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[h/t to David Brown for the link]

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  1. Hmm, answering a child’s internet rant with… an internet rant. It looks like the parents are locked in a rather toxic and childish relationship with their children. Oh well, I think time and distance is the only remedy for this.

    BTW, I think dad was a little lacking in imagination. He should have powered the laptop up and THEN shot the thing. Like his opportunity to be the adult in the family, it’s too late now.

  2. You have failed, sir.

    If you can’t trust your daughter with some privacy by the age of 15 – even if she’ll use it to gripe – then you have neglected your duties as a parent. If she’s an entitled princess, well, you raised her. What have you been doing all this time? I’ll tell you what she hasn’t been doing: failing school. Getting pregnant. Getting into trouble with the cops. Doing drugs. If she was doing any of these things, I’m sure you’d have mentioned it. If this is the worst you can find, by any objective measure, she’s a pretty decent kid.

    But you are a drama queen. The kind of grown man who plays the victim and publicly destroys a valuable piece of property on YouTube. If you had any perspective yourself, you’d be ashamed to be seen acting this way. You’d understand where those dramatic tendencies in your own daughter come from. The apple does not fall far from the tree. If your daughter is smart, she’ll refrain from self-destructive acts of her own, and stick to mere griping about her control-freak psycho dad. If she’s not smart, then there’s plenty of time left for her to get around to those other things, just to spite you.

  3. As tempting as such a response might seem in the heat of the moment, this demonstration of violence and revenge will not help this guy’s family dynamics one bit. His $130 could have bought at least an hour of family counseling.

  4. Well at first I thought this was funny. However with some thought I realize how childish this father was. Who is the child amongst the two? The way I would have handled this was to give the same speech and done the same exact thing to the computer. However, my daughter would have seen it live and it sure would not have been recorded and posted on he internet. I agree with Jason. I had a ton of responsibility and privacy at 15 because I earned it. Thus my parents had tought it to me. Not to mention respect and graditude for the things they gave me and I had.

  5. His daughter can take that video to the police and get him in a shit load of trouble. He just used a firearm to destroy her property. It would not take much for his princess to convince cops that she is next. And she won’t have to act scared, she probably is. Despite the words she used bringing a firearm into the equation is a really bad idea.
    Post the news story of him being frog marched out of the house when it happens.

  6. I’m sorry to see a young dad pressed so hard. He’s not dealing with the problem as I would, but I understand his anger and frustration.

  7. +1 for dad.

    You should have powered up the notebook and brought up her Facebook page then put it out of commission.

  8. “Exploding hollowpoint rounds”? $1 a piece?

    His kid could start by finding cheaper ammo on the internet….

    • That was just salt in the wound on his part. It’s not like FMJ wouldn’t have done the job at a third the cost.

  9. Just wait until he hacks into a facebook page and sees who his kid is having sex with, sees who among the kid’s friends just scored some “amazing” weed (and where they’re going smoke it), and find out who’s just had an abortion and is ready to party again. Her little post was amazingly mild compared to some.

  10. By aiming center mass, he most likely missed the hard drive, and it’s possible since he “works in IT” that he even knows that.

  11. I don’t understand anyone making a public video of what should be private family stuff. Then again, I don’t understand the attraction of Facebook either.

  12. Wow. The youtube views of this video are up to 1,468,240. The vid is still up so I suspect CDC has not visited the parents by now. They obviously don’t live in California, NY, and Illinois. The father is obviously feeling hurt and betrayed by his daughter. I don’t have kids, I don’t know the family, and I’m not going to harshly judge this guy. While I think family counseling might be a good step (depends on the counselor they get) and that the father probably shouldn’t have gone so public, maybe teens need to learn the message that actions on the Internet are still connected to society. The man has known that he will be exposing himself and his family to public embarrassment, and yet is still doing it believing it is necessary. At least he is taking action he believes in.

  13. This guy just set a completely utterly HORRIBLE example for his child. This guy needs some counseling. There is no doubt he just permanently damaged the relationship with his daughter.

  14. I can’t imagine why this man’s daughter would post a rant on the Internet about a family member. Where do they get this stuff?!

  15. Rules without relationship leads to rebellion. It’s seems they have the rules and rebellion covered but I can’t help but wonder about the relationship part.

    On a side note, it would have been a lot cooler if he would have turned it on and shot from at least 25 yards away.

    • I’m thinking the same thing. I bet there is no daughter at all. Because when the state nannies show up to protect the princess all he has to do is say there is no 15 YO to protect. Jokes on you. Have a great day.

  16. I somehow managed to raise a princess myself. I honestly didn’t mean to. She was “Daddy’s Little Girl” in her youth and she has turned into an EvilGenius. She’s very bright, not pregnant, etc. so I didn’t do it all wrong…

    But, I completely understand how this guy feels. I don’t know if shooting the computer was the right step. I can almost guarantee it wasn’t done out of childishness, it was more likely desparation and a feeling of betrayal. If he’s like me, then he’s probably thinking of all things he’s tried to do to give this kid a good childhood and opportunity and then it feels like they spit in your face and you just have to fight so hard not to crack.

    Anyway, that was my drama queen moment personally. I’m not sure how I feel about the video- but I understand it. Hope they work it out. From his accent, I’m betting CPS won’t bother too much with this.

  17. Had this dad not shot the laptop at the end it’s quite likely that this video would’ve received very little attention. The “dramatic” ending ensured that would go viral and thus shame his daughter on a wider stage…which is presumably what he’s trying to do.

    Modern liberal-influenced society has tried its best to eliminate the concept of shame and we’re all paying for it now. We need to bring back a little more sense of shame.

    • Shame is a useless emotion.
      Guilt is positive.

      Guilt is remorse for the action; “I did wrong.”
      Shame is remorse for existing; “I am bad.”

      Shame is destructive. Guilt is constructive.

  18. If I have any left…

    Uhh, you don’t know how many rounds you fed into that pistol?

    My wife and I have, and will again, post announcements about our kids groundings on their facebook pages. “Don’t bother trying to contact Billy until Jan 12th. His computer and phone are in his parents possession for a family rules infraction. I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it when his grounding is over.”

    It was VERY effective.

  19. This is getting even funnier if you go to his FaceBook page and read the man’s comments. BTW, the views on youtube are now at about 2.5 million since he posted.

    On Facebook:

    “PS: CBS just called and offered us our own show. The ceiling of absurdity has just been reached”.

    “Yes, I’ve already dealt with the local police, who by the way said “From our entire department, Kudo’s to you, sir.”
    Now I’m letting my daughter have her interview with Social Services, so they too can be satisfied…

    Attention Media Outlets:
    While we appreciate the interest you’re all putting forth to get in touch with us regarding the video, we’re not going to go on your talk show, not going to call in to your radio show, and not going to be in your TV mini-series.”

    — I think this father is great. Earlier MSNBC was so in shock by his non-PC parenting behavior that they wrote the whole episode might be a prank for attention.

  20. I’m astounded that no one on this site has yet commented on the questionable safety of what he did. Yes, he is shooting throught the laptop at what appears to be soft ground relatively near his feet, but did no one consider that he is pointing his pistol in the relative direction of a road with regular traffic as can be seen behind him throughout the rest of the video.

  21. Well the laptop defintely got what was coming to it because it was most certainly the laptop’s fault. However, it would have been more entertaining with a shotgun… “PULL!”

  22. I was adopted at the age of 7 by an asian mom and white dad. At the age i was quickly put to work doing my own laundry, cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, pulling weeds etc. I did dishes since i was 10. When i did something stupid, inappropriate, didn’t do a good job, i was punished perhaps a little harshly. I know if i had said something like this and my mom found out about it i would be testing at what point a bamboo stick breaks and sleeping outside. Of course i hated her at the time for it, but now at 19 i couldn’t be more grateful. She really straightened me out because i was kind of a horrible kid (one of those little nightmare ones.) I am now a more capable, confident man. She’s two years passed now from cancer, and boy do i miss her.

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