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What do you do when faced by a superior number of bad guys? Just keep shooting. That’s what a Houston man did Tuesday night when he and a friend were approached by Mitchell Deon Tucker and a couple of other wannabe stick-up men outside his apartment. Only neither victim was carrying much cash. From “Seeing the victims had little money on them, the three assailants threatened to kill them at which time one of the victims, 23 and a concealed handgun license holder, pulled a weapon and shot both Tucker and one of the other alleged robbers.” The third bad dood beat feet. Tucker’s no longer engaged in active respiration. The victim and his friend are alive to tell the tale thanks to a concealed weapon and a willingness to use it. Nice shootin’, Tex.

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  1. Oh noes, the streets running red with blood. Oh wait, that’s the badguys blood. Is this what’s meant by the more guns the less, at least in the case of one bad guy, crime?

  2. Actually, I believe this is what they call Survival of the fittest, you know, law of the jungle thing. Mother nature at work, natural selection. Benefiting mankind by improving the quality of the herd. Culling of the rejects, and defectives.

    Works for me.

    From my days working on a ranch. Could not resist.

    • Errr, except sometimes the criminals are the fittest at navigating the jungle, as they have been culling the weakest from their own ranks and cross-pollinated in jails and other dens…

  3. The CHL guy was cool enough to turn over his money and car keys before firing. I am impressed. Plus, at least 3 hits from what the witness said was “5 or 6” shots.

    Back to the article about training — police average something like 17% hits at an average range of 7 FEET.

    Makes you wonder how much training the CHL owner had. Statistically, not much besides a CHL class and a ridiculously easy shooting qualification.

  4. Good for him and his bud! They have again improved the gene pool just a little bit more!!!
    It is not easy to do but when it is you or them I go for them every time!!!

  5. “Seeing the victims had little money on them, the three assailants threatened to kill them”

    Print that on the foreheads of the ant-gun crowd (or the assembly person from DC) that believes if you give the bad guys what they want they will just walk away.

    If you don’t have what they want, they may kill you — glad that this victim was able to defend himself and tell the tale.

  6. Great ending. I have no sympathy for robbing scumbags like this. This DGU story could only be better with a close up photo of Tucker…and his buddies no longer breathing as well.

  7. When someone tells a citizen that they should give an armed robber their money, purse, wallet, car keys, etc., they are telling the victim to trust the good nature of the attacker.. I am stunned every time I hear this. I cannot imagine a more absurd suggestion. This is even more absurd than ordering banks to loan money to people who are bankrupt.

    The best thing you can do is fight back hard, violently, and smart when someone attacks. Few street thugs have trained to attack moving targets. Rapid movement radically increases your odds for survival as well as counter attack. And if you have children with you, the best course of action is to toss something of value (such as a wallet or keys) off to the side. That diverts the attackers eyes and attention away from you and will improve your situation because now the attacker has to hunt for the object of value.

    Violent responses will curtail criminals’ desires to rob people in the long run as well. Criminals are looking for an easy score — don’t make armed robbery easy.

  8. At my side right now are a ruger and a smith & weson, fully loaded . In my bedroom is a pump 12 gs. and a 9 mm. In my car are a 25 berettta and a 38 snubnose. Parenoid? NO, Prepaired. I will always be prepaired to save my own live , my loved ones, or a stranger in need of having their life spared if the situation should ever present itself. One less killer thiug in the world to fear, one in custody we will need to pay to support for a while, and another who got away. Hope he changes his ways, or finds me or another CCW on his next adventure. Would I put him in the ground?? IN A HEARTBEAT!!! Only surrender your weapons when all the thugs and zombies are dead, and we all can live peacefully in eutopia.

    • Not until you mentioned it!! Too funny tho. Had that in the DVD player most of the weekend since family was in and 7 kids below the age of 8 yrs old were in the house it helped keep them somewhat settled down.
      Between Nemo, Wall E, Cars, Despicable Me and How to train your dragon they were pretty good for the most part.
      At least the weather was nice enough for them all to play outside during the day!!

      • Same goes for me. My two year old wants nothing but nemo and a lot if things remind me if the just keep swimming line. Love it.


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