DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are You A Heartless Bastard?

Maybe ET cut out the bit where Jessica Alba offered a solution to “gun violence” she decries. I guess that would be too political for the Teen Choice Awards. Anyway, despite Americans for Responsible Solutions’ push to get gun control advocates to tone down the bloody shirt waving, the mainstream media continues to parade the bereaved’s heartbreak to further their mutual crusade for gun control. Here’s the thing . . .

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallAs things currently stand in the Home of the Brave, courage means suffering. And suffering sells. The unspoken accusation accompanying this enact-gun-control-to-stop-the-pain “argument”: gun rights advocates are heartless bastards. Selfish. Is that true? What do you do for your fellow man that would convince a gun control advocate “if you prick me, do I not bleed?”


    1. avatar Henry Bowman says:

      Funny how people who live in gated communities, make millions, and are armed and have armed guards call for open borders/mass immigration, disarming the people of the nation, and telling working and middle class people to “suck it up” and call them names for wanting a shot at a life above hand to mouth and they call us “heartless bastards”…?

      Jessica Alba, you were never all that skilled, or even hot, your 15 mins were up long ago, now go away.

    2. avatar John A says:

      Indeed I am, thank you for asking…

  1. avatar Wood says:

    By gory, I work to pay taxes to take care of a whole passel of welfare dependents. And I take care of myself so I can continue to take care of them.

  2. avatar Chris says:

    I give A Neg blood every 8 weeks, without fail. It’s available to anyone who needs it, no matter what your politics or lifestyle choice. Just got my 3 gallon pin. How many gun controllers do that?

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      I was on hold for a year after going to Africa, but I’m back at it. I’ve been donating blood since I was 18.
      That’s the charitable side of me.
      The other part of me works full time so that the .gov can steal money from me and buy stupid stuff and give it to lazy people.

      1. avatar Chris says:

        Me too Tom, I had to go on hold after Africa. I too pay considerable taxes. Most of the POTG I know are more charitable than non-POTG.

      2. avatar samuraichatter says:

        Acupuncture did me in. I used to give blood until I got it. Now I can’t.

    2. avatar FlaResident says:

      I’m at the 15 gallon mark myself. Donating blood is my favorite way to do community service, because I can lay down an sip orange juice while doing it. Screw that habitat for humanity stuff

      1. avatar Kmeisner says:

        Lol what does this thread have to do with anything? I think you should all check your pulse. Like now.

        1. avatar Sunshine_Shooter says:

          Haven’t you been reading? They get other people to do it every 8 weeks.

    3. avatar Herb says:

      I’m A Neg, gave right after 9-11, but in 2002 was banned forever because I was stationed in Germany in the 1980’s.

      Homosexuals can donate but I can’t. Go figure and/or flame away.

  3. avatar Mecha75 says:

    Oh puh-leez!!!! They are contrarians and when something is UP, they must make it down. It is more heartless to intentionally leave someone defenseless when facing the wolves.

  4. avatar mk10108 says:

    Liberal application of Kryptonite cream….works for me.

    1. avatar General Zod says:

      I’d stay away from that stuff of I were you…

  5. avatar Jomo says:

    I blatantly don’t care. The whole, “you’re selfish and heartless” argument plays into their hands. It’s a base appeal to emotion. They win that game every time. I refuse to play. The best pilots in the Air Force and Navy could take a dog of an airplane (F4 Phantom) and make it perform in a dogfight. One of the principle means of doing that is by taking the fight out of the other guy’s safe space.

    That’s the way we win. Take the fight out of the emotional realm. Stall their legislative efforts until the raw emotion has faded and we deny them the energy they need to get a quick victory. Every time they play the “feelings” card, we need to pull it back to the realm of reason. An idiot will pull you down to his level and beat you with experience. Don’t play the game.

    1. avatar Keystone says:

      Ah, the old “Don’t fight the other guy’s fight” ethos. Wise words to live by.

    2. avatar LJPII says:

      How dare you leave out the Marine Corps pilots. That’s racist.

      1. avatar Jordan says:

        Eh. It is more specie-ist than anything. They may also be pilots but they are Marines first. That takes them out the realm of humans into something far crazier. Rational pilots know that cable TV and cappuccino are prerequisites for fighting a war.

        -Current USAF pilot.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Are You A Heartless Bastard?

    Damn right I am, you FLAME DELETED. You got a problem with that?

    I think it’s better to be a heartless bastard than a brainless twit.

    1. avatar TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

      I think we should start a “Heartless Bastards” club.

      The first thing we need is a cool patch… ?

      1. avatar notalima says:

        I’m in.

        I’m already the President of the “I am the ‘mean people suck'” local 264.

        My ‘monkey sphere’ is tiny and gets smaller every time these wankers spew more vitriol, misinformation, demands for reparations, etc., etc., etc.

        I don’t care that the store wouldn’t let you bring in your tiny toy dog, or that your latte was not quite right, or someone used the phrase ‘chic flic’ and you needed to find a safe space to deal with the hurtful feelings that engendered, or you heard a backfire and were terrified and now want guns banned, or you just don’t understand why all those folks in the ‘fly-over states’ are hateful towards you when you just want the best for them in saving them from their own ignorance, or…

        (that’s sarc, in case it is not obvious…)

    2. avatar Swarf says:



  7. avatar Ben says:

    I pay my taxes. Which allows disabled and elderly countrymen and women to sustain an acceptable standard of living. No need to thank me, it’s my duty. Heartless bastard? Nope.

  8. avatar Kendahl says:

    The heartless bastards are the violent criminals who prey on helpless victims. Since, guns prevent that from happening, gun people are the humanitarians. The gun control crowd are the criminals’ enablers.

    1. avatar Realist says:

      And they are the TRUE heartless bastards.

      They want decent folks to be devoured by the riff-raff and thugs.

  9. avatar Turd Ferguson says:

    I’ve got a wife and kids who love me and I them.

    That’s why I carry.

    Don’t care what someone else thinks.

    Jessica Alba needs to focus on her sh!tty company “Honest” and the product lies shes horking. Her kids sunscreen is useless and she’s the subject of various lawsuits.

  10. avatar John L. says:

    Depends on who’s asking and how they ask.

    Ask nicely and treat me like a human being, I’ll be a nice guy. Treat me like pond scum and, well, insert your analogy of choice here for expressing disdain. (Personally I’m fond of the one about crossing the road to extinguish a fire by unsavory methods.)

    Bottom line, I only care what certain people think of me. It’s a small list and I guarantee it doesn’t include random celebrities or media personalities.

  11. avatar James says:

    So is a criminal like the “father” that just drown his baby in Milwaukee, because of an argument with the baby momma, not selfish or a heartless bastard because he didn’t use a gun?

    If taking my own personal responsibility seriously is selfish and heartless, so be it. I’m not the one committing violent crime.

  12. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Better than being a bleeding heart who will not force the leeches of society to help themselves.

  13. avatar Reggie Browning says:

    Not a heartless bastard. You just can’t go through life if you cry over every death of random people you didn’t know. You would be depressed every single second of every single day. And then you would vote to enact a bunch of irrational laws in an attempt to stop the killing but it wouldn’t work and would just make a lot of innocent people angry or sad too.

    1. avatar notalima says:

      “Not a heartless bastard. You just can’t go through life if you cry over every death of random people you didn’t know.”

      Monkey Sphere (or, Dunbar’s Number)

  14. avatar SelousX says:

    I got one life when I was born. If my firearms and the willingness to use them to defend my loved ones and I are what defines ‘heartless’, then I am heartless.

  15. Maybe Khizr Khan should wave a pocket Constitution at them.

  16. avatar Mark N. says:

    A heartless bastard? Of course. I am an attorney; it’s part of the job description.

    1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      My sister is an attorney, I believe she has “ruthless bitch” listed on her CV…

  17. avatar tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

    Yes, but I would still be one of I was on the other side of the fence.

  18. avatar Cisco - California says:

    Am I not legally entitled to not give a damn about people I don’t know? If that makes me a heartless bastard, so be it. I’ll be one and be proud of it.

  19. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I could say the same about gun-grabbers who want to ensure that rapists can devastate women’s lives with impunity. In fact I have said such things on forums. For some odd reason, the admins on those forums always delete that truth.

  20. avatar Wiregrass says:

    I recently made a contribution to help a dirt poor community in Haiti that was displaced by the earthquake, and then once again by the Clinton Foundation.

    1. avatar X says:

      You should bill Hillary.
      He doesn’t anymore…

  21. avatar bawb says:

    Sometimes. I want to move my coffee table I don’t emotion it across the room, I pick it up, carry it, set it down. I don’t get sad about water obeying gravity when it rains. I’m sorry bad things happen to people, but banging my head against a wall won’t help. Neither will giving up stuff I enjoy.

  22. avatar Shire-man says:

    I’m selfish and heartless yet they’re the ones telling me what I can and can’t do. They’re the ones berating me day in day out. They’re the ones calling me names. They’re the ones using mass media to smear my name.

    Why not just shut your mouth and pick the cotton? You selfish and heartless or something?

  23. avatar formerwaterwalker says:

    Nah I’m a wonderful guy who’s wife fell in love with me after she saw me holding little babies. Mess with my family and I get less wonderful. Honestly Jessica Alba looks good… and that’s above it. Talent free actress, crappy company and did I mention she can’t act? Fill those children’s heads with mush…

  24. avatar LarryinTX says:

    In addition to around $17K/year in taxes before we get to sales taxes, I decided several years back to overtip for the rest of my life. Recently paid for a family dinner out with a bill of $450, added a $150 tip. My bride picked up on that and started tipping the maid at motels, and the person serving the free breakfast. Get the connection? Those are people who freaking WORK! But as pertains to supporting people whose only other income is from dealing drugs (and so, unreported), yes, absolutely I am a heartless bastard, let them starve. That is actually not true, I must admit, I have long said that this great country should not allow anyone to starve. There should be the modern equivalent of the soup kitchens of the ’30s, nutritious meals available to absolutely anyone, come and get it, in a chauffeured limo or crawling. No takeout. No qualifications. Because any benefit, from the government, should be equally available to every American, arguably every resident of America. “Means testing” is just another way of dividing the country into those who loaf and those who pay for everything. Besides, eliminating food stamps should pay for the whole country.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Friend of mine makes it a practice to pay for the people in line behind him while OCing in Burger King etc as a goodwill gesture for People Of The Gun.

    2. avatar Arkansas kurt says:

      If I was an expert in tax law and could figure out a way to write off my entire tax burden through making charitable donations, I would do it in a heartbeat. I’d donate every bit of it to the nra, saf, goa, and wounded warriors. I don’t care if it doubled my tax burden, I would sleep well at night knowing that my money is actually doing something worthwhile.

  25. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Of course I have a heart. I keep one in a jar, right here on my desk.

    1. avatar jwm says:


  26. I train so I can place every bullet on target thereby protecting innocent bystanders from stray rounds. Basically, I have no stray rounds. They are all well trained.

  27. avatar ted says:

    I’ve got lots of heart.

    I also have a brain.

    I don’t substitute one for the other….you shouldn’t either.

  28. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Projection (in medicine). 2. The attribution of one’s own attitudes, feelings, or suppositions to others.

    Liberals are masters of projection. They belong to the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crowe, etc., so naturally they spend most of their time running around calling Republicans racist. They call those of us who know what ‘photosynthesis’ is or what a human baby is ‘anti-science’. They deny those who live in their realms (inner cities) the right to protect themselves from the criminals they foster and call us heartless bastards for wanting their subjects to be free to defend themselves. This should be common knowledge by now.

    1. avatar ThomasR says:

      Yep. They call us heartless bastards because we refuse to accept their god of the state as our master; and we it’s slaves.

  29. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Depends on what one quantifies as a heartless bastard….

    I do not fold on convictions, which are founded in evidence and reason, based solely on flagrant pleas to emotion.

    So, if that is being a “heartless bastard”, then guilty as charged.

  30. avatar Shawn says:

    Selling CDs isn’t what got Alton Sterling killed. Resisting arrest with a handgun in his pocket is what got him killed.

    1. avatar Ranger Rick says:

      And “he resisted arrest because he was a felon in possession of a firearm”. Not to mention that the 9-11 caller said he was brandishing it.

    2. avatar the ruester says:

      Ah, but trumpeting Alton Sterling’s death as a legitimate case of police abuse IS what got all those cops killed…

      Did you read the demands of the NY blm group? They LITERALLY want the police to be disbanded, no more arresting people for anything. It’s like The Onion is spilling out into the real world.

  31. avatar James in AZ says:

    I pay a very large portion of my income as taxes, and try really really hard to stay out of jail with all that trampling on my freedom.

    Am I heartless? No. But I’ve done enough, and I’m tired. I want what I want and you can go F yourself. Don’t like it? Talk to my 45.

  32. avatar Darkstar says:

    I’m not heartless. I love my wife, my family, and my friends, and most dogs. I am polite and nice to other folks until they are no longer deserving of me being nice and polite. For all other assorted dead-beats, criminals, idiots, leeches, and other human debris I have zero pity. My personal creedo is “don’t be an asshole”, there are far, far too many assholes out there.

  33. avatar Jim says:

    I teach. I take students that have never been challenged in all their years of schooling and I make them produce. Yep, I’ve been called every name in the book from SOB to racist. Water off a ducks back.

  34. avatar erin howell says:

    I give sympathy, caring, understanding, and help to those that deserve it and attempt to help themselves.

    That said yeah I’m a heartless bastard, to those with dipshit liberal minds. [email protected]$k em and feed em fish heads.

  35. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    When necessary.

  36. avatar Specialist38 says:

    No. I focus on the rights of all people, not just myself.

    When you take emotion out of the equation, civil rights stand firm.

    When emotion overrides reason, all civil rights can be improperly “alienated”.

    I want all people to be able to exercise all their rights. Especially my kids.

    So I support the 2nd amendment “FOR THE CHILDREN”.

    Rights trump emotion and opinion.

  37. avatar Capybara says:

    You would think all of the pseudo intellectuals who are gun grabbers would have enough intelligence to shift their viewpoint to realize that EVERYONE is a heartless bastard to someone. We humans run around so sanctimonious and pious that we are better, superior, more kind and more compassionate than everyone we are surrounded by when in reality, the average human is an emotional wreck. It’s all about perception and viewpoint.

    Jessica Alba (who I have worked with) is no different than any other Hollywood actor, they are the deadly combination of insecure (like me, love me, give me applause) and narcissist (wow, look at all of this money, magazine covers, people telling me I am special, I guess I must be). Actors are among the least qualified to offer anyone advice or opinion about anything of substance, yet the sheeple lap up whatever they say simply because actors a prominent in the media.

    If being a heartless bastard means defending your life and the lives of your loved ones, then yes, buy me the t-shirt, I am so heartless.

  38. avatar Tal says:

    I love my family more than I give a shit about what a celebrity thinks.

    The heartless bastard is the rich prick who has armed security 24/7 but thinks they can refuse me my right to defend myself because apparently my life isn’t worth as much as theirs.

    1. avatar pg2 says:

      Exactly. At the same time, it’s questionable what these pop stars really even believe….this was obviously a manufactured propaganda piece, she read her lines.

  39. avatar BDub says:

    I do two things that if everybody did them, the world would be a magical and peaceful place….I earn my own keep, and I stay out of other people’s business.

    Heartless, I know.

  40. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    You meet the nicest people on the gun range. I haven’t encountered anyone I would consider “heartless.” Through my work I meet a lot of people, from every segment of the local population, and gun people, as a group, seem more polite and more concerned about others than the general population.

    Most POTG that I have met are a lot like me. They give generously to church and charity. They get involved in local service clubs. They donate their time and talents to various worthy causes.

    And they have guns to protect themselves and their loved ones from all manner of predators. Because, you know, they have a heart.

  41. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Heartless bastard? Sounds like people practicing displacement. Don’t like violence in the world? Well, neither do I, which is why I don’t initiate violence. My being prepared to respond to violence with violence does not make me a heartless bastard, however. Ms. Alba’s basic quarrel is with reality, not me or my self-defense firearme.

    Well, she may also have a quarrel with Derek Jeter for reportedly giving her a case of herpes, but that, too, like criminal violence in the world, has nothing to do with me or my self-defense firearms.

  42. avatar Troutbum5 says:

    No, I don’t play in James McMurtry’s band.

  43. avatar Leadslinger says:

    I do not care what you to think. I keep you for cold nights and days when there’s nothing to do. Not to hear you talk.

    – From the movie Joe Kidd

  44. avatar samuraichatter says:

    Everything I have ever seen, heard about, or been exposed to with Jessica Alba’s name on it conveys to me that she is just not a nice person. She comes across as stuck up, vapid, and judgmental. I could be wrong about her but she looks so much like a politician here it is nauseating.

  45. avatar strych9 says:

    Internal diagnostics indicate that my ice pump is working at optimal efficency.

    Thanks for asking.

  46. avatar preston says:

    i may by heartless but I’m definitely not nutless. GODDAMN she is unbelievable fine!!!

  47. avatar Hank says:

    I’d answer the question, but Matthew 6:1 gets in the way. How unHollywood of me.

    “In America, everyone should know about the good work we’re doing anonymously.” Jay Leno.

  48. avatar Tom in Georgia says:

    Heartless? No, I’ve been accused of forgiveness and sympathy to a fault. But when it comes to personal convictions you will never find a harder screw as long as I live. There’s a reason some of us Ozarkers were called rock-ribbed, because early on it was indeed very hard living.


  49. avatar Mikial says:

    Absolutely. I’m the kind of heartless bastard who has done close protection for people I didn’t even like because they trusted me and paid me to do it. Does that count?

  50. avatar JohnF says:

    I have never been arrested or sued. I volunteered to serve my country in the military. I pay my taxes. I go to church and follow moral principles as best I can. My kids turned out really, really well, so I did something right there. I will help anyone I know who asks. I rescued two dogs. I try to be as nice to people as I can.

    But I believe in the RTKABA and I don’t think gun control is the answer to gun violence. I belong to, contribute to and volunteer for pro-gun organizations and candidates. I also think celebrities should STFU and entertain us, not be publicly sanctimonious about stuff they don’t know squat about. If that makes me a heartless bastard, so be it, but I think I’m the kind of heartless bastard the country needs more of.

  51. avatar Jp says:

    Who is jessica alba?
    Nevermind i dont care.
    Selfish bastard???? Been called worse by better.

  52. avatar Excedrine says:

    Q. Are you a heartless bastard?

    A. Yes. Yes, I am.

    Next question.

  53. Why “yes”, “yes” I am a “cold-hearted bastard” and I’m proud of myself. As an example after a number of burglaries, vandalism etc in my neighborhood I saw four (4) of the culprits (we ALL knew who they were) daring each other to tread onto the thawing ice forty plus (40+) yards from the shore here on N.J.’s largest lake one March in 1998. I stood and watched as each broke through, fell in up to their chest, got stuck in the muck, and fail as they repeatedly struggled to get back onto the thicker sheet of ice. What did I do? Of course “nothing”, no call to the police, rescue squad or fire department nor did I use my 13 foot ladder that I keep nearby for just this sort of emergency to aid these miscreants. After fifteen (15) minutes I went inside leaving them to their fate, “F***-’em”, another neighbor later realized their plight and called 911. A few months later a town police lieutenant asked why I didn’t “make the call” to authorities I told him that had his officers done their job in the first place (some of the teens were sons of another police lieutenant another of a town hall employee) the bastards wouldn’t have been out on the lake in the middle of the day and not in school or juvenile detention facility where they belonged. Yup I’m a “cold-hearted bastard”.

    When it comes to the 2nd Amendment and protecting me and mine I’ll be just as “cold-hearted” and a “bastard”, you “F” with me and present a threat you best be prepared for a “dirt nap”.

  54. avatar the ruester says:

    The real message of the video, indeed of the entire movement, seems to be “if you kill all our criminals there won’t be anyone left!” It is DESIGNED to reinforce negative racial stereotypes. Think about it, if that’s not the purpose, why is it so clearly the result? Does hollywood suck that bad when it’s selling you other stuff? Then how could they be ignorant of the actual optics, here?

  55. avatar VeryGoodGrasshopper says:

    This fargin’ bastage took an oath to protect the right allowing those who didn’t to publicly voice judgement against me. My daughters have been raised to respect as well as appreciate the art of shooting. Additionally, said daughters are proud supporters of personal accountability which they’ll take with them as they contribute positively to society. #HeartlessBastageLivesMatter

  56. avatar PeterK says:

    What is truly heartless is enforcing victim-hood on an entire nation and pretending that’s a moral high ground.

  57. avatar DefaultSam says:

    I love when antis do the “for the children” arguments and then I drop on them I’ve been a foster parent for the state for years. So much back pedal quick fast and in a hurry.

  58. avatar justin_ga says:

    I hear this pro-firearm=cold hearted bastard line all the time. It used to get to me and I’d typically get in to a verbal debate or argument about there unnecessary verbal insulting of those who want to exercise there second amendment rights. Then I really thought about it and decided it was a waste of my time and energy. I’ve found those who can’t support their argument with objective logic, have to resort to derogatory name calling. Beside’s and most importantly my reason for exercising my second amendment rights to own and conceal carry a firearm is to protect myself and others against the real cold hearted bastards that want harm others with violence. And yes, that includes the innocent individuals who call me a cold hearted bastard! I wonder what that individual would have to say if a conceal carrying stranger prevented an evil doer from taking THERE life and the lives of other innocent individuals with a firearm.

  59. avatar Scott says:

    My wife and I do free marriage counseling for current and retired military and have a pretty good track record despite the variables. We both also carry full time, and each of us, independently of the other, have times when doing so got us home safely without firing a shot. But we also have the mindset that had it been necessary, we would have stopped the threat.

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