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This post goes out to all of you who plink what you drink, courtesy TTAG’s own Chris Dumm and the SIG SAUER P250. Click here to read Chris’s review of the handgun that he shoots so well and speak no more ill of [expensive] triggers that fire not from striker activation.

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  1. I find hitting a can, especially if it is already moving soooo much more satisfying than grouping around a bulls eye.

  2. Coke cans at 100 yards with a .22 is the best. Light enough to move in the wind and to fly when hit, but you can still hear the shot hit. And cheap. Did I mention cheap? Because they are cheap.

    • I used to shoot at generic Charcoal briquettes. They shatter when you hit them and no worries about clean up.

    • I use pop cans too….one time I was using subsonic 22 hollow points, hit the can six times, thought I’d missed. The can never moved. Those SS rounds are fast movers….

  3. Two police officer friends and I like to take our cans to a family farm which has a shallow creek flowing through it. We stand on a small foot bridge that crosses over it, toss several cans at a time into the water, and we have instant moving targets. Around 50 yards downstream, we set up a seine net across the water which catches any of the cans that we don’t sink. When we have finished shooting for the day, we each grab a trash bag and a reach extender and walk from the bridge to the net collecting all of the cans that we sank. This is great recreational fun with good friends, as well as honing our target acquisition skills for just the cost of the ammo which we would have done anyway if we were punching holes in paper at a pistol range.

    • you really shouldn’t shoot into a waterway like that. first off, the bullets can ricochet off the water or a rock and hurt you or someone else. And second, it leaves lead in the water, which can overtime harm the wildlife in the area. that is way you are not allowed to hunt migratory birds with lead shot. its bad for the environment.

      • First, under different circumstances I would agree with you, but a .45 ACP 230gr. FMJ round will never ricochet the 11 miles to the nearest farmhouse, so I’m not overly concerned about a neighbor being injured. Secondly, this is Texas, where lead in the creek water could only improve the taste of the fracking fluids and pesticides that already flow into the creek from somewhere upstream. Also, the only critters we hunt are feral hogs, coyotes, and an occaisonal javelina, but I refrain from shooting them with .45 because it has a tendency to make them very angry. I’m almost 64 years young and can’t run near as fast as I used to, so I only use my Remington 700 in .338 when I’m putting one of them down.

    • How many cans litter the bottom of the river as a result of water plinking? I don’t shoot at water targets for this reason.

      • Read my original posting from yesterday – there are ZERO cans left in the creek when we leave. It only takes us about 15 minutes to police all the cans up and deposit them into a local recycling bin on our way back to civilization. My 2 brothers and I own this 600 acre escape to heaven, and we won’t tolerate it being littered with trash, especially our own. We also police our brass as well as we are able at the time, but by the end of summer there will be little, if any water running in the creek, so we can collect whatever we missed with a rake and a shovel in just a few minutes. Believe it or not, some people take care of, and have pride in property that they paid for with their own money, as well as showing respect for their neighbors property too. It’s an entirely different mindset from living in the urban sprawl of the big cities.

  4. i like to shoot eggs. they pop when you hit them and make a nice little explosion, plus its biodegradable

  5. I used to use the $2 two pound cheap store brand cookies (no clean up) and Neco wafers as targets. As spectacular as glass bottles are when shot, the clean up is a real pain. Bowling pins were fun back when pin matches were the hot thing to shoot.

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