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At last night’s CNN debate, aspiring Democratic Party chairpersons jockeyed for position. In the course of events, Congressman Keith Ellison distanced himself from a previous declaration that he opposed the Second Amendment, uttered on Real Time with Bill Maher. After Ellison pivoted towards jobs, he finally addressed the meat of the matter. Well almost . . .

I am a believer in for people to be able to own guns. We do need background checks on guns. We do need to address the fact that people are getting murdered across this country and none of these murders seem to be bother the NRA.

The didndunuthin’ NRA! Or, to steal a line from Ariel’s nemesis, those poor insensitive souls!

CNN’s talking head pressed Congressman Ellison on the Maher quote, reading him the transcript of the encounter. “I wish you’d play the tape,” Congressman Ellison said, “because if you did you would see it did not go that way.”

We report, you deride. Click here to watch the segment in question. To hear Congressman Ellison agree with Maher’s contention that Democrats should get rid of the Second Amendment. “I sure wish they would,” Ellison says. “I sure wish they would.”

In terms of the “missing” context, just before Mr. Maher made his suggestion, Congressman Ellison bemoaned the fact that Congress was unable to pass any “common sense” gun control legislation. IMHO Ellison was agreeing that the Second Amendment is a roadblock [to a Democratic-led statist utopia utopia].

I should probably say something here about fake news. Or a politician’s lip moving. Suffice it to say, as little as you trust the Republican Party on gun rights, you should trust the Democratic Party. Trust them to degrade and destroy your gun rights at every opportunity, working to eliminate them completely.

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  1. Ellison is favored by Lizzy warren the the most wacko democrats. He would ban even BB guns if he could.


    • A bag under dirt would be a good place for him.

      Jefferson would say no less. We might get to hear from him soon given the RPMs he must be pulling in his grave. I bet he’s halfway dug out by now.

    • Sure you do Keith, you just want it to exist in name only.

      More over a bunch of gang bangers killing each other does not bother me…

      By all means elect this far left zealot.

  2. Let them pick Keith Ellison if they want to, he’s the Colin Kaepernick of Senators as far as I’m concerned. They get to virtue signal all day long but at the end of the day he sucks at his job and is a hypocrite that will get turned on and will be a foot note in history as an embarrassment to his peers that would sooner forget him.

    If you thought people were abandoning the sinking ship that is the Democrat Party, just wait until they get Ellison to head it up. And here I thought they couldn’t do worse than Debbie or Donna and they’re pushing a guy like him. Amazing.

  3. I see what you did there, Robert…

    Unfortunately, I’m getting to the point that I’m completely tuning out these traitorous bastards and am more inclined to line them up against a wall out back. It doesn’t matter what *you* like, think, or feel. These are not just my rights, but everyone’s, so stop trampling them.

    Stop pissing on the rights of the people you serve if you don’t want retaliation.

  4. He doesn’t want to get rid of the second amendment, he just wants to be able to alter, redefine, and twist it until it means nothing except “whatever we allow you to have today”

  5. Sure put the Moose-lim in charge…is every politician from Minnesoduhhhh completely retarded???

  6. Maher makes a great point if you completely twist his words. if the Dems removed the 2A from their policy platform (i mean a wholesale dropping of the issue), then they might become relevant again and not their current status as a smoldering ruin.

  7. Never interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake.

    Let them pick the most nutty democrat possible to lead them. We don’t want the party to moderate. There’s a reason Republicans control the presidency, house, senate, and enough state governments we’d only need one contested state to pass amendments (and if you go for a basic popular thing like term limits or maybe even balanced Budget it’s not going to be hard.).

    • Correct, and I am wondering why no one has yet started an amendment for congressional term limits! Best chance in decades, what are we waiting for? Talk about “drain the swamp!”

      • Ted Cruz (among others) introduced a term limit amendment back in January. We’ll see how far it goes…

  8. Ellison is an anti-Zionist that borders on anti-semitism. The left made such a ruckus about Bannon and Sessions then they have this idiot running to head the DNC. These people are dumber than a box of rocks. If they weren’t hypocrites they wouldn’t be anything.

    • Two civil rights: Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Self-Defense.
      The opposition: Anti-Semitism and The Anti-Second Amendment orgs et al.
      Just two different flavors of bigots, often rolled into the same person.

  9. A Democrat — vying for the Democratic party Chair no less — says, “I Don’t Want to Get Rid of the Second Amendment.”

    That is every bit as credible as a man inviting an extremely drunk woman to sleep naked in his bed and telling her that he only wants to cuddle with her.

  10. Well since the 2nd amendment applies only to the Militia (as in the federally controlled military, not the peasant “unorganized militia” then of course the 2nd amendment can stay. Hell they’re even fine with unregulated access to full auto SBR’s to that militia!

    • Of course, the definition of “militia” explicitly excludes the professional military. Which is of course the problem with Democrats and the 2nd Amendment: they don’t want it to actually mean anything.

  11. I’m sure he has a number of ‘reasonable’, ‘common sense’ and ‘gun safety’ ideas. His ideas on the 2nd have nothing to do with individual rights. Keith’s idea is probably similar to Barry’s; something like a civilian force that is as well trained and well armed as the military. Lenin used a force such as this, also Mao, Pol Pot, etc., etc.. William Ayers and the Weather Underground estimated they only needed to off 20 million to reach their goals of utopia. Keith needs to keep his mouth shut, his friendship with Calypso Louie and leave us be.

  12. Please, please, please pick the most liberal of the bunch…go left of left…and watch more Americans turn to the “right”!

  13. If Ellison can’t be selected as Chairman of the DNC, maybe he’ll be made Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood. He’d fit right in.

  14. Let’s see how Jews feel about Keith in charge. I’m sure his beliefs won’t infect the Democrats, right?

    • I’ll make a prediction right here, right now:

      The majority of Jews in the US will be just fine with him as head of the DNC.

  15. Ask any Democrat who claims not to oppose the 2nd Amendment what they believe it absolutely bars the government from doing. If they can think of anything at all, the only restriction they will be able to come up with will fall along the lines of “at least one civilian can own at least one musket, subject to arbitrarily oppressive conditions.”

  16. Ellison is an excellent choice for DNC Chair….for us.

    Just get us a few (2 or 3) “Originalist” Supreme Court Justices before time runs out….

  17. “insensitive souls”? Purdy sure Ursula Morgana sang:

    “Those poor unfortunate souls…”

    I hate all musicals save one, Disney’s comeback classic “The Little Mermaid.”

    Frickin’ genius that one is.

  18. He does NOT want to get rid of the Second Amendment – only guns and the people who own them. The Amendment can stay . . .

  19. I don’t even need to read this to know this is the typical, “I’m not anti-gun…BUT…” progressive statement.

    If you have to start your sentence with “I’m not anti-xyz” chances are you are anti-xyz.

  20. Lots of comments about the democrats are done….move farther left and they are done.
    Don’t count your chickens yet.

    Do you forget Republicans saying similar things almost 30 years ago after Regan and his landslides. I remember someone saying we need to put a few democrats in zoos so the kids would know what they looked like.

    Then we elected a RINO who shortly handed congress and presidency back to the left wing of the democrat party.

    Do you forget how close this latest election was until a few “swing states” went to Trump by a few votes.

    Yes, the left is insane. That will not stop them from working hard at the local level to dupe the uninformed to vote their way. It recently happened where I live. A registered “republican” sock puppet for the democrats was elected mayor and things are going to hell all ready. Republicans were fat and happy with election results and didn’t work on this one.

    What I am saying is, quit gloating about this win and get to work everyplace expanding the conservative agenda in your area. Make sure conservatives are elected at every level of government, especially Sheriff.

    And most of all, Be Prepared!

  21. Jewish democrats, elected homosexuals and congressman Ellison all agree, only the government should have guns. And all three are liars.

  22. I’m in Minnesota. Long-time resident.

    We’ve enjoyed bringing you the likes of Keith Ellison, Al Franken, Paul Wellstone, Walter Mondale, Eugene McCarthy, and Hubert Humphrey.

    Just for giggles, we elected Jesse Ventura as our governor.

    The Hill, in 2014, listed us as the second most-liberal state in the nation, with only Washington ahead of us.

    We have a ton of high-buck white professionals who arrange their lives so that they never have to see any actual minority people, and then vote in ways to assuage their liberal guilt about it.

    Just write us off. I have.

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