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PIstol ad (courtesy

“The White House on Monday refused to say whether Facebook’s recent decision to ban users from facilitating the sale of guns, parts and ammunition was the result of pressure from the Obama administration,” reports. “‘We welcome this step,’ White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Monday, just days after Facebook’s Friday announcement. ‘We talked about how the Internet is a loophole’ for people seeking to buy guns without undergoing background checks.'” Talked to whom, exactly? By the administration’s own admission . . .

The administration has met with social media and technology companies to discuss how to close the “Internet loophole” on gun sales, but Earnest said he “could not say” if Facebook’s decision was the result of “any specific request” from anyone in the administration.

How about a general request?

We know that White House big wigs (Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper) met with reps from Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, and YouTube in early January to discuss ways to “disrupt” terrorist Internet activity. [Click here for that meeting’s agenda.]

Did private gun sales come up? Or was that a separate discussion? In any case, it’s clear that the Obama administration has an anti-gun agenda and doesn’t mind working outside the bounds of Congressional authority to get it done. You know, if it hasn’t already.

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  1. If the internet is a loophole, then so are cell phones, land lines, feet, cars, pigeon carriers etc.

  2. Did they SERIOUSLY miss the FFL part? How stupid does the Huffington Post think we are? I sometimes wonder if they really believe all the garbage they’re spewing. The only news outlets I hate more than HuffPo are Mother Jones and NY Daily News.

    • The Times is pretty bad. That would be a great question of the day: “which media outlet is the most full of fail in guns?”

    • The HuffPo doesn’t care how stupid WE are. But they’re hoping that the great mass of people, who have no idea what an FFL is, will be stupid.

  3. If I can buy guns on the internet without a background check, then why does that ad specifically mention that the gun can be sent to any FFL holder? Am I missing something?

  4. Well ifn theys awatchin that close theys awatchin this site. Shoulda used an alias dammit.

    Remember the Alamo.

  5. Yet I’m sure the meeting had nothing about Twitter refusing to ban/report/do anything about ISIS recruiting accounts/pages.

    I guess the White House prefers to work small to big… Or maybe they only care about the “NRA Terrorism”

  6. I’m sure that no arm twisting was necessary. In Russia, the US, the EU, anywhere, oligarchs gotta oligarch.

  7. The term gun show loophole will be eventually be replaced with just private sales. The idea a person gets a gun without government permission is apparently the most scary thing ever. It might take a bit for the antis to realize that gunshows are not the problem. But eventually the target of choice will be private sales.
    “if you want a gun you should pass a background check”
    “what if they’re crazy?”
    “there’s no oversight or regulation”

    But I’ve always said if people getting shot is the real issue then murdering should be illegal. Really cut that snake off at the head. I’m going to write my local senator.

    Vote yes to making murders illegal.

    • The target already is private … not sales, but *transfers*. They just use “gunshow loophole” in their rhetoric to the masses they hope are ignorant (and are too often proven right). No proposed bill I’m aware of prohibits “sales” at “gunshows” without a NICS … they all forbid transfers without a NICS. I believe CA has a ballot initiative on deck to do the same with ammo.

    • Oh how soon do the designers of these types social media programs forget it’s the people and their advertisers that made them wealthy.

      • Actually it’s gullible venture capitalists, greedy brokers, and rube “investors”.

        Anyone actually think the $ blown on click adds on FB/Giggle/TTAG ACTUALLY translates into incremental sales (PROFIT). If so I got a bridge…. Internet BS didn’t end in the 1999 crash.

  8. There is that word again…. Loophole.

    Kinda interesting that the freedoms we have as citizens are now being considered ‘loopholes’ in their control schemes.

    • The biggest threat to a “disarmed” society is the “outlaw loophole”.
      There is a gaping hole in the gun law strategy. Assuming the only intent is to “make it harder for outlaws to get their hands on guns”, the result is it makes it harder for the rest, the majority of the population to keep and bear arms. Infringement! Outlaws will get guns outside the law. Hence the name.

  9. Subvert the 1st to subvert the 2nd.

    Shame we don’t have some kind of founding document, with rights of the people, clearly spelled out to prevent these kinds of govt overreach. Oh wait…

    I need to find out what liberals are into (aside from statin’) so I can make it my mission to sh!t all over it

    • using drugs, killing babies, taking other people’s money and bashing Christians.

      There, go get ’em.

  10. That specific picture represents a perfectly legal transaction under federal law. The seller is covering his butt and sending the gun to an FFL. No different than if you bought it via Bud’s.

  11. Unholy collaboration of tech mega-industrialists and government to manipulate the information available to the public; yup, we’re heading straight for a cyber-punk dystopia, alright.

  12. And what are gun owners doing to counter this? Where is the NRA? With their dicks in their hands that’s where.

    Writing has been on the wall since 2012 fellas. This is just further confirmation of that.

    We’re in the end days, Never before has there been such a concentrated effort to ensure the disarmament of American citizens. We’re being attacked on all sides by freedom hating Socialists and people are cheering for it.

    It’s over. there will be confiscation in this nation within the next 8 years. That’s a fact you can take to the bank.

    A smart man would be selling off everything he owns right about now before it becomes worthless after the next ban. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

    Oh, but Mark, people will fight. Moran Labia! Yeah, and look at what happened to the people who stood up against big government in Oregon. They were ridiculed, dragged through the mud on social media, and lit up by the government while onlookers cheered.

    This nation is lost.

    • “That’s exactly what I’m doing.”

      Cool! You got any neat stuff on fire sale at the moment, or are you just running off at the mouth? I’ll pay pennies on the dollar, because nobody is taking MY guns away!

    • Ye gods, can’t anyone invent a social media site without giving it a name a toddler would come up with?

    • MeWe is based in California, the owner works at the Huntington Post and their front page has a blog entry praising President Obama on his use of social media to win the presidency….. How do you think they are pro gun?

  13. Owned and managed by Democrats the treasonous and Seditious ones, against the Constitution and Christian religion but fully embrace any thing that does not impede their control over the Peons

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