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“If the charges against the police officers arrested this morning prove true, it would be a disgraceful and deplorable betrayal of the public trust,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement quoted by Newsday. “The fact that these were inoperable guns does not change the fact, if the charges prove true, that the officers violated their sacred oath.” Wait? What? I got that “bad apple” and “don’t piss on the police union” bit. Let’s talk about the firearms. The New York Times reports that the FBI did the rendering thing on 20 firearms including three M-16 rifles, a shotgun and 16 handguns. But how? TTAG commentator ready,fire,air [below] reckons the feds copied the firing pin shortening schtick from the movie Shooter. Stranger things have happened.

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  1. From what I understand, the firing pin (or striker) is shortened so it cannot contact the primer of a cartridge. Even if the firearm is detail stripped everything will appear to be OK.

  2. my guess would be firing pins (just like in the movie shooter) you don’t think thats where the feds got the ideal from do you??

    • Yes, but Joe Q public does not know that and you don’t want public to know there could have been another Fast and Furious NY/NJ Style that could have happened do you? It is a FUD quenching statement.

      On another note, nobody buys illegal guns without test firing them anymore?

  3. It would be nice if, occasionally, the police could catch criminals without having to recruit and train them first. I’m getting tired of all these ‘stings’ myself.

  4. re: TTACer
    I suppose after those fiasco, they really want to make sure the next batch of guns they run won’t kill anyone short of clubbing someone to death or having an armor fix the firing pin.

  5. The book was better, but the gist is the same – shorten the firing pin just enough, and it can’t fire. The difference is that (in the book) the hero assumed that the gun would never be fired because of a rush to judgement that is a key plot device.

    If you’ve seen the movie (or even if not), the book is a good read… Point of Impact

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