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Cartoonist Scott Adams famously wrote that “Democrats…use guns for shooting the innocent,” while “Republicans use guns for sporting purposes and self-defense.” Two Nebraska Democratic Party officials seem determined to prove his point.

Earlier this week, Phil Montag (above), technology chairman of the Nebraska Democratic Party, had a conversation with Nebraska Democratic Party Black Caucus Chair Chelsey Gentry-Tipton and one of her friends who has, so far, not been identified.

The conversation turned to the attempted murder of Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.) and other Republican members of Congress by a radicalized socialist. Montag’s reaction was sufficiently beyond the pale that the unidentified friend began recording the conversation, which subsequently went viral and left Montag out of a job. The audio can be heard on YouTube here — the relevant part is transcribed by the author below:

Montag: That mother-fucker, the one who was shot, this Scaife [sic] guy, what’s his name? [JKP: He may have been thinking of the late Pittsburgh billionaire and conservative activist Richard Mellon Scaife.]
Gentry-Tipton: Scalise.
Friend: I really don’t want you to deflect right now.
Montag: This mother-fucker, his whole job is, like to get people — Republicans — to fucking kick people off fucking health care.
Gentry-Tipton: We know all of this….
Friend: Phil, Phil…
Montag: I’m fucking glad he got shot.
Friend: Dude…
Montag: I’m glad he got shot. I’m not going to say that in public…
Montag: I wish he was fucking dead.
Friend: Why are you telling us, but not telling anyone else?
Montag: I’m trying to fucking figure this shit out…
Friend: It’s okay, because I’ve been recording this conversation since you’ve come in, so I will publicly release it myself.

That was apparently too much. Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb sacked Montag earlier today, saying she viewed the audio as a possible death threat. “I’ll leave that to the police to determine their next steps. That’s not my role,” she was quoted as saying in the Omaha World-Herald.

Ironically, Montag had met with Gentry-Tipton to talk about remarks she posted to her Facebook account last week about the attack on the GOP baseball practice.  Again, quoting from the Omaha World-Herald:

Watching the congressman crying on live tv abt the trauma they experienced. Y is this so funny tho? …

The very people that push pro NRA legislation in efforts to pad their pockets with complete disregard for human life. Yeah, having a hard time feeling bad for them.

There were immediate calls for Gentry-Tipton to resign, although she has refused “at this point” to do so. Ms. Kleeb didn’t quite have the courage to sack her yet. Ms. Gentry-Tipton later offered, by way of explanation, that she was a victim of gun violence herself, and it disproportionately affects her community — although why that excuses metaphorical dancing on the hospital bed of a Republican who had nearly been murdered by a Democrat is unclear to me.

Why is this surprising, though? Democratic Party officials, from last year’s standard-bearer on down, spent much of 2016 falsely characterizing Republicans as deplorable racists who wanted to elect another Hitler, murder gays and poor people, and put anyone who disagrees with them into concentration camps. Gun owners, of course, were targeted early, having been flagged as “enemies” by Hillary Clinton as early as 2015.

We shouldn’t be surprised that people would eventually act on these ideas — which are such common currency on the left that it didn’t strike Kathy Griffin that she was going beyond the pale by visually suggesting that Trump be decapitated.


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  1. Gee I’m not surprised. And it will get worse. To arms and everything THAT entails. Truly we are living in the last days.

      • As much as I DO think things are getting rapidly worse, I’m inclined to agree.

        I think the collapse of western civilization will occur just like the fall of the Roman Empire – gradually, over many decades, rather than in a single sudden SHTF event.

  2. These people, and I use this term loosely, are just savages. Plain and simple. There is no negotiating or reasoning with them.

    I’ve tried very hard to refrain from wishing bad on people, but let the floodgates open on these savages and srown every last one of them.

      • Who are the aggressors and who are the defenders? If Democrats and Socialists stopped shooting people, murders would go down my 95%. The vast majority of murders are inner city gang bangers. Think those are Republicans?

        • Well, no. But in fairness, Donny Dimebag and Kevin Cokedealer are probably as politically inactive as one can be. Painting them with any political party brush is a bit of an overstatement.

        • Corey C.

          Nope. Democrats own and control the ghettos of the US. And I can say that because I was surrounded by anti-Trump demonstrators on November 9th in Los Angeles, CA. They weren’t pissed because Rand Paul and Ted Cruz didn’t get elected. Similar riots were going on in most of the large cities in the US. Saying 90-95% percent of violent and property crimes are committed by left-leaning, inner city residents – be they legal or otherwise (cause illegals can easily vote in CA), is not painting with an overly broad brush. It’s pretty dang accurate.

        • He was a member of the Republican party and member of the NRA. He was a conservative Republican. You can deny the TRUTH all you want but that won’t change it. But hurt much ?

        • Ok, Michael B., maybe McVeigh was a Republican. He was definitely an a$$hole. That easily does not change the fact that most violent and property crimes are committed by inner cities lefties.

  3. So this Montag gets fired but Gentry – Tipton doesn’t for saying basically the same thing. Hmm, I wonder what the difference is between the two?

      • “Actually, there are two differences.”

        As usual, Ralph is correct.

        Chesley Sullenberger is an American hero who saved every life on that Airbus 320 he landed on the Hudson river in the middle of January of 2009.

        Chelsey Gentry-Tipton ought to lose her job for vile hate speech…

    • Gentry-Tipton did not participate in the conversation. I wish she had disagreed vociferoulsy with the defender of murder, but her male friend did a good job of that.
      My ruling? She gets a pass – but I won’t turn my back on her.

  4. It seems like these people really want a civil war. I’m guessing if they get want they want we’ll all be sorry, but they’ll be dead.

    • The current stated goals, actions, and trajectory of the “liberal/progs” are straight out of 1984.

      There are still some sane voices on the other side, let’s hope they can motivate their sheep to rein it in. But as Soros and some other globalists are paying for the ATIFA/BAMN crowd to avoid their menial jobs and still get paid, I have my serious doubts.

      The culture wars have turned bloody long ago, the question is when will some conservative (likely a nutter) snap, and shoot an ANITFA “rally” to shreds.

    • The only people that will probably benefit from a civil war will be the globalists. Which I am convinced is the plan by the powers that be. If there was Civil War II here in this country, it will be more like the chaos and blood letting of the French revolution, and at the end of the madness, with even more power probably concentrated in the hands of guess who? The globalists.

      After all, the whole point of Divide and Conquer, is to create such chaos, and internecine fighting, that the people will cry out for some type of order, and those with the power will be more than happy to step up and provide what most of the people are crying out for. It really depends on what people first look to as their base, as their Rock. Will they first look to G-d and the Christ as their starting point? Then we will surely come through this as a free, secure and stable people, with a leader and a government that will respect all of our individual freedoms and rights.

      But If people first look to the mind and heart of man? Then what we will get out of this is a Napoleon, a Hitler, a Stalin or a Mao; and the massive blood, and death and tyranny that would surely follow.

  5. At least Montag was dealt with appropriately. After Ted Nugent said that both President Obama and ‘Hitlery’ Clinton could suck on his machine gun, he was rewarded with an official invitation to the White House.

    • Do you really want to go there? I can pull up quotes from what actors and various musical acts said said about Bush, then got invited to the white house repeatedly under Obama.

      • I am curious to see the nut jobs. Can you? Interestingly, I have never been enamored with the holly-celebs types. I have appreciated their end products but realized at an early age they’re all freakin nuts.

    • Bill Ayers’ name ring a bell? Yeah, his apology for his actions in the ’60s was “I’m sorry we didn’t kill more cops.” He hosted Obama’s first State Senate fundraiser (fact) and likely wrote both books attributed to Obama (opinion, based on literary stylometry – they LOOK like Ayers’ writing, and do NOT look like Obama’s.)

      Don’t go there. The Left has always been more ready to use violence. Bombs were big. Now, it’s much harder to get components, so as the Left cries for the Dogs of War to be unleashed, they have forgotten that the other side has All. The. Guns.

      • Bombs were big. Now, it’s much harder to get components,…

        Other than the fact you can’t buy TNT, RDX, PETN, whatever over the counter at the hardware store (which you couldn’t do in the 1960s either) I’m not sure what you mean.

        It might be harder to find someone to actually cook up a batch of TATP, but all you need is a 1st year org chem student and a bit of luck. Explosives go missing from construction sites pretty often, especially if you have someone inside to divert them and fake the paperwork. Regardless of which route you go, improvised munitions are plentiful and cheap to the creative mind.

        We’re fortunate that few of these ‘anarchists’ have imagination or vision.

        • “We’re fortunate that few of these ‘anarchists’ have imagination or vision.”

          Or a decent science education.

    • Nugent suggested Obama and Hillary could suck on it. There’s a big difference tween that and your pal shooting up congressmen, and your other two friends wishing the most seriously wounded Congressman had died.

      If you can’t see that, perhaps you should consider eating one as well, since you clearly stand with the antifa antis.

  6. Daily I am more and more convinced that the people working in the DNC and their hardcore supporters would be perfectly at home in Germany around the early 1930’s

      • Nah, the RNC is more like the DNC circa 1960s, minus the racism.

        If I had to pick one — and thanks to our two-party system I do — then circa-1960 Democrats win hands-down over the totalitarian national socialist Democrats. (Or are they more like early 20th century international socialists? Either way, the choice is clear.)

  7. Let out your hate, you children.
    You lost.
    You ARE lost.
    You thought PERSONALITY instead of POLICY was going to be your meal ticket to high office.

    If you think you can tear this country down because you were denied political ascendancy, and actively support terrorist violence against your political rivals, WITHOUT consequences; then you are BEYOND LOST.

    Gear up for you loss in 2020, it is going to be GREAT !!

    • “You thought PERSONALITY instead of POLICY was going to be your meal ticket to high office.”

      Why not? It worked for Obama and Trump. They just happened to have the candidate with the more odious personality this time around.

      When you lose a likability contest to Donald Trump, it’s time to do some serious soul-searching.

      • Trump campaigned on Walls, Tremendous, Lock Her Up, Drain the Swamp, Get Them Outta Here, and a couple others I missed during that time, and it WORKED. That the best the Clintonites can come up with is the FANTASTIC strategy of doing ZERO to self-critique, and simply BELIEVING that eventually the nation will wake up and realize how much they NEED the Democrats ! Can you imagine such stupidity! 3 years of waiting to drain the swamp, may turn out bad if no draining occurs, and instead the swamp gets a little deeper, and little more murky. Perhaps I worry needlessly.

        Hell, I think Hillary will run again, and only change her strategy (HAHAAH) by going to the states she refused to go to, and swiping some more Bernie Sanders quotes, heck she might even sacrifice the old guy to Moloch on live tv. Who knows heheeh.

        • This is true. Trump campaigned on concrete things he would do to Make America Great Again ™. Clinton campaigned on personality and trust, and on “boy, those conservatives sure are horrible, aren’t they.”

          We’re lucky she’s such a brilliant moron.

  8. As fun as it is to watch them predictably implode as a result of their uncontrollable emotional problems, it’s taking too long.

  9. Whoa, whoa! Why am i hearing let it go instead of let the bodies hit the floor?

    Oh yeah

    Public venue.

    Frankly, this out right pisses me off!
    The issue though, why target someone (with all that effort) when they will do it themselves?

    Crap, this is going to be a war.

    • Skin against skin, blood and bone
      You’re all by yourself but you’re not alone
      You wanted in now you’re here
      Driven by hate consumed by fear

  10. Heaven help us when some extreme “Righty” goes Postal on some Democrat jacktard(s), and I think that will happen before the end of Summer.

  11. Keep safe and sane is the answer. When the time comes the conservatives will take no prisoners. Soros and his lefties will wish they didn’t start this shit. Be aware and safe out there, watch your six always.

    • If it comes to a civil war, Soros and his ilk will likely be overjoyed. The end result of such a conflict almost certainly won’t be a return to limited government and personal liberty. Such chaos will have most people crying out for someone to impose order, and they’ll gladly give up their rights to get it.

      No matter what happens, the globalists will come out ahead, and the people will lose.

      • I don’t share your pessimism. Conservative values and training make the best warriors in the world. Sure, conservatives are outnumbered, but not in the US. Those filling the inner cities can’t mend a fence, change the oil in their cars, unclog a drain, etc. They damn sure don’t know how to shoot a gun, or prep for survival. The US military and police are solidly behind Trump. If progressives are smart, they’ll wait until Trump is out before they try and make big moves.

        The facts are that more and more normal people are seeing leftists for the hyperventilating scumbags that they are. Rather than creating any sort of useful policy, most Democrats are raising their fists and shouting “Resist!” If lefties try to oust or impeach Trump by force they are in for some tough sledding. Meanwhile, lefties are panicking en masse and proving to most of America how useless they are.

        • To be clear, I’m not saying that the leftists that would fight in such a conflict would win. They would probably get their asses kicked pretty quickly, then settle into insurgency-style tactics, which of course would require a police state to quell. How convenient for the globalists.

          The majority of Americans right now are fat, dumb, and relatively content. The Spirit Of 1776 is largely absent these days, and most people won’t fight for abstract ideas like liberty. Sure, people bitch and moan about the government, but yet they still keep voting to get more of it, especially if they’re promised some free shit along the way. Even most “conservatives” don’t actually want less government, they want a big government that agrees with their politics. I just don’t see a whole lot of stomach for the kind of prolonged nastiness that a real modern civil war would bring, and I expect most Americans today would trade some of their freedom to keep their neighborhood safe and quiet. Heck, it only took one terrorist attack to give us the Patriot Act, warrantless spying, etc. What do you think people will accept when there’s car bombs going off every day like Northern Ireland in the 1970s?

        • If leftists start a civil war, conservatives should treat it like a war. Once the main efforts are over, probably a week, they should visit the homes of all the leftist scum which tried to kill them, and kill their families, their friends, their teachers, and various folk who should have stopped it before it started, cops, legislators, cast a wide net. Somebody knew what was coming and said nothing? Kill them, kill their families, see to it that entire communities think twice before asking for mass murder again.

  12. That dude is worked up over nothing. People who lead healthy lifestyles rarely need any major medical care until they are on medicare and there is not going to be any mass die off of poor people. It’s the newly insured folks getting free healthcare who are likely behind the opioid crisis. They game/scam the docs to give them pain meds for imaginary illnesses and then sell the dope on the street. Maybe that’s probably why that dude sis so outraged, his source may get cut off.
    Obamacare is going bankrupt regardless, it has NEVER been solvent.

    • You would be onto something, if it weren’t for the fact that the poor people in question have hideously unhealthy lifestyles. Not that this fact has any bearing on our responsibility (or rather lack there of) to provide them with healthcare, but seriously, we are largely discussing chain smoking, obese, drug addicts living on fast food and snack cakes. Seriously, we are talking about a segment of the population that is so unhealthy that no US insurance company can seem to afford to provide them coverage at ANY cost. That is literally what the insurers are saying as they flee the marketplace. 900+ counties with zero insurers offering plans in 2018, and it will be more by the time open enrollment begins.

      That Obama care has failed both fiscally and in it’s stated goals is a fact, but that was inevitable.

    • “It’s the newly insured folks getting free healthcare who are likely behind the opioid crisis”

      I hadn’t thought of that, but I’ll bet you’re right. A source of free drugs, what’s not to like?

  13. That’s why you cannot have a civil conversation with any liberal Democrat. Every time you try to it burst into some emotional knee jerk reaction where they end up calling you every name in the book and then burst into tears or something ridiculous along those lines.

  14. These people call themselves the Resistance and Antifas. Resistance was the French partisans in WW2 who risked their lives to sabotage or kill Fascists and Nazis. Some of these Democrats have that “Resistance ” mentality and proudly flaunt it

  15. My liberal friend heard some running jokes on FB about hitting Nazi’s.
    When they said Nazi’s, they meant Republicans and The Alt-Right people.

    It went something like this,
    When is it not OK to punch Nazi’s in the face?
    When it is OK to use a Baseball Bat.

    The problem with the Left is that it is OK for them use political violence and
    it is even funny to joke about it.

    They are so stupid because we have more guns than them.

    If they wanted a civil war, it would be over before the first gun-rights guy
    needed to reload.

    Violence is not funny even when used in self-defense.

  16. We must hate-hatred is the basis of communism. Children must be taught to hate their parents if they are not communists.
    V.I. Lenin

    All from the original playbook.

  17. This is where the freedom of the press becomes super-important to bring the truth forward. Eventually we will be able to show the grabbers for what they really are.

    Unfortunately, the deck is stacked against the truth in most Democrat enclaves. Most of them are “two-party” recording states, meaning both parties have to consent before a conversation can be recorded. Politicians there have an ugly history of using the “wiretapping” statutes to prosecute people who record their conversations and getting such conversations excluded from their eventual trials. If we really want the truth to come out, we need video and audio recordings of all public officials whether they want them or not. We must change the wiretap statutes.

    • Well, most of the legacy press in America today is simply the public relations arm of the Democratic Party.

    • ” If we really want the truth to come out, we need video and audio recordings of all public officials whether they want them or not. We must change the wiretap statutes.”

      At the least, ‘Government in the Sunshine’ (including national) laws along with a re-vamp of the wiretap statutes…

    • At this point I’m not so much worried about being able to use the information in court. YouTube will suffice for now.

  18. This Democrat is just repeating the same words used to describe Rev Martin Luther King when Jr., when he was shot.
    The Democrats have not changed. It was also the Democrats who wanted gun control. Nothing has changed. I’m very happy that at least they are being honest about it.
    That is refreshing. He speaks for the dishonesty Democrat who can’t be truthful about their real thoughts in public.


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