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OK, so Vice doesn’t really know what they’re talking about when it comes to gun anatomy. For example, I’ve never heard the handguards of an AR-15 referred to as a “barrel casing.” But whatever. And I don’t really appreciate the way they put the thumb on the journalistic scales in the way they portray gun owners (“private arsenal?” Really? They couldn’t phrase that in a less inflammatory tone?). Also, note to the NY Times: guns do not currently have to be registered. But nice that you decided to make it up as you go rather than researching the facts. Nevertheless, its a pretty good look at Defense Distributed and the state of 3D gun printing right now.

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  1. What is his point of not selling the lowers? Wish they elaborated on that as to if it was the integrity being questionable or if he is just looking for attention, but afraid that there are implications behind the sales.

    • We won’t know until he speaks about it, but as was shown in the video, the printer they ordered was repossessed because they lacked an FFL. That may have something to do with it.

    • Wilson won’t sell the parts because that’s not the point he’s making. The information to make weapons should be open source, available for anyone to possess, not limited to a government institution or a handful of corporations. That’s why Defense Distributed is starting as an open repository for gun part files. Getting the FFL was a legal measure to enable getting the printer.

  2. Vice pieces on guns are usually much more balanced than that. This is not about Defense Distributed, it’s about the hipster guy’s view of Defense Distributed. And there is mucho ominous music. As Homer once said “He must be bad, just listen to the music”.

  3. If your audience knows nothing about guns, “barrel casing” might make more intuitive sense than a handguard. At least it isn’t a barrel shroud.

  4. I used to watch a lot of their videos until they started making documentaries of American gun owners. There was one about gun owners in Texas or something, and from their tone you could definitely tell that they are liberally-inclined. Though, of course, there are some of their videos (Alarma! From Mexico City) that make a good case for gun owners, whether or not it was intentional.

  5. Yeah Nick, I concur. If the media was representing anything else, they would have experts to talk to, and interveiw. This is like me going on TV talking about female makeup products, I dont use makeup, my wife does, however, does that mean i should go on TV and talk about something i have no idea about?? And then give my thoghts on how and when she{my wife} should use such products…NO, that would make me a ASSCLOWN! These morans havent even took a safty course before, and this is obvious. You see media officals pointing firearms at one another, and fingers on or in trigger guards..Its dangerous for these people to handle firearms with no formal instruction on how to do it saftly and responsibly. And if this was on any other topic, and they did such a BIASED reporting of it, there woul be every tom dick and harry contacting them, and probibly NAACP. Its the liberal governmet using every tool in there box, and you know how they stroke the media. I call bay news 9 at least once a week to complaign about BIAS reporting. start dropping stats on gun violence being so low now a days, that it hasnt bin this low since 1961. Guess what the station manager said…Well id like to see those so called stats, and could i email the station..I paused..and said int that your job as a facts checker, and an investigative reporter???? I mean im not getting a check from these assclowns, why should i help you mis represent the gun owners of America! Looks likeyou have that job covered! They had a 2 min 47 sec anti gun ad, followed by the CEO of the NRA. The NRA got only a corner of my big screen, and the muted what the CEO was saying. AND THEY CALL THAT EQUAL NON BIASED REPORTING???? My ass..Just another propaganda campaign, its almost like watching cold war russian news casters… Call your senators, governers, and do it everyday. Until they know you on a first name basis!! Force them to listen, and i tell it like it is, listen to the people and our Bill Of Rights, you assclowns!!

  6. What is the matter with the term “private arsenal”? One of the common definitions of “arsenal” is “a collection or supply of weapons or munitions.” Everyone should have one of those.

    I’m not for softening up language for the anti-gun people. That just plays into their strategy of marginalizing guns and gun ownership. Yes, I have a (very modest) private arsenal, a.k.a., a private collection of guns and ammo. So what?

    • Totally agree. My modest collection of guns and ammo is my arsenal, and I refer to it as such. I suppose if I owned any guns of historic importance, I might refer to it as a “collection”, but all of my guns are common born and recent enough to not have earned a place in history (although owning a Ruger Service Six does elicit some admiration, I’ve found).

  7. They keeps saying “printing a gun”. The ignorance of the consumer of these videos will mean that they don’t realize the barrel (and other parts) need to be made of steel. I sure some will think you just print out a gun. This will be perceived way wrong. Like wow, how did they print out that Eotech?

  8. I like how the NY times reporter says Cody has taken an object and programmed it to kill. No a$$hat, he took a 3D printer and programmed it to print a single piece of a rifle. The 3D printer is not skynet manufacturing terminators, do not portray it as such. A person seeking to make a full rifle would still need a full shop to make the barrel, bolt, springs, etc. That being said Cody could be likened to someone promoting freedom of speech as well as 2nd amendment rights.

    • That reported was so obsessed with saying its a printed gun, it will just go and kill people. I think he needed a slap to bring him back to reality.

  9. Um, that was really stupid of ‘ol Cody to show off everything including his personal apartment. In 10 minutes, I was able to find his warehouse on Google Maps. Could probably do the same with his home (One scene displays the apartment number next door, and there are several good street views to compare to Google). He also let the film crew film his license plate several times. Dumb dumb dumb. Apparently, nobody told this anarchist lawyer about opsec.

    And Look at 19:10 in the vid. For some reason, they mirror-imaged it: Cody’s armband is on the wrong hand and the text on the dumpsters is all backwards. Strange.

  10. Barrel shroud? No no, that’s the shoulder thing that goes up. You know, so you can spray-fire these deadly machine guns from the hip at a hundred rounds a minute and kill thousands, no, millions of people without reloading.

    And hey, TTAG? When I reply to someone, that means I want my comment to appear below theirs; not at the very bottom. Mm’kay?

  11. I really liked the documentary. Sure the music made the whole Cad-gun and the availability of guns to everyone should sound ominous. Ominous to the gun-grabbers in the public and the government. Make a magazine? Great. Ar-15? What about AR-10? But what are you going to do about the shortage of AMMUNITION? Primers, Powder, Brass. I believe the government is trying to do an end-run around the guns and keep the ammunition out of the hands of “The People”. That is still infringement. Are there any Ammunition manufacturers who are not willing to sell their entire stock to the federal government?

  12. Manufacturing takes turns under all types of economic systems. In a free market economy, manufacturing is usually directed toward the mass production of products for sale to consumers at a profit. In a collectivist economy, manufacturing is more frequently directed by the state to supply a centrally planned economy. In mixed market economies, manufacturing occurs under some degree of government regulation.,”*,

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