Did You Notice That None of the Albuquerque Protestors Burned Anything or Shot Anyone?

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Albuquerque New Mexico gun rights protest
Courtesy Rep. Stefani Lord

From the CCRKBA

The country could take a lesson from the armed protesters who turned out in Albuquerque, New Mexico earlier this week in opposition to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s unconstitutional suspension of Second Amendment rights under the guise of a “public health emergency.”

“Justifiably angry New Mexico gun owners who showed up at the protest didn’t hurt anyone, didn’t burn anything, did not clash with police and nobody was arrested or even cited,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “What a stark contrast to the violent ANTIFA demonstrations and urban rioting we have seen in recent years. 

“Instead of setting fires”, he continued, “these gun owners set an example. They didn’t vandalize public or private property, did not engage in physical assaults or looting, and yet they are the people who are repeatedly penalized by left wing politicians, now to include Democrat Gov. Lujan Grisham, for crimes they did not commit, and would never consider committing.”

Crowd size estimates have varied between 100 and 200 citizens, and while at least one report said many of those in attendance were “heavily armed,” it was a peaceful protest during which the loudest noises were the comments from honest gun owners expressing their legitimate fury at an action by the governor that members of her own party are denouncing.

Albuquerque New Mexico gun rights protest
Courtesy Rep. Stefani Lord

Even New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torrez, himself a Democrat, has announced his office will not defend the governor or other state officials named as defendants in at least five federal civil rights lawsuits filed by several gun rights organizations and New Mexico residents. Municipal police and county sheriff’s departments will not enforce the governor’s order.

“Governor Lujan Grisham’s edict is being almost universally scorned,” Gottlieb noted, “and there is already talk about impeachment. Our concern is that gun prohibitionists will cross the line with their anti-rights agenda and incite violence.

“Something important has happened here, however,” he observed. “The country has now witnessed an example of just how far anti-gun extremists are willing to go in an effort to push their agenda. This should alarm every American citizen, and not just the law-abiding gun owners in Albuquerque who peacefully exercised their First Amendment right to defend their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, showing the nation in the process they’re the good guys.”

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      • IMO…She’s just the water carrier for bigger Gun Control zealots who are using her to see what sticks. Obviously someone took a dump in her ear and because she is clearly a useful idiot she went along. The deaths of kids at the hands of criminals was her primary reason to justify Gun Control. So let’s do what no Gun Control zealot will ever do and set the Way Back Machine to nazi germany and observe what did happen to families subjected to Gun Control…

        • As I posted before, her so called EO was written, tested and refined by Everytown publicists. They presented it and, being the dutiful peon that she is, she signed and published it. All one needs to do is read it in detail to see the invisible hand.

        • That is my suspicion, as well. Now that the AG is refusing to defend it in court, I am very interested to see who will show up to represent the Governor in court, and who will be paying their fees.

          It would be a very good thing for us if this blows up in Bloomberg’s face, and for the other Governors who have been listening to Everytown’s lobbyists to consider that outfit a source of bad advice.

        • like Napoleon, Stalin, and Hitler, Bloomberg suffers from that over compensating “short guy syndrome”. “I am inferior in my own mind”, says Bloomie, help me be powerful,and I may be happy.

      • antifa doesn’t like their opponents armed. They might get hurt. Is that why they wear black (aside from imitating the Hugo Boss look)? To hide the pre stains?

  1. They probably also didn’t leave a sea of trash floating on the wind like all the climate protestors do.

    • Preach it.

      Kinda like after the “Million Man March” in Washington, DC, the ground covered in a sea of trash, while after ours was orders of magnitude cleaner.

      It’s the Leftist/Fascist ™ mindset about everything, taking responsibility is someone else’s job… 🙁

  2. Unbelievable. You can’t have a proper demonstration without burning down the town! Rank amateurs, I say! We need another “mostly peaceful” protest, that will force government to move the capitol to – – – I don’t know, Honolulu?

    • I don’t know about Honolulu, government workers shouldn’t have it that good. You have, however, hit on a very important point. The only way to save this government is to relocate the seat. The democrats own D.C. (98%), Maryland (92%), & Northern VA (86%). Those are the people running the government, a rough average of 90% democrats. This is a large part of the reason the country is falling apart and why we now have a 3 tiered (liberals, conservatives, & Trump) justice system.

      Time for change!

      • The only problem is that the sycophants and toadies will simply move there, quickly. Why ruin it for some other place?

  3. @rosignol and Shire-man

    You penned two most concise, accurate Interwebz comments I’ve seen today!!!

  4. The lack of destruction is related to another obvious aspect about the protestors. I’ll give you three guesses what that is.

    • If you’re talking race, again, note that the majority of the folks in antifa that were heavily involved in the burning and looting were white.

      What color were the 3 that Kyle shot?

  5. Hilarious he called BLM “urban rioting”. Yeah POTG get tired of being labeled. Now do Illinois Gottlieb🙄

  6. I noticed the same thing with the January 6 Capitol protestors. The same cannot be said for the George Floyde protestors. Washington DC during May and June 2020. Washington DC was literally in flames.

  7. Nothing burnt, nothing broken. Do you wonder if .giv may think Molon Labe and Dont tread on me Champions may be poser’s?
    “They will rattle their swords and gnash their teeth and believe they can vote us out of power. Bwhahahaaha! ! !”

    • Should be fun to watch him defend it on 2nd amendment grounds! Joe gonna poop a hemorrhoid! Of course this is just a smoke screen and he’ll walk on the more serious charges.

        • Well, he already did plea down to some meaningless charges. But, the judge wouldn’t accept the agreement, which potentially gave him a free pass on tax evasion charges – along with the gun charges. Which kinda makes it obvious that Hunters tax returns need to be audited by some Roman Catholic Inquisitors.

    • Hunter should get copies of all these “sex books” being given to our very young school children, so he can learn, and perfect his anal sex skills so he will be popular in prison,per “Gender Queer”.

  8. I would like to have observed a lot more Second Amendment advocates at the rally. Armed or not, the “head count” would be important. Just watch the idiot media pick up on the attendance and swing it against us.
    Note that this was a TOTALLY PEACEFUL PROTEST not a “Mostly Peaceful Protest” the media described the violent leftist protests of the last couple of years.

    • Bear in mind that New Mexico’s total population might equal the foot traffic through Times Square – on a slow day.

  9. USCCA has announced a ‘Rally Against Gov. Lujan Grisham’s Unconstitutional Order’

    Where: Calibers Shooting Sports Center, 4340 Cutler Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

    When: Saturday, September 16, 2023 (10am – 12pm MDT)

    For those of you who cannot attend, they ask for your support and to please sign the USCCA-FSL Action Fund petition to oppose Governor Grisham’s unconstitutional suspension of constitutional rights. The petition is located here > https://usccaactionfund.org/new-mexico-petition/?utm_campaign=members_newmexico_20230914&utm_medium=email&utm_source=uscca&lid=3s0yekkiibrv

    Also they have their page up at > https://usccaactionfund.org/

    and also on their page is this video but heres the youtube link

      • actually they aren’t asking for money in doing the rally thing but you can make a donation. What they are basically saying is if you can’t make the rally show your support by signing the petition.

        Oh and by the way, most all guns rights organizations ask for or receive donations or ask for money in some way…FPC, GOA etc…, its what keeps them going for their cases.

        And even though funded by Bloomberg or Soros. most of the anti-gun organizations still ask for money donations – now that’s a grift.

        • “Oh and by the way, most all guns rights organizations ask for or receive donations or ask for money in some way…FPC, GOA etc…, its what keeps them going for their cases.”

          Now do the NRA.

          (I thought that I was being obvious.)

  10. hmm…
    i wonder:
    why wasnt antifa there
    counter protesting
    counter demonstrating
    they never seem to miss an opportunity
    to show up and be stupid somewhere
    in a really headline gathering way
    somebody told them to stand down
    but who
    and why

    • They didn’t have time to fly in for the 1st rally. They’ll be at the one Saturday unless they’re afraid they’ll get shot. I may be dreaming but I think the worm may turn on them in NM and LEO’s will support the protesters for once and arrest any Antifa trouble makers.

  11. They had a lawful and civil demonstration. Obviously some of the undercover feds and state folks weren’t there in sufficient number to escalate hostility and antagonize like they did on January 06.

  12. I still can’t believe it was only 200 people. Thank goodness the AG and the police came out against it as well.

    May be wishful thinking but i feel like if that woulda happened down here (alabama) we’d have had a great many more than that marching on Montgomery

  13. Honestly, I don’t care about the gun charges. There are far more serious questions about his behavior and I am very curious about why Joe had all those classified docs and who Hunter was selling them to. Pretty sure there’s a treason charge in this for Hunter, Joe, or both. Anyone notice how Trump’s special prosecutor brought charges in a few weeks and we still haven’t heard a word from Biden’s?

  14. “Did You Notice That None of the Albuquerque Protestors Burned Anything or Shot Anyone?”

    Easy to explain:
    1. The protesters were shills, present for the photo op, but nothing else

    2. The protesters were not shills, but present to demonstrate privilege of the wealthy; no history of discrimination that boiled over into violence because they had no other means of expressing themselves.

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