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Next Post reports that Donald Trump has called for Americans to bear arms to increase security in the United States. His statement reads as follows . . .

Carrying a weapon is not always feasible or appropriate. However, given the increased tensions that are the result of continued, escalating terrorism around the world, more legitimately armed individuals on the streets is a positive outcome. Each permit holder must make the decision to carry or not carry. I will carry more often than I have in the past, and I am sure other concealed permit holders will do the same. Do we have an obligation to carry? The answer is “yes,” but we must do it in such a way as to raise serious doubts in the minds of those who might be considering violence in America. Deterring violence is far better than dealing with the aftermath of an act of terror. Less blood, more security. That is what will make America great again.

Donald Trump shows that he understands reality better than most politicians. This continues his breakthrough strategy of ignoring the censorship imposed by the media cartel in the name of political correctness. The concept of the citizenry being armed to defend against threats is as old and as obvious as mankind. Only in the last hundred years, with the rise of “progressivism,” has the bizarre idea that people are safer when disarmed been marketed to the public as a sane concept.

In Europe, people carried arms all over the continent before World War I. In the British empire, British subjects had the right to keep and carry arms. It was only following the war that elites all around the world marketed the idea that the public would be “safer” without guns. The elites feared an overthrow of their established order, believing that they would be safer if the public were disarmed. That’s how British elites imposed gun control by deception.

The idea of disarming citizens in the United States started in the South where permit systems were designed to keep blacks, who had not been considered citizens, disarmed. The laws were never meant to disarm the majority of the populace. That strategy backfired, as more and more “progressives” were elected, and started to apply those prohibitions to all.

The concept was promoted by the increasing power of the progressive movement, a movement that rested on the theory that the majority of the people were too stupid to govern themselves, that the consent of the governed must be manufactured by the elite, particularly those who controlled mass media.

So-called progressives spread the concept to states outside the South. In New York, with the infamous Sullivan Law, meant to protect the corrupt Tammany Hall gang, and California, where elites wanted to keep Hispanics and Chinese minorities disarmed and under control. Notably, neither New York or California have a state constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear arms. They are two of only six states that lack such protection.

The progressive media cartel, formed by the early newspaper chains and the Associated Press, nurtured and strengthened by the FCC, censorship during WWII, and the leftist takeover of the journalism schools and the networks in the 1960’s, pushed the notion of citizen disarmament relentlessly. But the media cartel no longer has the ability to control the flow of information. It has been superseded by technological advances, just as it was made possible by the rise of the mass media. It can no longer prop up the absurd notion that people are safer when they are disarmed.

The last shreds of disinformation used to create that illusion have disintegrated with the victories of concealed carry activists across the United States. Those advances forced the Supreme Court to uphold the Second Amendment. In practical terms, it has shown that armed citizens are more law biding than the average police officer.

Donald Trump is speaking a truth that cannot be denied. Long ago, before the media cartel started its incessant civilian disarmament propaganda campaign, Niccolo Machiavelli, the archetypal scholar of power politics, put it this way:

There is no comparison whatever between an armed and disarmed man; it is not reasonable to suppose that one who is armed will obey willingly one who is unarmed; or that any unarmed man will remain safe…. – The Prince, 1537

Trump, leading by example, is becoming the armed leader a free people can respect. Not long ago, we learned, unsurprisingly, that Ronald Reagan was routinely armed as well.

Can anyone imagine the current “progressive” leadership having the sense to extol an armed citizenry as one of the great defensive resources of the Republic? Can anyone imagine one of the “progressive” candidates leading by example? In a recent debate, all three Democrat candidates fell over themselves, trying to find ways that they could disarm Americans through deceit.

That horse has left the stable.

Trump has shown that he trusts the American people. Progressives show that they fear and distrust the people, who they believe are too stupid to govern themselves.

©2015 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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    • Now, let’s not stoop to their level. They’re the ones who advocate violence against gun owners, and we’re the side that advocates peace through strength.

    • It’s a good idea to get training in how to foil a gun grab. If someone is trying to grab your gun, you are justified in shooting them. After all, they could turn that gun around and use it on you. 😉

  1. Trump has only the coarsest grasp of political philosophy. His grasp of reality outside the business world seems tenuous at times too. While I enjoy Trump’s opposition to political correctness nonsense and the increased news coverage of conservative views his candidacy has generated I still have a hard time imagining him as president. We’ve already had eight years of “The Amateur” in the White House, and he has shown himself to be the “JV” at every turn. Do we really need to follow Obozo with 4 years of another clown?

    • +1. Reading Trump’s Twitter account where he calls people ‘losers’ and acts very immaturely, turned me off him despite his 2A support. It shows no respect for the office of the President if he thinks it is OK to behave like that.

      “Trump, leading by example, is becoming the armed leader a free people can respect.”

      Respect is the entire problem with this guy. He thinks it’s ok to behave like a kid and sling insults.

      I’d take Paul or even Cruz over Trump any day.

      • Many things about Trump don’t sit right with me–
        1- his Sister is a Hartline Dem Judge that he said he would put on the Supreme Court.
        2- The fact that he was a Dem up until this election.
        3- He is all for Imminent domain for Corporations to take your homes and Property ( not just for building roads or other necessary things.
        4- His lack of control over his mouth – do we really want someone with No respect and acts like a spoiled child when he does not get his way ? Would he start a war over someone saying the wrong thing to him?
        5- I have the feeling deep down that he is just playing another TV roll to see how many people he can make a fool of – I seriously think he is Trying to get Hitlery elected.

        For me it’s Cruz/Paul – Paul has great ideas but Cruz would make the best Pres to me.

        • I forgot about his 4 Bankruptcy’s
          I know yes many Businesses do it, but it still means things were mismanaged to the point of having to redo things.

          When running the Gov can we have a leader that will file Bankruptcy and decide Not to pay the bills ??

        • If you ever argue in favor of eminent domain, you have no business being alive, much less in a position of any power.

        • Do some reading on the BKs, they were ‘strategic’ – in other words, leverage to make a business deal go his way, or punish someone who didn’t bow down and blow him.

          He’s a sleaze when you learn anything beyond the image about him.

      • Ted Cruz / Darryl Dixon is my preferred ticket, but in the end if I have to I will vote for Trump for this one reason; The GOP doesn’t like him, and that alone makes me smile.

      • Paul is obviously better than Trump. Cruz very possibly so.

        But, Trump is a realistic candidate. Cruz not so much. And Paul is about as likely to win the GOP nomination as a dead suicide bomber.

      • The big problem I have with Cruz is the demeaning and conceited way he speaks to the country. As if he is a kindergarten teacher with a book circle, telling the children not to pick their noses and eat the boogers. Its a shame Paul is unelectable, because the peoples vote dont actually count for anything, and he will never get the electoral college to back him when they have a vested interest in keeping their assess smooched by Hillary and her pack of political poopy peddlers, and oohh! maybe they will meet Bill Clinton too! And touch him! And hug him and kiss him! That leaves Rubio and Trump. Everyone feels the same about Trump. We are in half disbelief he is leading the race and half advocating for him because, heck, I always thought I would live to see WW3 anyway – might as well start the process, at least than they will leave MY rights alone. And Rubio? Either the man is truly a political mastermind, or incredibly lucky. How he came so far in such few steps, by shaking the right hands and saying the right things while getting the political elite to believe in him is both impressive and cause for warning. The way I see it, whoever this next president is – he/she is going to have one of the most tumultuous, chaotic and eventfull presidential terms in US history. Including Lincoln, Kennedy and Roosevelt. You are in the car, you know a cataustrophic crash is coming, you get to pick the driver…. who do you give the wheel to? Hillary equates to castrating ourselvesIts yet the fact that so so so many people think she can help the US is mind boggling. A theif, liar, coward and snake – with the excuses built into the package. It is too bad we aren’t all looking at it this way, as a country. Looking back on this election, 20 years from now…. How would you look at the election of Donald Trump? A glorious moment or a mistake we never came back from. Who can handle the tidal wave of shite coming and keep us clean? Who… will…. not…. run? I might be making this a bit more dramatic than it is, but it is. At least, I see it that way. I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time. But, as sure as I sit here, it could be my last.

  2. You better not trust Trump .
    Gut instinct with flip flop history and his desire to be elected at all cost , is telling me to steer clear of Trump .
    Cruz will protect our gun rights because he will ‘ protect and defend ‘ the constitution .
    Plain and simple .

    • I trust him more than any other politician elected ever.


      Because he isn’t a politician.

      When elites in both parties want him gone, that should be your first indicator that he’s doing something right.

      • He’s not a politician? He’s running for President, the highest political office. He may NOT have been a politician previously, but he’s certainly one NOW. Trump’s publicly-proclaimed philosophical/political views at the moment I tend to generally agree with. But many of them are contradictory to his previously-voiced opinions, and I have very little indications or trust that either of those are his TRUE beliefs or convictions, if he even has any. He seems to, like most politicians, say whatever at the time he is convinced will benefit him the most. Ted Cruz on the other hand has a VERY long history, through his consistent words and actions, even when such words and actions would be politically disadvantageous for him, of espousing a set of beliefs and convictions I generally agree with. All politics is personal opinion of course and you’re certainly entitled to yours. To me, I have a lot of doubts as to what Trump actually believes and how dedicated he is to those principles. I have very few doubts on those same regards with Mr. Cruz. Just my opinion.

        • …except you have to ask who wrote what you’re reading about them, and what that author’s standpoint is.

          History is written by the victors, and by those who outlive their political opponents.

    • Cruz or Rubio could be the Holy Grail to be POTUS….

      neither is Eligible, before they election season when both had said they were NOT running…. Both had even said they each are not eligible.

      if either is elected we will no longer have legal grounds to overturn 100% of the NOT Kings agenda. once we change the head of the DoJ and have control of all 3 branches we can have will, power and the balls to pur the BOY in prison and go after all the traitors. we can take his legacy to court…. the courts have never ruled, they could not rule because the evidence is to great. so they ignored and denied at every level. the few liveral lower courts ruling are meaningless. with the BOY King aka Black POTUS out of office and an AG that do his job….. we can get it over turned eveything he signed, vetoed, everything he did including removing his Illegal SCOTUS appointees and put in new ones.

      VOTE in Cruz or Rubio… we end up with decade of one by repealing each item in his legacy and have “replace” them. it repealed, by law, each item including budgets go back to Pre jan 2009 unless a Legal aka Legit bill is passed to change it.

      sad to because Cruz/Carson would win by landslide. if Carson is not the Pick he will be for VP by anyone who does get picked.

      so do we totally shread the Constitution or Follow it?

      • god i hate smartphones… bazaar word replacements after i post. i even copy pasted my post before submitting and words changed by putting back words i had deleted or changed? wierd.

  3. Trump’s statement really impresses me. Say what you will about his allegedly professed position in the past, this statement shows a core change based on TRUTH.

    At this point, I think it is hard to argue that he is pandering and will flip-flop once elected.

  4. “Trump has shown that he trusts the American people.”

    No … he has said that he trusts the American people.

    There is a huge difference. He won’t be able to show it unless he is elected … except, perhaps, by requiring that all properties bearing his name not be “gun free” except where required by law. That would be a good first step towards showing.

    • The problem is: most of those hotels are also in “Gun-Free” states. It’s not just a matter of policy based on his private properties. He is required to have those policies conform to state and local laws too. New York City and Atlantic City are definitely no-go zones. The ones in Las Vegas and Palm Beach may not have an excuse. I don’t know if he still owns these properties or if they are in name only.

  5. A lot of folks think Trump is a great success as a business man but it has been shown in a new book , if he had taken the money his father left him and simply invested it in a typical 401K and not touched it , his wealth would be greater today than it currently is .
    His history on the constitution is crappy . His land grabbing on imminent domain policy is dismal . His approach to immigration is Orwellian . His approach to adversity is bully like and he does not believe he has ever done anything so wrong that he needs Gods forgiveness for it .

    • I’m no fan of Trump, I turned when he attacked Carson on belt stabbing. I do disagree with your statement concerning Trump investing one million in a 401k. Please explain how many jobs are created when you invest in a 401k.

      That one million seed money has put more people to work than any one politician in Congress today.

      • Yes and many of the people he put to work were Illegals and His clothing line is made in Mexico , so who’s getting many of the jobs ?

      • $1MM? He inherited between $50-200MM It’s vague because like all things Trump, it’s as sketchy and convoluted as can be.

        He claims to be worth $8B (even $10B!), but people who have investigated those claims find them rather laughable. Even Forbes trying to be generous puts him around $4B. I’ve seen a couple of analysts who really dug in put him around $1B, less if he actually tried to cash out.

        How many jobs have his strategic BKs, lousy investments, shady deals cost? Who knows.

      • Please explain how many jobs are created when you invest in a 401k.

        Probably very many. 401k investments typically involve a lot of stocks. Stock purchases help fund the company whose stock you purchase. Successful companies hire people.

  6. Watch your own ass because nobody is going to / could watch your ass for you and never trust anyone who thinks you shouldn’t be able to arm yourself anywhere anytime because that person for whatever reason doesn’t want you watching your ass.

  7. Trump is a narcissistic and a clown. He does and says things for attention and only really speaks to a minority group within the GOP. His campaign plan is to gain as much exposure as possible, positive outcome, negative outcome, it doesn’t matter, his statements are meant to get Trump in the headlines. I don’t believe he is really pro-gun, or at least enough to do anything for the cause.

    Carson leaves me uneasy as well with some of this statements and a seeming lack of comprehension skills with simple questions. Some of that may just be political talk to avoid topics but it seems like some of the time he truly doesn’t understand the question being asked. There just seems to be something missing there.

    For once I’d like an election where I’m not picking the lesser of all evils.

  8. I expect more from this site. You’re pushing a guy who bans guns for everyone but himself at his hotels, actively supported the AWB, and has supported more gun grabbing fascists than he’s shot ammo down range. He doesn’t believe in property rights. He doesn’t believe speech rights. He doesn’t believe in gun rights either.

    • We need a strong leader , we need decisive action , we need a non politician to take control of our once great empire and lead us to prosperity .
      Hitler vs Hindenberg

    • I agree, but given the choice I’d rather take a random taxpayer from the IRS records and make him/her president. I was going to say random citizen, but then I thought he should really be a taxpayer. Any taxpayer is more qualified in my opinion than either Trump or Clinton. Although only Clinton should be spending the next 8 years in prison.

      • Right or wrong, his lack of propriety is part of his appeal to the masses. (God, have you seen the inside of his residences? It’s like Liberace was even richer, and more gauche.) Even the “1%” I know find his lack of PC incredibly seductive.

        One of the few times I am thankful our election cycle is longer than a few months.

  9. Again, saying all the right things. Nice job coach. I can’t argue with this statement. I just wish it came from somebody that actually understands and agrees with the limits of government and how it is supposed to work.

  10. He still believes that you need to get permission from the state (e.g. a permit) to exercise your 2A right and I suspect background checks too (so folks of the “wrong” religions won”t get one).

  11. Trump is a danger to the rights of all responsible firearms owners. He represents, through his bomabastic proclamations and racist rhetoric, the carricature of “crazy right wing gun culture” that is rightly mocked and ridiculed by some on the left. As a gun owner, I am deeply disturbed by those of Trump’s ilk. I am a registered democrat, an avowed ultra liberal progressive, and a die-hard Sanders supporter. I’m a logical, optimistic, pragmatist who undestands that guns and gun-ownership are not antithetical to liberal political policy views. I strongly oppose CT’s (my home state) draconian and ineffective nanny-state gun “control” policies. I oppose ideological extremism on the right AND the left. More of us need to speak out intelligently, and demonstrate the sensible wisdom of those of us who live in the middle of the specturm where reason prevails above partisan rhetoric. Bernie is our best bet on all fronts. He’s spouting the gun “control” rhetoric needed to win the primary but look at his record. The man has represented VT in one way or another for 40 years and firearms rights remain amongst the strongest in the nation in that state. Despite what he is forced to say to appeal to certain elements within the party, Bernie will continue to do what he has done for VT if elected president. Trump is a danger to himself and others and is the kind of person who should likely fail a background check. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in the presence of an armed Trump.

    • Being an Independent I can agree with a couple things you say, I don’t agree that I would feel uncomfortable with Trump having a gun lol
      Sanders would be the only Dem I would vote for if I had no other choice.
      But I do have a choice so Cruz/Paul is my choice- Cruz has a way with words and defending the Constitution while Paul has some great ideas of his own, but I would only support him as Vice Pres and not for Pres- I think they would compliment each other and make a great Team.
      Rubio is pro Immigrant and Illegal immigrant so he’s off my list entirely.
      As is Jeb– they say you can’t deport 11 plus million Illegals ? LOL enforce E-Verify and make the fines high enough that companies won’t hire them as well as make it Illegal to give them benefits and they will mostly self-deport 😉

      • Well we agree on our mutual support of 2a rights but maybe not much else. That’s still a good start though. I like Paul. He and Sanders are effectively two sides of the same coin. They both strongly support constitutional individual rights and freedoms and are anti-establishment, anti-corporatists. Paul believes in a society of rugged individualism and Sanders believes in supporting individual rights but acknowledges that we are individuals with a responsibilty as citizens to care for all members of our community. He believes that we’re all better off when we look out for each other and stand united as a community and a nation. I love the idea of of being a lone ranger but recognize that life is better when we work together to build shared strength and prosperity. That said, Cruz is another snake oil hocking, evangelical panderer. He’s as slick as rat in a sewer. He’s a politician above all else and he is not an honorable man.

        • neal ,
          I believe you reveal yourself with two words , in all your comments about caring for your fellow man and your left progressive liberal rants , two words tell the tell . Evangelical Panderer . This is your ultimate driver . As is the case with so many progressives , contempt for all things God and utter disgust for those who believe in the literal , historical , person of Jesus Christ and the message of the gospels .
          This is just my opinion of coarse , based on the strong contempt in your comment for Cruz and his strong Christian faith .

        • Mark S., you’re ant-liberal bias is showing. But that’s ok bc i think you misunderstood what I meant. Cruz panders to evangelical christians by saying “all the right things” and speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He insults the intelligence and faith of evangelical christians by assuming that he can earn their support through his words alone. We all know the sordid legacy of so many high-minded preachers later proven to be heretics and frauds in their personal lives. I simply don’t believe him and his manipulative interpretations of gospel. You say that I don’t believe in or am opposed to a “literal , historical , person of Jesus Christ and the message of the gospels”. You are wrong. I absolutely believe those things. And while I have not accepted Christ as my personal lord and savior, and I do not believe in a strict, literal approach to allegorical teachings; I was raised in an Episcopalian church that taught me to appreciate all beliefs as Christ did. To love all people as Christ did. If you would open your mind and open your heart you might see that even atheists can live the gospel through their words and deeds. And what’s more important? Adherence to and proclamations for an ideological slant, or living a good life, doing good works, and loving your neighbor as yourself. I believe it is the latter and I appreciate your comment. Christ be with you Mark and god bless.

        • I don’t think he’d try to rule by obstruction and diktat like Obama, which would be a positive step, and maybe he won’t beat the anti-gun drum once in office, but Obama didn’t either…until he did.

          Are you sure Sanders is capable of resisting the anti-gun pressure of the entire Democratic party?

          Can you picture him vetoing anti-gun legislation if there were enough Democrats in Congress to put a bill on his desk? Can you picture him appointing a Supreme Court justice (or two, or three) who would respect the entire Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment?

          I can’t. Even leaving aside my recently acquired antipathy for the Democratic party in general, that’s a dealbreaker for me.

        • neal ,
          How is Cruz pandering ? This is the issue I have with your comment .
          How is it pandering to evangelic voters to ask for the support of like minded people ?
          To pander ; To gratify and indulge , a distasteful or immoral desire .
          …………..and to your point . It is my deepest understanding that you cannot work yourself into Christ Kingdom , you either enter by birthright or because you are washed in the blood of Christ through repentance and your acknowledgement that you cannot work your way in . If you could work your way in , you wouldn’t need His sacrifice .
          This is why ‘ I ‘ have such a difficult time with Trump saying he is a Christian and then saying he has never ask God for forgiveness .
          Only my opinions , yours’ are certainly respected , and challenged .
          Thank you for you pleasantries .

        • Either you are for the state over the individual or the individual over the state. All else is transitory.

    • I am sorry.

      I am sorry you believe that a self-proclaimed socialist could be a boon for our ever-downwardly spiraling republic.

      Socialism, much like liberalism, is antithetical to liberty. (Because a national socialist party was am extremely bad idea, and so was a socialist republic, too)

      I cannot claim this idea, but I did see it on OCDO, but that the ultimate right of a free person, a citizen, is to be secure in their possessions and belongings. Socialists believe that at some point if you acquired “too much”, that you shall have “some” of your earnings taken and this is for a greater good whether you like it or not.

      This runs counter to freedom. And after watching the Sanders-Clinton debate, it being called the night of free giveaways, was spot on.

      But at the cost of all of us.

      No free lunches people.
      Down with democracy.


      • He’s a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist. But you know that. You’re being duplicitous and disingenuous by attempting to compare Democratic socialism to Communism and the Nazis. Bernie’s advocating for the strengthening and expansion of existing programs that are extremely popular with citizens of all political persuasions. He’s also speaking out against casino capitalism; excessive greed, hording, offshoring, and patronage of wealth (rather than investing that capital back in to the US economy. This contention is literally the foundation of Capitalism), the corrupting influence of money in the political system, and the maintenace of the establishment status quo. But if you’re for all of those things then I get why you wouldn’t care for Bernie. And I assume that you never took advantage of a public education, never traveled on a highway or railway, never utilized the postal system, never called upon assistance in an emergency, you do not and will not ever collect social security or medicare benefits, and you must really oppose the military as that is one of the largest socialist programs in the world.

  12. Donald Trump is also an absolute moron. A moron who has no qualms of violating the First Amendment by creating a database of all Americans who happen to worship Allah. Now, I know there are a lot of idiots who frequent this site who could give a damn about the First Amendment applied to any religion other than Christianity, oh well, get the fuck over it. The idea of Islam, as it stands today – without reformation, is one of the worst ideas in the world. However, a significant amount of Muslims,especially in America, don’t take their religion very seriously and are only Muslim as a result of parents or birth place. We need to guard against sacrificing our principles as a result of ignorance and fear. Setting a precedent like that could leave Christians and Jews vulnerable to the same thing in the future, atleast look at it like that Should refugees from Syria be let in the country easily and without an extreme amount of vetting? Of course not. Should we create a database of Americans who happen to be of a particular faith because of fear and in violation of the First Amendment? Of course not. Should we take guns from law abiding Americans because certain sub humans kill a bunch of children? Of course not. Donald Trump, no matter what he may be saying about firearms and the right to bare arms today, is a borderline fascist in his positions. That’s not even getting into his willingness to use his power and connections, and money, to influence politicians to institute fraudulent eminent domain rulings. Thankfully, John Stossel had the guts to call him out for that. Let’s also not forget about his recent previous donations to the despicable Hillary Clinton and her foundation. Everyone in the U.S. needs to be more careful about who they give their votes and support to. Christians evangelicals don’t seem to understand the First Amednment and the importance of the seperation of church and state, their response to this fundamental idea of our founding is, “the Bill of Rights doesn’t say that”, which only shows their ignorance. It was based on my great states religous freedom law and the idea of a wall of seperation is made very clear in its language – as well as my most admired founder(and author of VIrginia’s religous freedom law) Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist. The First Amendment doesn’t only apply to Christians, people actually make this idiotic and ignorant claim. Now, the liberals don’t understand the Second Amendment. And they don’t understand that a big central government is fundamentally antithetical to individual liberty. Most liberals I should say. They pretend that the 2A isnt an individual right or that it is only valid when applied to muskets or the National Guard. So we have two parties, some people here support one in sacrifice of a misunderstanding of an important Amendment, two parties who fundamentally misrepresent, misunderstand, or outright lie about the two first, and arguably the most important, Amendments to our Constitution. Now, I’m sure there will be some evangelicals that spout a bunch of nonsense regarding the seperation of church and state. Get over it, it’s a fact, and it is there just as much for your protection as it is for mine. So, my point is who in the hell can a reasonable voter who supports all aspects of the Bill of Rights as the Founders intended vote for? Certainly not Trump. Certainly not Ben Carson who believes the earth is 10,000 years old,created in its current form, and children should be taught creationism to “balance out” the time tested and proven theory of evolution (please no, “see it’s only a theory comments” because if you don’t understand what a theory means in the scientific sense you don’t belong in the conversation). I guess children should also be taught astrology to balance out astronomy? Or how about balancing chemistry with teaching alchemy? Its the same principle the fundy idiot Carson promotes. Certainly not Mrs. “I came under fire in Bosnia” Clinton! Mrs. emotional appeal for disarmament Clinton. Mrs. “liberal values” but open hands to barbaric Saudi aristocrat donations. So who does a reasonable person vote for? Mickey Mouse? <—- Typed quickly – I hope my point came across atleast to some.

    • <– Would have Voted for Micky Mouse until Disney fired a bunch of employees and made them train H1B migrant workers as their replacements.

    • ‘Certainly not Ben Carson who believes the earth is 10,000 years old,created in its current form…’

      While I don’t personally share Carson’s literal interpretation of the Genesis account, I find it kind of amusing that the idea that the earth was created in 6 literal 24 hour days is so widely mocked by people who believe the entire universe was created in a few milliseconds.

      • Yes, but that creation of a chaotic mass of energy was followed by 13.8 billion years of it attaining its current form. And the earth took hundreds of millions of years, after its initial consolidation, to reach a stage where life could form, and even *then* if you were to see it you’d not recognize it.

        The idea that the earth (and the rest of the universe) could have been created in its present form in six days, complete with all the evidence of much greater age, is indeed barking mad and quite laughable.

        • According to the Science channel the other day, the universe has changed less in the last 13.8 billion years than it did in the first second of it’s existence. The universe today is incredibly orderly, so I don’t see why it would be chaotic at it’s start.

          I disagree with Dr. Carson more on theological grounds than scientific grounds. There is no scientific evidence to disprove the existence of God. If there is a God powerful enough to create the entire universe then it’s not that much of a stretch to believe that our understanding of time is incomplete. We think that if we could travel faster than the speed of light that we would go backwards in time. By that logic God could have been done before he started.

          But there are a lot of things in the Bible that aren’t meant to be taken literally and I don’t see why the Genesis account wouldn’t be one of them. I don’t believe that your faith should rely on a certain interpretation scripture. Is the earth 10,000 years old or 4.5 billion? Maybe it’s 4.5 trillion years old? Why would that change my conviction that there was a designer and a creator? It should only mean that I misinterpreted the meaning.

        • The first few milliseconds of a hydrogen bomb detonation are also incredibly chaotic compared to the highly modellable next few seconds, let alone minutes.

          There’s no scientific evidence to disprove the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster either. The scientific part is that there is absolutely no evidence to support the existence of any god. Or the FSM…

          There are many ways to approach time travel that don’t require exceeding the speed of light. As to the rest, the hilarious rationalization-gymnastics that are required to proclaim (according to current fashion) that ‘this’ is meant to be literal, but ‘this’ from the same source somehow “isn’t” (because we say so today) stretch anything resembling credulity waaaayyyy past it’s breaking point.

        • There is EVIDENCE of the existence of God everywhere you look. It’s PROOF of God that is lacking. It takes an arrogant person to believe their opinion is truth when we have such a meager understanding of the universe. We give legitimacy to theories of time travel and alternate universes but scoff at the notion of a creator. And we call things that most people don’t even believe ‘facts’.

        • I’d also add that first few milliseconds of a hydrogen bomb detonation are not chaotic at all, but everything goes exactly as the laws of physics dictate. If it appears chaotic to you it’s because your understanding of those laws is incomplete.

        • There’s endless proof that all gods are created by men. There’s nothing construed as suggesting the existence of a deity that survives any testing. Therefore, it’s not ‘evidence’ of anything, no matter how desperately you wish to believe it is. You are free to see Yoda in everything around you, it has no more or less supporting evidence than any deity.

          I’m fully aware that we have only scratched the surface of the universe. But limited knowledge is no reason to return to the basest of ignorance, or believe things that have no basis in fact. That’s the beauty of science, learning things. Your points are simply logical fallacies.

          As for the hydrogen bomb, I shouldn’t have attempted to piggyback your analogy, you willfully don’t understand the science of the first few milliseconds of the universe, or aren’t aware of what’s happening with the current research. My bad.

        • 16V ,
          Why do folks who reject God try so desperately to persuade others to do the same ?
          Do you really believe as most with your bent usually contend , that religion has caused more harm than good ?
          Do you really believe that a world with no

        • Mark, folks like 16V don’t realize it, but they are people of faith as well. They’re faith dictates that there is no god and no authority greater than either self or the state (depending on which sect). For some reason, their faith is threatened by those who profess faith in a god, and they lash out, hurling insults. I’d guess that this is evidence that their faith is weak. But faith nonetheless. If they were truly confident in their beliefs they wouldn’t be bothered by the beliefs of others.

        • mark s, I “reject” (don’t care as long a you keep ‘him’ out of my business) your god in the same way I reject faeries, leprechauns, Odin, Zeus, Apollo, Santa Claus, even Ahura Mazda (of the monotheistic religion Mazdaism that was the source of Judaism, and following that, Christianity). I just don’t accept any of the millions of other fictional creations of man as being real. But keep reading….

          Gov, I’m not the one who injects my beliefs into discussions about guns, you (and some of the other ‘believers’) do. I’ve been here on and off since about week 3 of this site. In precisely zero posts have I been the maguffin of the ‘militant atheist’ who has posted, blaming the ills of our society on Judeo-Christians proactively. Yes, I do place my “faith” in that which is observable, provable, and repeatable.
          (You do too, you just don’t want to admit its incompatibility with what you profess.) I am not the one who is looking for a contest, but if you’re determined to whip ’em out, I’m always happy to rise to the occasion.

          I do not give one good flyin’ eff what you believe, as long as it does not impinge on my rights. If Christianity/Buddhism/Scientology works for you, and makes you happy, so be it. I’m quite ok with that, that’s part of our culture. But when you postulate that people not following your belief system is the problem, well then, we have one. We’re not talking about Islam bent on the destruction of Western Civilization, we’re talking about people who just want you to leave the rest of us alone. If your relationship with god is so personal, why do I have to keep hearing about it? For well over a thousand years your ‘beliefs’ killed, silenced, or stifled intellectual thought based on your ‘good book’. I won’t let that go unchallenged in the present day.

          Like every single thread that has people arguing about religion, the people who don’t believe are not the ones who started it. So, if you want to not argue about your religious beliefs, keep them to yourself. The non-believers do, at least until you throw down the glove. .

        • ‘Gov, I’m not the one who injects my beliefs into discussions about guns…’

          Don’t look at me, that was 2maik7. He made the claim that Ben Carson was unfit to be president because of his religious beliefs, not his stance on the 2nd Amendment. I just pointed out the fact that many ‘scientific’ theories are just as far fetched as Dr. Carson’s religious beliefs. You and SteveinCO disagreed based on your ignorance of the laws of physics (some of which are yet to be discovered). If people like you and 2maik7 would stop attacking people of faith this wouldn’t come up.

        • Except that 2maik7 did not comment on Carson’s religion. Rather, he stated that suggestion that the earth was 10,00 years old was preposterous, because it flies in the face of all actual provable knowledge. He did not say that Christians are idiots, he said that believing that is akin to believing that there is no gravity, instead the earth sucks. It matters not why someone believes incredibly stupid crap that is not supported by any research, it just matters that they are stupid enough to do so. Just because Carson has a proclivity for brain surgery, does not inherently imply he has intellectual depth outside that skillset.

          This is a website, not a white paper. I write in a manner that most folks will understand, whether or not they agree with me. If you’d prefer to get into a stilted Buckelyesque dialogue for the sake of projecting legitimacy, I’m happy to oblige. Astrophysics has been a hobby interest of mine for 3 decades, I’ve had extended cocktail party/ post-lecture convos with Kaku, Fillipenko, Perlmutter, and a few others. These days, I usually come here when I’m waiting for my home computer to spit out the results of a computational fluid dynamics problem I’m working on.

          If only I had the genius of a Bronze Age illiterate goat herder…

        • So it’s OK to disparage someone’s religious beliefs here but not OK to defend them. Got it.

  13. NYS Civil Rights Law: Article 2, Section 4.
    S 4. Right to keep and bear arms. A well regulated militia being
    necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to
    keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.

    We DO have a listed right to keep and bear arms that is more sternly worded than the 2nd amendment.
    But it’s been trampled so damn much nobody realizes it anymore.

  14. It is nice to see the fake liberty people attack Mr Trump. Thank you for outing yourselves. Sen. Cruz is great on gun civil rights. And Rand Paul. But has Sen. Cruz publicly said you have a right to bear arms any where you travel? I don’t know if he has.

    Donald Trump is the only candidate saying you have a right to carry around a gun. And he says it is a good thing to carry around a gun.

    The argument has been on this web site. Is it OK to “bear” arms any where you travel? The constitution says we do have that right. But the argument has been really about open carry or consealed carry. And stand your ground.

    National defense is becoming the primary issue in this election. But that defense will not be with a standing army. It will be with the millions of private individuals bearing arms as they travel about their daily business.

    Read the history of the old American west. It was not a single sheriff and his deputy but the entire town of citizens armed that stopped robbers.

    • Fake Liberty people ??
      LOL right- How about Trump’s Sister who’s a Democrat Judge he said he would appoint to the Supreme Court ??
      Seriously do some real research before attacking others.
      When you don’t it just makes you seem like the Democrats that just Follow the Flock.

      Trump is an Actor and loves attention anyway he can get it.
      But check to see how much he has Donated to Hitlery’s campaign and to the Clinktons foundation.
      Sit back and think about it and maybe you’ll see Trump is Most likely a Fraud.

      • Are you voting for the old white man, democrat socialist Bernie Sanders who said he voted the way he did because ” the rural people of Vermont [ white folks ] believe in having guns” ? Is that a statement supporting liberty for all or just a few?
        Is that how liberty is supported by an elected official?

        Bernie Sanders supports ” free stuff ” for everyone. Does that mean he supports liberty to you?

    • “The Second Amendment to the Constitution isn’t for just protecting hunting rights, and it’s not only to safeguard your right to target practice. It is a Constitutional right to protect your children, your family, your home, our lives, and to serve as the ultimate check against governmental tyranny – for the protection of liberty.” – Ted Cruz, April 2015

      Is that a clear enough statement for you? If not, you can read the amicus brief that Cruz wrote in the DC v. Heller case and get a whole lot more of the same, but with footnotes and legal arguments to back it up.

    • It is nice to see the fake liberty people attack Mr Trump. The people attacking Trump are anything but liberty people. Try Bolshevik People. Actually Trump should be attacked on some items, eminent domain being one of them.

  15. its encouraging to read that plenty of the people here arent fooled by trumps nonsense. he is a salesman who has identified a market demand (people are tired of business as usual politics) and created a product to fill that market demand (i say outrageous things and i appear genuine) and now hes selling it. im not buying.

    • I too, am glad to see there aren’t a lot of buyers. Trump is a quack, but I see TTAG run stuff on him somewhat often. My question is if the articles are click-bait, or is Robert really planning on voting for a snake oil salesman.

      • I don’t know about Robert, but it seems like most of the positive Trump coverage here comes from Dean Weingarten. Maybe the Arizona sun has cooked the part of his brain that can detect bullshit, so he actually thinks Trump is for real?

        • Hey Siinkeye ,
          Did you ever notice when you’ve been hunting and just as you zero in on that big buck , he looks around , raises that pretty white tail , flairs his nostrils , flaps his ears around and scats away before you can pull that trigger . It’s like they just instinctive know you ready to get em and have you ever noticed , if you can get your mind completely involved in some other thoughts besides killing that old boy , he’ll just settle right back down and give you your shot . Instinct is something many humans have lost in our techno world , but I have managed to hang onto a lot of mine and my gut tells me to steer a wide birth around Donald Trump . My tail is up and my nostrils flair every time I see or hear him .
          Trust your instincts .
          We still have these innate gut instincts but our reasoning minds push them away far too often . Kind of like biting that apple .

  16. Every time I see the “We the people…”, surrounded by pistol rounds pic, I always think that it would look much better surrounded by rifle rounds.

    Pistol round are for the street thugs, the rifle rounds are for the DC thugs.

  17. Lets be sure Trump is going to give up his multi million dollar business’s because he is president, yeah right. He is another white Obama. He will make billions more. If you love the Constitution/Bill of rights better go wirh Cruze. Watch your six out there and carry your weapon at all times, if you care and forget gun free zones, don’t give them your money. No shoppey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The Donald is way too cozy toward the Clintons. Like a line from Total Recall(1990)-“You are what you do”…he is a rich,petulant,spoiled child. Cheated on his wives,4 business BK’s, seemingly no moral compass,flip-flopped on guns and baby murder. He might be worse than the hildebeast. Ted Cruz for president.

    • Reagan was an anti-gun Governor who did take away open-carry, and the statist lap-dog who signed away our right to buy current-production full-auto guns. Beyond that, his horrid record on growing Fedzilla, and doubling the Nation Debt made him one of our worst Presidents ever.

      Happening to be in office while the Soviet collapsed after 40 years of outspending them, and then an oil price collapse sealing the deal is hardly “great leadership” taking down the USSR….

  19. The way to protect gun rights is to protect the constitution .
    The way to protect the economy , fix immigration , schools , healthcare and all the stupidity that has emanated from DC is to get back to limited constitutional government and the best person for this , would be person who made it his intellectual journey .

  20. “The elites feared an overthrow of their established order”

    IMO, this is the sole motivation for gun control

  21. “Carrying a weapon is not always feasible or appropriate.”

    Especially in a Trump-owned building, which are all “gun free zones”. Fix that and get back to us, Donald.

    • You are probable the fourth person to ignore the link above that showed that accusation was baseless and false.

      Not the biggest fan of Trump, but there is plenty of things to be critical of him about. We don’t need to resort to some left-wing talking point based on a lie.

  22. It strikes me that the factoid “armed citizens (or concealed carry permit holders) on average are more law abiding than the average police officer” is not necessarily something we should hang our pro-gun hat on. The reason I say this is that as we are more successful in removing prohibitions on the RKBA and more people start to carry, the average law abiding-ness of this population subset may actually drop. (Those that carry now may be more committed to doing the right thing for the right reasons.) Plus as crime actually drops as a result of more people being ready, willing and able to defend themselves; there may be fewer cops needed and they can be more selective in who they hire trending the bad cop statistics downward. So we might end up becoming victims of our own success, so to speak, as it were, by and large…. As this statistic changes, it might be used against us. “See, we tried it your way and you guys have become increasingly criminal in your behavior. We need some ‘common sense’ yada yada, blah, blah, blah….”

  23. “The elites feared an overthrow of their established order, believing that they would be safer if the public were disarmed”

    Gee, I’m sure the fact a 20 year old son of a poor farmer was successful in assassinating an heir-apparent to a throne using a pocketable handgun had nothing to do with that.

  24. Trump’s appeal is his apparent authenticity. He does say what he thinks. He also says conveniently the right thing to go with each news event. Everything he’s said has been too perfect if you look at the timing.

    Can I see him in the Oval Office? I’m concerned that he has no poker skills and is so one dimensional that Putin, an effective gangster, would have him for lunch. Trump has given life to the campaign by saying the things that the candidates would be afraid to say.

    The President has to lead everyone not just his party. When both sides leave a negotiation and they are both unhappy then folks compromised.

  25. I like Trump and I will vote for him…….he is a problem solver and a hard ass just what this country needs.

  26. Bush, Carson, Christie, Trump.

    Those are the only four possible candidates who I predict will be nominated. The Republican Party is the RINO party since that is all they ever nominate.

    People calling for Cruz or Paul, sorry it is not going to happen. Both are anti-establishment therefore will never get the nomination. Even as a libertarian I recognize the sad state of affairs that only the four above will be nominated. No one else has a chance.

    • I beg to differ. We have the best chance in many years to get nominated and elected some one like Cruz or Paul. It is the people who keep saying they won’t or can’t be the nominee that are the reason Trump, Carson, Christie or (God forbid) Bush will end up as the nomination for the GOP. Stop with the debbie downer attitude and vote for the right person in the primary so you don’t have to hold your nose in the general! Too hell with what the GOP wants and who the GOP thinks should be the nominee. Let’s make this about who is the actual right person for the position and leave the cult of personality bullcrap at the door of the polling station. That said, vote Cruz!

      • Totally agree with you Alex.
        Voting for Trump is a vote for Hitlery in my opinion.
        And I did like Carson until he showed how messed up his mind is.

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