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Just remember…this is an election year. Which means it’s critically important to distract attention from the fact that the United States just absorbed a hit by an ISIS-inspired terrorist, costing 49 lives. At least this time they’re not claiming it’s due to a YouTube video.

What passes for a reasoned national conversation on guns.

The November election is the reason why an attack by a militant Islamist Hillary supporter has been alchemized by Democrats and their compliant media megaphones into an indictment of the GOP, the homophobia Republicans have allegedly fueled, and the supposed violence of America’s law abiding firearms owners and gun culture.

So now we’re treated to this little display:

Georgia Rep. John Lewis, a congressman known for historic contribution to the civil rights movement, is leading a sit-in on the House floor Wednesday to push Republicans to address gun violence.

“Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes you have to make a way out of no way. We have been too quiet for too long,” the Democratic civil rights leader said, as nearly 30 of his colleagues came to join him on the floor. “There comes a time when you have to say something, when you have to make a little noise, when you have to move your feet. This is the time. Now is the time to get in the way. The time to act is now. We will be silent no more.”

The group the chanted from the floor: “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!” and “No bill, no break!” while the House remained in recess as of 1 p.m. ET.

CNN compliantly equates the current cynical, naked political kabuki with the fight for civil rights Lewis and others waged 50 years ago. It’s too bad that since then, the Congressman and his partners in slime have decided to pick and choose the civil rights for which they’re now willing to fight; conspicuously ignoring that the RKBA is every bit as integral to freedom as the right to free speech, assembly, voting and due process. But you probably knew that.

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Some Republicans Caving on No-Fly Due Process">Previous Post
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    • And while they’re busy acting like clowns, the real problem behind the terrorist threat continues unabated…the reckless importation of millions of Muslims and other third worlders into this country….not to mention the wide open southern border for those unlucky few who couldn’t snag a visa to the US.

      • That’s the entire point of this. Keep the lapdog media focused on this circus so as to avoid the left’s other acts of treason destroying the nation. Business as usual from the morally bankrupt types.

        • You think the right is doing anything to stop the immigration? Fuck, and no. Way too much money for both sides in the immigration bidness.

  1. U gotta be kidding me. ” i didnt get what i want, so im a sit on the flo until someone pays attention to me, waaaa” !!! Absolutely absurd.

  2. Good, that will be the opportunity to remind people who actually vote against the “no fly no buy” bill and how hypocrite they really are…

    • That’s the funny thing — EVERY senator voted FOR “no fly, no buy”. These protesters are protesting because they didn’t get the bill they wanted. Every one of these senators voted against a bill that would have actually passed (such as the Cornyn version). And every senator voted for approving a no-fly, no-buy.

      If they can’t resolve their minor differences between these bills (mainly, due process) then — the hell with ’em. This pouting and whining on the senate floor is strictly a play for votes in November. They are not in any way serious about actually “improving safety” or three of them (yes, just three of them) would have found the guts to vote for one of the republican bills. But they wouldn’t. They say “it’s my way or the highway”. Well, take the highway, d-bags.

      • This is also a poignant reminder that Democrats really don’t want compromise.

        Democrats’ idea of compromise: give me half of what I want right now and the other half of what I want later … and you get NOTHING now or later.

  3. I can only conclude that all of this was orchestrated well in advance of yesterday’s vote. This is purely political posturing to advance Hillary’s candidacy ordered by the DNC. It is critically important for the Republicans to massively publicize this rampant hypocrisy. If the media will give them the time of day, instead of pushing Graham in our faces.

    • Exactly.

      Remind them that EVERY republican in the senate voted FOR a version of no-fly, no-buy. Every single one of them.

      • Remind all Republican voters too, because neither of those bills was Constitutional on its face. Even the Republican bill would have suspended a Constitutionally protected right for 72 hours.

        This is exactly the kind of compromise the Dems like. If a right can be suspended for 72 hours, why not a week, or a month, or until the FBI gets around to making a decision?

        Although it’s a pretty good bet that even if that bill including the 72 hour due process language passed the Senate, the House and was signed by POTUS it would have been immediately been brought to court and an injunction sought to prevent its implementation on Constitutional grounds.

        • Existing law already lets them take up to 3 business days to process any NICS check.

          Which is why I argued a new law isn’t necessary in the first place. They already have 3 business days in which to bring a felony indictment for something, anything, any one of the thousands of crimes on the books. It doesn’t even have to be violent, the way the law is written. Or they can get local authorities to do the same. They don’t even have to build an ironclad case, just make the ham sandwich then let it languish in the courts for six months while they do the real heavy lifting.

    • Don’t want to be an American idiot.
      One nation controlled by the media.
      Information age of hysteria.
      It’s calling out to idiot America.

    • I’m a member of the Stupid Party (Republican) that hasn’t the faintest idea of how to promote the FACT that the Dems voted down 2 bills yesterday.

      Our “leaders” are witless as witnessed by the fact that we let our debates be moderated by our political opponents.

    • You really think the Republicans are not a part of this script? The naïveté here is stunning.

    • Exactly how are they supposed to publicise that when the Dem controlled media will just censor that.

      Fox and BBC MIGHT not. But it’s the Dem voting sheeple who need to hear it

  4. So these morons don’t get paid for today right? I mean hey, if I sit around all day I won’t get paid. In fact we(the tax payers) should be charging these hippies rent!

  5. These idiots should be embarrassed, as should the people from Georgia who elected Lewis. Democrap stooges!

  6. The local news(WGN)Chicago complained the republicans cut the news feed off(he he)…

  7. The last time I pitched a fit like that I was about 4 years old. It was over a piece of gum out of a gumball machine. This lot deserves the same response I got. Their mother needs to take them firmly by the hand and take them home.

    If you’re wondering; no, I didn’t get that piece of gum.

    • Lol reminds me of when my son was 3 and had a tantrum on the floor of a market because he had seen it work for the neighbor boy in getting what he wanted. I simply walked back to where he laid and picked him up and swatted his butt a couple times, laid him back down and walked off. He quickly followed and never had another fit in store.

    • In a just world, a group of a few hundred people wouldn’t have the authority to force their agendas on us, while taking our money to fund them, in the first place.

      • “Our” money is but a pittance compared to the real money the lobbyists are providing the politicians. That’s why they don’t give a crap about the people’s.

  8. “nearly 30” (29.5? 29? 26? what is “nearly”?)
    Out of 188 Democrats….
    Out of 435 voting members….

    • Like 6% of the entire body and 15% of democrats using 30 as the number. Great sit in! LOL

      • Lol. What moron thought acting like petulant children would make for good optics? Not surprised most Democrats passed on this whinging failure theater.

        • They are playing to their base who thinks and does exactly as they are doing and will make for a great news letter to the faithful — imagine the optics on this evenings news?

          Gun Control is all about emotions, not logic.

          When Cruz filibustered the RNC raised millions over night — this will do the same for the DNC.

        • How does adopting a submissive, infantile pose after getting your butt kicked in a battle of ideas help the cause? Look at my champion curled up in a ball in the floor sucking his thumb, I am sending $20 bucks to that hero. Yeah… Whatever. Good luck with that Dims. You deserve to be fleeced.

        • CLarson, you clearly have not been paying attention to the Proggies/SJW’s of the world for the past 30+ years.

          They live for crap like this. The more empty, and empty headed, symbolism the better. Real solutions to real problems need not apply.

          So long as the MSM paints it in the “correct” light, this will be seen as a plus by their base. You can’t measure said base through any kind of logical lens or with adult expectations of behavior. They simply are neither.

        • Thanks for link, good read. While I agree that many Democrats have gone full unicorn, the fact that many chose to not personally participate in this screaming garbage baby spectacle, shows that some have a modicum of self respect. Some do have to get elected in non-gerrymandered districts, I guess.

        • JR_in_NC, does that cut both ways? I don’t see much difference in “flag waving patriots”

          Spade is a spade, and both side of the idiocy participate in virtue signalling.

          Of course being a libertarian, I’m fulfilling my own virtue signalling by calling out both sides…

          Christ almighty it hurts to be this cynical sometimes…

        • Jesse,

          I’m sure there are instances of ‘flag waving patriots’ that are doing their own brand of virtue signaling. I can’t disagree that it happens.

          BUT…let’s take it to another level. What is it those flag wavers are seeking to accomplish vice what are the SJW/Progressive virtue signalers seeking to accomplish?

          I perceive some real differences…among the masses, I mean, not the Ruling Elite. When an (R) politician waves the flag, I’m willing to bet that my cynicism goes into as high a gear as yours.

      • They could come to the conclusion that arm citizens would limit the carnage of a mass religious murder and remove obstructions to having 30-40% of citizens armed to repel an attack. But that would be to logical and continue to refuse embracing reality of evil people in this country.

  9. “There comes a time when you have to… move your feet.”
    So their way of moving the feet is to sit on the floor on their a$$. How very libtardlike… exactly what my father used to call “bassackwards”

  10. So a civil rights leader is leading a sit in to support the elimination of civil rights. Wow.

    You can’t make this stuff up. The mask has slipped completely off. They’re enemies of everything American, period.

    • When Democrats want something then it is a “right”, when they don’t want something, they simply call for it to be banned.

      • Correct. Why we need to just flat out stop considering leftists to be American. They spiritually seceded a long time ago.

  11. So, let me get this straight. Four amendments. Two sponsored by the Ds. Two sponsored by the Rs. I think all sucked, but the Rs sucked least. So the whinny shits who scream at the top of their lungs that “We must do something!” had a chance yesterday. The Rs voted down the ones sponsored by the Ds. The whiny shits voted down the ones sponsored by the Rs. Seemed like a tie across the board and freedom can take a (minor, and short) victory lap.

    Whiny shits gotta whine. Pouters gotta pout. Haters gotta hate. Go grow the f*ck up people. You are a joke.

    • They know no leftist lemming will do the research for that truth. They know the intelligence of their average supporter and are playing to it. To no one’s surprise, that means acting like children.

  12. Bread and circuses.

    Clowns all around.

    If it wasn’t a fight to deny Americans due process rights by these traitorous fiends, it would be funny.

  13. Both House and Senate will try to pass – ” Denial of Due Process ” anti-gun bills FRIDAY Afternoon , when they think we are not looking. ( If not sooner )

    Pat Toomey (R)ino , PA, is calling a senate vote on his bill. Give him your thoughts – 202-225-3121.

    • He tried to talk the NRA into eliminating due process. The NRA told him to shove it. After their meeting, Trump shut up, and the NRA re-stated their position and that it had not changed one iota.

      This is the “great dealmaker” in action. Not only did the NRA tell him to shove it up his ass, Trump then backtracked to match the NRA’s position on guns in clubs, saying “well, obviously I meant the employees or the guards, not the drinking patrons”.

      So, yeah, someone got “set straight”, but it wasn’t the NRA.

      • Got a source or link for this ? I was wondering if Mr. Trump was ‘ Loyal ‘ to preservation of Rights.

      • The sad thing is that Trump and the NRA don’t know how to respond. Please say “yes guns in clubs is good, just like designated drivers, concealed carry gun owners don’t drink, just like designated drivers, those that don’t drink protect.” By saying yea, only guards or employees, both NRA and Trump are regulating our rights. Now they even bought into “no guns in clubs”…Even when we know if there were a bunch of concealed carries in Pulse ole Mr Omar would have had three eyes real soon after walking in with his long gun.

        • A patron in a club who is obviously NOT drinking would be quickly recognized as either a designated driver or a designated defender, possibly both.

          I submit that if you are a designated defender it should be required that you open carry in an at minimum Level II retention holster. Since you would stick out anyway for not drinking, why not let the bad guys know exactly how many defenders he is going to have to deal with?

          If not open carry then at least they should be issued an armband with a large DD on it. This would obfuscate the difference between Designated Driver and Designated Defender and make it even more difficult for a Bad Guy to determine who his opponents would be.

      • Reality, you have no clue what Trump and the NRA discussed. You are talking out of your NeverTrump ass.

  14. That pic is begging for a photoshop job adding bonnets, pacifiers, and bibs. With the hammer and sickle on the bibs.

  15. I’ll bet J. Edgar Hoover would have loved being able to put Dr. King and John Lewis on a ” No fly list”.

  16. Let ’em sit there.

    When the janitorial service comes in this evening, just tell ’em to vacuum the carpet around them. Leave these dramatic children right where they’re sitting.

    As I keep telling people: These little dramatic acts by the Democrats are calculated to get the press talking about gun control – something the press loves to do – in order to distract from far larger failures by the Obama administration and the Democrats.

    The press, stupid bunch of morons they are, fall for this tactic every single time. They “flood the zone” with reporters, editors, minutes of video and column-inches, and the Obama administration knows that they can stampede a herd of elephants through Congress and no one will report on it – because the press is completely engaged in intellectual onanism on the gun issue.

    • The press, stupid bunch of morons they are, fall for this tactic every single time.
      This is not a bug, but a feature.

    • Just turn off the lights and air conditioning. Oh, and lock the bathrooms, too. Congress is in recess – why pay for lights and HVAC? And if no one’s there the bathrooms obviously don’t need cleaning so just lock them up.

  17. I wish it would happen more often. The more time they spend throwing tantrums the less time they have to fuck with us.

      • Gridlock is a feature of the Constitution, not a bug.

        Our government, on paper, is almost perfectly ineffective.

      • Amen. The founding fathers set up an inefficient system. This slows things down so the government can’t “help” us to death so quickly.

      • In his book “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” Heinlein’s characters had to find a way to delay an “important” vote. The solution was to appoint a committee to look into the matter which provided sufficient delay to make the vote irrelevant.

        This was the source of the Heinlein quote: “A committee is a life form with six or more legs and no brain.”

  18. Time to go medieval…

    Lock the doors, kill the power, send in bread and water once a day, and remove the roof.

  19. Where’s the cop with the pepper spray?
    A big 2 quart container of bear spray……that’s what this silly protest needs.

  20. A few of those guys look like they’re used to sitting down all the time, especially the fat guy on his smartphone in the background.

  21. They gave you a watchlist no-buy bill, with the barest shred of due-process, and you voted it down on the party line.

    Nobody is impressed with your tantrums.

    • That was the Senate. This is apparently the House of Representatives. It’s actually scary to consider that these people are “representative”.

  22. John Lewis is heralded as a “hero” of the Civil Rights Movement because he was a big kahuna with SNCC. The same SNCC that produced the repulsive Marion Barry (the famous “bitch set me up” crack addict) and H. “Rap” Brown (currently serving life for two murders).

    I’d take Barry and Brown over Lewis any day of the week.

  23. How adult of them. They could not get a bill passed that circumvents due process, so they are having a temper tantrum.

  24. Sen. Chris Murphy admitted live on CNN this weekend that his bill wouldn’t do anything to curb gun violence and deemed it unfair to judge gun control based on whether or not it actually works but it’s worth taking our second and fifth amendment rights. With that backwards logic why are they shocked that their nonsense was voted down? Morons, absolute morons!

    • Murphy, Blumenthal and Malloy constitute the Unholy Trinity from the snakepit known as Connecticut.

      They all give me the creeps.

  25. Mighty curious how the Demoncrats ignored gun control measures when Turd Reid controlled the Senate, “you have to pass it to read it” Pelosi controlled the House and Barry OPOTUS controlled the White House in the District of Criminals.

    • Indeed.

      Almost as funny as the one with Alan Brooks and Shannon Watts. Almost. That one is still my favorite.

  26. They had one that would have passed but it was put forth by the (R)’s so they voted against it.

    This is a textbook toddler tantrum.

  27. “There comes a time when you have to say something, when you have to make a little noise, when you have to move your feet.”

    Perhaps that’s true. However, all I see is a bunch of overwrought, overweight, aging hippies sitting on their asses. Clearly they’re not moving their feet while sitting on their butts. What noises to they plan make while sitting on their butts? Wait, don’t answer that. Bye, Felicia.

  28. Georgia Rep. John Lewis, a congressman known for historic contribution to the civil rights movement, …

    When I read that paragraph my brain automatically converted the word ‘historic’ to ‘histrionic’.

    Good brain.

    … I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired! …

    That’s a line from an excellent Everclear song (Sick and Tired). From back before Art Alexakis and Co. became a bunch of pantywaists. Much like those pictured above.

  29. Isis inspired terrorist? The only people he came in contact with that spouted any of that Isis crap were FBI informants and operatives.

  30. ” In the name of SAFETY , all Gun owners , Gun writers , and Gun blogs / web pages are hereby classified as …………….. ‘ Hate Speech ‘ violators and are stripped of ALL RIGHTS ”

    …… can’t happen here , right ?

  31. Ummmm – THE DEMOCRATS voted this bill down (all except 2). I count more than 2 in the picture. So they’re in a self induced time out because THEY voted the bill down? Do they not know that the general public has access to the votes by each person listed by name and political party affiliation?

  32. Sit-ins only work if they can inconvenience the people who have to work in or pass through the location of the sit-in. It you ARE the dumbasses that have to work or pass through the location of the sit-in, then you are not having a fucking sit-in, you are having a strike! Idiots.

  33. My daughter threw herself on the floor last night because it was bedtime..she’s 2. Eerily similar…

  34. I hope that they are locked in there for weeks and have to resort to eating each other. ?

    Every day that no new bills advance is a good day for liberty.

  35. This really is out of the ordinary. They are usually avoiding that building and their work at all costs.

    • Failure theater I can get behind! Show us some real heroics Democrats. For the children.

  36. I wonder if they’re getting thirsty sitting in their little kindergarten storytime circle all day. I could arrange to have some graham crackers and juice boxes delivered to them.

  37. “We have been too quiet for too long.”

    No, no you haven’t. You haven’t shut up about it and nobody is buying what you are selling except for a few low information voters and the lap dog leftist media.

  38. Damn that pesky Constitution. Between the 2nd Amendment protecting the bearing of arms and that 5th Amendment protecting due process, what’s a good Progressive to do? If you want to know why they aren’t getting to vote, it’s because the Democrats in the Senate stopped the one bill that might have stood Constitutional challenge.

    • I really cannot see how a law that uses a secret list to suspend a Constitutionally protected right for “only” 72 hours could possibly pass Constitutional muster. There would have been an injunction filed in the courts before Barry’s signature was dry and all the celebratory pens handed out.

      I can only hope that the Republicans in the Senate understood this and also that it was highly unlikely that the Dems would vote in favor of their Due Process version of the bill in the first place. Maybe.

  39. Liberals have always struck me as little more than petulant children, and this just proves my point.

  40. Unbelievable. They look like teenage occupy kiddos. I never would have expected this kind of behavior from a representative – even from democrats. Amazing. Zero pride or dignity for their position.

  41. This douchebag is an embarassment to my state. We have some of the best gun laws in the country in this state and this retard speaks for a very very tiny minority of mainly ghetto voters in this state. We the free citizens of Georgia ask you to accept our humble apology for this clown. He’s like that crazy old alcoholic Uncle that should have been placed in a home years ago.

  42. I’m actually quite amazed that no one called them on their votes regarding the “no fly no buy” proposition. Democrats did vote no and it didn’t pass because of them. Why no media is talking about it? Why do most media don’t even leave the comment open on this “sit-in”? But most likely, why no Republicans are even calling them out about it?

    I know it’s just a little political game, but what they will try to do here is change the perception of the reality (as usual with anti-gunners) and make everyone believe that, once again, “common sense gun control bills for safety” didn’t pass BECAUSE of Republicans paid by the NRA…

    Since the NRA did support the bill, I hope they will do something about it and show that all (but 2) Democrats did vote against it. It was actually well played by the Republicans and NRA, so it would be sad to let this go to waste and not use it in the debate right now, when people are getting all emotional about it. Let show to the world who are the real terrorists … they’re currently sit on the house floor!

  43. Want to know the ultimate irony in all this? In day John Lewis showed up for a flight and was denied access. Somehow his name got on the no-fly list! You would think a champion of Civil Rights would know better. Nah, he is a Democrat.

  44. The fight for civil rights Lewis and others waged 50 years ago. Since then, the Congressman have decided to choose the civil rights for which they’re now willing to fight;
    Lewis has stated that he is fighting for freedom from fear of gun violence. Freedom from fear.
    Freedom from freedom.

  45. They look like a bunch of baby seals waiting to be clubbed.
    PS – I don’t advocate violence against baby seals.

    • When the dinner trolley comes around ask them if they would like some cries with their whaaaaaamburgers.

  46. “…There comes a time when you have to say something, when you have to make a little noise, when you have to move your feet.”

    I would like to say you are an idiot and not worthy of your Office. The noise I plan on making is to laugh loudly while pointing at you. And I plan on moving my feet in a direction away from you while laughing and pointing at you.

  47. Looks really unprofessional. These are congressional representatives. Not teenage occupy protesters.

  48. Just another day at the office…if you are a Dumbacrat. Typical childish behavior from those who profess to be much more better, et al than anyone else. Can you believe we pay their grossly inflated paychecks so they can act like two year olds. I think they are only suffering from a really bad case of vaginitis.

  49. Just another childish stunt by the Democrats. When they don’t get their way they throw temper tantrums. How STUPID !

  50. All Repubs have to do (without Jeff Flakey) is to wear an AR15 strapped to their back all day until the fake outrage of the far-left capitulates. If the commies get loud or confrontational, join together, hold the rifle in the air by the hand guard and shout, “USA! USA! USA!” F-The Left

  51. While they do this they’re protected by armed guards. Take away their guards and they’ll run home.

  52. The lack of maturity displayed by the DemocRATS is why I never pay much attention to their demands. #Occupythefloor can’t go much lower.

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