Download Milwaukee Cops’ Lawsuit Against Badger Guns Here

Click here to download the suit filed by two Milwaukee cops (with a little help from the Brady Bunch) against Badger Guns. Three years ago, Officer Jose Lopez III and Alejandro Arce were injured in a gang shooting. Investigators traced the Taurus 9mm pistol used in the attack to Badger Guns of West Milwaukee. And . . . that’s about it. “This lawsuit is straightforward,” said Daniel Vice, an attorney with the Brady Foundation which is representing Arce and Lopez, at a news conference outside the Milwaukee County Courthouse on Thursday morning . . .

“It seeks to hold Badger Guns accountable for negligent, irresponsible and illegal gun sales that have supplied criminal with guns.”

If so, why not sue the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (and really big fires) for failing to perform their statutory responsibilities? The lawsuit is, of course, a stunt. Or, if you prefer, a pilot for a Sean Penn movie.

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