Detroit Cop Tries to Shoot a Dog, Hits His Partner Instead [VIDEO]

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Detroit Police Commander Brian Harris said; “The dog charged at the officers, the officers fearing for their safety, one officer fired one round at the dog. The round didn’t strike the dog, it struck his partner in the lower right calf.”

Thankfully the officer is in stable condition and will be okay, but the dog owner tells 7 Action News they have a very different perspective of what happened.

Tiara didn’t want to give her last name out, but she’s the niece of the dog owner Thomasina and says she saw the shooting.

“We let the dog out to use the bathroom from the side door,” said Tiara. “The police were walking towards this door, the dog comes up, she’s protecting her area. So she just came out and she barked, she didn’t jump on them, she didn’t lunge and he was just going crazy with the gun. I thought he was gonna shoot me because he was swinging the gun all over the place. I almost had a heart attack because she’s not aggressive, she doesn’t even have teeth, she’s old.”

— Sarah Grimmer in DPD officer shooting at dog ends up hitting fellow officer

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  1. The nation’s finest, north and south, and your hard earned tax dollars at work. But hey, as long as the officers went home safely, sorta, to their loving families and to exercise government tyranny on our asses later when called on…

    • Thank god. I was bracing myself for the boitlicker population to come out of the woodwork first thing. Who the heck am I kidding, I’m sure they’ll be here any second…

      • it’s Detroit.. but I see a lot of LEO are chicken shit of dogs.. they probably would shoot a dive if it flew at them..

        • “they probably would shoot a dive if it flew at them..”

          A dive was my favorite type of bar to hang out in, ‘back in the day’.

          There’s just something about of the fragrant odor of stale smoke, fermented spilled beer, rancid vomit, and urine to set a place apart, don’t you think? Really adds to the ambience.

          Oh, the $2.50 pitchers of cheap American beer in the early 1980s did help… 🙂

    • They do it simply because they can. Hopefully they start getting the john wick treatment more often than not as a result of their actions. That would alter their approach to dogs methinks.

    • While serving in the CENTCOM AOR, I observed that those ethnicities (Arabs mostly) had no love for dogs. In fact, they had an irrational fear of them. We would watch “police” patrols of locals drive pickups loaded with armed “officers” go through the neighborhoods and shoot all dogs they find.

      Detroit has a large population of people from North Africa and the Middle-East. Those demographics are probably represented in their police force. So it might also be a cultural thing for them. Not justifying their actions, just wondering if there is a correlation.

      • Saudis do like Salukis, they use them to hunt. I had short-haired one when I lived in Riyadh, working as a contractor. I named her Shawarma. She was a great dog and I was sad to leave her with a friend when I came back to the states.

  2. Dog = man’s best friend. Meanwhile, Helen Keller could scroll Google and find story after story like this without even trying. Also, why is it that couriers can deal with dogs without resorting to violence but cops have to shoot every mouse fart that wafts in their general direction. Something is seriously wrong with a rather large segment of those who seek out this line of work. Can y’all just stop being big blubbering pansies for two seconds? Christ.

    • Yeah, for one of my jobs I do home health visits with veterans. A large number have dogs. The ones that are aggressive, the owners lock them up. The rest tell me they are not aggressive. Never felt threatened no matter how much they barked. I have had all sorts of animals and been bitten by all sorts of animals in my life. It would have to be an ongoing serious attack before I would shoot a dog.

    • That what azzholes who should not be cops do. They shoot at an old dog being a dog and hit their partner.

      • Many cops are frustrated because they work hard to put someone away and the case gets dismissed for reasons they do not agree. Many cops want the perps and their families to receive some punishment, so they will wreck a set of $10,000 double doors and the entryway they were so proud of, even if the doors are unlocked or wide open. Killing a beloved pet will always stick with the family, since it is not human, the police say they felt threatened and they get their punishment fix. Sadly, the whole family will now hate cops and will never work with them.

    • Beat me to it. I was going to say:

      “Must be AFT in training. Once they reach the requirement of at least 95% shots-to-dog-hits ratio, they may advance to door breaching.”

  3. For handguns: There is less than a 0.0004% probability that a person will be shot accidentally by an ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) law abiding gun carrier when the firearm is out of the holster.

    For handguns: There is a little more than a 6% probability that a person will be shot accidentally by law enforcement when the firearm is out of the holster.

    For handguns when the firearm is out of the holster: A person is literally in more danger (by about 15,000 times) of being shot accidentally by law enforcement than they are of being shot accidentally by an ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) law abiding gun carrier.

    For rifles, when in shouldered firing position: There is a 0.0005% probability that a person will be shot accidentally by an ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) law abiding gun carrier. There is a 4.7% probability that a person will be shot accidentally by law enforcement. A person is literally in more danger (by about 9,400 times) of being shot accidentally by law enforcement than they are of being shot accidentally by an ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) law abiding gun carrier.

        • Its a year long project conducted by my wife and her research partners on a contract for a research study. Shes a contract journalists, and between contracts for that she does contract research projects for various agencies and research groups/companies. This project ends October 1 2022. For this project, basically, it uses data from state records of all 50 states and federal systems (including NIH and CDC and federal law enforcement agencies records) for just those ruled to be accidental shooting in either investigation or by adjudication and ‘victim’ interviews.

          It includes (the study) those ‘others’ actually hit, not those which are near misses (those ‘others’ not actually hit) or personal injury ‘negligent discharge’ types but there is data on these too.

          When near misses (those ‘others’ not actually hit) and personal injury ‘negligent discharge’ types are factored in ::::

          law enforcement – handgun (out of holster): slightly over 7% probability.

          ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) – handgun (out of holster): A little over 0.0004% probability.

          law enforcement – rifle (shouldered firing position): 5.2% probability.

          ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) – rifle (shouldered firing position): a little over 0.0003% probability.

        • The reason for the extremely/astronomically higher accidental shootings by law enforcement is the ‘mentality’ of law enforcement when it comes to handling their firearm:

          1. They tend to place their fingers on the trigger when they shouldn’t, especially while they are very active and moving.

          2. They tend to become fixated on another thing (e.g. searching a person) and loose awareness of their fingers on the trigger.

          3. They tend to point their firearms in ‘general directions’ movements while moving while there are other innocents around, while their fingers are on the triggers.

          4. They tend to use their firearms in situations that do not really call for it at the moment with no imminent threat – just in case. In the civilian gun world this would be called (the concepts of) ‘preemptive defense’ (or ‘preparatory defense’) and its illegal, in the law enforcement world its in the ‘officers’ judgement and permitted. But also, in the civilian gun world this is called broadly (the concept) an ‘unlawful brandishing’ and you can get arrested for it if there was no actual imminent threat but in the law enforcement world its part of the ‘group think’ mentality encapsulated under the very generous ‘officer safety’ and ‘judgement’ call of the officer which is used in a lot of accidental shootings to ‘settle’ with the victims so its kept quiet and out of the news and very few members of law enforcement receive any penalty for it.

          Granted, not all law enforcement personnel are like this as some of them actually have a basis of civilian level practice and training where these things ‘errors’ are not that common and frowned upon for the very reason of preventing accidental shootings and promoting/practicing safety but as a whole in the law enforcement community its very present.

        • correction:

          “The reason for the extremely/astronomically higher accidental shootings by law enforcement is the ‘mentality’ of law enforcement when it comes to handling their firearm:”

          should have been …

          “The reason for the extremely/astronomically higher accidental shootings probability by law enforcement is the ‘mentality’ of law enforcement when it comes to handling their firearm:”

      • Easy, just add a zero after the police statistics and call it “The Word of dacian”….
        no shit, you can look it up in his posts

    • Most gun owners get better and more instruction than cops, Feds, and related species. I’d wager my house the participants of this forum get far more practice handling firearms than the typical cop.

      • That’s because I (and most gun enthusiasts) shoot often for fun. They shoot occasionally when required to qualify.

  4. LOL! Keystone Cops. Clowns.

    My mantra has always been, stay as far away from cops as possible. The last thing any law-abiding citizen should want to see is a cop.

  5. It’s things like this that make me shake my head. Just the fact that you wear a uniform doesn’t mean you know how to use a firearm. So, when I hear about all this gun confiscation business and the IRS hiring 87,000 agents they are arming with military grade equipment the first thing I think about is how many of them are going to get shot if and when they try to enforce the illegal acts they were hired to do. I think it is fool hardy to think that the Government in this Country would even seriously consider harassing over 150 million gun owners and growing at a rate of over one million a month with a very limited number of capable people to deal with the such a fool hardy task.

    • This, exactly. First line of defense is the fence, second line of defense is the dog and the guiena chickens. Start killing that second line of defense, I’m justified in shooting the shooter.

    • I read the opening comment but cannot see what the hell shooting a dog has got to do with gun control but I give you that it is abit amusing even if it really shouldn’t be.
      The fact is that with so many guns about the place and with what I would see as inadequate training in far too many police forces, plus the police going about their duties in perpetual, fear of their lives, has perhaps resulted in a tendency for being trigger happy the result being that accidents are pretty much guaranteed.

      Isn’t always the case that everybodies dog would not harm a fly and every mothers son, however heinious the crime, is ‘good boy who loves his mother and apple pie’ and had ‘ambitions ‘ to be a bloody brain surgeon before he was shot doing a drug deal gone wrong.

      It reminds me of Mark Anthony’s address at the funeral of CEASAR.

      ‘The ill than men do lives on but the good is oft interred with their bones” And so it is with, all too often apparently, the Police Forces of the USA.

      • The moral of the story is that we need to disarm the police so they don’t shoot dogs, innocent bystanders, or each other. The rest of us civilians need to keep our guns because we’re much less likely than the government agents to shoot dogs, innocent bystanders, or each other.

      • No dogs were harmed in all of britain yesterday, since the whole of all bobbies turned out for the multi, multi million pound extravaganza to plant the queen mum into the dirt.
        Hey Al, you and your chums enjoy your warm pint and turnip soup pondering that and wondering how you’ll manage to pay the heat this coming winter… bloody shame, I do say ol chap

  6. This story could only have been better if the officer had shot himself. I used to tell my guys they had hell to pay if they ever hurt a dog but I also had animal control give lessons on understanding dogs behavior and what is and isn’t aggression.

  7. Failing to hit the dog I’m sure it then proceeded to maul the officers. Right? It was dangerous enough to shoot at after all.

    • I’ve always heard if it’s worth shooting once then it’s worth shooting twice. He should of capped him in the other leg.

  8. Generally most dogs just need to get a smell of me and everything is ok. But even with my love of animals, there have been a few that needed to be put down.

    I’m not seeing an issue in this article about dogs though. The problem here is cops shooting eachother. They have enough problems without having to deal with this too.

  9. Karma can be a female dog….

    Officer will probably blame his Glock for his partner’s acute case of sudden-onset “Glock Leg”!

  10. Man, this really makes me want to destroy all my guns so that these extremely trained professionals can protect me, if they feel like arriving after 5 to 20 minutes, and provided that cellphones work and i have time to call them.

  11. Y’all are missing the narrative. This brilliant LEO has a BIG future ahead of him; I hear he’s been offered a job training ATF agents.

    As others have mentioned, ATF/FBI/DEA/local SWAT, etc. shoot dogs BECAUSE THEY CAN. And get away with it. Combination of poor training, arrogance, and a chip on their (collective) shoulder. Cops, we “get” why you’re pissed about how you’re being treated, but (i) a little introspection about “did we do anything to earn this?”, and (ii) the average dog owner ISN’T the one you should be p***ed off at. At most, that dog owner is a vote, possibly for the mayor/city council, etc. that is “defunding the police”. Quite possibly, they voted for politicians that support police. Either way, a vote you don’t like is not an excuse to murder a dog.

    I’ve done door-to-door cavassing for several political campaigns in my youth, and encountered literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs. Most were territorial, some were protective, a FEW were outright aggressive. I only came across one that I felt was a threat (and the owner locked it up in the backyard). Mailmen, delivery men, meter readers, etc. deal with dogs all the time, and I rarely if ever read stories about “UPS delivery driver shoots dog”. Angry, untrained, and incompetent is no way to go through life, boy.

    • F-Troop shoot dogs because shooting the alleged perpetrator’s children to force a confession is frowned on by their management.

      • Southern,

        Nah, it isn’t the shooting the kids thing that gets them in trouble. Overheard conversation between ATF agent and supervisor:

        Agent: I needed to get the father to admit he had a solvent trap, and he told me to f*** off, so I shot his kid in front of him to make him talk!!!

        Supervisor: IDIOT!!! You shoot the kid, THEN you put the “burner” gun in the kid’s hand!! You always forget the ‘plant the gun’ part!!

  12. Cops are notoriously poor shots. Most hate their monthly time on the range. Sounds like this Barney needs to keep his bullet in his pocket.

  13. If the cop is that much of a whimp he should resign. I am so sick of hearing the excuse ” I feared for my safety”. If you cant handle the job then stay out of the police force.

  14. As a rural mailman, I encounter dogs everyday. Some are friendly, some are not. Every once in a while one bites me. I haven’t died yet and I’ve never felt the need to kill one.

  15. Yep and these are the guys who are going to confiscate our firearms? Most of them won’t survive the process. Either they will shoot each other or get shot and there will be as many guns out there as there were before because of course the criminals will still have theirs.

  16. In 2007, a 5 yr old boy in my wife’s Sunday School class was killed by police attempting to shoot a snake in a bird feeder. I recommend reading the book written by his parents, The Austin Haley Story. After that tragedy, I spoke with his parents about my carrying as part of our church security team. I told them that when I was 5 years old, I knew better than to do what those cops did. They had no problem with me, police or guns in general, but knew there were people that lacked the training or common sense that safe gun handling requires.

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