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One of the occupational hazards of being a burglar in the greater Jacksonville, North Carolina area is that you have a fair chance of selecting the home of someone who works at Camp Lejeune. That means that the occupants are trained to do two things: chew bubblegum and kick ass. And they’re usually all out of bubblegum. Looks like Maurice Skinner and Diego Everette chose poorly and came up snake eyes when they picked a burglary target over the weekend . . .

As reports, the leathernecks in question came home at 2:00 am Sunday to find, well, insurgents in their apartment.

Jacksonville police and Naval investigators continued Monday their probe of a weekend shooting in which two Camp Lejeune Marines killed two local men who had broken into the Marines’ home.

Three adult residents of 107 Country Club returned home at 2 a.m. Sunday, interrupting a burglary attempt by Skinner and Everette who attacked them, (JPD Chief Mike) Yaniero said Monday during a press conference.

During the fight Skinner and Everette were killed, and later pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Skinner’s and Everette’s next of kin aren’t happy about what happened, either.

Skinner’s family and friends said they believed Skinner and Everett knew the men who killed them and that there was much more to the story than a simple breaking and entering gone bad. Those friends said they knew Skinner and Everett where not angels, but also felt they didn’t deserve to die.

Skinner served nearly two years in prison, being released in November 2009, on a conviction of assault inflicting serious bodily injury. Everette has spent more than a total of three years in prison, last being released in May of 2009, on convictions of larceny, forgery, resisting police, hit and run, and driving while impaired, according to the N.C. Department of Correction.

The local PD indicates that the three resident aren’t likely to be charged based on North Carolina’s Castle Doctrine.

The state’s law, updated Dec. 1, basically says a person can use deadly force to protect their home, vehicle or workplace.

“Your home is essentially your castle,” (District Attorney Ernie) Lee said. “And you have no duty to retreat from your castle.”


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  1. I’m pretty sure this is what daddy was talkin’ about when he said, “If you mess with the bull you get the horns.”

    • From the linked article:

      “The three residents reported that they were attacked by the two suspects who were inside. A fight ensued and during the fight, the two intruders were shot, according to information from JPD. All three residents received injuries and were transported to Onslow Memorial Hospital and have been released. Both intruders were pronounced dead at the scene.”

  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
    If, in fact, the perps knew the Marines, they were guilty of felony stupidity.
    Game. Set. Match.

  3. Unfortunately, death is the only way to keep these two from repeating offenses. It amazes me that people can’t understand that letting thugs like this out of prison is only going to allow them to do it again.

    Ted Nugent put it well (referring to more serious offenders of course) – “I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders.”

    • Hey, there are plenty of black marines. Think they’ll check before they get up on the soap box?

  4. I wonder who brought the firearms to the fight? Maybe I’m just reading too much into what isn’t stated, but it would be delicious if it were the perps’ guns that were used.

    • It may be possible. Assuming the report is correct…

      “The residents have not been officially identified by authorities. They were transported to Onslow Memorial Hospital, treated and released. One resident, a male, had visible injures to one of his arms, which were from a shotgun blast, according to neighbors who also said one of the residents was hit in the head.”

      A couple of paragraphs later: “[JPD Police Chief Mike]Yaniero said guns were taken from the home as part of the investigation, but would not specify to whom the guns belonged.”

      Read into that what you will.

  5. Funny how family and friends always think there’s “more to the story” and that their precious ones were wronged. It’s that same lack of responsibility, passed on, that leads to things like this.

    • There’s always more to the story. Judging by the criminal records of the two late recidivists, the “more” might include parental neglect, among other things.

      • Oh gawd…parental neglect? Come on. I know so many who suffered from clear abuse and turned out to be a law-abiding, productive members of society. These scumbags made a choice to be another crime statistic. The only parental neglect was their parents not using a condom and subjecting the world to these dirtbags even for a short while.

    • Now Silver, that’s no way to talk.

      Like so many before, these were good boys.
      Pillars of the community.
      They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      The wrong place was someone else’s home.
      The wrong time was the arrival of the homes residents.
      Which just goes to show even good boy pillars of the community make mistakes.
      Of course that will never again be said of these two.

  6. Colonel Jeff Cooper taught that a sidearms is to be used to fight your way back to your rifle.

    Sounds like these marines used a corollary: hand to hand combat long enough to fight their way to their sidearms.

    It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the way the fight started and ended.

    • I thought that was Castle Wolfenstein?

      You use the knife to get the Luger, the Luger to get the shotgun, the shotgun to get the Schmeisser, etc.

    • Not to be annoying, but I would like to point out that Cooper actually said that the sidearm can absolutely be a primary weapon, not a plan B to get you to plan A. From his Principles of Self Defense:
      “If the intended victim is armed, skill becomes a factor
      more critical than numbers. A man with a powerful, reliable sidearm, and who is highly qualified
      in its use, can ruin a rifle squad at close range if he can seize the initiative by instantaneous
      aggressive response to a clumsily mounted
      And also:
      “The optimum defensive arm is the heavy-duty pistol,
      though a shotgun may surpass it for home defense if there
      is sufficient warning.”
      Not that I am arguing the effectiveness of a pistol vs a rifle, just clarifying what Cooper said.

  7. “Skinner’s family and friends said they believed Skinner and Everett knew the men who killed them and that there was much more to the story than a simple breaking and entering gone bad. Those friends said they knew Skinner and Everett where not angels, but also felt they didn’t deserve to die.”

    Yeah, it’s just so hard to accept the fact that your sweet little boy’s nuthin’ but scum.

  8. Best story ever! World getting rid of two more no-good, criminal black scumbags. Watch how their families say their sons weren’t bad and didn’t deserve to die. There was more to the story! Yeah – like the two pretended to be friends and later showed their true nature and tried to rob their “buddies”. Well, they got what they deserved.

      • Why? They were black, weren’t they? If they were white I would have said “white”…or something like, white-trailer-trash scumbags. Sheesh. FLAME DELETED

          • Racist? I just rented my house to a nice black family. (Insert horn sound here) Try again! I don’t have a problem with skin color – I have a problem with certain trends/characteristics I see that are uniquely prevalent with specific ethnicities.

        • How about ‘tall’? Would you have mentioned that they were tall? Or that they were fat or skinny? Why pick skin color? What’s so important about that characteristic?

          • Oh gawd again…only because that is what you predominantly see in our surrounding bay area neighborhoods. Black people robbing others (black, white, etc) blind. Don’t blame me for the bias. Blame the hoards of black guy’s that think it’s a valid career to be robbers, drug dealers or gang-bangers. In one week this year, my Sister was mugged by a black crack head on bart and two months later her house was robbed by two black guy’s that looked eerily similar to the above perps. Fortunately the last two were caught. Unfortunately they didn’t get all of her stuff back. Don’t call me racist – heck, I just rented my house to a very nice, law-abiding black family. My wife works for a black guy who would say the same things himself! Sheesh. LAME! I said what most people who see this are thinking/feeling. Enough is enough. It’s time for the cultural acceptance/”cool factor” of criminality in the black community to END!

    • Yeah, see… It was going fine until you qualified it with ‘black’. Now you sound like a racist ass.

      Imagine if I was on a 50 Cent Fan Club website and said ‘getting rid of two more no-good, criminal white scumbags’. Not only am I indicating that I think the persons in question were scum, but the fact that they were white contributed to this. Because, clearly, the fact that they were white was an important item to mention.

      *head* *desk*

      Either learn how to hold your uncouth behavior in check, or don’t comment on here. We don’t need scum of any variety.

      • Uncouth? LOL. What a joke. In this case they are black scum – just like there is white scum, mexican scum, etc. Period. You go ahead and make what you want out of it to further your OWN racist agenda. With your reply you’re obviously more than qualified to talk about scum…choad. Enjoy your 50 cent fan club.

        • You just have to understand that most people, most anti’s, see us as a bunch of OFWGs. And they see us as racist anyway. Something about a perception that your typical gun owner is a backwoods 1970s era southerner. Therefore, we have to be cautious of how we word our posts. I’m not saying they’re right to think that of us, but many of them do. When we’re in private, we can say whatever we want, but this is a public forum, and here we have to be pc. Even though it sucks because political correctness is one of the main things killing our country, we have to do it here. We have to maintain a professional image and have logical discussions.

          I can agree with you, though that the culture of violence that many black youths engage in is deplorable, but it has nothing to do with skin color. Our political enemies will gladly take comments like those and use them against us. Now, I’m not accusing ANYBODY here of ANYTHING. We just need to understand that we project an image of pro 2A people to those who like to troll this site, a la mikeb######. We can’t afford comments that give them any fuel. Especially after the TM-GZ incident.

  9. Pretty sure these gentlemen just happened to accidentally walked into the wrong house on their way to their friend’s house for tea and biscuits when three testosterone fueled gorillas walked in carrying assault rifles and opened fire without provocation.

    Such a sad day when 2 constructive members of society are slaughtered in such a barbaric fashion.

  10. It sounds like they did all the right things.
    They were transported from the scene to the hospital and checked out which means there was proper documentation of any injuries.
    Because there were injuries sustained these guys didn’t shoot first and ask questions later.
    This took place in their home and not on a public street or some other place so in that instance it is pretty clear.

  11. From the story, another Marine killed an intruder on Apr 8.
    I have seen lots of news articles lately on my fellow N Carolinians permanently evicting intruders. Moral of the story, in a state where 47% of the population is armed, home invasion can be a very short career, especially if practiced in an area of the state with highly trained armed men.

  12. Look for a civil lawsuit to be filed as they look to cash in on this. Those two nice young men were bringing home funds and now what happens.

  13. What does NC Castle Doctrine/Self Defense statues state? Are the Marines immune from civil prosecution if not charged?

    • NC law now presumes that the lawful residents of the home to have reasonable fear of death or serious injury and this presumption is only rebuttable in a few specific situations. Since December 1st, 2011 the statue reads as though they should be immune.

      “A person who uses force as permitted by this section is justified in using such force and is immune from civil or criminal liability for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer or bail bondsman who was lawfully acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer or bail bondsman identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer or bail bondsman in the lawful performance of his or her official duties.”

      NC HB650

  14. Funny NC story here. Long ago, when I was at the Special Forces Pre-phase training Center at Ft. Bragg a fellow trainee was um dealing with a unique local court issue. It seems that he had been in a bar that had been busted by the Fayetteville police. A prostitute made the allegation under duress to the police that she had performed oral sex on the trainee in the back of the bar. In NC, that was then (maybe now?) called a ‘crime against nature’. If convicted, rumor had it, he could get sentenced from 25-30 years.

    • Ah, yes, they should be condemned on the basis of their hairstyle. How enlightened and liberty-loving we Second Amendment fans are.

      (Or are you actually an anti who’s just trolling?)

  15. “Those friends said they knew Skinner and Everett where not angels, but also felt they didn’t deserve to die.”

    Someone–call Al Sharpton and co.!

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