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Not much needs saying here, save the fact that my iMac’s been slowly going slower since Steve Jobs kicked the bucket. Oh and this comment under Rated RR’s video: “In next weeks episode: Watch RatedRR attempt to explain to an Apple Genius what happened.” Specifically, why the 20mm shell didn’t vaporize Cupertino’s finest.

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  1. Anybody have a suggestion for another gun site that focuses more on fun stuff like this, and gun/product reviews as a majority of their content rather than political coverage. I like TTAG, but sometimes I just want dumb fun (like above) without seeing hate speech on either side of the gun debate.

    My analogy: I’m looking for a gun coverage site that would be like a car site that covers the new releases and reviews, rather than a car site that focuses on the business end of the car industry.

    Thanks in advance for any further reading suggestions to supplement my time on TTAG!

  2. I can remember mail-order ads for these things in the backs of hunting mags. Seem to remember they were fairly cheap.

  3. That is a spendy day of shooting!

    Apple crap isn’t exactly inexpensive, and a pair of $40 rounds is way out of my fun budget.

    Thanks for “biting the bullet” and posting the slo-mo for us folks that cannot hope to afford it.

  4. @logan

    “Endo” for short. Mike chooses to be a bit more lighthearted and almost no reviews. Mattv2099 stuff, CarnikCon stuff, and some others are regulars on there. Check it out.

  5. What do these guys have against macs? There are other things I would much rather see explode… (Like the average Dell latitude corporate notebook.)

    • Dell Latitudes? I’ve done that a half dozen times, just never filmed it.
      The old GX-620 desktops were particularly satisfying, I hasten to add…

  6. The problem is, since Jobs died, or maybe just before, Apple stopped paying much mind to the system software. Mountain Lion was frustration, and the newest, Mavericks, is even worse.

    Every day, almost, I have to shut down, start up with the command to “zap” the PRAM, and occasionally run the Disc Repair, because the disc permissions are routinely altered – by everyday activities.

    For instance, every time I run DU, the same printer permissions file is set to an incorrect number; I don’t even own or USE a printer! Yet this file is seemingly INSTANTLY mistakenly numbered by the first activity of the day. And so the problems build, for something I don’t even own, or use!

    So yeah. “Insanely great” has become “frustratingly sorta okay, sometimes”.

    • Honestly, comparing to the daily headaches I get from my latitude at work, that sounds like a dream. I have not rebooted my Mac Pro in almost four months and have never had an issue.

    • The biggest issue I have with Mavericks is that sometimes I have to manually unmount and remount the firewire raid array I have on my iMac, so that my MacBook Pro can remount it for Time Machine access.
      …and the well known mail issue. They really need to #∪¢ϰing fix that one!

  7. The coming soon showed a new Mac Pro ($3000 base price). The iMac he toasted looked like a 27″ that is less than four years old (probably still worth $800 or more).
    So I have to ask: do these videos generate that much in revenue? Or does he just like wasting money?

    I don’t mean to imply that I don’t like the videos; I do. I was really impressed by how I could see the gas pressure escaping the barrel behind the bullet. I’m just curious about the shooting expensive stuff concept. I’d enjoy the video just as much if he shot a $20 10 year old CRT TV.

  8. No, the videos do not generate that much revenue.

    It’s kind of a tongue in cheek reference to first day unboxings and teardowns but with a gun-flavor added.

  9. Aaaargh!! That iMac is YEARS younger than my one! I have a 2006 build that STILL WORKS! I have had problems with Safari slowing annoyingly this year (after looking at online shoe buying web sites), but I clear history, and I get my normal zippy speed back. iMacs don’t die, that just do less stuff than new ones. But cool to see anti aircraft rounds at work. Any explosive rounds to try?


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