Sidekick 9-Round Rimfire .22 Revolver
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From Diamondback Firearms . . .

Diamondback Firearms, creator of high-quality firearms and industry-leading components, is excited to introduce the Diamondback Sidekick, a 9-shot, single and double action rim-fire revolver with a swing out, interchangeable cylinder.

Sidekick 9-Round Rimfire .22 Revolver

The Sidekick has a 9-round revolving chamber capacity in both calibers and both cylinders are on a quickly convertible swing out arm for fast interchangeability allowing the user to switch between standard and magnum power in just seconds and even faster ejection and reloading, which is sure to excite even today’s modern shooters.

The DB Sidekick hits the mark when it comes to combining the all-time sought-after classic cowboy style featuring all your favorite attributes of a modern revolver. The Sidekick is chambered in 22LR with a 9-shot cylinder and comes with an additional 9-shot cylinder chambered in 22Mag, allowing the buyer to enjoy a firearm that is great for self-defense with manageable recoil, hunting small game, pest control, as well as some enjoyable and inexpensive target practice. The Sidekick higher capacity allows for 3 more snakes, rabbits, or soda cans depending on what you’re hunting.

Sidekick 9-Round Rimfire .22 Revolver

The Sidekick has a 9-round revolving chamber capacity in both calibers and weighs 32.5 ounces. Both cylinders are on a quick-convertible swing-out arm for fast interchangeability allowing the user to switch between standard and magnum power in just seconds, additionally offering faster ejection and reloading, which is sure to excite shooters.

Sidekick 9-Round Rimfire .22 Revolver

While the Sidekick models an old school cowboy revolver keeping with that classic look and feel, Diamondback has added features like the cylinder release being incorporated to the old school ejection rod, a cool smooth black Cerakote finish, and checkered polymer grip panels. They also went with a rear integral and a fixed front blade sight. These features are wildly important when you need to be quick on the draw. The Sidekick will initially be offered with a 4.5” barrel having 1:16RH twist, 6 groove rifling.  This package weighs in at 32.5 ounces and has an overall length of 9.875.

“Diamondback Firearms cut their teeth in the industry by producing their ultra-compacts DB380 and DB9 pistols and are also well known for their high-quality AR-15 rifles,” says Rachel Maitlitz, Marketing Manager for Diamondback America. “This year, we are working hard to expand our product line and bring new designs to the market. The DB Sidekick is the latest product in the Diamondback lineup and helps expand Diamondback’s product offerings into new areas.”

With a budget friendly MSRP of just $320, the Sidekick (model DBSK22LMB) is sure to be a popular choice for first-time owners and firearms enthusiast alike. Diamondback will officially launch the Sidekick on November 22, 2021. Fans can check the official countdown clock as well as a collection of new Sidekick photos on the Diamondback homepage at


  • Caliber: 22LR / 22Mag Convertible.
  • Action: Single & Double.
  • Grips: Checkered glass filled Nylon.
  • Capacity: 9 rounds.
  • Front Sight: Blade.
  • Rear Sight: Integral.
  • Barrel length: 4.5”.
  • Overall Length: 9.875”.
  • Frame & Handle Material: Zinc.
  • Frame & Handle Finish: Black Cerakote.
  • Weight: 32.5 oz.
  • Twist:1:16 RH.
  • Grooves: 6

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  1. Can’t say I’m not interested. I would also pick up an H&R or Iver if given a chance though.

  2. I guess they want to go after the Ruger Wrangler and become a “little bit of everything” company.

    Frame & Handle Material: Zinc.

    The Wrangler is cast aluminum with zinc handle.

    These have the swappable cylinders like the Heritage revolvers. Price seems a little higher than both the heritage and Wrangler.

  3. Looks like my old High Standard Double 9 from back in the day. Same deal. Phony cowboy revolver built to work DA.

    • Yep, same principle- I like the 9 shots of .22 mag tho… the zinc may not be that great tho.. Over 3 bills for cast zinc doesnt sound that great when I can get a similarly cast 9mm from Hi-Point for less.

  4. I salute them for making smart choices- 9 shot, DA/SA, swing out cylinder, two-caliber convertible… it checks all the boxes. I’m not overly concerned with frame material- it’s a fun, tackle box gun. I’ll definitely check one out.

    • Agreed – I’ve been waiting for a 9-shot Wrangler and DB just beat Ruger to it. This is what the Wrangler should have been from the start.

  5. Sign me up! Ergonomics of single action with quick reloading of a double action is pure winning.

  6. Cant remember if zinc is considered too cheap a metal to sell in illinois or not, otherwise I’d be interested.

    • land o lincoln temp. melt rule should be easy to skirt.
      i like the capacity, but a bearcat and a single six are tough to beat.

  7. A swing out cylinder – a new way to ruin a Peacemaker. The flip up safety lever was already taken. FFS, if unloading a single action is too difficult or slow for you, get a double action.

  8. “FFS”… It’s a double action revolver designed to resemble an Old West single action.

    I sold my Ruger Wrangler after I had a finger and thumb amputated on my left hand- it was VERY difficult for me to load/unload it.

    So, this new model offers everything I’m looking for in a fun little .22 plinker- Old West “style”, more than six shots, swing out cylinder, two calibers, reasonably priced (they’ll sell below MSRP)… not really sure where the acrimony is coming from.

  9. I’ve owned an H&R 649 2LR/22WMR for 41 years. Carried hiking, hunting small game too. I think it was like $89 new way back then, could be misremembering tho.

    Also have H&R’s 999 Sportsman model top-break in 22LR. Fun and accurate enough for my plinking time!

    So, I’ve been interested in the Ruger for the implied quality. I’ve a number of Ruger handguns and rifles. But a swing-out cylinder plus interchangeable between cartridges are big plusses in my book.

    So this pop gun is sounding real interesting.

    Only one thing gives me pause, and that is the mention of Zinc. I hadn’t looked too deeply at the Ruger materials, many years of good fortune with the brand kind of puts the question out of mind. But Zinc?

    Bad vibes from cheap crappy pistolas of years long gone.

    Will check it out just the same, absolutely.

  10. It’s the High Standard Double 9. Excellent gun, great to see DB bring the design back. I will definitely buy one.

    • This exists only because cheap little Rough Riders are so freakin popular. Not “serious” firearms obviously, just fun plinking guns. But yeah they need to get it way below 300.

      • My Rough Ryder was $129, and I’ve seen them as low as $99. This being 9 shot, DA, swing out cylinder, and 22+22mag puts it several steps above the Heritage.

  11. Are you kidding me? I just bought another Rough Rider so I could have changeable cylinders to 22 WMR. No way I can justify this one to the wife.
    (Unless maybe I sell one of the RRs😃)

  12. by zinc, do they mean zimak?—i have the rough rider wit 2 cylinders, but the steel frame model——from what i remember taurus bought heritage, than diamondback—-heritage 9 shot i heard goes out of time, i don’t know if it from the .22 mag rounds—half the price?—the swing out cylinder on these does sound good, they said it was for reloads, or just a cylinder swap reload?

  13. Can’t really find them anymore but the pietta traditions 22lr/22 mags were nice. 10 round convertible cylinders. SA only though.

  14. Can’t really find them easily anymore but the pietta traditions 10 round 22lr/22 mag convertibles were nice.

  15. “At that Price Point?” Mmmm. No Thanks. $329 MSRP for ZeCrapk castings. What’re you all Smokin??

    MORE LIKE A S&W 10 RD , M617 ,

  17. Will this be available in illinois? With the stupid melt down law they have? I sure hope so because I want one of these

  18. I like the idea of building a DA that looks like a SA but this looks like a bad attempt at trying to mimic a single action. You have to commit to the look and they didn’t so I’m not buying. A better job at styling and I would have been a player.

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