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On high noon, four armed men burst in to Jeff’s Jewelry in Houston, Texas. The robbers came in shooting. But speed, surprise and violence of action weren’t enough to win the fight against the store owner and employees. From

In a hail of gunfire, Conroe jewelry store owner Jeffery Turner Jr. made the decision to shoot back – with his AK-47 rifle – at four men who opened fire on his customers and staff during an attempted robbery Monday afternoon.

In the aftermath of the bullet spray, one robber lay dead in the doorway among shattered glass; while Turner, his employees and customers were left shaken but unharmed.

As the above video indicates, this wasn’t the first rodeo for the owner and employees of Jeff’s Jewelry in Conroe, Texas. In 2014, there was a robbery attempt where five armed robbers were scared off by an employee with a shotgun. From

“God was with us today, he had his arms around everybody that was in there today,” said Warner.

This isn’t the first time Jeff’s Jewelry was hit. Back in 2014, a group of armed robbers barged in, but were scared off when they realized an employee had a gun.

This time, customers are glad the owner was prepared.

“I’m just thankful we’re all ok, and he’s ok because he really stood up for everybody,” said Havens.

In addition to the AK-47 clone-firing employee, at least two other good guys were armed and firing back at the attackers: four black men in black clothing. There were multiple surveillance cameras in the store. The video has not been released.

With one of the attackers dead, it’s likely that the others will be apprehended shortly. It is not known if any of the other attackers were wounded.

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  1. “God was with us today, he had his arms around everybody that was in there today,” said Warner.

    God, and Victor Kalashnikov, you mean.

  2. If I was going to knock off a jewelry store, it sure as hell wouldn’t be in Texas.

    Somewhere in the victim selection process, things went terribly wrong.

  3. God trains our hands for war and our fingers for battle (Ps. 144:1). He is faithful and He protects us from evil (iI Thess. 3:3).

  4. Yes! Don’t mess with Texas or us Texans.
    We are armed, trained, practiced, and take care of business. Go to Kalifornistan if you want no resistance…

    • There’s a CA jeweler in L. a. that has more gunfights under his belt than Wyatt Earp. And he’s won them all.

      In one case his SIG was jamming cause his own blood made it difficult to handle the weapon. He tossed it aside and pulled a revolver and finished the fight.

      Geography doesn’t dictate ball size. Just sayin’.

      • It does indicate brains, though; after managing to win like five shoulda-killed-him gun fights, that guy finally got the sense to leave friggin’ Oakland (I believe that was the particular shitty suburb). I guess the drug/pimp-money juice wasn’t worth the bloody squeeze (jeweler in a ghetto –duh)

        • It does indicate a ticking time bomb. [For the sake of argument] Wouldn’t it be better to use your weapons on the people who attempt to disarm you for those perpetrators of crime, then to wait around for the latter? Who’s working for whom? Are the anti-gunner’s [a/k/a: The Criminals] getting a cut from the people they are aiding more, namely the people who want to rob you [a/k/a: The Criminals] ? Or are the Criminals, [the people trying to take something away from you] working for the Criminals [the people who are trying to take something away from you]?

      • @jwm, you’re referring to a watch dealer named Lance Thomas.

        In the space of less than three years, Thomas had four gun battles against 11 known suspects. He shot six, killing five. Thomas was wounded on two occasions, taking five rounds in total. One of his gunfights was with a hit man hired by a local gang to take him out.

        Thomas ended up closing his store after 15 years in business. I guess that enough was enough.

  5. 4 idiots run in, 3 limp out leaving a blood trail while one lays dead bleeding out.

    When villains are met with overwhelming firepower they turn into yellow bellied cowards.

    I have a small office, me and 4 ladies in a decent area of town. Every single one of them has a .38 special and I have an M&P .40. I would hope we would have similar results as one is a shooting instructor and I run 5000 cartridges a year out of a menagerie of handguns.

    The others go to the range with me at least once per month and we practice, practice practice. It’s fun! I hope we never have to use our guns at work, I pity the fool(s) who might try.

  6. I hope the video gets released. I always like seeing the OH SHIT moment when the thugs realize that their victims aren’t so keen to be easily victimized.

  7. I love this response from one of the readers of the news article:

    This just in from BLM
    ” four young men returning from choir practice at church mistakenly entered a local business they thought was a ice cream parlor and the workers opened fire for no reason other than they looked suspicious”
    A book was found near the innocent dead man
    Authorities are questioning if workers thought the “book” was mistaken as a firearm

  8. We had that in my neighborhood (also TX) years back. 3 black gangbanger types in a stolen car drive up to a jewelry store and attempt a robbery. Guy shot first had the car keys, so the other 2 run off into a rather high-rent neighborhood (mine) where they stood out like they were carrying neon signs, hid out in the woods for several hours while being hunted with dogs, helicopters, mounted cops, and all neighbors were notified and carrying rifles and shotguns. Stopped a neighbor to ask which way to the Interstate, he told them it was right up ahead (it’s over 20 miles to an Interstate) and called the cops. Good news is they were taken alive, sort of surprised me. Texas is not the best choice for that kind of activity.

  9. ” The robbers came in shooting.”

    That right there was the nightmare scenario I had when working pawn shops.

    Every few feet behind the counter (not visible to the customers) we had guns stashed, chambered, and safety off.

    Those guns we identified by having red tape wrapped around the barrel and grip.

    That was in addition to whatever employees concealed carried.

    I am ever grateful they were never needed when I was in there…

  10. Ummm…I’ve been in jewelry stores and pawn shops all over Chicagoland and NW Indiana. Most buzz you in-ya’ can’t just walk(or barge) in. Do these Texas AK wielders do that? Just curious?…good shooting!

    • Different shops have different ideas on door access.

      Some require buzzing in both in and out, some buzz out only, trapping the murderous robber inside, some dumbsh!ts buzz in only (stupid), letting shoplifters haul ass outta there. Or various other schemes.

      Every shop I have worked at had one iron-clad rule, always at least two employees behind the counter.

      Those shops that run solo in my opinion are just asking to be hit…

  11. From the source news article: “In the aftermath of the bullet spray…”

    Way to frame the anti-gun argument, “journalist”. Had the shootout been conducted by LEO, it would have been “gun fight” and “targeted shot” because we all know full well that LEOs are crack shots that aim for the leg or arm.

  12. “In addition to the AK-47 clone-firing employee, ***at least two other good guys were armed and firing back*** at the attackers”

    Oh damn! “At least,” lol; what a cluster-fuck. That’s what we call a ‘tactical error by way of unknown-unknown’ right there. I wonder how the armed good guys kept from killing eachother/everyone like is always claimed?

  13. I guess all the antis have left is to hope the dead perp can be classified as a child. I think that is anyone not in the AARP.

  14. Remember, no one needs more than a 10-round magazine to defend themselves …

    Of course that means you only get 2.5 bullets per attacker when 4 attackers rush your location such as this jewelry store robbery … whichhhhh also means you better be a damn good marksman and able to put 40% of your rounds on target when engaging multiple attackers under stress. Well, if you want to be able to put at least one bullet into each attacker and have a solid chance of physically incapacitating them as opposed to putting all your faith in scaring them off with misses. And if your attackers require two bullet wounds before they are unable to continue their attack, then you have to put 80% of your rounds on target.

    Hmm. And gun-grabbers actually claim that no one ever needs more than a 10-round magazine. I think I just stated a simple case where a person truly would need more than 10-rounds to defend themselves in the real world.

    And therein lies the rub. I am talking about what a person actually needs in the real world. But gun-grabbers — Progressives — operate on altruism, fantasy, and emotion.

  15. They came in shooting probably because they were tbe same group tbat tried to rob the store first time. They were going back to show that store owner he would pay a price for making the “brothers” look like complete cowards.

    Well, they were spanked a second time, one lethally, and now they look not just like cowards, but retarded cowards as well.

    The store owner learned about the need for superior firepower, we should do the same.

  16. How fitting,
    Short trip north from Conroe to Huntsville. Evidently that crew thought they would fare better there than in Cut and Shoot, directly east. ?

  17. SB 1446 – July 1 2017 the people of CA. have to get rid over 10 round magazines, no compensation.
    At that time I can be fined for the passion of “a” magazine first time is $250 per offense.
    Second time is $500
    I’m guessing that it would cost me $250 – $500 for having 2 12 rounder’s for my Ruger MK II, plus attorney fees, court costs, etc..
    I signed the petitions.
    Estimated 13 million gun owners in CA only 300 thousand didn’t bother to take 20 minutes to sign.
    Pleasant weather.

  18. I would say that an armed society is a polite society except the guy who got shot was quite rude for bleeding all over the shop owner’s floor. Hopefully the message gets out that is the wrong jewelry store to hit and that crime does not pay except in copper jacketed lead and stupid prizes.

  19. No one needs an ak-47. They are only used for killing people. Right.

    Glad the employees and customers of the business are safe.

  20. When I was a kid, we used to go to the movies every Saturday morning. They had an ongoing serial, and I remember there was this trap door in front of a desk. When the door was tripped, it dropped who ever was standing on it, down into a pond of alligators.
    Might have worked well in this scenario.


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