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Week after week, more images of horrific gun violence flash across our TV and computer screens. These tragedies aren’t isolated incidents; they are part of a full-blown—and entirely preventable—epidemic. We cannot afford to sit by and let this constant heartbreak become the norm. As a nation, it is time for sensible gun safety laws that save lives. That is why Governor O’Malley has set a national goal of cutting deaths from gun violence in half within 10 years . . .

As Governor of Maryland, O’Malley implemented some of the toughest measures in the nation to reduce gun violence. He put in place licensing, fingerprinting, background checks, and safety training requirements for all buyers. If a firearm was lost or stolen, owners were required to immediately notify law enforcement. And Maryland prohibited the sale of assault weapons and limited the size of magazines—all while protecting the state’s proud hunting tradition.

Governor O’Malley is calling for the nation to adopt similar, commonsense reforms—while also closing loopholes that allow prohibited individuals to easily purchase guns, prevent law enforcement from holding dealers and gun traffickers accountable when they break the law, and lead to the deaths of thousands of children ever year. These proven solutions are achievable at a national scale—if, as a nation, we have the courage and conviction to do the right thing.

Expand Background Check Protections to All Sales

Federally licensed firearms dealers are already required to conduct background checks in order to keep firearms out of the hands of people who have committed violent felonies or domestic abuse. While this requirement has effectively prevented more than 2.4 million prohibited people from acquiring guns, large loopholes allow others to easily purchase firearms.

The biggest and most dangerous loophole is that unlicensed sellers, who account for roughly 40 percent of all firearm sales, are not required to run background checks. Closing this loophole has been proven to save lives: In the 18 states that already require a criminal background check, the number of police officers shot and killed while on duty, the number of people who commit suicides with guns, and the number of women shot to death by their partners is nearly 50 percent lower than in other states.


As president, Governor O’Malley will:

  • Require a background check for every gun sale. O’Malley will fight for laws requiring all gun buyers to complete background checks. All private sales would be processed through a licensed dealer or law enforcement agency that completes background checks, as O’Malley required in Maryland.
  • End unregulated internet gun sales. Because hundreds of thousands of guns are sold online, people who are prohibited from owning them can easily purchase guns while avoiding a background check. O’Malley will work to require all gun purchases to be completed in person through licensed dealers, who will be required to complete a background check and comply with all other safety laws.
  • Strengthen background check protections. O’Malley will work to end “default proceeds,” where agents have only three business days to finish background checks before the sale automatically proceeds. Law enforcement should have the time they need to complete background checks: this broken process allows more than 2,500 prohibited individuals to purchase guns annually. O’Malley will also seek to end the “Brady exemption” that allows permit holders to avoid background checks.
  • Encourage states to improve information sharing. In order for background checks to be fully effective, states must provide complete and accurate data on persons prohibited from owning guns, including those with felony records and histories of domestic abuse. The Obama Administration has made important investments to support states that share information with the federal background check system. O’Malley will build on these efforts, continuing to provide critical resources to states to help them modernize recordkeeping and share critical data.

Implement Commonsense Safeguards for Gun Purchases

Beyond background checks, commonsense measures like mandatory gun licensing, waiting periods, and age restrictions have proven to dramatically reduce gun-related homicides, suicides, and trafficking. Drawing from his experience in Maryland, where under his leadership the state successfully implemented important safety measures, the Governor will fight to ensure that all Americans benefit from the same basic protections.

As president, Governor O’Malley will:

  • Enact comprehensive requirements for gun purchases, including fingerprint licensing. Building from successful reform efforts in Maryland, O’Malley will require all individuals who seek to purchase or transfer any gun to obtain a fingerprint-based license, and complete safety training with a waiting period, in addition to passing a background check. As he did in Maryland, O’Malley will extend these same requirements to private sales by requiring all sales to be completed through licensed dealers.
  • Set a national age requirement for handgun possession. A full quarter of gun crimes are committed by individuals 21 years-old and younger, based on data from 13 states; and guns are used in 38 percent of suicides among young people. O’Malley will work to set a federal minimum age of 21 for handgun ownership and possession.
  • Require the responsible storage of guns at home. Guns are the second leading cause of death among children and teens, and the first cause among African American children. The responsible storage of guns can prevent suicide, violence, and accidents: 70 percent of unintentional child deaths from guns happened when firearms were stored irresponsibly. While licensed dealers are already required to make sure that gun purchasers have safety devices, there is far more to be done to ensure responsible gun storage. O’Malley will extend existing safety standards to all firearm sales. He will also issue federal rules clearly defining the gun locks and safes that meet safety standards.
  • Reject federally mandated concealed carry. Republicans in Congress have proposed overriding existing state laws regarding who should be able to carry concealed guns within their borders. These laws are enacted by the voters and elected representatives of each state in order to keep their neighbors safe. O’Malley will defend strong state regulations, pushing back against efforts to force every state to recognize the concealed-carry permits issued by other states. Several states’ concealed-carry laws are extraordinarily weak, granting permits to individuals who do not complete safety training, have been convicted of a violent crime, or have a demonstrated history of drug or alcohol abuse.

Protect Women from Gun Violence

America is the most dangerous country in the developed world for women when it comes to gun violence. Domestic abusers can still easily purchase and own guns, and abused women are five times more likely to be killed by their abuser if a firearm is present. Closing loopholes that allow people to buy guns from unlicensed sellers is an important first step to keeping guns out of the hands of men who abuse or stalk women. But additional action must be taken to save women’s lives.As president, Governor O’Malley will:

  • Close the “boyfriend loophole”. People convicted of domestic violence are already prohibited from owning and purchasing guns. However, this prohibition extends only to people who are living with, married to, or have a child with the person suffering abuse— meaning that someone who is convicted of domestic violence in a dating relationship can still own and purchase guns. O’Malley supports the proposed federal legislation that would close this loophole, providing critical protections for women who are targets of dating violence. O’Malley also supports provisions that prohibit anyone convicted of stalking from owning a gun.
  • Ban guns for those subject to emergency restraining orders. In addition, current law disarms only people who are under permanent restraining orders—leaving accused domestic- violence offenders who are under emergency restraining orders free to own and purchase guns. The days following the service of an emergency order of protection can be the most dangerous, and it can take several weeks or longer for permanent restraining orders to be imposed. O’Malley supports federal legislation that will prevent those under emergency restraining orders from purchasing or possessing a firearm for the duration of the order.
  • Disarm and prosecute those who break the law. Existing bans on gun ownership for domestic abusers and stalkers are too rarely enforced. O’Malley will make it a priority to disarm those convicted of committing domestic violence, and to prosecute those who fail to comply with the law.

Expand Reporting Requirements to Help Law Enforcement Fight Gun Crime

Firearm registration helps law enforcement officers identify and prosecute violent criminals, allowing them to quickly and reliably trace firearms recovered from crime scenes. Centralized registration systems and mandatory reporting of lost and stolen firearms also deter illegal sales, while encouraging gun owners to responsibly use and store their firearms.As president, Governor O’Malley will:

  • Establish a national firearms registry. Although firearm registration helps advance public safety, federal law actually prohibits creation of a national system for registering firearms. This makes tracing guns back to their sale a slow, cumbersome, or even impossible process. O’Malley will push to revise federal law to establish a comprehensive, centralized firearm registration system, where records would be maintained electronically and indefinitely. All firearms purchases would be recorded and registered at sale, and re-registered when they are resold or transferred.
  • Mandate reporting to law enforcement of lost or stolen firearms. In addition, O’Malley will work to mandate that all lost or stolen firearms be reported immediately to law enforcement. These reports would be registered in the national database, helping law enforcement more quickly trace guns that are used in crimes—and identify individuals who routinely fail to report lost or stolen guns and may be trafficking firearms.
  • Require microstamping for all guns. Firearms can be designed to imprint a unique alphanumeric code onto a cartridge case when it is fired. This allows law enforcement to better trace the guns used in crimes, expediting investigations and further deterring trafficking. O’Malley supports a national microstamping law.

Hold Bad Actors Accountable

Law enforcement faces additional barriers to regulating firearms dealers and preventing gun trafficking and crime. Industry-friendly laws limit federal inspections of firearm dealers and ensure toothless punishments for breaking the law. The National Rifle Association and its allies have prevented the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) from having the resources it needs to enforce our nation’s modest gun control laws. Law enforcement must have the tools required to ensure gun safety and hold bad actors accountable.

As president, Governor O’Malley will:

  • Revoke licenses when dealers break the law. The ATF is often unable to revoke the licenses of dealers who break the law because of certain restrictions and a lack of resources. Even when the agency does find serious violations, like gun sales to those who are underage, it can take one to three years for dealers to lose their licenses. Moreover, the ATF must meet the difficult standard of finding that dealers committed a violation “willfully” —even though dealers who break federal laws are a major source of trafficked firearms.O’Malley will ensure the ATF has the funding and authority it needs to do its job and keep the American people safe. This includes revising the standard by which dealers can have their licenses revoked, and increasing follow-up so that dealers who lose their licenses do not pass on their business to friends or relatives, or continue to sell guns as unlicensed sellers.
  • Ensure regular and unexpected inspections of licensed dealers. Currently, ATF may conduct only one unannounced inspection of each licensed firearms dealer per year. Moreover, because of a lack of federal resources, licensed dealers are inspected only once per decade on average. O’Malley will lift the inspections cap and dedicate the necessary resources to monitoring dealers to ensure that they comply with the law.
  • Increase federal penalties for gun traffickers. There is no clear and enforceable federal prohibition on gun trafficking. Rather, law enforcement uses prohibitions from selling guns without a license to go after traffickers—and the penalty imposed is the same punishment for trafficking chicken or livestock. O’Malley supports the bipartisan Senate legislation introduced this year that would make selling guns to a prohibited person a felony under federal law.

Use the Power of the Federal Purse to Advance Gun Safety

Government agencies are the largest purchaser of firearms, accounting for 40 percent of gun industry revenues. By adjusting federal procurement policies, the federal government can encourage gun manufacturers and dealers to work to prevent trafficking and gun violence, while driving innovation that advances gun safety.

As president, Governor O’Malley will:

  • Use procurement contracts to advance gun safety. O’Malley will require manufacturers that seek federal contracts to make simple design changes that advance gun safety and improve law enforcement’s ability to trace firearms. These include hidden serial numbers that cannot be defaced, microstamping, magazine disconnect mechanisms, and other safety improvements.

Ensure Gun Manufacturers Act Responsibly

Holding gun manufacturers accountable when they contribute to gun violence can help break the pipeline through which criminals and dangerous individuals obtain and traffic guns. Yet, manufacturers have little incentive to encourage bad actors to reform: they continue to profit from dealers’ unscrupulous sales, while Congress protects them from any liability for contributing to criminal or deadly behavior.

As president, Governor O’Malley will:

  • End immunity for gun manufacturers. Every state holds manufacturers accountable for producing and selling products that cause harm. But in 2005, the Republican-controlled Congress protected gun makers and dealers from most liability when their firearms are used criminally: the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act effectively wiped out gun liability laws in all 50 states. O’Malley will fight to overturn the Act, allowing states and cities to better protect their citizens from negligence, and giving victims of mass shootings the ability to hold irresponsible gun manufacturers and dealers accountable.
  • Ban sale or distribution of assault weapons. Assault weapons are designed to be extraordinarily deadly. So it is no surprise that mass shootings involving assault weapons are 50 percent more deadly, resulting in 155 percent more people being shot. O’Malley will ban the sale and distribution of all military-style assault weapons, including assault pistols and long guns, as he did in Maryland. He will also ban the sale or distribution of large-capacity magazines and “cop killer” ammunition through federal regulation.

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  1. National Firearms Registration…
    Because he has plans for those millions of 80% receivers and frames sitting out there.

    • Because criminals will be criminals… UNLESS we pass one more law, then they’ll see the light and turn in all those nasty assault clipazine laucher ghost guns and melt them down into sculptures of bunny rabbits.

      No really..

      • Raised taxes on everything
        Signed lots of new gun laws on the books.
        Was former mayor of that safe city Baltimore for 8 years and saw a 30% drop in population, at least the productive part.

        In other words a prime democratic candidate for emperor.

    • Technically, yes he is running for the Democrat Party nomination for President.

      But look over here at the smoldering pile…… not that one, that’s Hillary’s campaign.

      The smoldering pile south of that. Yes the one with the road runner smoke trail headed away, left by Stephanie Rawling-Blake. That’s Baltimore, the city Guitar O Malley was also mayor once, in the state of Maryland which he was recently Governor. When Baltimore burned after Freddie Gray, so did O Malley’s chance of securing the nomination.

      Now if Vice President Shotgun Blast, I mean Joe Biden decides to enter the race and adopt this plan, then we can start to show some concern.

    • No, not really. Most people “running for president” are not running for president. Some are actually running for V.P. or a cabinet position or an ambassadorship. Others are running just to raise their public profile so they can sell more books and command higher speaking fees on the lecture circuit.

      Still others are running vanity candidacies. Bored with or plateaued in their careers, they just like jetting around playing presidential candidate, giving speeches, being on T.V., reading about themselves in the papers, having Secret Service protection, etc.

      O’Malley is running for president like people buy lottery tickets: he knows he’s never going to win, but just being in it gives some semblance of reality to the fantasy, and that’s good enough.

  2. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America, Comrade. You will do as told, when you are told, as you are told. If it is not specifically allowed, it is forbidden. Slavery is freedom.

    • Sorry to crush your ideals but I’ve actually lived in a socialist country and some of those proposed ideas are even more restrictive and more stupid than what was the law of the land around here…

  3. There is literally too much stupid in that article for me to respond to each piece of stupid individually, so instead I will just respond the that collective cluster of fascism with this:

    Over my cold, dead body.

  4. Some people must really spend a lot of time scared as hell. Instead of banning guns let’s ban cowards and idiots.

  5. Well now we know why Baltimore is so safe!

    Now getting rid of those pesky laws which prevent manufacturers from being sued. There’s a good idea. Let’s go after car manufacturers for drunk drivers….

  6. Lets ask Baltimore how their gun violence issue is coming along!

    At least he’s honest to the Nth degree about what he wants to do instead of trying to pretend to be something he’s not. Gotta know when to run away, not walk away.

    Then again my money is on him being done after Iowa comes in.

  7. The collective Borg inspired Democrat’s…you will be assimilated….only a matter of time till we have your coin, your homes, your land, your mineral rights, your arms, your liberty, and whatever scrap of freedom remaining.

  8. 480,000 deaths per year from smoking in the US and the liberals concentrate on the 30,000 deaths from firearms, 60% of which are caused by suicide. UmmK, makes sense to me.

    • I’ll one up that – any politician who supports an unconstitutional law is automatically convicted of treason and faces either life in prison (general population, not the cushy stuff politicians usually get if they’re convicted) or or execution. We’d see a HUGE decrease in the number of laws passed each year since they’d start reading the laws they vote on / sign.

  9. Treason thy name is O’Malley. He won’t be the nominee because Hillary has that locked up. She will face Jeb Bush next year. Count on it. I like Ben Carson but I am too old not to know how this crap works. I will campaign and vote for the Republican. This election is too damned important to sit out.

      • You might be right. The question Robert posed was; if your favorite is not the nominee will you stay home and not vote.

      • Vote Jeb and you endorse illegal immigration. You endorse states rights to abridge your second amendment. You endorse applying your tax dollars given to half the illegals in this country. You endorse murder & rape of our citizens by illegals. Vote your conscience.

        • Voting one’s conscience is a *luxury*. Easily done in states that are a lock for the other team, but just dumb as rocks if you’re somewhere it actually matters.

  10. Where’s the plan to reduce death from medical mistakes by half, Martin? Or the one to reduce deaths by heart disease and cancer by half? Or the one to reduce automobile fatalities? Or… You get my point, right, Marty? “Gun deaths” are a tiny fraction of preventable deaths in this country. Prioritize.

    Oh, wait, are you just using the specter of “gun violence” to advance an agenda to disarm the millions of law-abiding citizens in this country? Because then your plan would make sense, but that would mean you’re a disingenuous, two-faced statist who has betrayed the oaths of office you’ve no doubt taken many times in your political career.

  11. So many lies in that list.

    – the infamous 40% of guns bought without background checks, based on one flawed survey from 1997

    – guns are only a leading cause of death of children if you carefully redefine children to include fully grown urban youth in gangs killing each other. More gun storage laws will have zero impact on gang murders. If you take the gang murders out, guns are way down the list in child fatalities.

    • Interestingly enough, the guy who actually headed up that “40%” study has himself denounced it, and now says that the accurate figure is–get this– about 15%, which just happens to be the number Colorado found to be the case when they insititued their “universal” background checks. Snopes ought to do an entry on that 40% crap, but they won’t, they can’t escape from their own leftist slant.

  12. Another person who failed to identify the root cause of murder. It’s not us buddy! I feel like I am taking crazy pills while reading that list of shite.

  13. This guy spent a LOT of time thinking all that stuff out. Shame he couldn’t have spent the time on making a plan for improving the economic situations in the inner cities, on creating jobs, affordable child care, removing corruption in government, removing waste in government, removing duplicated services in government……
    Oh yeah, wait, he didn’t do any of those things when he was governor of Maryland. What was I thinking?????? (HEAVY face palm)

    • It looks like he didn’t even spend too much time thinking. He just copy – pasted compilation of wish lists from bunch of gun grabber’s web site wet dreams, even using their old lies. I don’t think he missed any. Just for fun, try to remember any “comonsense” disarmist idea he did not include.

  14. Hold on just one moment people. Little Marty is a political genius in his own mind, with a fool-proof plan.

    Step 1. Lie through your teeth while proposing draconian, unconstitutional gun control measures that will have the exact opposite effect of what you claim.

    Step 2. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Step 3. Get elected president of the United States of America.

    Well, maybe he should have stuck with stealing little boy’s underwear.

  15. Just another liberal proving that he believes all Americans are “potential criminals.”
    He is not a fool. He knows that every national gun registration effort in the world has been followed by gun confiscation.
    This mo-ron wants the criminal and corrupt to have a safer work place. Much easier to control a disarmed population. Just look at China and NoKo.
    Look at Mexico? If Americans are disarmed, crime stats will soon be as bad as Mexico and Chicago for the whole country.

  16. If he actually had any chance at all, I would be glad he was stupid enough to include that “gun registry” biz–I believe that one is a poison pill for just about everyone that isn’t a completely brain-dead gun-o-phobe. Just remind folks that terrorists use computers to set up their attacks, and ask if they are OK with having to register their PCs and Iphones with the .gov. BTW, all you “there’s no difference between the parties” folks, please feel free to point out any R presidential candidate that comes out with anything even close to this lunacy as their proposed program.

    • The argument that both parties are essentially the same is a bit more subtle than that. It’s a long-term observation that each party has certain draconian policies they’re willing to support. When they play the game of handing control back and forth, it’s a ratcheting effect. The Ds enact more gun control, the Rs set up indefinite detention and domestic spying programs. The Ds push Obamacare, the Rs are happy to promote the “war on drugs”, including asset forfeiture laws and the increasing militarization of police tactics that goes with it.

      The key observation is that neither side ever dismantles any of the horrible, unconstitutional shit the other side did when they were in power. So, in the long term, it doesn’t seem to much matter who you vote for, because either way, the erosion of all of our rights continues with each new administration.

      I don’t hear too many Republican candidates promising to work to restore some of the rights we lost in the NFA and GCA.

      • You did hear about the Republicans who let the Clinton AWB lapse, didn’t you? I have to agree to some community of interests between the major parties–at this stage, the R’s aren’t about to dismantle government wholesale either. But as for guns, which is the main thrust hereabouts, the “no difference between the parties” is demonstrably erroneous.

        • I did hear about the Republicans letting the AWB expire. I also recall George W. Bush saying he supported the AWB and that he’d sign a renewal if Congress passed one. Yeah, the Republicans are generally better on guns than the Democrats, but that’s not a very high bar to clear. That’s like being better at playing Pictionary than Stevie Wonder.

          It would be nice to be able to vote for the 2A and not also get shit like the PATRIOT Act shoved down our throats, but neither party seems to want to support the Bill of Rights in its entirety.

  17. Allow me to sum up the entire list….

    Criminals aren’t complying with the existing laws so we are going to add a whole bunch more laws. We will eventually have enough laws that everyone will be a criminal and then we can lock all of you up and be done with you.

    Mr O’Malley, to you I say FOAD.

  18. When a (D) is elected next year, and if this “man” in particular happens to be it: I will not comply.
    The .gov might even have to ban boats (or put ATF agents on every lake in the nation) after accidents on the water increase exponentially.

  19. OK, let’s hold breweries, distributors, and restaurant establishments; along with automobile manufacturers and their component distributors thereof; individual Departments of Transportation and their executives thereof for the more than 30000 deaths by automobile per year. What? Too draconic? I thought for “even one life”?

  20. I’m always impressed with the American “can do” attitude. I mean, up here in Canada we couldn’t make our long gun registry work, but with a bit of Yankee ingenuity, it seems Candidate O’Malley is convinced you can overcome.

    Funnily enough, even with that 155% percent increase in deaths in mass shootings with “assault weapons”, you’re still more likely to be murdered by blunt objects or bare hands- or struck by lightning.

  21. Here’s the point. Your candidate doesn’t get the nomination. Do you then sit home? Vote for a third party?

    If you do, then you have no right to complain. You brought it on yourself.

    • Horseshit. If the candidate of a certain party is a worthless POS, I will not vote for that candidate, unless there is absolutely no chance of him/her winning, and then only to make sure all that are looking know they did not earn my vote. For the GOP, that means I’m not voting for any candidate who asserts that a supposedly almighty god needs HIS help and my tax dollars in order to get anything done. Religious fanatics need not apply, I just dropped Ben Carson, and Huckabee was never on the radar. No, I won’t vote Dem instead, because they have recently proven that even those with an A+ NRA rating are just in camo, they are all still grabbers. But the Hindu party, the sharia party, the libertarian party, oh, yeah.

  22. One thing about these kinds of folks that we can always pathetically predictable. The meme is always connected to a “crisis” that can only be resolved by accepting their change—which is always presented as inherently logical, something any person with moral sensibility should agree to. The problem is that this is an old move, one that we’ve seen perhaps too many times to be moved by the manufactured sentiments. For those old enough to remember, Ralph Nader did the exact same thing with the automobile safety movement in the mid 1960’s, telling us ad nauseam that there was “carnage on the highways” that our cars were “unsafe at any speed” when, in fact, traffic fatalities had been steadily declining since around 1900. Now it’s all about reducing “gun deaths”. Been there, done that.

  23. This is just an FYI, have you ever noticed the pictures of these gun control advocates and how they look like they’re nuts, they look like they’re just pissed off at the world Like somebody pooped in their mess kit. Just a heads up if you notice all these pictures of these gun control advocates Like finestein Hickenlooper they always have these pictures that look like they just got out of a sane asylum. Something to think about Nut jobs!

  24. Much of what he proposed would either never be passed or would not stand up to a court challenge. If you read carefully his “boyfriend loophole” what he seems to be saying is that he would deprive anyone living in the same house with a person banned from owning firearms then the other person or persons would not be allowed to own a gun either. It would not stand up in court.

    The only thing I agree with is the “Responsible Storage of Guns with Children in a house”. He is right on that one. There are trigger locks, or desk safes or simply in a dire circumstance carrying a gun on ones person that would save many children from being accidentally killed or them killing their playmates who may have come to visit them. There is no excuse for leaving loaded guns around with children in the house, absolutely none. Some States already have such a law but a Federal law would make them all comply. Its long overdue.

    • The only thing I agree with is the “Responsible Storage of Guns with Children in a house”. He is right on that one.

      In what way is he right? Oh, I see:

      There are trigger locks, or desk safes or simply in a dire circumstance carrying a gun on ones person that would save many children from being accidentally killed or them killing their playmates who may have come to visit them.

      1. How many such accidental deaths occur each year?
      2. How many would be prevented by state-mandated safe storage?
      3. In what way does such social utility override shall not be infringed?

      There is no excuse for leaving loaded guns around with children in the house, absolutely none.

      That’s a great rule for you. You should enforce it in your own household. However, your unwillingness or inability to teach/discipline/monitor your own children properly does not compel me to act accordingly with my own children.

      Perhaps we should have a federal law outlawing multiple-story dwellings, or swimming pools and bath tubs? Or perhaps a federal law requiring locked storage of household chemicals? Or a federal law prohibiting children from riding in automobiles?

      Heck, maybe Bloomy was on to something with his Big Gulp ban. Cutting down on sugar intake would save more children’s lives than federal safe-storage laws.

      • Agree. Plus, you are talking about *in my home*! WTF are you thinking? Anybody wants to dictate what I can do with MY property, relating to MY kids, inside MY house, can kiss MY ass!

      • You live in a right wing dream world. The News Papers, Nightly News, etc.etc. are often filled with stories of children accidentally killing themselves or playmates. Hiding ones head in the sand over this tragic problem is totally obscene. Adults that are irresponsible in regards to gun safety around the home should permanently lose their right to own one and should be given a one way ticket to prison for allowing the unnecessary deaths of innocent children. Try mouthing your moronic babblings to the relatives of deceased children who died because of the crass irresponsibility of some gun owing adults. Gun ownership carries a great responsibility and the irresponsible are a danger not only to children but often themselves and other adults as well.

        • You live in a right wing dream world. The News Papers, Nightly News, etc.etc. are often filled with stories of children accidentally killing themselves or playmates. Hiding ones head in the sand over this tragic problem is totally obscene.

          Anecdote is unpersuasive. Cite actual statistics, please: how many children are killed accidentally each year, due to firearms? And where does that number rank in terms of all other accidental causes of death for children?

          Adults that are irresponsible in regards to gun safety around the home should permanently lose their right to own one and should be given a one way ticket to prison for allowing the unnecessary deaths of innocent children.

          What about parents who let their children drown in pools or bathtubs, or die falling down stairs? (Pro Tip: both of those happen more frequently than accidental deaths due to firearms.) What about parents who let their children die in car crashes?

          Try mouthing your moronic babblings to the relatives of deceased children who died because of the crass irresponsibility of some gun owing adults. Gun ownership carries a great responsibility and the irresponsible are a danger not only to children but often themselves and other adults as well.

          Appeal to emotion, much? The feelings of grieving parents do not trump the rights of the law-abiding.

        • jlp,
          Agree – “Gun ownership carries a great responsibility”

          And hope you’ll followup with your local law enforcement agency to urge them to participate in the NSSF’s Project Child Safe program. See for a list of registered LEOs by state. The program funds education and free gun locks.

          Interesting that neither Baltimore nor Annapolis law enforcement organizations are listed. In fact, only 4 in all of MD. Seems strange that Mr. O’Malley is so passionate about this, but failed to utilize free resources to further firearms safety or champion it now.

    • I’d like to counter with, ‘There’s no excuse for not teaching children what to do if they find an unattended firearm’. You can control your home. You can not control your kid’s friend’s home, or the kid’s friend’s neighbor’s home that they decide to visit with your kids’ friend’s parents permission, or any of a large number of other scenarios that you can not directly control unless you become one of those horrible Helicopter Parents who leave their children utterly unprepared for the real world once they turn 35 and leave home.

  25. According to the NSSF, Maryland is the 35th worst state for providing disqualifying mental health data to the NICS. O’Malley obviously doesn’t care about mentally unstable people getting guns, his goal is to make it as burdensome as possible for ordinary citizens to buy them legally.

  26. “Guns are the second leading cause of death among children and teens, and the first cause among African American children. ”

    Like those kids aged 13 to 26, right>?

    Those guns didn’t go off by themselves, Martin, and you know it

  27. One thing about O’Malley – he’s consistent. His anti-gun plank above is about the same as he spouted when Mayor of Charm City and Governor of the People’s Socialist Republic of Maryland. He has a lot of anti-gun progressives working for him, too, that can assemble all the memes he ticked off in the above screed – it is a progressive leftist’s wet dream. As is the rest of his platform. Like others on this forum, I highly doubt that O’Malley could get any of this passed in Congress against opposition from the NRA and and free America, unless he tried to resort to his pen and phone. The example of how well his policies wore in Maryland are out there for all to see, and I doubt if one more anti-gun law will change those results. I used to live in Maryland, but moved to Virginia as soon as I could. I might also mention that when Mike was Mayor of Bawl’mer, he had an Irish band and they’d come on the radio on weekends – his band was not that good, either.

  28. So, O’Malley can be held responsible for the mass increase in murders and shootings in Baltimore in 2015. Excellent, we are just awaiting the class action lawsuit.

  29. His ideas are unworkable, and also if he bothered to look beyond his own rhetoric, he’d see that a lot of the things he is wanting are already in place at a legislative level.

    That’s the problem with our body of laws – too much repetition and redundancy.

  30. Owe-Malley is a turd of epic proportions. His policies in Maryland failed…so much so that a deep blue state elected a Republican for only the second time since 1968. He is obviously doubling down on failed progressive policies, running to the left of the hildebeast. The arrogance of failure defies logic.

  31. Well.
    In Md while he was governor his abused girlfriend/wife laws did nothing. An attorney for abused women, who is not pro gun, said that that law for batterers does nothing. It is just another charge after he has hurt or killed “his woman.”

    Some of my people want no restrictions on ownership. In the face of the confiscators that’s a good stance. However in my humble opinion gun ownership requires training. Some of you could drive at 5 years old. Other people have been driving for decades and endanger all of us. 🙂 Some of you were taught at an early age the responsible handling of firearms. Others go buy a pistol and put it in their night table. At a class a licensed guard for a major Federal institution swept the whole class with his loaded firearm. He said afterword, “wow you all have discipline.” I am now an NRA instructor and am certified by the State Police. I feel that you can’t learn and practice too much.

    Back to O’Malley. He blames police violence toward citizens on earlier administrations. Also, you don’t want a Federal “Rain Tax” do you? 🙂

  32. In always find it astounding that Liberals believe that we have the ability to register, track and confiscate more than 300 million guns, but are incapable of registering, tracking and deporting one tenth as many ILLEGAL aliens.

  33. Want to cut violent crime by 3/4 overnight? Round up 2/3rds of black males between 15- 30 years old and deport them.

    • Bloomberg said that and no one liked it. Conservatives, Libs et al.
      Since that inner city violence is between people who know each other over turf and other business decisions, send them to Wall Street. Take someones 401K and have “a cap busted in yo &$$.” 🙂

      To keep us safe though deport all 18-25 year old White Males. They are the forgotten misunderstood, can’t get a date, live in parents basement types. They do the spree shooting, then suicide before facing the music after taking innocent lives. You want to be safe at your Mall, Army/Navy base, Mosque, Temple, Church,
      College, Elem school, and Movies don’t you? 🙂

      Now what about those “bad apple” cops? 🙂

  34. I learned more about marty than I ever wanted to know-governor of a failed city & state-kinda’ like the Hildebeast record. I wonder if my left-leaning 40year old son voted for this turd? HE thinks Maryland is swell…

  35. I didn’t (couldn’t) read the whole thing, can somebody tell me if he missed any of the looney-tune proposals from the last 10 years? I mean, I am pretty sure he hit everyone.

  36. In 2006, When O’Malley (Boy Mayor) was running for Gov’nor, I made the smart ass remark that if he gets elected Gov’nor, I’m moving out of Maryland. He got elected, and then my dear wife suggested we move to South Carolina to watch the grand kids grow up. I jumped at this suggestion and I became a citizen of the great state of South Carolina on Oct 1, 2008!

    Even my liberal friends that I left in Maryland won’t vote for his sorry ass tax and spend socialistic democrat.

    While in Baltimore, he raised taxes on the upper income earners and they fled Baltimore City. As gov’nor, he raised taxes on the upper 1% and lost money as they fled the state. He instituted a flush tax – A state tax on how many toilets you had in your house. A rain tax – based on the square feet of your home/business’ roof.

    I am afraid to say that if got elected ANYWHERE in the Federal Gvernment, I would leave the country.

  37. I’m sure if we compared O’Malley’s gun policies to the other Democratic candidates, they would look identical. What’s the point of even having a Democratic primary? They should just have a Central Committee like the Soviet Union did that way they don’t have to choose a person to run for president and also they won’t have to campaign so much. That way they can reduce the carbon emissions from the campaign buses.

    In fact, the Democrat party should just make there own little Politburo.

  38. I wonder how many people would actually register their firearms if that law came to be. I know lots of people in NY didn’t register their newly minted “assault rifles” when the term got redefined a couple years ago. Only 50-some thousand were registered out of how many more UNregistered? Sure some sheeple will go out and register theirs, but I can bet that most gun owners won’t; the criminals sure as hell won’t.

    Microstamping has already been proven to be easy to defeat, and that law hasn’t even passed in CA. It would also encourage firearm range brass theft.

    Going after gun makers for something a criminal did would set precedence for future lawsuits against other companies. Sue Ford because some idiot ran a stoplight. Sue Budweiser for the drunk drivers.

  39. You know what? We should meet them half way. We agree to an nation-wide automatic registration/background-check system that uses a biometric swipe card, and mandatory training classes, and a continuation of the FFL system. They agree to an end to special categories for firearms and accessories, or even for explosives of any kind. Once you’re in the system you can legally buy any gun made, or munition, or guided missile, anything and EVERYTHING an INFANTRY UNIT would use, and you can buy as many as you want, whenever you want. We’ll even throw in a two week waiting period for first gun purchase. Entry into the system will be “shall-issue.”

    OR they could leave things as they are and we will fight them with everything we have, and do everything in our power to go for their throat at every opportunity.

    • That’s not how antigun ‘compromise’ works.

      How it’s supposed to work is they try to take it all, you argue, and they decide to compromise and only take some. You don’t GET anything out of the deal.

  40. BINGO TIME! We’ve got a big one here.

    ‘gun violence’, ‘commonsense’, ‘assault weapons’, ‘hunting tradition’, ‘loophole’, ‘children’ (look at them!), ‘proven solutions'(LOL), 40% myth (debunked ad nauseum), internet gun sales (where criminals don’t get guns), Microstamping!, Assault pistols (Bonus round!), ‘cop killer ammunition’


  41. Uh yeah and what about the states who are trying registration? If he gets elected and tries this there will be a massive “HELL NO” on it.

  42. What an Amazing load of B-S! Virtually every single one of his “better ideas” is already a law ! Reading this list,
    I am reminded of Bloomberg’s typical, puffed-chest, finger-pointing, blustery, yelling loudly so as to ‘drown-out’ the opposition, while re-re-iterating basic sound-bytes… (over and over) “Guns Kill Babies!” & other stupid, bullshit. I think we need to reign-in our out-of-control lying press-corps, and mete-out punishment for outright lies, mis-representations, and false-pretenses… I’m sick-and-tired of the friggin’ circus the “liberal-press” is all about!

  43. This clown can’t crack 5% support among *democrats*. You’d be better served worrying about being hit by a meteorite.

    • You live in a right wing dream world. The News Papers, Nightly News, etc.etc. are often filled with stories of children accidentally killing themselves or playmates. Hiding ones head in the sand over this tragic problem is totally obscene. Adults that are irresponsible in regards to gun safety around the home should permanently lose their right to own one and should be given a one way ticket to prison for allowing the unnecessary deaths of innocent children. Try mouthing your moronic babblings to the relatives of deceased children who died because of the crass irresponsibility of some gun owing adults. Gun ownership carries a great responsibility and the irresponsible are a danger not only to children but often themselves and other adults as well.

  44. Gov Martin O’Malley is a traitor.
    IF O’Malley is elected President would he tell his body guards that they can not have guns? If not O’Malley IS a hypocrite.
    He also must be stupid because it seems like he does not understand what “shall not infringe” means.
    His stupidity continues? O’Malley wants to set a federal minimum age of 21 for handgun owner and possession. This means that military recruiters would be unarmed again not to mention the rest of the 21 and under military. Would this law apply to law enforcement or would the double standards continue?
    Would this prevent people over 21 from having the means to defend themselves if they have children under 21 in the house?

    Change of subject.
    Ask the big question, why do the D.C. politicians get a Golden parachute full retirement of $174,000 plus salary for one term for the rest of their lives. IF Obamacare is so good then why aren’t they on it? If SS is so good then why aren’t they on it, and WHY are they stealing from the SS account??
    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”
    “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” ï Edmund Burke 1729-1797

  45. This is why we have to fight EVERY MOVE, EVERY ATTEMPT TO PASS A LAW and EVERY PERSON that wants gun control. If these fools are given an inch they will take that mile. EVERY TIME we have to put down these talking heads and show them we care about OUR gun rights.

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