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“Topeka police Capt. Brian Desch on Wednesday said a man suffering from a gunshot wound arrived by private vehicle early Tuesday at a local hospital while officers were en route to the 1300 block of S. Kansas Avenue on a report of an armed break-in by three white men.” So says That report by an un-named homeowner indicated that the three were armed with knives and intended to rob him. Until, that is, Mr. Homeowner sent a volley of lead in their general direction . . .

Though he only hit one of them, that was apparently enough.

(The wounded) man, along with a woman who went to the hospital with him, subsequently were taken to the Law Enforcement Center to be questioned about the break-in, Desch said.

“Investigation led to the names of the others involved,” he said.

The four who were arrested are Trenton Lynn Bishop, 24; Mark Allen Vickery, 22; Daniel Keith White, 25; and Ashley Marie Rayls, 18. All are from Topeka.

Not much detail about Mr. Homeowner is given other than the fact that he seems to have acquitted himself pretty well in the face of three armed home invaders, all of whom are now residents of the Shawnee County Jail. MikeB302000 could not be reached for comment.

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  1. I’m glad here in Indiana we have a “castle doctrine” type law. If you shoot someone in your home committing a break-in it doesn’t matter if they were armed or retreating or even threatening you. It also applies in ways to your property outside the walls. Back to the range competition.

    • “I’m glad here in Indiana we have a “castle doctrine” type law.”

      That’s the cat’s meow. We have that here in Kansas.

      • Wrong. Ours allows you to use deadly force even for a property crime or perceived threat. It however has no relevance to a civil lawsuit or litigation… just the criminal charge. It also has a clause to protect things such as a vehicle on your property.

      • In Kentucky it sure does. Just being in your house or business or vehicle illegally is enough to justify deadly force. Whether the perp is armed or facing in your direction is irrelevant.

  2. and what happened as soon as the police questioned these 2. what always happens, they gave up their “freinds” as quick as they could. first talk gets first deal. and they almost all do it. every inmate i met was a “snitch” it’s how things are done in that life. funny thing was i was not a gaurd, i worked for a contractor working for the cdc, and i got offers of info on other inmates on almost a daily basis. only job i’ve ever had where i wanted to burn my clothes at the end of each shift.

  3. It’s nice to see that the wounded shitbag supports our veterans. Maybe he was planning to give some of the robbery proceeds to the USO after he fenced them.

  4. I always wish the media reports would include details such as the make and model gun, caliber, and number of shots fired to include hits and misses and where those misses ended-up going. Yeah, I know thats asking too much.

    • You want box scores like a baseball game? The media can hardly get the difference between .9mm and 9mm and you want that other info?

      The only thing the media does if the person who was robbed lives in an affluent neighborhood, they like to give the address and value of the home as a way to say “pftt, just some rich guy getting robbed, big deal” thanks to the Obama world we live in.

      • ‘You want box scores like a baseball game?’

        Yes, I do want such scores though I know it isn’t going to happen. For now, I’ll settle for caliber and number shots fired and hopefully an account of the times the criminals were hit.

        • What you are really looking for is actual news reporting. Unfortunately the “reporter” is now a creature of myth and legend which will not likely be seen again in this era.

    • Why would you consider those details pertinent? An effort to find some unfairness or inequality in weapons? In a defensive situation you use what you have. In most instances the verbal description of wanted felons are limited to sex, weight, height, hair and eye color and clothing. How does the info you request add to the story other than to inflame anti 2a creeps? I think you owe an explanation as to your reasoning. So how about giving us one? I will apologize if you can come up with a cogent argument.

      • In most instances the verbal description of wanted felons are limited to sex, weight, height, hair and eye color and clothing.

        But in today’s PC age, the press can never mention the race of the offender.

        • Matt,

          Agreed and please note that my comment above never expressed an interest in obtaining any of those people descriptions. I will now write in this comment to you that it would be interesting to obtain the physical and other group related demographics of the alleged attackers and victim.

          It is true that increasingly the big national mass media and the media in liberal urban cities often or usually avoids mentioning black or minority on white crime though the mass media thrives on reporting white on black crime which occurs less frequently. The more traditional states and local medias will often mention race and other details about the attackers.

      • Sammy,

        I owe no one an explanation. I’m writing one because I choose too and not because of your comment. Have you ever heard of words or concepts such as ‘trends, statistics, studies’ of a subject? I never expressed interest in having the media report physical descriptions of the people involved in the shooting criminal or victim. I have no idea why you mentioned that bit above about people. I am interested in following the media reports of gun defense shootings in a non-scientific informal study.

        For example, it would be interesting to learn if the cartridges being chosen and used are not appropriate for defense and are endangering others. Perhaps too many people are using solid nose high grain and their missed shots are going through one or two or more walls before stopping when they should be using expanding hollow point lower grain cartridges.

        Re-read the post headline; “No One Needs More Than Ten Rounds, Vol II Edition”. Where in this post at this site or in the linked news story is it mentioned that the home shooter had enough, far less than needed, or not enough rounds in his magazine(s), cylinder, tube, to adequately defend himself in this case having to do anything with ten rounds?

        • Sounds like your for “sensible” gun control. And the title is sarcastic. I gave the description example to point out that inflammatory info is often withheld.
          Any study that is not “scientific” is irrelevant

      • I would find such details pertinent because they could serve to counter the negative image of certain firearms reported on when used in the commission of crimes. Often, a story about a crime committed with a gun or guns – see for example recent coverage of the spree killings in Aurora, CO and Oak Creek, WI – will mention in great detail and usually with strongly negative overtones that the firearm(s) used were “high powered, semi automatic, assault weapons, AR-15, 9mm Glock handgun,” etc. The, not so subtle, implication is that those guns, those calibers or guns with whatever features are focused on are the kinds of guns and ammunition that criminals, and only criminals, use. This coverage is shortly followed by cries for the banning of these types of weapons or weapon features or ammunition and, in the view of many who are either uninformed or on board with those who would control access to guns, this notion seems to sell. Have we all not heard the refrain, “I don’t know why anyone would need a gun with (insert evil feature du jour here).”?

        Similarly, reports of gun crimes will often mention number of shots fired or number of rounds carried or magazine capacity or the presence of hollow points or – on and on an on – all in an effort to demonize those particular elements of the guns or ammunition or accessories used by the criminal.

        If, the media reports of a DGU were to include information about type of gun, ammunition and equipment used by the good guys, maybe some of the perception among the general public would be less hostile toward things that we, as the People of the Gun, know are not inherently more dangerous and scary. Imagine the headline: “Homeowner uses AR-15 Military Style Rifle to Thwart Attempted Burglary.” Or imagine a news report that included the statement: “A 9mm Glock semi-automatic handgun with a 15 round magazine, equivalent to what is carried by area law enforcement officers, was used to stop the robbery in progress.”

        Coverage such as that might change the perception of many relative to what are and are not reasonable weapons for the typical citizen to own/carry/use.

  5. What’s up with the “No One Needs More Than Ten Rounds” series of postings? In both cases the DGU involved a situation with FOUR perpetrators which could easily require more than ten rounds. I can just see an anti-2A blog or organization running the TTAG headline along with a claim, hopefully unfounded, that this site agrees with Schumer/Lautenberg/Brady/ on magazine limits.

    • The “no one needs more than ten rounds” titles are sarcastic. The incidents involved multiple attackers. Given that police hit with about a quarter of rounds fired (and they are more skilled than us civilians aren’t they? [some are; many aren’t]) and anything short of a .357 mag or 12 gauge generally requires multiple rounds for a reliable stop, the point is that 10 rounds is either just barely enough or not nearly enough given that bad guys seem to be attacking in packs these days (and either way it’s not something that the government has any business regulating in light of that whole “shall not be infringed” part of the 2nd amendment). Keep up the good work TTAG.

      • Ding ding ding! Give that man a Rocky Patel Segundo Robusto.

        Four attackers…what if they all hadn’t turned tail as easily as these doods? More bullets come in handy sometimes. Unless you live in California, of course.

        • I think it is extremely dangerous to use the language of the anti’s in a sarcastic manner without an explicit take-down of their logic. Remember that we are dealing with people who twist and distort words and opinion for a living and will exploit any opening that they see. Perhaps a different tongue-in-cheek headline could be along the lines of: “Four Perps – Where’s your reload?”

  6. I don’t get why TTAG is using these strange headlines lately; “No One Needs More Than Ten Rounds”.

    It would be fine if TTAG featured a post that covered an alleged criminal and/or violent social trend that criminal acts are increasingly involving more than one perp at a time from home intrusions to street assaults. I believe even school fights among young kids now also involve a bully’s friends joining in on attacking one kid.

    • it has been hit on in some of the recent postings. the lady in the jewelry store running off 4-5 bgs. the cybercafe, the guy in houston with his neighbors “movers”. now this one. they all share a common theme, at the least show of resistence the bgs unass the place in a hurry. even when they have numbers and guns they run. for the most part, the bgs want helpless, compliant victims. that’s how i’m seeing it anyway.

      • jwm,

        Thank you! You’ve raised some good cases and insights to consider. The BGs are (almost always) looking for compliant helpless sheeple who don’t want or can’t fight back. The BGs generally don’t want to or are unwilling to spend time and their own blood in their attacks. There probably have been or will be in the future times DGUs when the GG (good guy) citizen defender needed/needs a high capacity magazine. Yet, I do suspect that the headlines are sarcastic and poking fun at the gun control gang that calls for legally restricting high-capacity magazines since this site is heavily into promoting the high capacity tactical side of gun ownership.

  7. How do I put this . . . we all, I think, want to be the guy that pull out the .45 with 7 or 8 rounds and handle it. What ever “it” is. But, what happens if “it” requires 15?

    (P226 . . . resting comfortably . . . hoping to stay that way . . .)

    • i don’t argue that you’ll never need extra ammo. i feel that you should carry what you want. having said that i feel that the vast majority of shootings of good guy versus bad guy result in relatively few shots being fired. i’m perfectly at peace in my choice of a 5 shot j frame in my pocket.

  8. Personally just added #3 buck in 20 bore to the ‘unneeded’ ammo ‘stockpile’ for when the little lady is home alone.
    But that’s just me.
    Mikey seems oddly silent, still.


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