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Over on YouTube, the [self-appointed] Doctor of Common Sense points out that LA cop gone wild Christopher Dorner was pro-gun control. The Doctor reckons Dorner – the cop killer who met his death at the hands of brother officers using incendiary rounds on his hideout – represents “the liberal mindset.” Doctor Common Sense doesn’t have much love for the liberal mindset . . .

“In one breath they’re crying for peace,” he protests. “In the next minute they’re inflicting violence.” DCS wonders why the media didn’t call for gun control during the Dorner debacle or the (first) Fort Hood horror. Then again, “Liberals are not rational. The sooner you figure that out, the better off you’ll be.” Anyone want to share a little target time with the Doc? We’ll set it up.

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  1. ive watched many of his videos, he’s right up there with Colin Noir. i recommend watching his Al Sharpton videos.

  2. Very well spoken amen to you brother! These progressive liberals are enough to make your stomach turn on a Sunday morning Their b******* Propaganda story on how they’re going to save the children and then when they have the rallies a whole 12 people show up to support them and then the newspaper says there was over 120 people they just add a zero to the end of the number of actual participants in their gun control nonsense I call a big BS to every liberal anti gunner out there if you don’t like this country and its constitution then move I will pay for you a one way ticket with Malaysian Airlines to any third world country you wish to visit and live. End of story I’m so sick of our media and the media personalities Pierce Morgan is a wanted felon in the UK Fraudulent coverage When he worked for a ragtag magazine and did a false reporting on someone. He’s a freaking criminal just like 90% of these liberal progressive types all a bunch of criminals that’s why they want our guns so we can’t defend our self against them and their control efforts To stifle our population in the tyranny! Makes me sick!

  3. I’ve always liked this guy’s vids. Usually a pretty heavy dose of truth. And he definitely makes some good points – Why didn’t the media (and the Administration) do their little ‘Oh my, this just shows us that we need more gun control’ thing after a liberal ex-cop and a radical muslim went postal, like they did for every other incident? It’s all about their agenda and the picture they want to paint – and from what I see – most people aren’t buying it. Except for their lemming sheeple of course.

  4. There are a few of these anti BLM guys on youtube, doc and TJ Sotomayor are probably the most controversial. It’s a theme in the black community that is growing, that the BLM socialists are the false heirs of MLK, and the outrage is toward the white guilt liberals who are clearly using them for their own gain. This disdain for the “pro-blacks” could translate into votes for the right republican (coughDr. Carsoncough).

    • “Right Republican” and “Ben Carson” should never appear in the same sentence. Carson has shown himself to be no friend of the Second Amendment.

    • When you said “BLM” at first I thought you meant Bureau of Land Management, which is also quite detestable. lol

  5. You will not see or hear him on the white socialist channels NPR or PBS. The racist white pig progressives don’t like black people they can’t control. Pastor David Manning is another black man that really up sets left wing white people. His videos have millions of views.

    If you want to see pro 2A black people you have to find them on the Internet. Or the NRA news where “Stacy on the right” (a pro2A black woman) has been a regular guest of Cam Edwards for over two years now.

    If anyone is looking for pro gun non white people you have to watch the Out Door channel, Sportsman channel or the pursuit channel. They are not on very often. You Tube is the best. They have been on the Alex Jones channel. Jones has a pro 2A black host Jakari Johnson for his prison planet tv program. It was Jakari who was with the oath keepers walking thru a black neighborhood in Ferguson Missouri. The white liberal press forgot to show the color of the reporters. Just as the white press only used a black and white picture of the back side of a black man holding a fully loaded ar15 at an obama appearence in Arizona. You will never see them on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or even FOX.

  6. I like what he said. A lot! But did he have to say it over and over and over again. The contents of that 6 minute video could easily gave been said in 45 seconds. I heard you the first time; I don’t need you to repeat it another 10 times.

  7. The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. That is why it says “shall not infringe” so we can have what the government has to prevent a Holocaust. I believe the people should have what the government has including machine guns. The only gun control law there should be is that criminals can’t have any firearms. Thanks for your vote, pass the word.

  8. I LOVE this man E.T. Williams! I guess I don’t fit the liberal “narrative” as I’m a white guy liking Mr Willams? You make so much sense Mr Williams! America needs more decent people like you! God be with you sir.

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