate attorney told me this, and was clear….Police are NOT your friends….And will take away your freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….Give a yard…Government will take a mile…..

    • Wearing a conspiratorial hat, I wonder if a conversation like this occurred:

      Dre: I sure would like the name of that @sshole.

      Officer: We are not allowed to give it out, by law. But if he makes a “citizens arrest complaint” he will have to be an official accuser and put his name on the paperwork. Then you will have to deal with the DA. Look, why don’t you consent to a search, then we can tell the judge that you were cooperative and we found nothing. Then there is no case.

      Dre: How does that get me the name of the jerk?

      Officer: We will suggest he file the “Citizens arrest” paperwork.

      Dre: Worth a try.

  17. 5.) Apples/Dr.Dre’s Beats Pill+ is a very nice portable Bluetooth speaker…Do like them a lot…Great Bass, and sub-bass….For Bass lovers…great for EDM, Trance, Electro, hip-hop, or other Bass oriented music…Pricey though…199.99 and up for XL models…

  18. A citizens arrest is done when the police didn’t see the crime. In this case the guy complained to the police. In turn, the police didn’t find any evidence of a crime. This lead to the guy making the arrest.

    “Every individual is empowered to arrest wrongdoers in certain circumstances, but individuals looking to make a citizens arrest act at their own risk. Not only is the act of apprehending a criminal inherently dangerous, but failure to meet the legal requirements for a citizens arrest could have devastating consequences for the person making the arrest.”

    Sounds like this guy has the potential to get into serious trouble. Dre, not so much


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