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Rob Morse writes [via]:

A Bernie Sanders supporter tried to kill Republican politicians. The murderer wanted to kill these politicians because their political beliefs differed from his. Before they retracted the statement in embarrassment, The New York Times editorial board blamed Governor Sarah Palin for the political violence. I hear that as an inadvertent confession from The Times.

As a Democrat mouthpiece, the New York Times wants to blame Republicans.  They want to incite violence.  They need to.

How did the “free love” generation morph into the “kill everyone who disagrees with me” mob?

How did “question authority” turn into “free speech is violence?” How did the “free speech” fundamentalists turn conservative speech in to “violence” and socialist violence into “free speech”?

The “how” of the transformation is step-by-step. The “why” of the transformation is explained by desperation. In short, they had to. Libertarians and small government conservatives remind the Democrats of their sins.

Today, the list of Democrat sins are too large to hide and violence is their only answer. With one exception, the ten worst US cities in which to live are all governed by Democrats. They have been for years, in some cases, for decades.  The most violent cities in the US are run by Democrats. Democrat ideas failed, and violence is their only answer.

Democrat policies failed.  You can’t tax and regulate industry and still have jobs. Without jobs, welfare is not a substitute for work. Unemployed men don’t form married families, and single moms are not a substitute. Living in your mom’s basement is not a substitute for life.

The Democrats reached for more control and larger government as their ideas crumbled. The party that can’t tell men from women claims to tell us what the weather will be in the next century.

Democrat policies failed while their personal fortunes bulged. According to Democrat politicians, the purpose of government is to generate campaign contributions.

In that, they were wildly successful. While condemning Wall Street, Hillary Clinton raked in tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions and speaking fees from financial institutions. Secretary Clinton told us that big banks were evil…while her daughter, Chelsea, married an investment banker.

The Democrats turned to violence because they are out of ideas. You’re a racist, fascist, homophobic bigot if you don’t enthusiastically agree with the latest Democrat power grab . . . and “everyone” says it is allowable to punch a Nazi.

Democrats are outraged that their religion of big-government failed. They turned  their disappointment outward, and that is why it is now politically approved for Democrats to shoot Republicans. Except it isn’t. It never was.

Economists have modeled trades of all kinds. Perhaps the only way to improve the political discourse is to hang severed heads of Democrat Politicians and call it art. I really hope we don’t have to shoot back.

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  1. while a lot of whats said here is true, you are literally saying the entire group is responsible for individuals. then you would be codifying the anti-gunners statements that we are all responsible for every gun death and/or we are all just one bad day away from mass murder like some shooters. unless you like to practice cognitive dissonance on a grand scale and say only your stereotypes and observation biases are correct while all others following the same logic are wrong.

    • Are you able to spot the difference between someone committing a violent act, and someone condoning violence? Because the Left, writ large, is being accused of the latter here, not the former.

      PROTIP: The difference is manifestly obvious when you don’t have a tube of model glue up your nose.

      • The lefty’s have been shooting victims since shooting President Lincoln! I know he was a actor, but he was a liberal Feck period. They are Democrats or liberals or communist and what ever they want to call themselves. They are not committed by REPUBLICANS nor are they NRA members! In fact Oklahoma, Sandy Hook and other mass murders are the same pricks who vote democrat….

        • I’m fairly certain that abolishon was considered a radical leftist platform (read Jacobins) and John Wilks Booth was against that. As a matter of fact I’m fairly certain that secession was a conservative resonse to the election of (what was considered) a radical leftist president. I dont think the paradigm flipped until Teddy Roosevelt’s time a generation later.

        • Y’see, it’s kind of like the problem with Radical Islam; it’s a relatively small fraction who commits the atrocities, but the greater majority of either group clearly isn’t all that bothered by the minority harming and/or killing people under their banner.

          Do Democrats, as a voting bloc, commit violence against Republicans? No, and it’d be absurd to say they all did. Do their leadership and prominent spokespeople implicitly endorse the ones who do? I just checked with my Magic 8-Ball, and signs point to “YES”.

        • @California Richard: Did you forget the /sarc tag? The Civil War might have just as easily been called the Democrat Rebellion. The Republican party was expressly anti-slavery and the Democrats were pro-slavery. When Lincoln was elected the Democrats rebelled and managed to secede in the southern states. John Wilkes Booth was not a lone wolf assassin, but a Democrat agent.

          *sarcasm on*
          They hide all this stuff in things called “books” so you’ll have to do some actual work to find it out.
          *sarcasm off*

        • Esemwy, no, I did not forget the “sarc”. You seem to confuse the Demoratic party of today with the Domcratic party of 150 years ago. By the logic expressed here (taken to its absurd but consistent conclution) one could assert that Nancy Pelosi would be a darling of Nathan Bedford Forest, T.J. “Stonewall” Jackson was pro-choice, Jefferson Davis was a communist, and Black Lives Matter would have been opposed to the Emancipation Proclamation….. I stand by what I said.

      • Do you seriously believe it’s appropriate and mature to insult people like that? For no other reason than you disagree with their interpretation of events and ideas? Who the hell do you *think* you are?

    • There is no cognitive dissonance. It is perfectly valid to judge people on the basis of their ideology. Or would you say that it’s “stereotyping” to say that Nazis are murderous scum? Commies are just like Nazis, only with better PR. The DNC is a communist front.

      • Yep. The progressives, ie communists, are always banging the drum of hate against Hitler and his Nazi’s, (which is slang for National Socialists). So we always hear about the Jews and others, being burned in the ovens, but we never hear about the 50 Million+ Russians murdered by Stalin or the 80 million+ Chinese murdered by Mao, since they were communists.
        And how about Castro and the left that sing his praises and his mass murderer and once head of his secret police, Che Guevera? The mass of the left aren’t necessarily out there committing mass murder, but they definitely hold up for honor and respect those that do. (Really? Wearing the face of Che Guevera, torturer and mass murderer of thousands of innocent men and women on a T-shirt is grotesque!). It would be like Christians wearing the the face of Torquemada, Grand inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition, on their T-shirts or posters on their walls

    • Except it’s true in this case. The Democratic Party is run Leftist terrorists. The right never said or went as far as this while Ofucktard was president. You leftists need to realize how on the edge of criminal behavior you are. The first amendment doesn’t protect you’re wack job violent left wing terrorist threats. When you’re all in prison I’m just going to laugh.

    • Gargoil – Get back under the bridge and stay there! Gun owners don’t encourage violence or attack non gun owners for not owning guns! Dems are coming out of the woods all over the place committing and inciting violence up to and including assassinating conservative republicans and even the President! Democrats who refuse to disassociate themselves from this mob mentality are similar to moslems (yes, google moslem muslim) who do nothing to differentiate themselves from jihadists.

  2. Well said.
    I agree with you. I hope we dont have too either. But some of these people want to push it that far.
    Maybe darwins law has been reinstated.

    • F it, let’s go, it won’t be war started, it’ll be a war answered. Plus, I’d rather be kicking back with a beer laughing over how I helped fV<K up some evil (D) when I'm 90, than having the civil war start then.

  3. Excellent article, and it has many points that are irrefutable, thankfully the Democrats will perpetually refuse to simply self-critique to find where their problems stem from. If they did, they’d have to choose different ideologies/pathologies?

    It is easier to blame Russia for the truth revealed, probably, by Seth Rich to WikiLeaks, the deep and filthy collusion between the HRC/DNC cabal and media puppets who were given their marching orders by Podesta.

    It is easier to constantly float innuendo, bias, echo chamber blatherings, opinion, and invective as news instead of doing the hard work of journalism; and not access journalism which was once the purview of hacks.

    It has been up to Republican, Libertarian, and Independent thinkers, analysts, and deeply patriotic Americans to takeover for the vast failures and outright capitulations by the media propagandists to provide some measure of sanity and actual journalism to the public; and we owe them a great debt for stepping up the way they have.

    I woke up from Adult Onset Liberal Mindset Syndrome, because of this website and others that have never been nor will ever be Democrat. I thank you for this, and as always, keep your powder dry.

    • I would agree. “Right wing” extremists tend to be non-revolutionary and focused on single issues like abortion or steeped in racism. But, even the latter would be problematic to frame as an exclusively right-wing issue. As for most of their history the KKK was aligned with the Democratic party had many ideological overlaps with the Progressives. Since the United States is a center-right country (I would argue) it would make sense that political terrorism would emanate from the illiberal left. History has bore this out, be it the leftist-anarchist violence of the late 19th & early 20th century, the “revolutionary” violence of the late 60s and 70s and now, it would seem yet again.

      When one believes in Utopia then one can justify anything.

  4. Even if this was true, making this allegation will only add to the violence. Let’s not stereotype and cause animosity and drive more people to join the Resistance and Antifas

    • Yes, let’s call it workplace violence, maybe they’ll leave us alone.

    • Yes, because the radical Left has just been getting along swimmingly with us up until now.

      If simply responding to the endless stream of venom spraying forth the the Democratic party is enough to make people want to physically attack us, then great; let the Antifa thugs come out swinging and provide us with a good, solid self-defense claim.

    • They’re going to join the “resistance” and the Antifa no matter what we say or don’t say or do. They’re going to join it because they a) agree with the political violence their side is committing, and b) because we don’t agree with their political beliefs. The only thing the left is doing right now is showing their true colors.
      This being the case, we might as well speak truth and stand tall in what we believe.

    • Yeah, and let’s just deny reality and have the FBI say that the recent Leftist ballpark killer “didn’t have a plan” and was just “down on his luck”.

      There is something seriously wrong with the FBI and our government.

      And our ball-less Republican “leaders” will do nothing. They should launch a full scale independent audit of theFBI on how this abortion of a statement was created.

  5. Excellent article, sir. The vast majority of violence in the US is committee by the Left.

  6. You are absolutely right. The political left started this war on middle America. It’s ok though.. we’ll win it. All their food comes from us…

  7. I thought this was the truth about GUNS, not the truth about incitement to violence. How about we get back to our 2a rights and defeating both the Dems and Reps that oppose them, and leave this kinda stuff to the numerous sites dedicated to it. Nothing in here helps 2a rights, it doesn’t showcase any bill that is pro or anti 2a, and it doesn’t uncover any two face pols that say the right words but kill 2a rights behind closed doors.

    • The Truth About Guns is also about what those guns are used for.

      And who used them for that, and WHY.

      This is a great article and well placed. I pulled two great quotes from it and pinned them to my office wall.

    • How can you not see that this issue and our Second Amendment rights are tightly tied together? It’s crystal clear that these two issues are so closely tied together as to be one in the same.

      • The article only deals with how violent one party is. I get that, although there are better places that go more in-depth than this post on this topic. But, I turn here to for specifically 2a rights and I’d rather see ttag staff track down pols that are enemies of my 2a rights. The stuff John Boch did with Springfield was excellent. I wish these guys would cover Joe Straus and his allies in Austin the same way.

        • “I’d rather see ttag staff track down pols that are enemies of my 2a rights”

          That’s exactly what this article is doing……

      • Usually, we talk about our efforts to keep our 2nd amendment rights. Sometimes, we talk about events that may require us to eventually excercise our 2nd amendment rights.

    • Wow. You missed the whole purpose of the article. It is very much about your 2nd a rights because if the Dems win the war, the entire constitution is gone. THINK!

      • All I was getting at is if I wanted the truth about 1a or the truth about political violence and ideology, I would turn to sources that specializes in that, and I often do. But the article above does nothing to bring to light attacks on my 2a rights.

  8. So you hate democrats and believe that all violence stems from them, that’s your opinion, but how is this pertinent to guns exactly? This seems like random commentary. I also find it weird that there is greater hate toward Sanders than Hillary Clinton on this blog, when Clinton is the one pushing for gun control. Anyway, if this blog is going to go off track like this, it might as well show scantily clad ladies with weapons…

    • Huh? It’s been my experience this blog has been far more anti Hillary then Bernie by far. TTAG has committedly been anti Hillary since 2012 when they correctly predicted she’d run in 2016 in anti gun campaign.

    • Might have something to do with the fact that Sanders was running on a rebranded Nazi party platform. Just replace 1% with Jew in any Bernie speech and you get a Hitler speech.

      • If I recall correctly from history books I read, the Jewish people were perceived as the rich, 1 percent by the Nazis, Nazis were hardcore socialists who used identity politics to stir up the people to follow them. The Nazis told a struggling population that they were impoverished because of the rich Jew, and that population believed them.

    • Clinton is a has-been, Bernie is agitating for a religious test for Federal employment. Bernie is more dangerous ATM.

  9. I’m glad the republicans went to war to end slavery in the United States. Over 700,000 killed and the south was destroyed. The democrats for been fighting ever since to reverse things.

    The creation of the welfare state. Support of Homosexual marriage but not heterosexual marriage. Replacing the natural father with the state. Encouraging women and girls to have children for multiply generations without marriage but with multiply different men. The best way to control a population is break up the family. That has been the goal of the democrats for at least the FDR years

    What is saving us all is the second amendment. And we are the only nation on planet Earth with it. History is taught very poorly in the USA. Berkeley is doing what exactly happened in thousands of small towns across the US 130 years go. Black people had absolutely no protection from the local law enforcement. Interesting how middle class white people now have no protection in California, if they disagree with the political leadership in California cities.

    The KKK was used by the local democrat party to confiscate the guns of law abiding black people about 130 years ago. I wonder what group the democrats will use this time to confiscate guns?

    • “I wonder what group the democrats will use this time to confiscate guns?”

      If I had to guess, law enforcement, perhaps teams led by LEOs with deputized “reliable citizens” as backups.

      Most people, I think, would be far more reluctant to actively and assertively resist a group of police on the doorstep, as opposed to a bunch of people in ski masks. For one thing, as they can work under a veneer of legality, it’s easier for people to believe you’re a bad guy if you defend yourself.

      And may I say, these are painful thoughts.

      • I know which of my neighbors are cops. I know which houses to burn down when the grabbing starts.

        Yeah. Cops grabbing guns will last one day, until somebody’s house gets torched and the FD held off with rifle fire. I’ll open all your doors so your dogs and cats can get out.

  10. Well yeah…no disagreement here. I come here for politics kids-not tactical do dads,SBR’s or wonder nines. GUN politics-and we are headed for a dire civil insurrection. BTW this is light and dark,good vs. evil. We wrestle not with flesh and blood…

    • You are spot on. The entirety of the verse you started:

      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – Ephesians 6:12

      This is exactly where we stand today

      • This is why we have reached this place in our country. This is why the majority of people that are athiests/agnostics are communists/socialists. One cannot serve two masters. If one does not serve the one true G-d, then what they are left with his nemesis. And if there ever was a belief system like communism that shows by it’s fruits to be hell spawned; I don’t see any alternative.

      • Ahh, Michael B. I see you could not refute my statements, so you fall back to simple curses. Because the facts are in .What I said about a majority of atheists/agnostics being communist/socialist is simply the facts. . And the end result of communism/socialism is blood and death and tyranny. That is also fact.

        Now whether we attribute these facts to human beings are just prone to being easily led by the power mad, especially those that do not believe in a higher power,, or we attribute this to forces of evil led by Satan; well, I guess we will one day find out.

    • Woah, what’s wrong with SBRs and wonder-nines? ARs, Semi auto shotguns, and wondernines “coexist” with my wood stocked lever guns, pump shotties, bolt action rifles (except for those that are too big to fit) and classic revolvers just fine.

      It won’t damage your soul to get a soulless AR or two. Maybe get a Ruger Ranch Rifle as a gateway gun.

      Just sayin’.

  11. Say it like it is. The democrats voted constantly against what Lincoln tried to do, they created the KKK all of this type of behavior. I am not scared of being shot by someone crazy only the democrats. Be safe out there and watch your six, for that’s what those chicken shits do!

  12. All you really have to do to know that this attitude has been present but simmering just below the surface on the Left for decades is listen to some RATM.

    Take a few Rage songs from the early 1990’s and you basically have the Democratic platform of today with some drums, bass and guitar added. It’s all championing violence because: racist capitalist oppression.

    The ironic part is that recently, as the mask fell away, one of the more iconic RATM lyrics, “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me”, morphed from their Left-wing bullshit into a clarion call for the rest of us.

  13. This is the most MORONIC article I have ever read on here. You are taking the actions of a few and projecting it on all Democrats and/or Liberals. Gee, bet you don’t like it when a Republican/conservative does something crazy and kills people (ever hear of Timothy McVeigh?) and all of them are blamed . How about when all gun owners are lumped together when some idiot accidentally kills somebody or allows a child to get hold of his or her gun and kill someone or themself ? Don’t agree with that do ya ?

    • If you can name a few public figures on the right who applauded the OKC bombing or any 2A advocates who condoned the Sandy Hook shooting, you might then have a point we can cede.

      ‘Til then, you can stuff the outrage.

      • That’s not the point I was making. Until you improve your reading comprehension and don’t need to change the subject to attempt a response you can go get stuffed yourself.

      • Has everyone here so quickly forgotten about the absolute nutjob who shot up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs? How about the fact that he directly recited the exact same lines that came from the delusional Carly Fiorina, who herself was promoting the crock of shit lies created by whatever the organization was that falsified and edited the video interviews of Planned Parenthood employees.

        • I would point out that his actions were roundly condemned.

          Antifa starts swinging bricks at people, one of them gets shot and many people defend the brick-wielding attacker.

          I’m not trying to say that right wing violence doesn’t happen but it’s generally not celebrated or publicly defended.

        • His actions were NOT condemned by Mike Huckaby and Ted Cruz. They went into denial over it and never condemned it or blamed anti abortion activists.

        • Which Hollywood stars tweeted support for him?
          Which state level Republican operatives said “Well, it’s understandable”?

          It’s not even a FALSE equivalency. There is ZERO equivalency there.

        • “Has everyone here so quickly forgotten about the absolute nutjob who shot up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs?”

          You prove our point Rob. Because this is the only example of a right winger committing a terrorist act that leftists always bring up. This is it. Where as the multiple examples of leftist, or those that vote leftist, committing violent acts are what is left,(pun intended). Loughner voted left; what’s his name that shot up the theatre in Aurora, CO was a leftist, Blacks that riot and burn businesses and shoot cops vote 90% democrat, Most Muslims vote almost exclusively democrat, out of which we get our fundamentalist Muslims that commit terror attacks. The black guy that shot up the Navy Ship yard was a leftist. The black cop that that killed other cops in LA was a leftist. And so on and on. Look at any mass murderer, and they are pretty much leftists, Muslims or leftist’s that are really just absolutely insane.

        • Michael:

          Here’s the problem. Not condemning some nutjob isn’t the same as encouraging them.

          The Left and the media encourage violence via their narrative. The notion that Trump and his supporters are Nazis spawned the “punch a Nazi” campaign which has not just not been condemned but has been promoted by certain circles in the media and on the Left. This led directly to the assault at a Milo event where someone was attacked by brick wielding hooligans and parts of the media actually said that it was the brick wielding assailants who were the victims because one of them got hotted by a legal concealed carrier who was being attacked.

          The issue is that the whole “Nazi” meme hasn’t just been ignored it’s been championed to some degree. The same is true of the notion that some people are “oppressed” when they’re not. The NYT openly expressed support for the people at Evergreen College which includes SJW’s wandering around with baseball bats intimidating people who might disagree with them.

          That’s the problem. It’s not all of the media, but when MSNBC has people talking about how we’re an “authoritarian state”, the NYT is supporting carrying ball bats for the express purpose of intimidating those with the wrong opinions (or who might just be cis-gendered and white), when portions of the media defend brick attacks and a good portion of the media doesn’t question, but rather champions the notion that a group of people living in the richest, arguably the most free and certainly one of the most open societies on the planet are “victims of systematic oppression” and then Democrats get caught saying “I wish he fucking died” you’re revving people up to do something stupid.

          Now of course most people won’t get real dumb and the baseball shooting is 100% on the shooter himself but that doesn’t change the fact that, in general, the media and the Democratic Party haven’t done anything to tamp down the violent rhetoric that portions of their side engage in and that such rhetoric, built up over a long enough time period enrages a certain segment of the population based on the notion that they are getting the shaft and it’s all a conspiracy to give them said shaft. That creates the illusion of oppression and gives certain folks license to “fight that oppression”. That’s how you get these full scale riots at Berkeley and in Charlotte. That’s how you get folks thinking it’s acceptable to open fire on cops in Dallas and other places. That’s how you get people thinking it’s A-OK to swing bricks at someone for saying something that the brick-swinging-asshats don’t like.

          I’m not saying that every Liberal is guilty of this. Some are just as horrified by it as everyone else but the notion that there’s a shred of reason to attack other people or start a riot is something that’s promoted by some of the media narrative and that shit needs to fucking stop.

    • Michael B: PROVE to us that Huckaby and Cruz never denounced him, you brainwashed tool.

      • I would point out that pointing out a negative like that is darn near impossible. A thousand stories that don’t show their condemnation doesn’t mean that the next one won’t be different. Would be far more reasonable to pull just one story affirming their condemnation, which would defeat his argument.

        But, I’ve got no dog in this fight, so I’ll just refrain from doing so.

    • Michael B
      Timothy McVeigh was an atheist left winger. Please check your statements.

      • While I will grant Wikipedia is not the know-all-end-all, can you provide a source refuting their assertion that “According to CNN, his only known associations were as a registered Republican while in Buffalo, New York in the 1980s, and a membership in the National Rifle Association while in the Army, and there is no evidence that he ever belonged to any extremist groups.[89]”?

        “Registered Republican” and “NRA member” do not scream “left winger” to me…

  14. To use a small grip of extremists of any political view to portray a broad picture of a group is just plain ignorant and that’s what this ridiculous article does.

    • “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

      Edmund Burke

      The small grip (group) of extremists, not so small in my opinion, are allowed to flourish only because a large group continue to support them. This large group is ignorant of reality and choose to remain so. How is it remotely possible, considering how obvious the failed policies of the left are so well manifested in historically democrat held hell holes we call cities, that they remain in power? They do so by brainwashing their ignorant constituency and offering them their 30 silver coins. This makes the large group just as guilty as the small.

      • Failed policies of the left ? Every time there is a republican in office the economy goes in the toilet. The last Bush administration took this country into a recession second only to the great depression. He started a war based on a lie. (Yes, Bush started the war. He pressured his administration and congress into supporting it ) that cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars which we are STILL paying for and will be for decades to come. Don’t talk to me about failed policies. The republicans almost destroyed this country. Luckily President Obama and the Democrats SAVED it.

        • Right, the economy was humming under Carter. Reagan got things moving again (despite the ignorant professors ignoring true GDP and wages) and Clinton just kept Reagan’s policies. I won’t defend Bush but really?? Obama’s economic policies were a positive? The man doubled our national debt in 8 short years. Where were you educated, a government school?

  15. The evil POS (D) have been doing satan’s work for so long it’s not worth attempting to determine when ot started.
    When you get paid (and such payment you demanded) to kill unborn children, and you sell the parts for medicine, research, AND FOOD, you are a broken POS.

    F y’all in the goat a_ _.

  16. The party who can’t tell men from women claims to tell us what the weather will be in the next century.

    That’s a good line. I wonder what many Democrats think about their positions, beyond an unwillingness to break into individual thought.

  17. “Democrats Cause Violence” maybe so, was it not a republican, Bush 2 that lied and that lie caused three countries in the middle east to be destroyed and millions murdered??? Wait: if we do it to another country it is OK, RIGHT????

    • Do you know what a straw man is?

      Related: Maybe if you take the straw from your cranium you’ll learn about English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and rhetoric.

  18. I find it amazing that many people, especially the “peace, love, and mung-beans set” are willing to ignore that the Democrats were the political wing of the KKK until the late 1960s (overtly), and until the early 1980s covertly.

    Sundown towns and racism were not purely American phenomenon. In Australia the destruction of the Aboriginal race and tribal structures was official government policy until the 1960s when the Aborigines, after a referendum, were considered citizens and counted in the national census. But the policy continued by bureaucratic inertia and endemic cultural racism until the 1980s. Even in the 1980s a minister in the state of Queensland openly stated Queensland’s Aboriginal policy consisted of a large bag of flour and strychnine. Many rural towns were “Sundown Towns” where aborigines found on the street, and off the reserve, would face arbitrary arrest and detention in the lockup, if they were not beaten or even “disappeared”.

  19. Republican vs Democrat. East Asia vs Oceania. Same old, same old. Meanwhile, the illegal federal gun laws remain, the debt grows, the swamp thickens, the wars abroad continue. No change.

    • Yep. The Great Oz behind the curtain. Divide and conquer. The Powers That Be would LOVE this whole little upset to go hot. Great excuse to fully activate all the apparatus of the surveillance/police/military state that has been put in place since 9/11.

  20. Shit like this is why people thing gun owners are loonies and paranoid. Que the banjo music.

    • A post-paranoia society would be great. I just wish I knew how to get us there – I suspect the creator of such an idea may be the only hope for this nation and the current world at large.

      Also, I suspect you want to “cue” the banjo music, not gently smoke it for several hours until it is tender and delicious.

    • Because we pay attention to the left? I’ve watched the media, academics and politicians carry water for the Punch a Nazi set. I’ve seen the delight from the leftists when people trying to see political speakers are attacked with fists, rocks, pepper spray and clubs. I’ve observed how the academics and politicians encourage the violence and then refuse to protect those being attacked. I’ve read how everyone that doesn’t support the leftist agenda is a racist, sexist, homophobe who wants to kill the poor.

      We are not paranoid. We are observing the normalization of political violence against those with different views. The people who enable, deny and advocate for this are dangerous as hell. If the left legitimizes violence as a political tool, eventually the right will as well. This is how you end up with events like the Yugoslav civil war and The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

  21. “I really hope we don’t have to shoot back.”

    Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy. I’d rather practice my marksmanship and be ready to shoot back to great effect.

  22. I consider myself a conservative, militant advocate of the 2A and someone extremely prone to violence. Yet, I have never harmed another innocent person. I have no problem engaging in a violent, kinetic Restorative War against these Liberal Terrorists™. Thomas Paine said it best, “if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my child may know peace”. 3%er.

  23. The Democrat Party is merely returning to its roots of racial separatism and political terrorism.

    It’s the party of:
    * slavery
    * secession
    * Jim Crow
    * the Klan
    * lynching
    * racial concentration camps

  24. “Denial is not a river in Egypt” – Anonymous

    The above article, and the passion of the opinions expressed in the comments section reflect a stark reality. When someone – in this case the violent Stalinist left – says they hate you for your political beliefs, wish you were dead, and incite, promote, and then begins to commit violent and murderous acts against you, it is time to take the cotton from your ears, remove your blinders, and pay very close attention.

    An earlier post which compared Bernie Sanders speeches, and the focus of the left to the identity politics of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitspartei,(National Socialist German Workers Party) was particularly astute.

    The message is the same, the rhetoric the same, and the methods are the same, and so are the tactics of intimidation, violence, and murder. Whether you choose to call it Marxism, Nazi-ism, Stalin-ism, or Fascism, or their favorite co-opted moniker ‘the Resistance’ makes absolutely no difference.

    Regardless of how you or I feel about it, or how surreal and bizarre it seems to the logical mind, the left is in a blind trance of mindless, deepening, seething hatred, and failing to recognize that, attempting to bargain with it, or seeking to appease it are not survival strategies.

  25. Just look at who doing the violent protesting. It’s not the conservatives. Yet we are played as the problem and we need to be controlled, monitored and restricted. The left gets room to destroy.

  26. I’m curious. Is there any record of Bernie Sanders calling for violence? I mean, directly in a way that requires no mental gymnastics to interpret it as such? If so, please link it.

    I also don’t understand why all the violence committed in this country by right wing, lone wolf loonies is glossed over, ignored, or dismissed because reasons, but all left wing lone wolf violence is the first shot in an upcoming civil war, one which many here seem to be stroking their dicks and salivating in anticipation of.

    I’m not dismissing the extremism that occurs on the left. I know this is really, really, difficult for the panicky, binary thinking mind of a herd beast to understand, but it is very possible for a rational, thinking human being to look at both the alt right and antifa extreme left with nothing but a deep burning contempt. Both sides are the enemies of liberty and individuality, albeit in slightly difference way. May they all rot in hell.

    • You’re doing it again Jason. Getting caught in the crosshairs of idiocy. Are you living by the code of a thousand statistics or accepting the reality around you? Me thinks you’ve been watching Anderson Cooper far too much. Seriously. Walk around in any sizeable city and smell the democratic process in action. Their taste is in their ass.

      • Again, I have nothing but disdain for the fringes on both ends of the (actually circular) political spectrum. I just don’t understand why most people, when presented with two options will identify one as good and the other as bad even though in reality both options are equally toxic.

        Increasingly, I’m glad I own guns and in the dystopian future we seem to be insistent upon, it seems just as likely I’ll have to fire them in anger upon conservatives who think I’m too liberal as on liberals who think I’m too conservative.

        Also, I don’t watch cable news because I don’t hate myself and I have shit to do.

        • Yes. Some regard Stalin as a great leader. Others regard Obama as Satan. The fringes will always be dangerous. But the true danger is their influence on the masses. Vigilance in our age is the only savior. Fortunately for people like me the extreme left tends to announce their intentions before acting.

  27. Their new slogan:

    “Vote Democrat or We’ll Kill You Dead”

  28. I believe what we’re seeing on the Democratic Party side now is that their politics have become their religion.

    Most younger (say, under the age of 45) Democratic voters today aren’t religious. They often view this as a positive attribute.

    But while they claim to not be members of any organized religion, they are, in fact, religious. Their politics is now their religion, and the litany of “socially just” positions is their catechism.

    The violence you see some Democrats now advocating is done with the solipsism and moral certitude that, in past centuries, came from the highly religious – against apostates and heretics. Some of the fury you see being vented at President Trump is that of the religious observant against the apostate – after all, Trump used to be perceived as “one of them” – three wives, a man who looked at women like so many conquests when he was young, brash, crass, obsessed with making money, etc. For many, Trump is betraying his social milieu – he should be a member of the trans-national, globalist group of ultra-wealthy, who live in a post-state existence. Until recently, it appeared that he was all of this – writ large. His vaguely exotic wife is from a tiny little European country, he flies around in a personal 757, has golf clubs/grounds all over the world… Trump is supposed to be one of the trans-national/extra-state elitists, Wharton MBA and all.

    Then suddenly, Trump took on a bunch of new positions – and his former friends and admirers now hurled invective and condemnation against him with a fury. We saw a little bit of that fury hurled against Ted Cruz as well, being that he was a star student at Harvard Law School, which elites see as one of the training grounds for the extra-state/trans-national elites.

    Even more furious condemnation and ridicule was hurled against those who voted for Mr. Trump, because they enabled his apostasy into becoming an actual political force. What was the complaint from the neo-con Republicans? “He’s one of them! He’s going to take the mask off, and you’re going to see you elected a liberal! Better to elect Hillary instead!”

    The trouble is, using politics as religion tends to result in things like, oh, the Cultural Revolution in China in the mid-70’s. All you youngsters are going to have to go off and do some reading on this, but the upshot of the later stages of the Cultural Revolution in China was this: One day, the youngsters from universities and connected families went on a rabid denunciation of the old guard of commies running China – because the old guard was insufficiently “woke” in today’s parlance. Much like the SJW’s today, the Chinese youths, waving their little red books, would denounce and ridicule some older public official, bureaucrat or party elder for departing from the commie catechism, and get these hapless older commies sent into the work camps for years. The youthful cultural revolutionaries tore China apart – but only in the cities. Folks in rural areas went pretty much affected.

    In an odd irony, I notice that someone else is making note of the Democrat’s increasing problems with religion:

    Lastly, I will NB that the “politics as religion” has been 20+ years in coming, and it came into the DNC through some secular/Reform Jews who were some of the policy wonks advising the DNC for years. What really attracted my attention to this idea was when Michael Lerner, then editor of Tikkun magazine, became a policy wonk for Hillary early in the first Clinton term. Lerner wrote articles and gave talks about the “Politics of meaning” and left lots of people saying “Huh? WTF?” Lerner spoke a big game about reducing people’s cynicism of government and politics in general, how government need to be more humanist, how people were hungering for spiritual meaning, etc, etc. blah, blah, blah, lots of sunshine and rainbows up your butt – enough to make your molars glow.

    In the main, it sounded like liberal mental fapping, but about 10 years after I read Lerner’s book, it occurred to me in an epiphany:

    Lerner wanted politics to become the new religion, and the politics he espoused were humanist left-wing, “socially just” ethical politics. To achieve this, he wanted to establish a morality in politics without explicitly drawing the system of morality from any particular religion – instead, he wanted the politics to be the religion, and people would cease being cynical because doing “the right thing” in their politics would feed their need for spirituality. ie, people who espoused his brand of politics would feel good about themselves, because their new morality would inform people that (insert SJW position here) was morally right, and you were therefore a Good Person[tm] in the eyes of the humanist state.

    What took me so long to realize this? Because I actually bought into the Clinton “DLC” twaddle – that they wanted to be a pro-business new-age Democrat, not like the barking moonbat left who have wanted to tax everything they didn’t like into oblivion since they wormed their way into American politics in the 1930’s. No, the DLC wasn’t a new approach, and no, the Clintons weren’t going to be a different type of Democrat. It has always been the same nonsense – it’s the same Fabian/marxist crap we’ve heard since the 30’s, only now sold with different side dishes, that’s all.

  29. There are a lot of butt hurt democrats here. They have no place to hide. “Two Thumbs up.”

  30. Maybe, just maybe, we should implement universal background checks to register as a Democrat? Seems like that segment of the population causes a lot of problems in the society and they have become increasingly violent.

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