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I’m subscribed to the Democrats’ email list. Why? Because I once was one, and I can’t find the “unsubscribe” button. For the last few weeks they have been using this list to hammer into their base a hatred for Republicans who are trying time and time again to repeal Obamacare — something that the American public seems to agree with, since they elected those officials specifically on that platform. Dems seem to have an inherent belief that they are doing things for the good of the people, public opinion doesn’t matter and lying to their constituents is perfectly OK. But when it comes to things Republicans are doing, they categorically oppose those actions. “Tell them it’s here to stay!” they say. It seems like Democrats aren’t taking their own advice though, and are introducing similarly repetitive and useless bills designed to change matters of settled law. In this case, they are once again introducing legislation to ban “high capacity” magazines . . .

From Fox News:

Thursday in Washington D.C., U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Elizabeth Esty (D-CT) unveiled their Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act.

It would ban the importation, sale, manufacture, transfer or possession of magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.


“During the dark day of Dec. 14, 2012, eleven innocent children escaped the ravages of gun shots at Sandy Hook Elementary School because shooter Adam Lanza had to pause to reload his gun. Large capacity magazines that allow people to shoot up to 100 rounds of ammunition have no place in our schools, our movie theaters, our parks, or our streets,” said Rep. Esty.

Lawmakers argue there’s no need for Americans to possess such powerful weapons.

Also in attendance at the unveiling of the bill were Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT).

“The vast majority of Americans support this common-sense measure—it’s time that Members of Congress remember who they represent here, and pass this bill,” said Senator Murphy.

“More magazine changes might have helped save more lives. Even if we cannot stop all killers, we can make them less lethal,” said Senator Blumenthal.

This exact same legislation has been proposed and rejected almost as many times as the Republicans’ Obamacare repeal has been proposed in the House. It’s an outright lie that “the vast majority of Americans support this common-sense measure,” because neither the majority of Americans want new gun control nor is this measure qualify as “common sense.”

In bill after bill, Democrats are trying to slowly, incrementally strip the American people of their ability to defend themselves. They want to eliminate private ownership of body armor, leaving civilians defenseless in the face of an armed attacker because of one or two instances in which a criminal wore something that looked like body armor (but wasn’t).

They want to ban firearms from schools, simply because they can’t bear the mental image of their children in the vicinity of these evil objects and would rather have they be gunned down by an attacker than admit that an armed defender might actually save their children’s lives.

And now they want to eliminate the ability of citizens to effectively defend themselves because of the actions of one or two mentally unstable individuals a year, whose actions could have been stopped without infringing on the civil rights of all Americans.

They don’t care. They need to “do something” to stop the alleged “gun violence epidemic” and, of course, “protect children.” Even if it does more harm than good.

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    • Hey, it’s not like that even if the Dems get their way they’ll just move on to being nit-picking nanny staters, and move onto doing something stupid to ban pointy knives…(remembers British government)…oh yeah

    • Drive the Talk. Drive the Narrative. AnTI – Freedom is not welcome. Shout Them Down.
      Wither them under truth. – Refute lies. – Show their cowardice to them in a mirror. Hold Fast.
      WWJWD ? What Would John Wayne Do ?
      Courage is being scared and saddling up Any way.!!!

    • That would only matter to them if they actually cared… their only regret about AWB’94 was that their assumption that Dem’s would still be in the Whitehouse when it was up for renewal didn’t pan out.

    • In Kommieforniastan, they dumbshyts have not only skrewed us over with a lousy 10 rounds in our rifles but have inflicted us with a pain in the ass need to use a bullet to remove the magazine. I was at the range the other day, had a FTL, I had to fumble to drop the mag and get the bolt locked back all the while worrying that the round might go off. These idiots have NO CLUE that they’re asinine laws are deadly.

      • Not that this helps the situation from the past, but if you make a pistol build, you *technically* don’t need a bullet-button…

        Still stuck with the pussy 10rd magazines though.

        Note, also in previously-mentioned commie state, so I’m well aware how stupid it is.

  1. Noticing all these reps are from the Northeast; appealing to their local base because for at least the next 2 years they won’t be able to do much else.

    • As with many things that involve politics, it is simply for image sake or so they can push out a newsletter that makes believe they did something when in fact they did nothing.

      They also do this so that they can get speaking engagements to line their campaign funds and also line their pockets. If we give them any credit at all for having a brain, they too know it is BS but they have to keep up the message for image sake.

      This is no different than when a Republican introduces a pro-gun bill that they know will go nowhere — but it shows they are pro-gun.

      Politicians are in campaign mode 100% of the time which means they are lying much of the time.

      In this latest announcement, you have 3 idiots from CT and one from NJ all preaching to their base.

      The one from NJ is most annoying because he is also against any new concessions with Cuba and talks about how Cuba represses its people and he being of Cuban descent and in the next breath is trying to take away our liberty — awesome!

  2. “Lawmakers argue there’s no need for Americans to possess such powerful weapons.”

    Or the need to refuse unwarranted searches. Or the need to worship any religions. Or the need to voice opinions. Or the need to have a trial by jury. Or… the need to have any sort of freedom whatsoever.

  3. Bad move by Menendez, as I thought he had a reputation for being a moderate, and wise on foreign policy.

    This will go nowhere, if we stand fast and remind our reps in Congress of same.

    At best its a distraction, an opening move or gambit to distract from the next set piece, or “under the radar” abuse of Executive Authority, that I am quite sure is planned and underway, given the obviously coordinated sock-puppet and journolista media campaign underway,

    undoubtedly driven by Progtards desperation to “push thru the resistance”, and ends-justify-the-means Alinsky tactics and morals, while they can hoping they can use the extreme need of the Narcissist in Chief to have some sort of Legacy to shop on the speaking tour circuit.

    • If you listen to the speeches Menendez gave about Cuba, you are left wondering why then would he want to take guns away from Americans.

    • There are no moderate Democrats. They all want our rights for themselves. They are dangerous and unamerican and I for one am sick and tired of constantly being in defend mode against these asshats.

      • The 2nd .. 10th .. 14th .. then dead heat it all with .. Article. VI. – Debts, Supremacy, Oaths! Take it to the Supreme court & you cannot lose! 😉 III%

      • And stop the illegals from voting Democrat. Which may require a crazy thing like voter ID. Like when you buy a beer, gun, cigarettes, etc. Except for some reason it’s “really difficult” to get an ID to vote in an election.

    • There are a few lawsuits in the work. Now are you referring to the mag limit for rifles or for pistols? They are two different things. Possession of a standard mag for a rifle is a felony, completely idiotic You can possess a ‘large’ capacity mag for a handgun. BUT YOU may not purchase, import or be given one. But say you are out walking in the park and there JUST HAPPENS to be a bag laying on the ground, you have to pick it up, being a good citizen keeping litter down, and OMG there are magazines in it and they just ‘happen’ to fit your firearm.

  4. PS: good article Nick, and dont unsubscribe- that email list is invaluable early warning and intel, and make no mistake this is a war- a war of ideas and principles, that is underway right now between the enemies of freedom and their unwitting (?) allies on the left-progressive side of the Democratic Party, and freedom loving American citizens.

    “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”

    is often ascribed to Sun Tzu, in the Art of War. The more accurate longer version-

    “If you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know others but know yourself, you win one and lose one; if you do not know others and do not know yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

    • what would happen to Michael Moore? he would have to reload too often and starve to death. even though that would take years to happen.

  5. So evil begins at the 11th shot? How do they come to such imbecilic conclusions?

    Of course, the bad guys will undoubtedly follow this law just as they do all the others designed to save us from evil.

    The enemy seems to be some of those who are supposed to uphold, support and defend the Constitution

  6. This bill has not a snowball of a chance to even pass committee. SO we do what we always do: Tell this fascist idiots to go jump threw a doughnut!

  7. You first Senators: when your body guards, all police, and all military personnel and armories scrap all of their magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition; when you finally secure our nation’s borders and coasts; when you finally inspect 100% of all inbound shipping containers with X-Ray scanners and dogs; when you are able to absolutely guarantee that Big Brother can “control” every 3-D printer, sheet-metal shop, machine shop, and basement workshop (all of which can produce magazines); and when you can “control” all violent criminal attackers and absolutely guarantee that we never need to defend ourselves from more than one attacker … then we will talk about criminalizing the possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

    Or not: it is my business and my business alone what sort of personal property and contraptions I build, trade, or purchase. Go pound sand.

    • You know, that is such a good idea–just tell the nannies that we won’t oppose their gun-control crap as long as they apply it to the police too. See how far that gets.

  8. “Lawmakers argue there’s no need for Americans to possess such powerful weapons.”

    Wait, lawmakers are agreeing that Larger than 10 round magazines are weapons, not just a separate item? That means they are protected by the Second Amendment and can’t be banned, right?

    Also in attendance at the pulling an old bill out of the garbage can party, were Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT).


  9. I learn something new today, more rounds your Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device can hold more powerful the firearm becomes. That explains why a 9mm is just as “powerful” as a .45. So no need for the Army to go shopping for a new service pistol, just buy larger mags and save millions of our tax dollars. The day this bill passes the House the other news story will be Snowball fight broke out in Hell today, everyone involved were already dead.

  10. Well, ya know, I’ve never been very much of a fan of “high capacity” magazines. I tend to strongly favor the garden-variety, run-of-the-mill, ordinary, usual and customary 30 round ones, myself. One in the well; another one coupled to it, plus 5 or so in a chest rig, for a total of 210 rounds. Nope, none of that high capacity stuff for me. Totally unnecessary!

  11. Once again proving that it is impossible to be a D and be pro gun.

    And whats with all the staff here at TTAG being “former” democrats or at least in one case a self described liberal?

    I’m forming a conspiracy theory as I type this.

  12. Yawn… The introduced it, the Xanax moms will make a few phone calls, maybe hand out muffins for photos. I am sure they had a nice catered lunch to “discuss” their plans. I am sure they flew in at tax payer expense a few folks to talk at the microphone. Wonder what hotel they got them??
    Keep your eye on local legislation, not federal. They know they can’t win at the federal level.

  13. There’s a strange kind of symmetry at work when low mental capacity Democrats try to outlaw normal ammunition capacity magazines.

  14. So the soft armor plate carrier/vest that I carry eight revolvers in pockets on and the two holstered .357’s, although having a total of 60 rounds to shoot would not be banned? That will be the next law then, after all there’s no need for Americans to pack around more than two revolvers now is there? Idgits.

    BTW, did not the bad guy at Columbine have ten shot mags?

  15. Didn’t he reload before the mags were empty multiple times? Where does this factoid about the escapes happening during the reload come from? In past scenarios, reloads have only mattered if there was a malfunction. If it goes without incident, then there’s no way a bystander can intervene in time. Reduced capacity magazines certainly didn’t make any difference at Virginia Tech or Columbine.

    • As usual, facts don’t matter. This is the first I’ve heard of any kids escaping during a reload at Sandy Hook – probably because it’s total BS.

      They leave out the fact that the shooters at Columbine and at Virginia Tech both used multiple ten round mags in their guns…

  16. “As goes California…”
    I keep saying this and I am told to move, after the person shrugs their shoulders, rolls their eyes and glibly delivers some myopic declaration that CA is crazy and its voters deserve the politicians they have…..
    Other states keep adopting CA-style regulations, be it for professional licensure or GVROs or whatever else nonsense that got spun up here.
    You have been warned. Time and time again…

    • Well, I’m in Brea, CA and still fantasize about moving to America. When I retire I want to pay as little taxes as possible. And reload an AR-15 like Eugene Stoner intended.

      • A M E N BTW in case you didn’t hear, Leland Yee has more charges added now. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer asshole. I just wish they’d nail Ghost Gun de Leon.

  17. Democrats need dead babies to get ellected. They’re not stupid. They’re evil. They’ll kill their own kids to assure that the free stuff keeps rolling in. And why not? They had the kids to get a government check, why not kill them for a government check, too?

  18. What’s really crazy to me is that the same people who are telling us that we are incompetent to defend ourselves with firearms (Oh, you’ll shoot yourself or have the gun taken away from you or shoot the wrong person or blah blah blah…) who are now trying to tell us that we will be perfectly competent to take down armed bad guys with an ink pen. (As soon as he takes that half-second to change a mag, you will be able to rush out of the corner where you have been sheltering in place and poke your trusty ink pen into that quarter-sized eyeball…) Liberalism: they really are that stupid.

  19. Buy some sheetmetal and stop worrying about it. They can’t understand industrialization. The level of industrialization needed to maintain their nanny state will always guarantee that we can make this stuff in our garages.

    • Hell, you can 3d print AR and AK 30rd mag bodies, followers, and floor plates right now. All you need is the spring. There are probably any number of pistol mags where you can do the same, you just need to come up with the design.

      • Very very soon, 3d printers are going to come way down in price, the patients are about to run our. Also the materials will be much better and more of them. There is a cool one coming up that is lighter than Alum and stronger than steel. A win-win.

  20. If Mendez is following established Robert Mendez protocol some one is paying him for this bill. Mendez has become, in only six years, on of the most scandalize senators in the country. And that my friend takes some kind of scandalizing.

    And when you hear “the overwhelming majority of Americans” look around for the Bull.

  21. things like this reinforce my decision to NOT defend third parties (unless doing so is necessary to defend myself and/or my immediate family). it would be a travesty and waste of good ammunition (and maybe my life), if the third party (parties) were gun-grabbers, liberals (republican and democrat), left-wingers, statists, cry-babies, and other assorted mush-minded suckerfish. it may be that the third-party is none of the above, but the risk is too great.

    and when it comes to national defense, i would declare sanfran, lost angles, the entire new England and mid-atlantic areas as “defense free zones”; let ’em suck it up, themselves.

    cheers, ya’ll

  22. G & R – Lies, Lies ,Lies…… Long Island Expressway is called the – L.I.E.
    Lets Invent new ” studies ” that prove all guns are bad !! Then , newsreaders and politicians
    can point to the fake – study – and demand new oppressive laws. Hilleray – 4 – evah.


    Sen Bob Menendez Speaks About His Sensible Gun Safety Legislation

    It blows my mind that this guy is actually is an elected official. He is just another career politician that has held some type of political office since 1986 (Source Wikipedia.) He is no different than Dianne Feinstein and they all constantly do the same thing. Which is sell the fact that all they are just trying to do is keep the American people safe.!!

    Well just remember this “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

  24. “Lawmakers argue there’s no need for Americans to possess such powerful weapons.”

    If there is no need to possess such things to confront criminals, then why do police possess them?

  25. The only “thing” representatives who attempt to pass this type of legistslation is a gravity moment with war hammer crushing their skills.

  26. In the event of need for self-defense and protection for say kids in a school, running out of ammo is more of a danger than the danger of an imagined attacker with endless rounds.

    As with all the BS the anti’s throw around, the “high capacity magazine” nomenclature is a fabricated term and meaningless. The term serves to paint a picture of a machine gun with a ribbon of bullets being fed and casings flying, blood spattering and bodies in a pile of carnage.

    I hope this can be stopped, fingers crossed.

  27. I wonder how many bullets are in the guns of whoever provides protection for Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Elizabeth Esty? I’ll bet you money it’s more than ten. With that being said, Bob and Liz can suck my ……….!

  28. First mistake is believing the Progressives care about children or anyone for that matter. They know that gun control will not save lives. This is all about people control…total government. They live for the day when the 2nd amendment is pacified, because after that, there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

  29. “The vast majority of Americans supports…” BS. You can’t get the vast majority of Americans to agree on anything.

    R: Coke!
    D: Pepsi!

    D: Free money!
    R: How?

    R: I like ice cream.
    D: You’re racist!

  30. Just look at the common sense gun laws forced on the state of Maryland just because the Gang Bangers in Baltimore can’t control themselves.

    Democrats are insane.


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