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The long and bumpy road that DoubleTap’s main man, Ray Kohout, has travelled in the last twelve months would have been more than most entrepreneurs could take. But take it he did and, to hear him tell it, his company and the little double gun that just won’t die is in better shape today than when we met a year ago. He pulled the unit you see above out of the box as it arrived from the (new) factory, Azimuth Technology. After a couple of design changes (he simplified the trigger mechanism from a 14 part affair down to four) the gun is . . . wait for it . . . now in production. That’s the standard titanium .45 model above with a bead-blasted dark blue Cerakote finish and black stainless barrels. But there’s more . . .

Blingy enough for ya? That’s a raw titanium model that they’ve decided to offer too, just because they can.

Best of all (besides the fact that they’re actually making the guns now) is that the pistols will be priced the same as previously announced while the barrel conversions will be cheaper.

  • .45 or 9mm Titanium non-ported – $729,  ported – $799
  • .45 or 9mm aluminum non-ported – $499, ported – $569
  • caliber conversion kits non-ported – $199, ported – $269

(conversion kits include 2-round stripper clips and a 6-round speed strip)

Kohout tells us the first guns will ship by the end of the first quarter. Attentive readers will recall that he said the same thing last year. But with a newer, bigger, more robust manufacturing partner and an improved design — not to mention the fact that they’ve actually started making them — we get a warmer fuzzier feeling passing it on this time.

Ray swears we’ll get one to review. Soon. We intend to hold him to it and give you the full report. As usual.


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  1. The first rule of a gunfight may be to bring a gun but if you are in a situation that calls for a six round speed strip for a two shot pocket pistol, you didnt bring enough gun.

    I still love that it says, “Earth” on the companys address

  2. I give the guy credit for not quitting and putting the full effort into getting his firearm to market. Most folks would have quit. I wish him success.

  3. Someone has to explain to me why I would want a gun that only fires 2 rounds before I have to manually reload it when I already have a gun only slightly larger that fires 6 rounds and uses magazines for instant reloading, and costs less.

    • Exactly. I got my tiny .45 fix with the XD-S, making this a nifty little piece that I’d like to have but don’t really need.

      If they went down on price, I could see using this as a backup ankle gun, maybe.

      • Lucas I agree , if they went down in price , it would be a great backup , that I would carry. I wouldn’t pay more than 199

      • Really? There’s *no* market for snag-free, jam-proof, light-weight, powerful, true ‘pocket guns’?

        I’m glad you guys aren’t interested. That means better availability for me.

  4. First post:

    I don’t think it is that stupid of an idea. That thing would look just like a wallet in a back pocket, and would be very appealing to some people who aren’t necessarily “gun people”- but have realized something is better than nothing.

  5. could be good for military personnel at high risk of capture. after they take the pistol they know you have perhaps this is small enough to conceal that the enemy hopefully doesnt find it and can assist in an escape attempt

  6. For less money, I’ll take a Seecamp .32 with hollow points. High quality and proven reliability. Can go up to a .380 if you want. Both have great concealability.


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