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It is an oft repeated slogan on this site and in the gun community at large that God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal. The actual quote according to Colt’s own website is, “Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.” No matter who did the creating or the freeing, the fact is that a gun in hand is one of the best tools available for self defense, especially when the attacker is much larger, faster, and stronger than the defender. Unfortunately, a somewhat high profile case has popped up that gives us a stark example of just how true that can be. Please be warned that the photos after the jump are disturbing . . .

Christy Mack is an adult film star who is currently hospitalized after her now ex boyfriend Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver beat her in her own home. The investigation is ongoing, and there’s a great deal of back and forth from both sides about how exactly the events transpired. What is beyond dispute is that Christy Mack posted the following to Twitter on Monday afternoon.


She also posted a statement in photo format which I have transcribed for ease of formatting. There might be some transcription errors, but you can find the original source material here. Be warned that Ms. Mack’s page likely contains some adult material some might consider not safe for work.

At about 2 am Friday morning, Jon Koppenhaver arrived unannounced to my home in Las Vegas, NV, after he broke up with me in May, he moved out of my house and back to San Diego. When he arrived, he found myself and one other fully clothed and unarmed in the house. Without a single word spoken, he began beating my friend; once he was finished, he sent my friend away and turned his attention to me. He made me undress and shower in front of him, then dragged me out and beat my face. I have no recollection of how many times I was hit, I just know my injuries that resulted frm my beating. My injuries include 19 broken bones around my eyes, my nose is broken in 2 places, I am missing teeth and several more are broken. I am unable to chew, or see out of my left eye. My speech is slurred from my swelling and lack of teeth. I have a fractured rib and severely ruptured liver from a kick to my side. My leg is so badly injured I have no been able to walk on my own. I also attained several lesions from a knife he got from my kitches. He pushed the knife into me in some areas such as my hand, ear, and head. He also sawed much of my hair off with this dull knife. After some time, the knife broke off of the handle and continue to threatened me with the blade. I believed I was going to die. He has beaten me many times before, but never this badly. He took my phone and cancelled all my plans for the following week to make sure no one would worry about my whereabouts. He told me he was going to rape me, but was disappointed in himself when could not get hard. After another hit or two, he left me on the floor bleeding and shaking, holding my side from the pain of my rib. He left the room and went to the kitchen where I could hear him ruffling through my drawers. Assuming he was finding a sharper, more stable knife to end my life, I ran out my back door, shutting it behind me so the dogs didn’t run inside to tip him off. I hopped the fence to the golf course behind my house and ran to a neighboring house. Naked and afraid he would catch me, I kept running through the neighborhood knocking on doors. Finally, one answered and I was brought to the hospital and treated for my injuries.

I would like to thank everyone for their support though this rough time. I am healing fast and well, and I appreciate all of the prayers and visits I have received over the past few days. After many months of fear and pressure to keep this man happy, although I fear for my life, I feel that I can no longer put myself in this situation. The cheating by him nearly ever day, and almost weekly abuse is now more than I can stand. There is a $10K reward for the capture of Jonathan Koppenhaver at this time. Please report any information to your local police.

Thank You

Christy Mack

Mr. Koppenhaver is 5′ 10″ and weighs approximately 170 lbs. He’s also 14-5 in the ring, and seems to be able to hold his own in what is arguably a tough and violent sport. Oh, and his Wikipedia page indicates he’s done some time in the slammer for various assault charges. Mack on the other hand is 5′ 3″, 105 lbs. and most decidedly a lover, not a fighter.

If Ms. Mack’s account is to be taken at face value, a gun in the hand of either Mack or her friend who also received a beating at Koppenhaver’s hand could have been used defensively to stop Koppenhaver and prevent any further injury to Mack or her friend. From her statement it appears that there were quite a few opportunities for her or her friend to retrieve a firearm and defend herself, though Farago will use this as yet another example of how home carry should be top of mind.

The whole thing is sad and ugly and generally terrible. The staff at TTAG wishes Ms. Mack a speedy recovery and hopes this serves as a powerful reminder to victims of domestic violence to get out now and tool up. No man or woman should ever be a victim like this, and a gun in the hand is a powerful equalizer.

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  1. Who would ever think that a couple made up of a man who fights bare-knuckled professionally in the ring and a woman who f*cks professionally on film would end up this way?

      • @Murrdog
        “I guess that means she had it coming then huh”

        I think it’s spelled “cumming”

      • Had it coming? As in, something like this was likely to be coming down the road her way given her profession and choice of personal associations? Probably it could be predicted.

        I’d be willing to bet that most strippers and porn stars have suffered a beating or two at the hands of their boyfriends or the pimps that they just can’t seem to stay away from, no matter what rotten mess they get up to. All part of the lifestyle.

        You might say that these women are victimized and can’t get away from their abusers. If you did, you’d be saying women have no adult decision making capabilities and you’d be excusing them from responsibility for their choices. That would be sexist of you! Ask a beat copy who has to make the weekly rounds at his usual “domestic” calls for his thoughts.

        Does that mean it’s right? No.
        Should he have hit her? Nope.
        Should this guy go to prison? Absolutely.
        Do I think that she was explicitly looking to have this happen to her? No.

        Do I think that she was aware that he could do things like this, and that she was treading the line between how much his potential to be violent excited her and the odds that that potential might blow up in her face and be directed her way? Yup.

        I might be going out on a limb here, but I’d be willing to bet that on an occasion or two he beat up some slob he caught looking at her a little too long, and she liked that. A lot. Seems she likes bad boys, and a bad boy is what she got.

        Many women who intentionally seek out the type don’t particularly mind them being bad, especially not to other people. It’s only when they are too bad to them that they cry foul. Up until that time it’s peaches. If you believe otherwise, you haven’t spent a lot of time around very many women.

        But that’s like my opinion man.

        Hey kids! Don’t tat yourself up like an extra from the Mad Max films and hang around with scumbags doing scumbag things, and life will likely be much more pleasant! But, it’s her right and all. You can do anything you want in this life, but life choices, they have consequences and not all of them pleasant.

        I wish her a speedy recovery and maybe she’ll change her preferences and find some nice guy in an accounting position who prefers khaki dockers to neck tattoos that will treat her nice. Odds anyone?

        • Do you have some inside information on stripper and porn star lifestyles that you can share with the rest of us? Do tell.

        • Thanks, I’ve amassed a healthy dataset on stripper lifestyles…

          While there are the girls who do too many drugs, or have serious mental issues, they are the exception not the rule. There really are women working their way through college, supporting kids, or otherwise doing it as an outlet of some sort. In the ‘good old days’ (before the destruction of the middle-class) a decent weekend night was $1500+ after tip outs. In places where the economy is booming, still pretty common. Other places, may make only $1K a week. Such is life.

          Other than that, strippers are the usual cross-section of society. They’re no more (or less) enamored of ‘bad boys’ than any of the millions of mommies who bought 50 Shades and spent some extra money on the battery budget for that month. They do a few more drugs, just like everyone who works in entertainment. The percentage of addicts and folks who die is about the same as any group of creative/entertainment types. They have no more of the crazy gene than any other attractive women, and don’t have any huge disparity in frequency of ‘daddy issues’ from the rest of society – but they are more willing to say they do, because there’s always a white knight who needs his wallet lightened.

          You want to see what really happens to strippers? Pull up the vid for Everclear’s Volvo Drivin’ Soccer Mom

        • Bravo, Mr. FoRealz. Very well stated. The feminists will not enjoy your concise assesment, though, as it threatens them with a degree of personal responsibility they do not desire.

    • She didn’t deserve it, any more than a guy who doesn’t lock his car in the ghetto deserves to have his stuff stolen. Still, sounds like there’s a history of terrible decision-making all around.

      Hope Miss Mack recovers soon. Also hopes she drops her fascination with bad boys.

      • Yeah dude.

        I expect as soon as she recovers she’ll lose her “fascination” for bad boys, turn over a new leaf and be signing up to be the new schoolmarm or running the Sunday School daycare. Probably find a nice, stable, dependable guy at church that will sweep her off of her feet and make all of her wildest dreams of canning fresh vegetables and raising a pack of unruly, but lovable kids come true!

        Gimme a break. 😉

        • There is a good chance she will refuse to testify against him, move back in with him, live happily ever after for a week or two.

    • Mina, we have had disagreements in the past but you have just said what I was thinking. I don’t know if I would have worded it that way or been more harsh. I didn’t want to excuse the asshole that beat a defensless woman but the “stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places” phrase came to mind.
      My first question was, why didn’t the “friend” call the police? From the description of events, it took a while for Koppenhaver to do all this to her.

      • I don’t think Mina’s comment is accurate in any sense. I don’t see how her chosen profession came into play in any way. His, on the other hand…

        • I don’t think Mina was saying what did happen _should_ have happened so much as she’s saying it’s not surprising it happened. Especially since it has apparently happened before. But heck, she probably did everything the savants say she should have done. Kick him out, maybe get a RO, call 911 when he comes back, go to the hospital (if you’re lucky). Anyway, no gun was involved so Shannon and her friends know that nobody was really hurt, right?

    • I didn’t read anyone say she ‘deserved it’. My dad used to say if lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. Just saying.

      I hope they catch this animal and put him back in a cage.

      • so, using your logic, if you choose to live, or travel, in a crime ridden area, we should not feel bad for you when you get robbed/shot?
        Any guy who does this to a woman is a piece of crap and should be in jail for a long time.

        • Who doesn’t feel bad for her? Not sure where you are getting that. You’ve heard about stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things right?

          Well I don’t know how smart she is and she was in her own home so there’s that… I don’t know how many porn stars or strippers you’ve met, but in my experience they occasionally end up on the wrong side of some scumbags fist.

          This particular scumbag just happened to be some kind of cage fighter or something.

        • This is deserving of sympathy but my concern and more sympathy lies with Shaneen Allen who is currently being abused by the injustice system for her chosen lifestyle of carrying a gun for protection.

    • People often say “ignorant”, when they mean “stupid”, just so they can say something mean while still feeling safely superior about themselves, without actually refuting anything.

      Nevertheless, there’s nothing ignorant or stupid about Mena’s comment, and nothing in it implies any moral judgement about anyone deserving to be attacked. Really it’s just a plain observation that certain lifestyles and unions of certain personality types tend to lend themselves to an array of certain predictable and unpleasant outcomes.

      But hey, if you think Mena is wrong, then why don’t you encourage YOUR adult daughter to become a porn star and date a brutal beast with a long history of savagery and lack of impulse control, and prove how ignorant/stupid the observation of likely outcome supposedly is.

      • I can’t argue about her choice of partners, but if my (hypothetical) daughter did in fact tell me she wanted to be a porn star, that it would truly be a career she would enjoy or like to try and that she understand the risks and downsides, I would support her 100%. Unlike most people I don’t look down on others for their (LEGAL) career choices while enjoying the fruits of their labor in the comfort of my home.

        I would also promptly begin to read the titles of the movies I watch online VERY closely.

        • Keyword there being hypothetical.

          In point of fact, until you HAVE a daughter and are actually faced with making that type of decision, you really don’t know what you will do / how you will respond.

          It is, quite literally, hypothetical, so you can say anything you want to say that makes you feel superior.

        • Are you saying you would enjoy the fruits of your daughter’s pornographic labors in your home? Ewwww!!!

          Aside from that, legal doesn’t mean respectable. Plenty of police out there are acting LEGALLY, but not exactly earning my respect. Or yours, as I recall, but no need to dredge up old Vhyrus posts, right?

          Nice try at changing the subject, though. The fact remains that this is a dangerous lifestyle with foreseeable and lamentable results of one sort or another, which is all Mena’s post related. Mena’s post has nothing to do with judging anyone’s career or lifestyle choices, legal or otherwise, just that some of such choices can reasonably be expected to have more negative outcomes than others.

          We can continue to bicker all afternoon (well, you can, because this is my exit), but your basic quarrel is with that stark reality, not my or Mena’s posts.

        • Uh, no, it’s clear to anyone of normal intelligence he would make extraordinary efforts to avoid witnessing said labors.

        • You said that if your daughter became a porn star that you “would support her 100%.” There is something seriously mentally and morally wrong with any parent who feels it’s acceptable for his daughter to be porn star. I suggest you don’t have a daughter and that you spend an excessive amount of time watching porn. Hopefully you will change your ultra-progressive and perverted mindset when you do have a daughter. And by the way.. because something is “legal” in this downfallen world, does make it right, normal, or acceptable.

        • Some of the readers of this blog either need remedial reading comprehension classes or professional therapy. Just to clarify, when I said I would check my videos closely, it was to make sure my (again hypothetical) daughter was NOT one of the performers. Those of you who read otherwise need immediate help.

        • @Vhyrus, no, supporting your daughters right to be a porn star is a statement that would indicate one may require some “professional therapy”, you are upside down.

      • I’ve been quite a fan of Mina’s,but the phrasing of this comment is ambiguous in unfortunate ways. It could be interpreted as a common-sense-based observation, but at least to me, it came across with blame-the-victim undertones. What the victim does for a living has absolutely nothing to do with who’s to blame for the assault.

        • Becoming a porn slut or brutal fighter are not chosen professions in the realm of goals we should accept for our children. If it were, why not have a porn star give the commencement at your daughter’s graduation?
          Neither I nor Mina are blaming the victim for the assault, but there is a lesser degree of concern for those that are less innocent than others that are victimized. Forgive me for not shedding a tear when the Devil beats his wife.

      • First, it’s never prudent to start out an argument with an assumption. I meant ignorant. Stupidity is when person one tells person two what person two just said isn’t what person two meant to say and then proceeds to tell person two what they meant to say accompanied by an ad hominem attack.

        Second, taking domestic violence for granted by saying it was predictable because of the background of these two is a fallacy of appealing to possibility. You have taken away the individuals and are looking at what is easily seen or believed and making a conclusion that domestic violence was inevitable. It’s akin to saying a female rape victim was “asking for it” because she wore a sexy dress.

        Individuals who take offense to the pornography or MMA industry will undoubtedly use this event as fodder to fuel their beliefs against the individuals in it, much like the anti-gun industry uses tragedies to fodder their vitriol.

        I do not know Jon Koppenhaver well enough to know whether or not he is a “brutal beast”. I usually like to have all the facts before I make such a claim. Unfortunately, it is easy for a person to condemn an entire group of people because they disagree with them on some personal level.

    • Certainly she didn’t deserve it, which I doubt you were implying as some have assumed, but these two certainly have chaos written all over them. This testosterone soaked, 20 something (?), almost definitely self-described “alpha male” dumped a porn star, the holy grail of girlfriends for his type. I’d bet good money there were almost back-to-back verbal altercations during that relationship. I have a strong feeling these two antagonized each other a good deal.

      Also she has chosen to take this to the court of public opinion almost immediately, which I can understand considering what he did, but it’s still a page out of the crazy playbook.

      I still hope her recovery is smooth and quick, nothing justifies such a beating.

      And I hope he can develop some impulse control and anger management skills.

      • You know what? I apologize for some of my remarks. It appears she did not publish the photos immediately, and that he is likely (there’s an under statement) to be a heavy steroid user. I skimmed the article and missed the part about him beating her before.

        I apologize to miss Mack for my assumptions, and I think the dude is probably beyond developing impulse control or anger management and is likely a lost cause.

        However she is still a woman who stayed with a man who beat her, and no that does not mean she deserved it. But it dies mean there’s something unhealthy going on, and it also means this isn’t much of an unexpected ending.

    • Not to mention that his actions shouldn’t reflect on MMA fighters or boxers most of whom are upstanding members of there communities and all around nice people.

    • To all: He’s an ignorant, violent assh@le who had beat her nine ways from Sunday many times. She was having sex with some guy when the abusive boyfriend walked in.

      To say this outcome was not completely predictable is asinine.

      • Umm, her post says that she and the other person were both fully clothed. Not that it matters, I think that the mere fact of another (likely) male being there was enough to set this guy off no matter what was going on–or not going on..

        • … then you aren’t keeping up. Her profession is clue #1. Her motivation to lie is clue #2. Your interjection of complete common sense is clue #3.

          Like someone above said ( & thank you, btw ) “lie down with dogs you get up with fleas” The two of them were an accident waiting to happen.

          His neck tattoo says “MACK”, her tattoo says “Property of War Machine”. Are these normal people? No.

          Predictable outcome. Case closed.

        • So what happened to the friend? After being beaten, he left…..and did what? Call the police, let the air out of Mr. Koppendouche’s tires, raise a holy ruckus in the middle of the street till someone called the cops? Something, anything? Some friend, he left Christy alone to face her near fatal beating and even possible death.

      • The three S rule applies here.

        And everyone is responsible for consequences of their bad choices, to some degree.
        That is not to say she deserved a beating, for her lifestyle or anything else.
        But after he beat her the first time, she should have gone to the police.

        If that guy had priors, then hopefully he’d be locked up again, today, and she would not be tweeting.
        And maybe less likely to victimize her, or another vulnerable woman, in future.

        Sadly, this kind of relationship is too common especially among those engaged in high risk behavior,
        and its so common that multiple resources exist for women seeking help to escape abusive partners.

        Even something as pragmatic as the NRA “Refuse To Be A Victim” training, would help with mindset and awareness.

      • Birds of a feather, 2 scumbags, and agree Mina, very predictable outcome. It’s revealing how pornograpgy has become so mainstream that a lot of people actually put this ridiculous porn star in some sort of pedestal. Western culture has been destroyed, and all without a whimper.

    • Or you could not be a judgmental prick. Also, MMA fighters wear gloves, which makes that the opposite of bare knuckled. Or were you just throwing around terms you had heard other people say so you could be condescending and rude to people you’d never met before?

      • My comment plays exactly the same with or without his gloves.

        Apologies for the technical error.

        The comment remains an accurate assessment of the situation.

      • In context, “bare-knuckle” is an adjective, not a noun. Mina’s comment was not a description of MMA. Stop trying to obfuscate the issue.

  2. Nobody coming to your door at 2 am has good intentions. In this day and age how any adult, regardless of their feelings about guns, cannot see the absolute imperative to have at least one gun in their home for self protection is beyond me.

    • Lighten up, Francis.

      There are vast areas across America where keys are left in cars, homes are unlocked whether occupied or not, and nothing bad happens. To own a firearm that is both available for home defense and unavailable to children is, frankly, more trouble than it’s worth for a lot of people.

      Don’t criticize people’s choices if you haven’t lived in their world. We all make choices based on cost/risk/reward.

      • And there are naive ignorant people everywhere. I live in asrural small town US as you’ll find. I lock my doors at night. I lock my car doors when in motion, and when parked (including at night in my drive). Perhaps habit from when lived in suburbs of metro area.

        Sam Colt is NOT you’re first line of defense. A locked door, a dog, then Sam. And Sam was a MUCH better man that Abe.

        This gal no doubt got stomped. She is poster child for stupid people, in stupid places at stupid times. She gets no pass for being pretty little eye candy – And that story rings keeps ringing the BS bell from start to end.

        The 3 Ss- Porn/”adult” “actress with tramp stamps, meathead with moronic wacker tribal neck tattoos, in Vegas, 2am? stupid people, in stupid places at stupid times

      • Speaking as someone that has lived in Las Vegas, there are no areas in the Las Vegas metro area that would qualify.

        Petty crime is also very very common in rural areas of America. There are few places were you can leave you doors unlocked, and keys in your car and won’t have something bad happen.

        In fact one of the few places where I would consider it is an island that has little public traffic with only two roads in or out, the overall value is $300k+, has 4,000 full time residents, and three cops on duty all the time that harass anyone they don’t know that looks remotely shady. And even then I think you are stupid for leaving your keys in your car, and your doors unlocked.

        • California, Texas, Wisconsin, Nevada, Oregon, Florida, Alabama, or Michigan it doesn’t matter. Crime happens every where from petty theft to murders. Granted the rates are lower in rural areas, but it still happens.

        • JWM started life on a rural farm in WV. I still have family in WV, KY,Ohio, Texas and others. Meth and oxy are remaking rural America. Just spent a week in Carter County, KY. Drug related crime is all over.

          I stand by my statement. I don’t know any church going country folk that are going to drop in unannounced at 2am.

      • Regardless where one lives, if you’re a woman who gets beaten or murdered, it’s most likely at the hands of a male acquaintance/boyfriend/husband/ex. If you’re a woman who gets raped, it’s most likely at the hands of an unarmed attacker.

        Again, regardless where you live, and even regardless of your gender, the probability of violent crime on any given day, or in any given year or decade, is relatively small. Still, many of us do own or carry firearms. Likewise, many of us have fire extinguishers and first aid kits & training, despite the relative rarity of home fires and medical emergencies.

        The issue isn’t simply a matter of the probability of an incident. The issue is the discounted probability of an incident. Something can be a rare event, but if its magnitude of the potential event is so great (murder, rape, fire, heart attack, for examples) that its rises to monumental life altering or life ending levels, then the value of the event, even when discounted by its low probability of occurring, still justifies taking precautions.

        Refusal to take those precautions, especially when countermeasures are fairly easy and inexpensive, is not only naive, but reckless. Taking unfounded comfort in the infrequency of such event is disingenuous at best. And when, as in this case, we’re not even talking about speculative probabilities, but rather repeatedly proven patterns of criminal behavior, well, refusing to take precautions against a known grave threat is just flat out moronic.

      • If you still believe in the concept of safe areas/neighborhoods in this day and age, you are delusional. A serial killer committed this arson 100ft from my in-laws mailbox on a very quiet dead-end street where, quite likely, NO crime had ever been reported before. He even admits he was looking to abduct someone that day, and they were home when it happen. And yet, my mother-in-law still relies on having an unloaded handgun that she could “probably figure out” how to load and use if the need arose. I’m not sure she’s ever actually fired a shot.

        • Exactly. Ask the Petit family about safe areas to live. In rural KY I saw neighberhood watch signs posted.

        • To clarify my statement, I understand that there is hardly anywhere in the US where the risk of violent crime is zero. Sometimes bad things happen, even in rural areas.

          We all make decisions every day based on our perceived cost/risk/reward. It’s not a simple decision to arm yourself. You need to consider how you will simultaneously keep the gun away from children and inaccessible to burglars, yet available on a moment’s notice for personal defense. It involves, careful thought, planning, and expense.

          So if someone in a low crime area decides that the costs, risks and general inconvenience associated with firearm ownership outweigh the potential to protect them from violence, I’m not going to second-guess that decision or insult their intelligence.

    • I agree with you.

      I live in a pretty rural area, in one of the lowest crime areas of one of the lowest crime states of the nation.

      In addition to that, I have guns close at hand, all the time. My biggest conundrum in answering the door at 0200 won’t be “who is it?” but rather “Hmmm. Which gun should I take with me to the door?”

      Anyone knocking on my door at 0200 whom I didn’t expect or invite over will be met with suspicion.

      The single worst “knock at 0200” I ever got was a young girl knocking on my door, asking for a place to sleep. She presented absolutely no threat, and really pulled at my heartstrings. She was also clearly not recently fed or bathed, and the outside temperatures were in the low 40’s. Behind the door, in my left hand, was a Glock 19. This was Southern California, after all, and nothing good knocks on your door at 0200.

      Still, I turned her away, because in today’s day and age, inviting in a minor (I reckon she was all of 11) in the middle of the night could lead to some very large legal consequences for a man living alone (at that time). Any accusation would immediately become “he said/she said,” and I just wasn’t going there. I called 911 and asked the cops to investigate. They never caught up with her, and I have no idea what happened to her after she left my front yard.

  3. We talk about monsters in the abstract on this website quite often. It is rare for us to actually witness one firsthand. This Koppenhaver beast is well and truly one of these monsters of which we speak. He is an animal and needs to be purged of this earth.

    • As a prosecutor of over 1,000 domestic violence cases, I can tell you these monsters are not rare and have met many first hand. Unfortunately, in anywhere from 50-70% of the cases, the victim was begging me to drop the case. (We had a “no drop” policy.) Sadly, Ms. Mack fits he victim typology in these particular cases. These victims and their tormentors seem to have been convinced somewhere, somehow, that men are entitled to beat up women. Many move from one abusive relationship to another for years on end. That mentality often carries with it such low self esteem as to keep the victims from ever grasping the fact that they can and are entitled to defend themselves. While stricter laws and better trained police training have helped successful prosecution, it’s up to us to raise our daughters to NEVER accept abuse, verbal or otherwise, from significant others.

      • They like the danger and drama. A bad boy is rarely a boring guy and gives them the tingles.

        The problem is they’re like a rabid, unpredictable dog. They can turn on you at any moment if you’re a woman. They know no loyalty.

        • Absolutely. Pretty girls like bad boys. What bugs me is these girls complain about the abuse, blame all men, and then they run right back to the abuse. Being a computer geek, as you can imagine, I never had to deal with that stupidity, and you know what, life is good. BTW, how do we compare his boxing stats with ballistics? If we run into this guy, is 15 rounds of 9mm JHP good enough, or should we be prepared to throw something bigger? 🙂

      • and this is why my two little girls go to the range with me, are learning self-defense, and are taught that they should have high standards for men’s behavior and actions towards them

        • Exactly dirk and that’s the way it should be and by the way, are you from saint louis, MO because I’ve seen you giving updates

        • Completely agree. Taught my daughter to shoot and bought her her own pistol as a college graduation present. Now if she would just stop working so many jobs and take the time to get her CCW, I would be much happier.

        • In my observation, Dirk, the single most important thing you’re doing is being there as a father for your daughters. Teaching them how to shoot is icing on the cake.

          In the last 10+ years, I see so many young women in their 20’s who were raised in households with no fathers – not even an part-time visiting father. In many cases, the mother had a fling with a man, and while the mother knows the father, neither the mother nor the daughter(s) have any contact with him. I call it the “wave of Murphy Brown mothers.”

          The result is so often young women with no clue how a man is supposed to behave towards women. Some of them think “Well, my father screwed my mother and she never says a nice word about him, and that’s normal.” Some of them follow the domestic violence pattern Gregolas outlines above. These young women are likely to never find a relationship of value because they have no calibration of what a real relationship with a man is supposed to be like.

          Contrary to feminist mythology, little girls need fathers.

        • fair enough. Growing up, every time dad got a new car, mom was driving it within a few months. my dad always had an old beat up car, and when my brother and I inquired, he would just tell us one day we will understand. Now when I asked my daughters why mommy always had a newer car, they said “because she is a girl”. I want to make sure they set those expectations for their husbands to be protectors and providers. Unfortunately, the liberalism of America has caused men to not step up because women say they can do it all on their own. they cannot. and men have been so wussiefied into not fulfilling their obligations, I do fear for the future..

      • On the other side of the coin, these same “victimhood” coven is trying to convince us that the majority of college girls/women will be “sexually abused” (whatever that might mean at any convenient moment) and that most college guys/men are predatory rapist/rapists to be.

        Neither is true and causes a skeptic of populist/conventional “wisdom” to doubt their other narrative – widespread “domestic abuse”. I can’t think of an instance EVER of seeing women/kids with any obvious signs of having received an butt stomping, have not witnessed such or been on an EMS call for such. I rigorously practice avoidance of the 3S so my mileage may vary from that of others that do not do the same.

        • If you see the CDC survey that gave them the 1 in 5 women are raped in college statistic, you will find a BS report it truly happens to be. It is has been used by the victimhood crowd to full effect but it is not true. There are issue but it is not 1 in 5 as stated. These stats are as bad as the ones they use to justify banning guns. It seems like these people come up a cause di jour in their minds and then lie and manipulate until they have satisfied that thought in their mind regardless of the consequences from their false data.

          You have call people out on everything these days because if they cannot get their way they often lie.

        • Small city PD for several years, also part-time EMT. Not a week went by that I didn’t respond to a domestic (or several) that had turned physical. Of course, few reached this level of violence. But bruises. lacerations, lost teeth, broken bones, etc. very typical. They are much more common than rape, based on my admittedly limited experience

          No idea how you dodged that ugly truth with your background.

      • Sounds about right. My own sweetie worked in the Harris County (Houston) D.A.’s office for several years prior to our meeting, and her stories about the D.V. cases align with your experience. Same in Houston, once the case is opened, it’s in the State’s hands and “dropping the charges” is no longer the vic’s prerogative.

  4. From her written statement this is a horrible incident. Hopefully they find this pathetic man and put him away.

  5. I home carry. Apparently she accepted the abuse. Whomever left the house after their beating should have called the police but she may have said don’t, then or before.

    Yes, I home carry, my concern is for those I love. . . . real simple.

  6. A bullet in the head is too good for Mr. Koppenhaver. He should have to take a beating from a more skilled fighter who outweighs him by 65 pounds.

  7. I get that we are being cautious in our arm-chair-jurying of the incedent, but all this “according to Mack’s statement stuff” puts me off a bit.

    Even if the events transpired differently there should have been no call for Koppenhaver to injure her to the extent that he did.

    • I was thinking that as well. I am pretty sure that Christy didn’t throw herself off her roof multiple times to attempt to frame this guy, so unless someone else did this to her and she is covering we can only assume that at the very least her injuries are entirely the result of this man.

    • I’m reading whats written, I’m not gonna go on her page(NSFW) not at work anyways. I want to keep my job LOL.

    • …all this “according to Mack’s statement stuff” puts me off a bit.

      She looks like she was run over by a train. And you’re “put off?” Come on…

  8. Notice she mentions that she and her friend were unarmed (and dressed). I would expect to see Ms. Mack at a gun range soon after recovering. Best wishes to her.

  9. I can’t condone domestic violence, but I can’t confine her choice of relationship or lifestyle. It’s just trash behaving like trash and I do t have any sympathy for her. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword; a little out if context, but you reap the rewards of the life you life and the company you keep.

    That dude is the reason why DGUs exist and the world would be a better place if he had a 9mm hole in his head.

    • I can’t let this slide. What the hell allows you to judge people as trash based solely on their completely legal careers? Live by the sword die by the sword? So if she is a porn star it means that she somehow deserves to get beaten or that because someone is a prize fighter they must be a wife beater? Does being in the police or military mean you go around shooting random people? Is that job exempt from your judgement because it is okay with you, or does violence for the benefit of your country get a pass?

      If you have ever watched porn or enjoyed a boxing match you a hypocrite of the highest degree.

      I just want to clarify I think the guy is worse than trash, but not because he’s an MMA fighter. To label every professional fighter and wrestler that way would be a heinous act of stereotyping.

      • +1. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions on porn, it is a completely legal product and profession. I am sure good and bad people work in the industry, just like anything else. She did not deserve to be savagely beaten period.

        • And working on a fishing boat or as a logger mean you have a high probability of workplace injury or death.

          You “work” in porn, gambling, prostitution businesses it means you’re working with and around human debris and its because you are to lazy, immoral, or corrupt to get a productive REAL job. The last couple decades of libtard attempts to rewrite history and human nature have not changed reality.

          Karma – she’s a betch

      • Vhyrus, Stop it with this “legal” garbage. You think you can convince predominately Conservative people on TTAG that because something is legal it is acceptable? Abortion is legal, gay marriage is legal, war is legal, porn is legal, burning the stars and stripes is legal, getting drunk is legal, shoving a plastic fist up your ass is legal. Who cares what is legal? Try to argue on the merits of morality not legality.
        And what about all the illegal things that should be legal? Open carry or conceal carry, take your pick is illegal in some places. In GA, it is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday. The legality of pornography is irrelevant.
        And who gives anyone the right to judge? Guess what, you are judged every day by everyday people so get over it.

      • Vhyrus,Spot on assessment of the mentality of many posters and some writers here. The hypocrisy is amusing but tiring. OMG! Another MRAP! Cops are bad!

        Look at this baby!

  10. it really should have been a DGU.

    I’m glad she’s brave enough to post her injuries for others to see her pain, and expose what assault looks like and let the viewers have a more vicarious feel for it.

    Grabbing emotions will change trends more than facts.

    Hopefully I’m saying this in a way that others can understand. I feel like I’m not going to get a positive response from this post of mine.

  11. in the words of my favorite movie, Full Metal Jacket, no more boom boom for this mama san.

    • I predict there will be plenty of boom boom for Christy and this “warmachine”. Cept she’ll be getting paid and he’ll be getting played.

  12. After some thought and reflection on this general topic (abusive domestic assault), it appears to me that, in nearly every single case:


    2. the victims were unprepared to defend themselves in any effective manner (physically, with a weapon AND-AND-AND mentally, via training and education).

    3. the victims had no emergency notification procedure in place to call for emergency assistance. In this day of cell phones and emergency apps that simply does not make sense.

    My home may be my castle, but at 2 a.m. if someone forces entry I am hitting the panic button on the phone and bailing out to the street with it in my hand BEFORE THINGS GET ANY WORSE. As horrible as this case is (and as all too common as it is!), she waited and took the assault when she could have run (as she eventually did) …… and possibly (note, possibly) avoided it.

    What I have to wonder about is the “why” of individuals (normally women) NOT taking the escape route and yelling for help at the first indication of trouble.

    • Many, if not most people live without ever considering what to do in case of an emergency. It is an unintended byproduct of our relatively safe culture. I know up until a few years ago I too never gave it any thought, either. I am fortunate that something in my brain clicked before I was killed or severely injured, but for a lot of people it happens the hard way.

      • It’s also a by-product of our nanny state culture…the expectation that it is the duty of the “other” to protect.

        Self sufficiency and self reliance are considered out of fashion or unnecessary or scorned. Victimhood is celebrated and cultivated.

        Tooling up, fighting back or even JUST LEAVING requires a degree of personal action that simply is beyond many people in our contemporary culture.

  13. I can only speak for myself, but ever since I was little, my first impulse after seeing pictures like this or hearing stories like this is to destroy the man responsible. Silly, eh?

    It bit me in the butt a little bit with the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown incident because now I believe she was just as stupid and violent as he was, he just happened to be bigger and stronger….

    But I think the case in the article above is pretty clear cut. The type of thing illustrated above is just evil. The question I have is WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T HER FRIEND GET HELP AFTER HE/SHE LEFT THE HOUSE!?


  14. have no idea who this girl is. but she was pretty as all hell in the before picture. sadly, it seems like she doesn’t have enough male friends to go find this POS and take care of him once and for all

      • Except not all of us think porn stars are bad people.

        I’d rather be friends with a porn start than a serially monogamous chick. They both do the same thing but one is smart enough to get paid for it.

    • She probably doesn’t have any friends like that and here’s why: My CHL instructor told a story about a gentleman who befriended his neighbor who was the victim of recurring domestic violence. She would not allow him to call police when it happened, etc (as is typical). So one day things get real bad and the well intentioned gentleman ends up defending either himself or the woman (I don’t remember) from the abuser with deadly force. Good riddance, right? Except now a prosecutor has convinced the woman that things will go better for her if she claims she was having an affair with the neighbor and he shot her husband because of that. And now he’s rotting in jail. The moral of the story is clear: DO NOT have friends like this. (remember the 3 S’s) You should call police (do not ask permission, you don’t need it) every time you see something of that nature, but do not provide shelter more than exactly once. Any adult that doesn’t escape abuse the first time it happens is mentally unstable, and it may bite YOU in the butt.

  15. Hey RF, it would be nice if you could post a set of good photos of this miscreant. Like John Walsh’s TV show the publicity from media vehicles where millions see the BG has proved the downfall of many. If anyone spots this guy, call the cops pronto.

    HELL, maybe that is a new topic area for TTAG. “WANTED BAD GUYS WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN DGUs. “

      • I am always amazed at how folks fail to read posts. Where the hell did you get vigialntism ? I said call the cops. I referenced Walshs tv show. Amazing.

  16. No woman deserves this. The lowlife scum who did this needs to die. Unfortunately he won’t. I agree with Mina.

    • You’re right, no woman deserves this treatment. Yet lots of women do in fact choose it, just like Christie Mack. This guy, who beat the snot out of her (for the ~50th time), is the same guy she made a conscious chioce to bring into her house & bed.

      Suspect it’s exciting for a young gal to date a ‘dangerous’ guy who fights for a living. She knows (and knew) *exactly* who he is and how he treats people. It was exciting when others took the beating. Less so, when it was her teeth being knocked out.

      If she had a gun, would she have used it? I doubt it. He proabbly would have pistol-whipped her with it.

      • “Who fights for a living”

        Sounds a lot like some of the BS I’ve heard used in divorce cases against some good family men who happened to be in the military.

        It seems to me his prior abuse and prior arrests are far more dispositive than his occupation.

        • It is, Dave. But I won’t allow the badly-recycled meme where she pretends that she had ‘no idea’ he was capable of that behavior.

          He is a violent person, both professionally & personally. It’s what attracted her to him. But now, the butcher’s bill.

        • “It seems to me his prior abuse and prior arrests are far more dispositive than his occupation.”

          I agree in general, but on the issue of “is taking a beating elevating this to a deadly force self defense situation,” as some do question, in this case his occupation is relevant.

          Getting hit about the head repeatedly by an MMA fighter may well be very different than getting hit in the head repeatedly by Couch Potato Carl The Accountant.

          This is one of the BIG problems with the Progressive style of problem solving. EVERY case is unique. Every set of circumstances has to be uniquely weighed.

          The Progressives like / want bright line rules…in the laws themselves, in court, in school policies, etc. Such definition removes THEIR need to think for themselves and make real-world decisions.

          So, in some cases the occupation may be irrelevant. In others, it could well be the deciding factor that separates “unlawful use of force” from “justifiable homicide.”

  17. Jesus…I hope she is able to recover both physically and mentally from this. And that the dude who did this gets worse than he deserves.

  18. As sad as it is, really, a porn star is some sort of role model or hero? This country is finished.

  19. Steroids and pain killers. Especially Tren. Mix that with other illicit drugs and you’ve got the average “athlete” body composition these days. No one cares either. Just want to see a good fight and collect a check.

  20. Even though I like to brawl, have a martial arts back ground, I’m also 57 years old. I would have probably got a punch or two in, defiantly kicked him in the nuts, and gouged his eyeballs out, well, that’s what you do in KENPO. But I suspect I would have still been unable to defeat Mr, Goon with his adrenalin fueled rage and I would have most certainly shot him dead. He would have met the business end of my P229 .40 with hollow points. ZERO doubt about that. Practically speaking, even though she’s cute, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a porn star. Nice story though. However, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

    • Not sure about the laws in Nevada, but I’m certain that in my state if you shot him dead you have been arrested for murder. It is illegal to shoot someone because you are losing a fight, unless you’re a cop, at least in this state.

      • Um, are you sure about that? “Losing a fight” can very well mean imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury.

        “Losing a fight” does not mean exchanging a punch or two with a schoolyard bully.

        People have died from a single punch, much less a “beating.” This woman was LUCKY.

        Plus, there’s disparity of force…in this case a young, supposedly fit and trained fighter against a much smaller woman, or as above, against a 57 year old man.

        Nope…don’t think the ‘no go’ here is quite as cut-n-dried against…unless you can show a specific statute that preclude use of deadly force in “a fight?”

      • It’s not so much a matter of losing a fight, as it is not having consented to the fight in the first place. In Texas, you forfeit any claim to self-defense if you consented to the fight. (The exception is if you later disengaged from the fight and clearly demonstrated that you didn’t want to continue it. Resumption of the fight by the other guy, at that point, is technically a new fight which you could exercise self-defense against; but that’s all a lot easier on paper than in practice.)

        Losing a fight reasonably perceived to be leading to your death or serious injury, that you did not provoke or consent to, could well result in you deploying a firearm. It would likely be looked upon favorably by the legal system for you having followed a proper escalation of force approach and not shooting at the first hint of danger.

      • @ paco
        You should brush up on state laws a little. I highly doubt ANY state has a law that fail to protect people IN A HOME from a forced entry, attacking intruder. It’s quite different if it’s a 15 year old boy who crawled in the wrong bedroom window looking to boink his new girl friend and that of a, muscle bound goon beating people senseless. It’s called a “castle doctrine” Humans have the right to self-defense and that was what this article was about in the first place! It SHOULD have been a case of a gun use self-defense.

        It’s hard to say exactly what I would have done, but I’m not scared to brawl and I certainly wouldn’t be scared to end this guy’s life in those circumstances. If someone questions their ability in those circumstances to use deadly force, they better not pick up a weapon because they would invariably allow it to be taken and used against them and or others.

      • The are 2 cases in my state that contrast what many of you are posting. There was a middle age mean being beaten to an inch if his life, he was unable to exit the house, managed to make to his closet upstairs where he had firearm, was concerned and essentially defenseless until he reached his firearm, and he is serving hard time for shooting unarmed home invader. You can’t make this up. Yes, we still have the privilege to own and possess firearms, at least in most states, but using them is another matter altogether.

        • Two points:

          (1) One egregious failure of the court system does not mean ALL cases of that nature are pre-settled conclusions.

          He’s not appealing?

          (2) There has to be more to that case than you are relating. For example, did he go up to get the gun then go back and pursue the bad guy? Did the bad guy follow him to gun and continue to try to beat him?

          Each case is its own set of facts. You simply cannot make a blanket statement about “fight != lethal force allowed” any more than I could make the statement “fight = lethal force allowed.”

  21. I’m sure he knew what she did for a living. The guy’s pure scum and the ultimate bully. If I had my way he’d get his hands cut off as punishment.

    • I’d cut something else off in the process.

      What;s that line from Sin City? “I removed his weapons… both of them.”

  22. I for one was shocked at the situation. I know many in the industry are outraged as well. Just because she was a star doesn’t make it better or worse, but still, it was shocking.
    This is a clear case as to why I advocate armed self defense, and home carry.
    We are sending prayers and healing thoughts to her, and her friend.

  23. Where is Everytown on this? I thought domestic violence is only caused by guns. Is it possible that domestic abusers can use other means to inflict injury on their victims? Michael, Shannon, this doesn’t add up, why wads Ms Mack fearing for her life if her assailant didn’t have a gun? End sarcasm.

    Get well soon Ms Mack and please push for full charges.

    • If they do, they will tell you that if she’d had a gun he would have used it to kill her. as he was apparently planning to do when she slipped out of the house.

      • …and on the spur of the moment decided to beat her instead? Talk about “doesn’t pass the smell test”…

        • WM shows at CM’s house with a ring, finds her there with another man in the house. Wm who is 9/10 on aggression normally, beats man, then beats CM. What doesn’t pass the smell test? Sounds like a run of the mill domestic.

          I just hope CM recovers and gets both the physical and psychological help she is going to need.

  24. Alright…so the chick says she broke up with him in may…but you see pics of them together just a few weeks ago on instagram. She also mentions that he beat her several times but that he never did it this bad. So she obviously was continuing to hang out with the scumbag…knowing what kind of man he was.

    The big problem here is her poor decision in the men she hangs around. Did she date Mr. Millionaire Adventurer? No. Did she date a respectful man? No. Did she date somebody in her line of work thats more capable of dealing with her lifestyle? No.

    She continued to hang out with a guy named “war machine”,who beats up men for a living and who beat her in the past.
    Im also going to point out what should be obvious…the “friend” she was with that war machine beat up first, why didnt he call the cops after running away? Thats whats “friends” do right?

    This is definitely a case where self defense with a firearm was needed. This is also a case where some “situational awareness” could of been helpful.

  25. Well that’s one way to exit the porn business. Hope she gets better and gets even with that animal.

  26. This clown has been begging for a long-term stay in prison since he got booted from the UFC. I just hope he finally gets it this time so he can’t hurt more people.

  27. I’ll make a guess that Mr “War Machine” was never in the military. “War Machine” har har to laugh

    Koppenhaver has been arrested and convicted numerous times for violent offences.
    On September 2, 2007, he was found guilty of striking a Las Vegas man in the face and choking him unconscious during a parking lot scuffle.[34] In February, 2008, he was sentenced to three years of probation and 30 days of community service, avoiding the possible felony charge and accompanying prison time.[34]
    On February 22, 2008, Koppenhaver plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of assualt and battery, and was fine and sentenced to probation.[35]

    In August, 2010, Koppenhaver was sentenced to one year in the county jail for a felony assault conviction stemming from a fight at a Point Loma bar earlier in the year, as well as an additional fight at a Pacific Beach bar.[36][37] He was imprisoned in the San Diego’s George Bailey Detention Facility and served time in administrative segregation.[38]

    After going to jail, Koppenhaver maintained his Twitter account as well as a blog documenting his time in jail. In this blog, he stated that he believes “The oppression of MEN is worse than oppression of Jews in Nazi germany, worse than the slavery of Blacks in early America… I’m not exaggerating either.”[39] Koppenhaver also described how he was sent into administrative segregation due to jail policy violations but decided to voluntarily remain there until the end of his sentence.[40] Koppenhaver was released from incarceration on July 15, 2011.[41]

    On February 1, 2012, it was announced via Koppenhaver’s Twitter that he will be serving another year of jail time, due to preceding events. He was released on October 29, 2012.[42]

  28. Sex worker or not, the point that she could have easily killed him and saved herself with a firearm stands.

    But I think she might not have had a gun for the same reason her friend who got beat up first didn’t call police… what I’m saying is there is a good chance they were doing drugs together when her ex showed up. Just something to consider, a lot of drug users prefer to avoid weapons because it only brings more down on them if they get caught.

    On another note, I seem to recall a lot of anti-gun rhetoric over the last couple years calling guys who carry firearms various colorful names implying weakness and femininity. Well, not everyone is a cage fighter. I can throw a punch but I would much rather defend myself with a weapon, because it is decisive.

    Sometimes the odds against you are not so good and bigots against gun ownership need to get real. Being able to scrap is not what makes you a man, just look at this son of a bitch.

  29. “I suppose I should say that I tend to speak in exaggerated tones sometimes in order to make a point. The precise meanings of words can sometimes be obscured in a cloud of hyperbole, and for that I owe you additional explanation.

    When I described our two lost souls here as “evil”, I did not intend to use this adjective to describe their professions.

    I have no doctrinal objections to the world’s oldest profession, and recognize its lineage. The same rule applies to the martial artist. I have nothing against his profession and enjoy watching such bouts.

    When I used the word “evil” to describe them, what I meant was something different: I meant that their inability to control the primitive and base urges in their characters had turned them from rational beings into depraved beings. They had failed to cultivate their characters, and had allowed their deviant urges to consume their better aspects.

    Years of unhealthy living, drug use, debaucheries, unrestrained hedonism, and lack of discipline had turned both of these lost souls into beasts.

    With regard to men, character must be molded and shaped through strict discipline, training of the mind, training of the body, and assumption of roles of greater and greater responsibility. This man fell victim to his animal urges, and became like an animal.

    The woman here chose a similar path. Obsessed with the Priapic Mysteries, she threw herself into a life that led directly to a corruption of her powers of judgment. She was constitutionally incapable of making correct decisions that enhanced her safety and well-being.

    Seen in this light, these two people are tragic figures. Tragedy to the ancient Greeks was the inability of a person to escape the consequences of his or her actions. Character determines fate. This has been proven over and over again.

    So, this is what I meant by “evil.” They permitted themselves to become corrupt, and this corruption led to their mutual downfall. Is this not tragic? I think it is.

    All of us should be mindful of this, I think. I know I sound preachy and lecturing, but I believe in these things passionately and have written about them with stridency here and at ROK.

    We mold our own characters. We shape our own destinies. If we fail to discipline our flaws, and accept no limits or balance to our behavior, then we will enter a very dangerous land. I would never advocate an ascetic life, only a moderation of pleasures and vices, to be part of a balanced, healthy life. All things in moderation, even virtue.

    The hard road is the road seeking a balanced, virtuous life, without slipping into depravity. But there is no other choice. These two made their choices, and felt the results.”

    “Why both Christy Mack and War Machine are evil” – by Quintus Curtius ‏@QuintusCurtius
    Return of Kings

  30. “He has beaten me many times before, but never this badly.”
    Sounds like a guy that has about as much control over himself as a locomotive (note “loco”)
    Lady, you should have gotten off the fucking track.
    Assigning blame doesn’t set the clock back.

  31. I am wondering why the ‘friend’ did not have the police headed to the house shortly after he was thrown out. Even if he did not want to talk to the police, he might have tried to convince them to go to the house. From her comments, what he did was NOT quick.

  32. Regardless of her profession or her past misjudgements regarding the company she has kept, she does not, in my humble yet deadly accurate opinion, deserve the fate which has befallen her. I earnestly hope she makes a full recovery and chooses to take her own protection into her hands by learning how to use firearms. My prayers are with her.
    As far as his fate is concerned, he has shown himself to be beyond the pale and will no doubt enjoy some suitable fate as is only befitting those who have comported themselves in such a fashion.

  33. I hope she gets better soon, and I hope that Koppenhaver gets sucked into a jet engine.

    I’ve met a number (maybe upwards of 50) of men AND women who have been physically abused by their partners, and I always encourage them to either leave their partner or report it to the police. To date, none of these people have ever come forward with the information or taken ANY precaution to protect themselves. If you have a physically abusive partner (or roommate, or friend, or coworker!) who shows no remorse for their actions, and every time the abuse comes down you convince yourself afterward that THIS time they’ll change, you’re deluding yourself and putting yourself in danger. I guarantee you at some point since this tragedy happened, a police officer (or sheriff) asked Miss Mack “Why did you stay with him, if he beats you regularly?”, and probably rolled their eyes when Christy said “He apologized each time, and I believed him each time”.

    It is YOUR responsibility to report abuse or assault, and to take the appropriate measures to distance yourself from further danger. Yes, the abuser / assaulter has a responsibility to respect you and control himself / herself, but if they choose to neglect their responsibility, you can still take control of the situation!

  34. Home carry in my view is more important than carry outside the house. If this demon from hell had done this outside; someone probably would have heard or seen something and intervened or at least called the cops.

    When you are inside; there is no one to hear you scream.

    • I certainly would not bet my life on someone seeing, hearing OR calling the cops.

      There have been too many cases where all people do is stand around with their phone and video the event.

      Rely on no one else.

  35. a porn star dude who couldn’t get it up. hey war machine, you are an impotent f**k. But when you go to prison (assuming you don’t b!tch out and kill yourself), trust this: there is gonna be a dude that is bigger, meaner, and badder than you. And he will be in line with hundreds of others waiting to prove it. and then you will suck his nuts and toss his salad. marinate on that.

  36. “War Machine” indeed!

    No human being should be treated like Christy was. And having said that I will also say that people in these far fringe “professions” (I use the word loosely) suffer from a plethora of social pathologies, of which partner abuse is only one.

    Social pathologies are concentrated at the extreme ends of the social scale. The graph of income versus incidence of sexually transmitted diseases is instructive.

    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

    Nuff said.

  37. Ummm…this story is all over Yahoo now. It seems DOG is going after him now. Hope he finds it.

  38. If there was a gun in the house, most likely the attacker would have known where it was, and Christy and the other guy would be dead, not the attacker. Rarely is the perpetrator at the receiving end of a gun, but an innocent victim. How many times does a husband shoot his wife and/or kids, then turns the gun on himself? I never hear of someone shooting an intruder. That said, I hope they find this guy and shoot him where it counts. Apparently he can’t get it up anyway – coward.

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