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I was tipped off yesterday morning about something of note to gun owners. I was told that Oregon-based Benchmade Knives was destroying firearms for the Oregon City, Oregon Police Department. A post appeared on the OCPD Facebook page (since taken down) with a few images and a statement of thanks to Benchmade:


Facebook post from the Oregon City Police Dept.

The images show what appears to be a shotgun and a rifle being destroyed. I would have just opted to give them to some Bubba to have his way with them if I were the police. Same result, less potential backlash. While nothing particularly valuable was lost here, Benchmade seems to have failed to assess the optics of the situation before agreeing to destroy the guns.

The problem here isn’t that Benchmade destroyed the guns — I have ruined a few receivers in my time or cut them up when they were unsafe to build a rifle from — it’s that they allowed the police to involve them in their publicity.

The Oregon City Police posted this statement to their Facebook page last night, explaining that they’re required by law to destroy guns that are turned in or used in the commission of crimes:

The thing about gun owners, though, is that we have memories that would put a herd of elephants to shame. We remember slights going back decades. There are still gun owners who won’t buy anything from Ruger thirty years after the company’s now-deceased founder endorsed magazine capacity limits.

I contacted Benchmade’s PR Team and they sent me this statement regarding the destruction of the guns:

Benchmade is aware of the recent post from our local Oregon City Police Department.

We apologize for the confusion and concern that this post created. These were firearms that the Oregon City Police Department had to destroy in alignment with their policies. Oregon City Police requested the use of specialty equipment within the Benchmade facility to follow these requirements, and as a supporting partner of our local police force, we obliged the request.

Benchmade is a proud and unwavering supporter of both law enforcement and Second Amendment rights. These are commitments that we do not take lightly and will continue to support well into the future.

When asked for clarity from Oregon City Police Department, Chief Jim Band made the following statement: “When property is to be destroyed, it is the policy of the Oregon City Police Department to destroy property, including firearms, in accordance to our procedures and ORS. The Oregon City Police Department does not sell firearms.”


So Benchmade wasn’t taking a stand against the Second Amendment by aiding the local police department in destroying the guns. However, many who contact me raised questions about the company’s political support for anti-gun politicians.

According to, Benchmade has made political contributions to a number of politicians over the years and they’ve been trending in one particular direction.

benchmade anti-gun political contributions

Here are Benchmade’s top contribution recipients:

Chamber Member Amount
Senate Ron Wyden (D-OR) $12,900
House Kurt Schrader, (D-OR) $11,900
Senate Mark Udall (D-CO) $5,200
Senate Martin Heinrich (D-NM) $2,700
Senate Scott Brown (R-MA) $1,000
House Robert Cornilles (R-OR) $1,000
House Greg Walden (R-OR) $1,000

Kurt Schrader has a decent record on guns. He voted yes on national reciprocity in 2017. The other major recipients of Benchmade’s contributions, however, are more troubling.

Martin Heinrich (D-NM), is unquestionably anti-gun. He, along with Mark Udall, sponsored the federal universal background check bill in the Senate. Ron Wyden (D-OR) isn’t any better on the Second Amendment. He’s supported UBCs and magazine capacity limits, as well as allowing lawsuits against firearm makers when guns that had been sold legally are later used in crimes.

To the casual observer, gun rights supporters, and potential knife customers, this isn’t a good look. The Venn diagram of gun owners and knife customers shows a lot of overlap and this could give many of them reason to look elsewhere for their next blade.

I’ve asked Benchmade for comment on their political contributions but haven’t received a response yet.


I spoke with the Oregon City Police Dept. and they informed me that guns were in police custody when they were dismantled. The guns were destroyed in accordance with ATF procedure and were then shipped to their final destination to be completely destroyed.

The police told me that the guns were not permitted for resale and had been used in a number of violent crimes or forfeited by court order due a variety of circumstances. They did inform me that guns recovered after theft are not destroyed but are returned to their original owners or next of kin.

UPDATE 2/22/19 10:30 AM

I requested an explanation of the political donations from the PR team at Benchmade. I was sent an audio clip from the Lars Larson Show where a spokesman from Benchmade talked with the host about the incident and the donations were brought up. The spokesman expressed his support for 2A rights, but did not offer a clear explanation of why the donations were made to the opposition. He stated that Oregon politicians that support manufacturing were and are Democrats, but this does not explain the out of state donations to radical left wing politicians.




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    • Not MY money. I’ve been a Kershaw man for decades. Never gave one thin dime to benchmade, ever.
      I avoid trends and things that are popular. If something is popular, it only means to me that some salesman managed to convince some people that his BS was real. And that those he managed to convince were pretty naive and not too bright. So, I vote to NOT follow the blind leading the blind.

        • Hah! He would never do what the herd does. Kershaw is obscure and in no way following the herd. Trying to keep a straight face.

        • yes. my local gun store has a hard time keeping them in stock due to supply/demand. I have both a kershaw and a benchmade. i feel like my benchmade is better quality than the kershaw, but i like both. i also didn’t get my benchmade from benchmade, i got it from a Navy Seal gift shop.

      • “Trends”? Bought my first Benchmade nearly 25 years ago. Hmmm, trends tend to last a few months to, maybe, one year. But yeah, you go ahead and virtue signal there Elmer Fudd.

        • Benchmade’s QC had fallen badly over the past few years. They already richly deserved a boycott.

          FACT: the best folding knives on the planet by far are being made in China. Best in price and in quality. Everyone will have to come to grips with this fact before long.

        • Not me, I’ll nevercome to grip with chinese products, including knives. I’ve got several Cold Steel from Japan. Great every day knives, but it will be a sad day in hell before I buy a chinese knife.

      • Also a long time Kershaw fan. Best quality for your money, and some excellent knife designs. I do try to buy their blades that are made in the USA, but bought a few made in China before I realized they were not all made in the USA.

      • Ditto on the Cold Steel. Best value in knifedom. And stronger locking mechanisms than any other brand. And very non-PC! Many brands like Benchmade are overpriced and not as good.

    • I think this is the concerning part. The campaign contributions information is far more damning, and telling of an organizations priorities. The fact they cut up a couple guns at the request of LE, honestly doesn’t really concern me at all. That happens sometimes, and the LE agency is likley bound by state law or litigation from selling/auctioning them. However, the sticking point, of you will, against benchmade is their several years of 100% campaign contributions to anti gun democrats. It’s not like they even tried to make it even, or even selected moderate dems. Those campaign contributions are absolutely unforgivable, and frankly downright disgusting. The modern far left swing of the democrat party should concern far more then just gun owners. Because if they think the democrats won’t come for knives one day, they’re wrong.

    • once i have my forge finished and build my belt grinder i will be able to whatever knives i want and not pay a dime for them. Have in the past used recycled materials and produced high quality blades and will do again. Knives are not that hard to make good quality if you have a little knowledge of metallurgy and with the knife laws here in Commiestralia the sorts i want that are either restricted or outright banned…. well they wont see customs, and me being me they wont be used in a crime so unless i leave them lying around when the cops come to inspect firearms they wont know…. the last aspect is another i HATE in this POS commie c&ntry

    • JMAC , check out knifecenter. If you want it . they have it. Best online blades & great deals to be had. Great customer service , fast shipping.

  1. As a knife collector this is disturbing information. In regard to Benchmade , it seems to me they are just another Dick’s. Any company that supports Dem’s, does not support the 2nd Amendment. I will not be adding any further Benchmade blades to my collection.

    • I was a Benchmade fanboy until today. I appreciate them talking about how important the Second Amendment is to them. Nice lip service, but money talks, and it went the opposite direction.

      Maybe I’ll give Kershaw or Gerber a chance(have 1 Gerber). Always wanted to try Cold Steel knives.

  2. Thank you for bringing this our attention.
    I will no longer support Benchmade and will happily buy knockoffs of their products at 1/5th the price.
    They don’t get it. Once they’ve got our guns, they will go after our knives. Just look at Europe.

  3. I purchased exactly one pocketknife from Benchmade and within one minute of having it in my hands decided that company would never get another dime from me. Unfortunately, the Benchmade butter knife which was both too tough to sharpen and too dull to reliably cut warm butter was engraved, so I couldn’t get a refund.

  4. Benchmade is currently getting severely torched on its Fascistbook page. Somebody better step up their damage control efforts stat.

    After Yeti, Dick’s, , etc., you’d think they’d have learned: virtue signalling that alienates your core customer base is not a particularly sound business model. Get woke, go broke . . . .

  5. THIS is all over Facebook…I have no problem dissing a company who gives $ to Dumbocrats. And I don’t buy overpriced knives. Supporting evil po-leece policy is a poor excuse. I did see one goofball ‘splaing it away. “Following da law”…

  6. Yeah, benchmade shit the bed on this one.
    “Court ordered destruction” can mean a lot, unless you buy into the narrative of “illegal guns”.

    • It’s not the firearm that is illegal. It is usually the possession of it by the previous owner that is. Do you suggest that a firearm be returned to an armed robbery convict upon his release from prison? I have returned many firearms from the evidence room to their owners. Usually burglary victims whose property was recovered. As was my stolen Colt Python returned to me. Before I was LEO. This was pleasant duty. Others included cases where obviously vindictive injunctions had been dismissed by the courts. Again, pleasant duty. Less frequently, when a defendant was found not guilty. Didn’t mind this either. It was their right. Even if I knew the jury got it wrong. It’s the system the founding fathers gave us. It ain’t perfect, but name another country you’d rather live in. Don’t say Switzerland. They won’t let you.

      • “Do you suggest that a firearm be returned to an armed robbery convict upon his release from prison?”

        Yes. If they are not in the legitimate custody of another, they retain the ability to exercise their unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms. What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?

        • What part of convicted armed robber do you not understand. I don’t know about the rest of the states, but the state I came from had a 70% recidivism rate. That’s enough for me to say no to ex felons possessing firearms.

        • “I don’t know about the rest of the states, but the state I came from had a 70% recidivism rate. That’s enough for me to say no to ex felons possessing firearms.”

          Just to hammer the old saw one more time: if a person is too dangerous to regain their rights under the constitution, they are too dangerous to be outside prison.

          The solution to recidivism is not denial of rights, but life sentences without parole. Which is a political problem for legislators.

        • Sam, I completely agree. If only we could find a 100% accurate shrink who could tell us these folks are 100% rehabilitated, I’m all for it. I just don’t think I’ve ever seen one who fits that bill.

      • I suggest the firearm used in armed robbery be sold at a police auction or to a local gun store. Unless somehow the gun itself is evil?

  7. Yet another company like, Yeti, Springfield Armory, Daniel Defense, etc. that stepped on their (well you know) and shat where they eat.

      • Daniel Defense put the woe on that horse before it could get out of the gate. However the CEO of Daniel Defense was smart and sent out an email with his intention and when he got back overwhelming response of you probably shouldn’t do that if you value your customers. He then sent out a retraction that was also very smart. I was one of those that cautioned Daniel Defense of the possible negative impact of their initial proposal.

        • Daniel Defense, has dropped their quality, by replacing dust covers and selector switches, with plastic parts. Money over quality

  8. I’ve been in the market for a good fixed EDC belt blade, and was told Benchmade was the place to go. I’ve found plenty of others, so this helps me narrow down my search. Thanks for the article!!

    • If you’re looking for a small one, I’d recommend the CRKT Minimalist for a budget option. Bunch of different blade shapes and very affordable. Micarta handles too. If you want to go more high end and better premium materials, TOPS, or Bradford Guardian 3/3.5/4.

      I carry the CRKT daily on a belt, and I own a couple TOPS and a Bradford. The guardian is very nice, but the leather sheath doesn’t work for what I do.

  9. I haven’t bought from Springfield Armory since their betrayal so adding Benchmade to the list won’t be a problem. Benchmade should have respectfully declined to assist with the destruction of the firearms because of how it would be received by the firearms community because of the overlap between gun and knives. What is definitely more troubling is Benchmade’s political contributions veering sharply to the left. This struggle may very come down to lawful owners of firearms and law enforcement that would seek to confiscated those firearms. Let’s hope not but some law enforcement has given the impression they will enforce any law passed regardless if it is constitutional or not. These companies like it or not need to pick a side. Those that feed them or the politicians and law enforcement that seek to violate the rights of those that feed them. This is a very good example of don’t bite the hand that feeds you because you might stop getting fed.

    • I currently own only one Benchmade knife, a Contego folder that is in essence junk. It has CPM M4 blade steel and can’t go a week of opening mail envelopes without going from shaving sharp to barely usable edge. That is horrible performance for the blade steel. After contacting Benchmade about the issue I was told to send it back and they would take a look at it. Only they wanted me to pay to ship it to them. I’m not sorry that I paid for the knife and to have it shipped to me and I’m not sorry that I’m not the one that sent out a sub quality shit product. Therefore I’m not sorry that I’m not going to pay to send the same sub quality shit product back to the manufacturer for them to stand behind their product and fix what they couldn’t get right the first time. Like I said not buying from Benchmade again isn’t much of a problem for me.

  10. Looking at their donation list for politicians that voted for gun bans and confiscation they are more anti-gun then Dicks, and have been for longer.

  11. I carry knives that won’t break my heart or wallet to lose. So no benchmade. How can I boycott a company that I’ve never bought from?

    • That’s just silly. There’s no point in destroying something you’ve already paid for. That’s not going to hurt anyboy except yourself. A simple and better approach is to purchase a different item in the future.

  12. As a knife collector I have a couple of Benchmades and had planned to purchase more if something I like came along. I would not have really been bothered a lot by them assisting the police department in destroying some guns that were going to be disposed of one way or another. Allowing themselves to serve as a prop in publicizing it does bother me. I am sure firearms are destroyed by police departments every day without being publicized or made a spectacle to show off for the anti 2A crowd. But as we often see one act draws attention to another and now it has been shown what BM political contributions have been. The are free to support the leftist gun grabbers but they will not be doing it with any more profits made off me.

  13. These were firearms that the Oregon City Police Department had to destroy in alignment with their policies.

    I realize this is Benchmade making the statement here, but if it is a policy that prescribes destruction, and not an ordinance (i.e. law), then there really isn’t a “have to” involved.

    • In Arizona we made it illegal for the police or other government agencies to destroy guns. If they are ordered surrenderd by the court as part of a criminal proceding they MUST be sold to a local FFL.

      Destroying guns simply because they were used in a crime is virtue signalling, and fundimentally nothing more than a political act to demonize firearms. Benchmade should know better. If I want a knife I’ll buy a US made Kershaw.

      • “If they are ordered surrenderd by the court as part of a criminal proceding they MUST be sold to a local FFL.”

        Few years back, my buddy in Denver said that when their cops take custody of a firearm, for any reason, those guns are destroyed be cause Denver is not the legal owner, and have no FFL themselves. Claim that without being the owner, without an FFL, they cannot legally transfer the firearms to anyone, even the original owner. Guessing Denver has its own method to destroy the guns without “farming” it out. Didn’t investigate it myself, just chalked it up to Denver being Californicated.

  14. It does not surprise me at all that a company like BENCHMADE whose HQ is in Oregon City and is a staunch supporter of the current governor would aid in the destruction of firearms. I used to live in Portland and can say without hesitation that Oregon has always been fertile ground for radical, leftist groups. Any industry there would be totally infected with socialist politics.

  15. unwavering supporter of both law enforcement and Second Amendment rights

    Seems like this is a one-or-the-other prospect more often than not.

  16. Don’t these guys know that if the “BAN ALL DUH THINGS!” crew gets their way on guns, that knives will be in the crosshairs next. Just like in London? Plus once the 2A is trampled for guns, knives are a push over. I own zero Benchmade products and I guess I will continue to do so. I have Kershaw, SOG, and CRKT mostly. In fact, I’m buying a Kershaw AM-3 in OD green in a few minutes. I need it to match my OD green Tavor, or something.

  17. There should be a mandatory hanging for hacking up a 2ndamendment tool that could be utilized to protect this country and its citizens!

    Did they bother asking if any poor mom in the hood needed to protect her family after numerous break-ins and rapes?

    Josh Wayner do u work 4 the commies?

    Why not take all the books and internet hard drives and burn them too…..

    Who writes this fail of article u commie libtard!

    There is never a excuse to destroy a 2nd amendment right protected tool that could of been utilized(Given Away) to save the lives of some law abiding poor single mom and her children living in bad neighborhood. I don’t care what UN-elected illegal bureaucrat gives that illegal order who took a oath did they not>??? It seems like Oregon,Washington,California don’t like the rights of the people they have the privilege to serve for. We the people have rights and we only allow privileges that cam be revoked at anytime to government to govern not destroy good serviceable 2nd Amendment property of American Citizens!

    So i guess if u have a bunch children or school books u would destroy them rather donate to poor people or the local library i don’t see the difference.. or a new car that is evidence i’m sure that would end up in ur garage!

    The 2nd Amendment is a Declaration and a warning to government to keep their paws off this unalienable human natural right that the people all ready half in every inch of their body from birth and this just reaffirms that right!

    The 22k gun laws that we have allowed infringes on our rights! If someone is so violent or evil they can’t own a gun or be in public or be against #2a then hang them.. like they used to do! In the 1700’s they did not have millions of people in prisons!

    Not 1 more inch. If these people have some blockage in their brains and can’t understand the simple English of #shallnotbeinfringed ..cuz it does not involve giving up a right or half of a right its! If u have a car and someone chops it in half…do u have a working car>? Rights are not bargaining chips! We have given away all the cake and that thin sliver is crumbling fast and we may lose it in 2020 or 2024 ! AOC might be Potus 1 day and that will be the end of America!

    • No, destroying them doesn’t nothing they already have your money.

      The best thing you can do is sell them, this takes a sale out of their hands and puts money in your pocket.

      Also I heard you can send benchmades in to get Re-sharpened, so do that then sell them, make some money back and have them lose sales because you helped flood the market with their knives.

  18. I always liked Benchmade. Bought a couple over the years. But since they give money to dumbocrats I will have to look elsewhere when it comes to knife purchases. Hello buck and kershaw. Don’t be stupid and give money to dumbocrats.

  19. Using their own logic and lame excuses, it goes without saying that if Benchmade’s local police department asked for their assistance in lynching Negros or gassing Jews they would do their duty and happily commit heinous atrocities.

    Benchmade and their future customers should burn in Hell.

    [email protected]

  20. My issue with this is the whole “just following orders” mentality that they seem to just gloss over the issue with.

    Will they be “just following orders” when SB501 passes and the local PD brings them a crate of 30rd mags or AR lowers that a judge ordered the local PD to destroy? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

    Now… I dont buy Benchmade because I dont buy shitty knives, but that’s a different discussion.

    • “My issue with this is the whole “just following orders” mentality that they seem to just gloss over the issue with.”

      It’s far worse than “just following orders”.

      They volunteered for that assignment…

  21. The problem is that Benchmade is assisting in the narrative that the gun is a totem of evil that must be destroyed. That’s just silly, as an object has no agency. Do they destroy vehicles that are seized or surrendered as the were utilized in a crime, or a death? I doubt it.
    Furthermore, OPD can have whatever policy they want, or the voters will tolerate. I may find this particular policy foolish and wasteful, but that doesn’t matter, it’s their policy. I’m really fine with it, but it’s OPD’s plicy, not Benchmade’s. Benchmade was not order by the court to destroy those firearms, they do not have to abide by or assist in the enforcement of any OPD policy. The chose to, and that’s the problem.

  22. A large company paying off, sorry donating to the most likely winner in an election is a way to keep from being harassed by the elected official later. I own a few of their knives, always heard good customer support when friends sent their knives back to be sharpen or repaired, to the point a new knife cause they didn’t have the parts for a 20 year old knife. I believe they only sell US made knives, Krenshaw I believe imports some of their knives.
    Here is who they supported this past year. (from Benchmade website)
    USO NW
    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
    Wild Sheep Foundation
    Navy Seal Foundation
    Safari Club International
    Oregon Hunters Association
    Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
    Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation
    American Knife & Tool Institute
    White Heart Foundation
    Buffalo Bill Center

    The OCPD asked for a favor they said sure, not realizing OCPD was going to toss them under the 2A bus. Most likely it was a low level request, middle management said SURE, we will help out or local PD.

  23. Hey, guys (and whatever else), I get the plan to boycott Benchmade. Been circling a nice pocket knife of theirs for two years. So now, a wider search is needed because I won’t buy Benchmade either. But….

    Doesn’t is seem that whenever we learn that a certain surgeon or physician treats anti-gunners, we should also boycott those surgeons, or physicians? What about ambulance services? What about restaurants? What about….

    • Actually yes for the most part I do. I refuse to step foot inside a Buffalo Wild Wings because of their no firearms allowed policy. Any business that suspects I’m carrying a firearm can ask me to leave and I will forthwith but I’ll also make it known I will not come back until they change their policy. As for doctors I look at how the doctor looks at freedom and rights not their patients. Benchmade made the mistake of giving money to the enemy more than destroying guns. As for the guns in question why couldn’t those guns be transferred to a local FFL and sold to someone that could legally own them. The police department could work out something with the selling FFL that both the FFL and the police department would both benefit from the sale.

      • Back in the day, I pushed for and got approved, to sell off guns no longer used by us, or recovered by us. Simply get 3 FFL’s to give us bids, then sell to the highest bidder.
        It helped with my budget, and helped us acquire better equipment.
        It simply became department policy. OCPD should change their policy.
        Nothing illegal, immoral, or improper about it.

        • I understand that the police department wouldn’t be able to sell firearms directly to the public and quite honestly I don’t think I would want them to. However annotating on the chain of custody voucher that firearms in evidence have been transferred to an FFL for resale with said FFL attached should be pretty easy. In fact your very comment saying your department use to or does do it says it should be. Thanks for sharing your department’s practices regardless of then or now.

    • You’ve been thinking about buying a knife for 2 years? Good grief man. You’re fucked if you ever have to make an important decision of any kind.

      • “You’ve been thinking about buying a knife for 2 years? Good grief man.”

        Already have a serviceable general purpose knife, taking time to consider a major upgrade is not a failing. Been looking to upgrade my 13 year old car. Dealer keeps telling me it is one of the most reliable models the manufacturer produced. The sales guys said when the maintenance on the car equals or exceeds the monthly payment for new, start looking.

  24. I own a number of their knives and anyone who says they make shitty knives or are not worth the price is wrong or got a knockoff.

    That said, the political contributions are troubling and I will be looking in to them. This isn’t lobbying, it’s flat out donations. Maybe they’re trying to buy influence in an attempt to protect knife rights, or maybe not. I see a pattern in who they donated to but that might be faulty memory on my part.

    • Agree with the fact they make good knives. I also can see them greasing local political palms and most companies do that and does not necessarily mean they agree with them, heck they will contribute to both sides to cover all bases. What disturbs me is their contributions outside of their home area goes far left. That is not a sign of greasing some palms for local favor, that is indication of their political leaning and what they support. I am sure somewhere deep down they understand that eroding 2A rights would eventually lead to loss of knife rights but if they are supporting leftist ideology then they most likely have that same elitist mentality and see themselves as the State knife maker in a leftist utopia.

      • I am not so sure of that it is a signal of their leanings.

        I’m going through the data right now. So far what I can say is that the company doesn’t seem to have a policy of major donations and appears to have no corporate involvement with a PAC.

        For example, in 2018 all individual donations from Benchmade total out to $7,903 while that same year the company spent $120,000 on lobbying with $90,000 paid to Tremont Strategies Group and $30,000 paid to ADS Ventures.

        • “…with $90,000 paid to Tremont Strategies Group and $30,000 paid to ADS Ventures.”

          And the activities of those two organizations is…?

          What did Benchmade get in return for that money?

        • “What did Benchmade get in return for that money?”

          I’m looking into that. I just got done going through their political contributions and the candidates positions going back to 2012.

        • With respect to what you asked here Geoff:

          Here’s what I can say without starting a seriously deep dig on legislation in Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado and the US Federal government in both the House and the Senate:

          Tremont Strategies Group is a private company based in Boston that specializes in “government relations” among other things. Their bread and butter, based on their client lists, is lobbying within the manufacturing and health care sectors. They also have a contract with the University of Massachusetts.

          ADS Ventures is a subsidiary of Advanced Drainage System, Inc. of Hilliard Ohio (suburb of Cbus). ADS Ventures is also based in Boston, also has UMass as a client and also specializes in “integrated government relations, strategic communications, and business and non-profit development consulting services”. It has many of the same clients as Tremont and, in fact, a Google search on ADS Ventures brings one to a broken link to Tremont Strategies Group “about us” section. This company appears to basically be a manufacturing and health care lobbying group as well, albeit with a few defense contractors and an electrical component company added to their client list.

          I suspect they are, essentially, the same company and both owned by Advanced Drainage Systems Inc because 1) they have basically the same client list, 2) both have “about us” sections on Tremont’s website, and they both have exactly the same mailing address at

          3 Post Office Square
          8th Floor
          Boston, MA 02110
          United States.

          What exactly they have lobbied for on behalf of Benchmade and the other 13 to 14 companies listed on their client lists I still don’t know.

  25. In all seriousness I can’t really boycott a business I hardly patronize. The last Benchmade I purchased was a HK branded Auto Opener and damn thing broke shortly after I received it. Never bought from them since then. The pictures didn’t boil my blood like most of the gun owning community. Yeti, Springfield Armory, etc some of these boycotts are starting to get ridiculous. And just FYI I never purchased a single Springfield ever and all of Yeti’s products are over priced. I’ll be amazed if most of the people boycotting Benchmade even own one.

  26. OK, so before we start eating our own here I’m going to point out a couple of things.

    Yes, in 2018 (the year I’ve been able to go through fully) Benchmade made 100% of their contributions to Democrats. $5200 went to Kurt Schrader (D-OR) and $2700 went to Martin Heinrich (D-NM). They also spent $120,000 on lobbying which has been their lobbying budget for the last number of years.

    However, here’s the important part:

    These two guys are oddballs in the Democratic Party. Heinrich opposes reinstatement of the AWB, supports the idea of 50 state CCW and has even co-sponsored legislation to make it easier to sell guns across state lines. Meanwhile Schrader was one of only six democrats who supported interstate reciprocity in the House last year.

    So no, after my initial pass at digging here Benchmade is NOT supporting anti 2A candidates.

      • You must be new here, because Strych has been vocal about his stance on guns multiple times, and you couldn’t be more wrong. Read a little bit better, comprehend what he wrote, and then check your stupidity.

      • Having some experience here. Don’t bother with this trust me. All you will get is a school yard cry baby response because you noticed an outward appearance that led you to an opinion. It’s ok for some to support whatever they want even liberal democrats regardless if they might support the 2A. It is not ok for you to not support them though because they are liberal democrats regardless if the support the 2A. Granted a few of the idiots are necessary to keep the majority in check as of right now but as I’ve stated elsewhere the liberal democrat stance on the 2A is not the only stupidity democrats have going for them. Personally this country would be better served without any of them and they could all pack up and move to Venezuela as far as I’m concerned.

    • That’s like saying I grocery shop at ABC store because they have 2 items I really like, but the rest of the stuff I buy there is crap – but hey, at least I get the 2 good things, right?…why not shop at XYZ store, that likewise carries the 2 good things I like, but also has many good quality items as well…

      • So far as I can tell thus far they have, with one exception, tended to support candidates that are willing to vote in favor of 50 State CCW (in various forms, some better than others).

        The exception is a guy who didn’t really hold any positions I can find on the topic of guns or knives but then became a gun-controller after the MSD shooting. At that point Benchmade made no more contributions to the guy even though he ran for reelection last year.

        If we’re going to extrapolate a political position in terms of the 2A from what Benchmade has done here it would seem that their #1 position is backing a form of national reciprocity.

        I’m still trying to figure out what they bought/attempted to buy with their lobbying efforts.

        • “I’m still trying to figure out what they bought/attempted to buy with their lobbying efforts.”

          Protection from Oregon politicians?

        • “Protection from Oregon politicians?”

          That would make sense but see my reply (above) to Geoff. Both lobbying companies seem to be basically the same company and both trace back to a company called Advanced Drainage Systems Inc which is, by all outward appearances, a water management company.

          Based on client lists and a skim of what those companies do it seems the lobbying groups both work on behalf of manufacturers of various products ranging from EyePro to body armor to knives to pharmaceuticals. They also both have a contract with UMass and one of them works on behalf of an electrical utility company.

          Make of that what you will.

        • “…it seems the lobbying groups both work on behalf of manufacturers of various products ranging from EyePro to body armor to knives to pharmaceuticals.”

          “Make of that what you will.”

          Well, don’t dig too deep. Speculating is more fun than knowing.

          btw – thanx for the research.

        • “Well, don’t dig too deep. Speculating is more fun than knowing.”

          I’m not going to bother looking for the individual pieces of legislation that these groups might have opposed or supported on behalf of Benchmade. Without knowing the search terms that could take forever and I’m not getting paid to do the research.

          Instead, I sent Benchmade’s PR department an email asking them about it. If they reply that’s probably the fastest way to get the information and is something I’d submit to DZ as an article as quickly as possible.

  27. Democrats have more issues than just gun control and if gun control is the only focus of most of the pro gun community then I would venture to say those people need to reevaluate what other things might also be plaguing this country. Guns are important and I intend to keep mine regardless but there are other important issues to consider. For example the democrats unwillingness to see that all aspects of national security are met. Walls are ineffective and immoral but each and every one of them live behind them.

    • Iraqvet2003, if walls are ineffective and immoral does that mean you live in a gazebo or some similar structure? Because if walls are immoral and ineffective you would have to be some kind of hypocrite to have them as part of the structure you live in. And while you were in Iraq did you live in an open air compound with no walls? And if there were walls I bet they were really effective in keeping the bad guys out! I, too, served during that time frame and I was thankful for the bulkheads of the ship I was in to keep things that needed to be outside, outside.

      • That was a quote from so many of the idiot liberal democrats. It seems to be Pelosi and Schumers mantra because Trump wants to build the southern border wall. That’s the only reason they don’t want the wall built. No I for one know that walls work and democrats are a bunch of jackasses. Granted being a jackass isn’t illegal after all the world is full of them. However most don’t have the power to destroy a country. Unfortunately for the US these particular jackasses do. I seriously hate liberal democrats and was very serious when I said they could all pack up and move to Venezuela. This country would be better off and after all what Venezuela is dealing with right now is every liberals dream. Disarmed socialist everyone is equal having no more than the other society hell.

  28. they should have said no. other response someone got was the police used to use the recycling center to do it. why the change up if true? and specialty equipment I bet the police motor pool have everything they need while carrying out this sin. They said some of the guns were donated, yet were going to be destroyed. they will ask for a bigger budget I am sure. Many departments sell back guns to dealers it is not universally the requirement to destroy them,, an revenue stream for the pd.

    bought some benchmade in the past, now they can go out of business for crapping on their own industry and supporters. A lot of what they make has been outlawed in some states, mainly by democrats.. The party that now wants to disarm every American.

  29. Let’s see Benchmade put their money into the gun’s right legislation. Give 50% of the profit for the next year to Gun Owners of America or Firearms Policy Coalition or the 2nd Amendment Foundation if they are serious about supporting the guns rights. Nothing like empty words and bad actions to make me believer.

  30. First they came for guns and I remained silent ..because I made knives…then they came for ME!

    see the UK and knife ban..Benchmade for your future as a company

  31. Thanks Benchmade! Knife 🔪 Control NOW ! Just like The People’s Republic of China (PRC) The Marxist Demo-Nuts approve! (Just like future Gun Control//or Knife control from the PRC, and The U.K….

  32. Makes me feel better about carrying a CRKT.

    The police may have had to destroy the firearms, but Benchmade VOLUNTEERED to let them do so with their equipment. Side with my enemy, become my enemy.
    Bye, Benchmade.

  33. I’ve been done with Benchmade before this, it just helps instill the fact that I made the right decision. They’ve been putting out half assed attempts at new products and just raising their prices and changed nothing. $400+ for an OTF with D2 is a joke. Somehow Microtech can make a better fit and finished OTF with MUCH better steel at half the price, but benchmade chokes.

    If I must buy a folder, I’ll look to Spyderco from now on. The Microtech I recently purchased seems to be what I need overall, so I’m not sure I’ll ever even need another. And before someone loses it and thinks I’m a snobby rich dude for spending that kind of money, I saved for a while to buy it, and it’s well worth the entry price.

    • I’m not a snobby rich guy but I completely understand where you are coming from. I have 3 Spyderco knives, one is a Manix 2 XL, an Endura with ZDP-189 blade steel, and the now discontinued Schempp Tough. I like them all and would take any of them over this junk Contego Benchmade sold me. Just so it’s known, the Contego isn’t a fake unless Benchmade is selling fakes of their own product since I ordered it directly from them. I’m going to buy a Spyderco with M4 blade steel. My understanding is Spyderco knows what they are doing to get the most from CPM M4.

  34. i dont care if they were cutting up guns to raise money for wheelchairs for blind and deaf and parlyzed orphan kids who have cancer and their yellow labrador puppy just got ran over by a bread truck
    it just doesnt look good
    people will hate you
    its that simple

  35. I wouldn’t give Benchmade any slack on this one. If you participate in a wrongful act that you are not being forced into, then you share guilt in that wrongful act. How is their participation anything but voluntary?

    Confiscated guns that cannot be returned to a legal owner should be auctioned to FFL’s. Let them make the determination on what is resell-able, what can be used for parts, used for antique display or is worthless except as scrap metal. That is the law in Arizona, tho some legal battles do remain.

    Laws, rules or policies that say guns must be destroyed are wrong headed and an insult to the very spirit of the Second Amendment. Benchmade taking part in that destruction under the excuses provided is willful participation against the Second Amendment. Their anti-gun political donations reinforce this fact.

    They could have easily said “Hey, we like you guys in the PD and wish we could help you out but we disagree with the law (rules, polices). But hey do drop by sometime, we always have extra doughnuts in the break room on Tuesdays”.

    Then I’d respect them.

    As it is, no.

    • Exactly. I get that the police are forced to follow their own protocols and procedures, but Benchmade doesn’t need to participate. Their political donations also don’t sit well with me.

  36. Put a Spyderco in your hand and you’ll never go back. Just don’t look at it. Some of them are less than attractive.

  37. I have way too many knives, or so says the Wife. I have several autos. Benchmade is among them. I got the BMs about 20-25 years ago. I also have an Italian made auto. Spring in the BM is almost not enough to get the blade out, kind of like .22 short. The Italian auto is like a .9mm. It will actually recoil in your hand! EDC is a Kershaw Leek that is very fast and very sharp. The leek spring will weaken, and the blade slows down when dirty. New springs are free from Kershaw. Cleaning is up to you.

  38. Great. Now my custom Benchmade Bedlam is worth squat.

    Got a couple of other Benchmades, but won’t be looking to buy more. ZT, Cold Steel, and CRKT have me covered.

  39. What they should have done was melt them down and made knives out of them, it’d be cool to have a knife made our of a gum barrel

  40. It takes “specialty equipment” to cut a gun up? Like a $50 cutoff saw or $19 angle grinder? Sounds like some cops wanted a paid field trip to the Benchmade factory, probably hoping for some free samples.

  41. I’m not super upset that this company lent their tools to chop up firearms in Oregon, but the fact they gave money to Martin Heinrich (D-NM) is a deal breaker. That guy is a crypto-communist lockstep marching progressive Borg soldier. I’m on his mailing list and the stuff his office crows about would scare anyone that cares about this country. Plus we have enough problems in NM without cynical maggots like Heinie being supported by corporate scum from out state. I never had a knife from Benchmade, and now I never will. I am so glad this was brought to my attention. Sometimes our discretionary spending can mean as much as our votes, especially when we are trapped behind enemy lines where our votes might not get “counted”.

  42. Not a good look for Benchmade by any stretch of the imagination. I will not buy a Smith & Wesson to this day because of their caving to political expediency a few years back. I’ve never owned a Benchmade knife and now probably never will. I have seen some Cold Steel blades I liked but I have never owned one. I own several Kershaws which are great knives, especially the older models and once had an older Camillus which was a great knife. Somehow I guess I misplaced it. Not sure about the newer Camillus models. I am very happy with my CRKT FE 7 as well. I mostly by custom knives now … Behring or Jim Hammond.

  43. Glad I’ve never owned a bench-made nor considered buying one, to me they are hi priced junk and can get better knives from Pakistan! Bear and Sons make better Butterfly knives , and Boker better Automatics

  44. I’ve landed on this really gratifying tactic of just buying what I want because I like it. LOVE my new Yeti 110 my wife got me for Christmas, indeed all of my Yeti products I find to be superior, and I know I’m paying for their marketing, but their marketing is GOOD. Yeah, there are products probably just as good (in fact, my Grizzly is close in quality, just not big enough), but I like the Yeti stuff. I have a couple of Benchmades, but prefer my Spydercos, Cold Steels and Esee Junglas above all. I don’t go to Dick’s because they’re dicks and there’s an Academy across the street. I like early Bruce Springsteen and all Drive-By Truckers, don’t care about their political opinions. Sean Penn and Robert DiNero have been in some great movies, but not lately. I joined the NRA because I think overall they are looking out for my interests, but I don’t open their mail. I buy local when I can, but mostly rely on the price/value thing.
    If I like it, I use it, if I don’t, I won’t. I’ve found it really simplifies things.

  45. While the cutting up of these firearms may have been an over-sight on Benchmades part and just a nice gesture to the police dept., the donations to Dems is far more telling.

    They have exposed their true nature.

  46. The gun destruction thing was a cosmetic faux pas on Benchmade’s part, and their political contributions look troubling. My question for Benchmade would be this: How much time, money, and effort are you putting in to get our stupid federal knife laws rescinded? Given how much of their market is in automatic knives I think they should be very active in that regard. For thirty years, as an AD soldier I could send knives to them for rebuilds, but once I retired that became illegal. We need our federal knife laws to go away. What are you doing about it Benchmade?

  47. My son gave me a benchmade knife for Christmas about 10 yrs ago, I loved it. I would certainly have considered a benchmade knife where I ever to purchase a knife, but:

    The friend of my enemy is my enemy….

    Democrats are far more then the enemy of the 2nd amendment, just look at what they are up to and ask yourself if you would support almost any of their positions, I certainly would not ever support any democrat politician, no matter what he/she claims because it is what they come together as a party to accomplish that matters.

    I am going to make sure every one I know hears about this and can decide for themselves if they want to trust benchmade to keep “supporting the 2A” by giving $$ to demon-crat enemies of the 2A in the future.


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