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Chicago crime scene (courtesy

According to its neighbors, a T-Mobile store in the south side of Chicago has been robbed several times. Yesterday, things didn’t go as planned — for the robbers. Two perps entered the phone store, displayed handguns and demanded money. An armed clerk put paid to their plan. He drew his weapon, fired and hit both suspects multiple times. As for the store’s policy on employees carrying a gun, reports that . . .

T-Mobile corporate exercises no legal influence on local store policies regarding employees carrying firearms. That said, T-Mobile prohibits the carry of firearms in its “Supplier Code of Conduct(pdf)“:

 Prohibit carrying or transporting handguns, firearms or other legally controlled or prohibited weapons of any kind that are not required for job performance on T-Mobile leased or owned property;

Maybe carrying handguns is required for job performance. Or maybe it should be.

Tadros said he hopes allowing employees to have weapons with a concealed carry license will be a deterrent.

“A lot of people think they can go out and rob people without anyone defending themselves,” Tadros said. “It’s a great thing to have to protect yourself even when you’re not in your business. If you’re out in the streets and someone is threatening your life, you can go out and protect yourself.”


I suspect that the losers of the gunfight will not be suing the store for false advertising, re: the sign on the store-front window. After this incident, perhaps store management will change the “NO CONCEALED WEAPONS’ verbiage to “LEGAL CONCEALED CARRY WELCOME”.

The management will receive many congratulatory phone calls for their enlightened policy of encouraging armed employees. The  T-Mobile store is located at 2051 E 95th St, Chicago, IL 60617-4712.  Their phone number is 773-902-2181. I heard a “memory is full” message when I attempted to call.  Snail-mail would be worth a note.

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  1. 4 baddies down in less than a week, no good people hurt. Keep the momentum and Chicago’s criminals may get a lesson about what happens when good people aren’t going to be their victims any more.

  2. Hey Shannon! Here’s another one for you to link to in your twatter feed as “evidence” that “No good guy with a gun has ever stopped a bad guy.”

    I mean, since “evidence” doesn’t mean what you think it means, being a PR “expert” and all…

    • There are people who see the clerk’s shooting the robbers as no different from the robbers’ shooting the clerk. They would call both murder. Personally, I’m glad the clerk prevailed. By the way, it’s more than four bad guys down. An Uber driver in Chicago took out a would be mass murderer a while ago.

      • “There are people who see the clerk’s shooting the robbers as no different from the robbers’ shooting the clerk.”

        Sure, for the ‘true believers’ that’s a fact.

        But, they are such a tiny minority of people they really can’t have sway. Pick 10,000 “Moms” from across the country to imagine their child as that clerk and ask if there’s a difference and I’ll go out on a limb and predict 90+% of them will say ‘yes.’

        The Progressive view is good only in theory. It breaks down completely when confronted with the real world. And, that’s why Progressivism will not prevail long term. It may enjoy bubbles of success (as we’ve seen over the last century or so), but it cannot be sustained.

        Propaganda always shows itself for the lie it is, and Progressivism cannot flourish without propaganda.

        • Speaking of theory, Richard Feynman once said, “You’re theory may be beautiful, you may be a very smart person, but if your theory doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong “. We have been running these Progressive experiments for decades and they’ve all failed miserably. The question is how do we get the Progressives to recognize their failures and change course.

        • I believe the saying goes, “In theory, theory and practice are the same, in practice they are not.”

        • I have always heard it as:
          “The difference between theory and practice is greater in practice than it is in theory”.

        • @Greg in Allston

          You’re assuming the progressives want the same sorts of things that rational people want (happiness, prosperity, freedom, etc.). You need to understand that their true goal is control. Period. They’d rather control a wasteland than live as equals in a utopia.

        • “The question is how do we get the Progressives to recognize their failures and change course.”

          Progressives will learn that their time has passed, the same way the dinosaurs did.

          After all, they do have about the same size brains, hence capacity for learning.

      • And that resulted in San Francisco based Uber issuing a policy that all of its Uber vehicles would be henceforth and forever “Gun Free Zones” (right). I personally have NEVER asked a rider if they were carrying before letting them into my car and so far no rider has asked me, either. (I’m not, but it’s best to let people wonder.)

        I brought up the issue with Uber support regarding the SHOT Show here in Vegas next week, thinking it might be an issue with their hoplophobic management, but so far – crickets.

        My impression is that this is another of those lawyer-driven policies where Uber does not want to get sued if one of their driver “partners” with a gun makes a bad decision and Uber’s deep pockets get drawn into the case so they have adopted a “Don’t ask-don’t tell” mindset and published an official policy saying they are opposed.

        I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has ridden Uber and had any issues in this regard.

        • If no one asks, then why not be armed?

          Not that I think someone asking should stop you, either.

        • Rock, I look at it this way – If I ask and he says yes then I, in theory, have to refuse the rider. If it is a person I would not want in my car because he is armed, how foolish would it be for me to ask in the first place. If it is another POTG like you and I then I DO want him in my car in case I need assistance of some sort.

          #1, HE is not breaking any law by entering my car armed. #2 I am not breaking any law by not asking him. #3 The worst outcome is that Uber finds out and cancels his privileges in which case he will just switch to Lyft or one of the other companies attempting to compete with Uber. I’m pretty sure him being black-balled by Uber will not be information provided to a competitor.

  3. I hope that the two Mensa members recover and thereafter have long and productive careers peddling their @sses in the joint.

    • It’s Cook county, Illinois. Those guys will be back on the street before their wounds heal. Armed robbery is barely considered a crime on the south side of Chicago.

    • Don’t those signs carry the force of law in Chicago? How long before Rahm and his new Head Cop drop an anvil on this guy?

      • exactly!!!!

        perp 1: “gimme your grip”

        tmo employee with a sense of self preservation: “make my day punks!!”

        perp 2: “wait, the sign says no guns, we were promised an easy payday!”

        TESSP: “PSYCH!!!! say hello to my lil fren!” pew pew pew pew pew pew

        Obama: “if i had a son…”

        me: hahahshahahahahhaahahah

        you; spew coffee

  4. I call BS. The robbers couldn’t have brought their guns in. The sign on the door makes this a “gun free zone” and we all know that DGU is a made up stat by the NRA.

    • Wait until the perps sue the store for entrapment. They ‘lured’ them in thinking it was a gun free zone.

  5. 2 down saving the City some coin. 5k more to go…OR once criminals get tired of brothers getting airated might think it a no win and forgo the behavior. Big win for everybody.

  6. Alright! I liked the one on 87th last week better(and it got more local press). Amazingly enough both news reports were quite positive…East 95th is nowhere I want to hang out. Legal self-defense as a “thing”-who knew in Chiraq?

    • Ha ha………no shit! Why in the hell is Dean giving out the address? None of us are going to go there. I wouldn’t drive very far South of I-55 unless I was in a Panzer. Every time I go I consult Heyjackass to make sure the loop is still a demilitarized zone.

  7. There’s more good to this story than is mentioned here. Tadros, quoted in the story, is a T-Mobile district manager. Another man, Joudeh, is identified as a T-Mobile regional manager and quoted as saying T-Mobile allows concealed carry in its stores. That sounds pretty encouraging coming from T-Mobile managers.

    Also, this store clerk struck each gun wielding robber twice: left arm & abdomen, and left arm & groin. Ouch and double ouch. I guess you *can* outdraw a drawn gun, or two. It definitely speaks well of speed, surprise and violence of action as a countermeasure to violent crime.

    Finally, a Chicago liquor store clerk recently plugged dead two armed robbers. CPD says the clerk won’t face charges. Nor should he or the T-Mobile clerk, but it’s encouraging that the City doesn’t appear so far to be harrassing citizens over clean shoots.

  8. Lawyers, managers, and company policies are not going to get you home safe once someone sticks a gun in your face.

    You know that whole “safety is your responsibility” slogan… Well, it’s true. Stay armed.

  9. The “robbers” were just following the rules by un-concealing their guns and that bad man behind the counter maniacally threw a barrage of dangerous lead at them for doing so. Certainly they only needed some warranty work on their T-Mobile phones

  10. Next time don’t post their phone number, you probably cost them business. An email address would be better (snial mail ok too, of course).

  11. Thats the best example thats no gun sigs not named in law shouldn t have forced of any law if somebody leave if asked.

    And if we watched the off places in law in illinois >> not any public place should be an “no gun” zone but the ccw law is now 2 years old there and nothing have changed in the part of the 23 off places 🙁 !!

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