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When Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology student Christopher Boise saw two intruders — one armed — in his apartment, he screamed. That was all it took for his roomy, Raymond, to reach for his rifle. And it wasn’t just any rifle, it was an AR-15! The burglars were apparently well-versed on the latest gun control industry mantra that ARs are only good for one thing . . .

“By the time I had it out and ready, one of the men came at my door, slowly opened it, saw that there was a barrel on the other side and from there backed out,” Raymond said. The two men fled the apartment. Nothing was taken and no shots were fired.

It’s a good thing the burglars beat feet at the sight of the scary black rifle as Raymond didn’t have time to load his gun before his door began to open.

Without that gun that day, things could have gone differently.

Tell it, Raymond. And what does Boise have to say about the indecent?

“I’m happy he saved my life. I was very thankful he had his (gun),”

Governor Cuomo could not be reached for comment.

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  1. Love it! Guns are not made to sing happy birthday. When you see an AR-15 and your a bad guy you better think real hard how bad you want in that apartment.

  2. He said what he said, but I hope what really happened was: there was no lock on the gun, it was loaded with a round in the chamber with the safety on.

    • Glock 19 locked and loaded 24/7 where anyone in my family can get to it including my two daughters, 14 and 12 who are trained to shoot it and know not to F’ with it without supervision because all they have to do to see it/handle it is to ask. There is no mystery or kewl factor around the pistol. There is no need to sneak a peek and handle it without supervision cause they can handle it, unloaded at home of course, anytime they want. Education is the best safety against accidental shootings. If you take the mystery out of weapons they are no longer that kewl and elusive thing that needs to be toyed with but a fun thing at the range and a deadly self defense weapon at home. Sorry these guys had to go thru that and you can see how shaken he is and he didnt even have to shoot it. Good job protecting yer buddy and yerself.

      • Same here and well said Scott…. Being ex-military my 2 daughters (18 & 13) grew up around guns and I started teaching them at a very early age to respect, handle, and use a range of weapons; just as I was taught growing up in the 60’s. I always heard this in school, heard it so much it’s not even funny and it should be said with every gun conversation that anyone even has, “Education is Key” and the same fit for weapons! Thanks for this post and please share it; if the story hadn’t been posted here the only people who would have heard about this would have been were the people in Rochester.

  3. damn, when i first started commenting on this blog i was sure ARs would be too powerful for home defense but this and many more things i have read im convinced that they are best suited for home defense. And know i keep 2 of them loaded in hidden quick easy access for any idiot that wants to come and “browse” my living quarters. Oh and my pistols are also loaded just in case SHTF

    • Yeah, but if he’d pulled the trigger even once the gun would have started firing uncontrollably on full-auto, leaving particle-beam-like holes in everything for miles.

      According to the disarmament activists, that is.

    • They’re very suitable, but I prefer a 12-gauge loaded with #4 buckshot. If you don’t have attached or close neighbors, take your choice.

  4. Did the boys describe the intruders guns as BB guns or are the police trying to play down the threat as not significant by making sht up?

    • It doesn’t matter. Point a bb gun at a LEO and you still get shot the same. use it in a robbery, it’s still armed robbery. Victims thought they had guns, the criminal’s intent was to convey that concept. Nuff said.

      • I think it does matter. Do the cops know who did it? No arrests made, so how can they say they used BB guns? We’re not talking about LEO’s here. It was a home invasion/burglary and the perp’s were armed. To say the perp’s used BB gun’s is to downplay the severity of the situation and make it seem as thou the home/gun owner is over zealous by using their AR15. Akin to bringing a bazooka to a knife fight! Because the fight is for public opinion and to further the narrative.

  5. Rochester, NY? Good thing it happened now, instead of a year from now. Can’t these crooks just wait? Like the Taliban?

  6. Bravo to Raymond for saving his roomie and proving that yes, having a rifle can save lives! And *gasp*… no one hurt or dead? Yep.

    Oh another +1 for not wearing shoes in the house. Slippers for the win.

    • Typical Asian guy, trying to force your Asian-guy values of “clean floors” and “comfortable footwear” on the red-blooded American public. {shakes fist}

      • Behind every Asian guy is a Drill Instructor of an Asian mom.
        (typed wearing socks in my Asian DI wife’s home).

      • Actually, in the upper Midwest, it is common to remove shoes when entering the house. Tracking snow and slush through the house is frowned upon in polite circles.

      • Hey man, I’m trying preserve what little home value I have left by keeping the floors clean! And yeah, the wifey doesn’t like me tracking in dirt… saves time cleaning the hardware floors. =)

        Now if they would only sell tacticool “assault” slippers with MOLLE… sure fire winner for the Asian home market.

        • I have enough Asian friends (duh, I live in the SF Bay Area) that I both laughed at this, and am totally willing to believe it’s a real product.

          The only proof it’s not real is that no proper Asian mother would let her baby get that close to actual dirt. 😉

          Besides, the Japanese invented assault slippers, aka tabi socks. I can’t see those tradition-bound islanders buying into the idea of MOLLE straps, though…

  7. I’m confused; all the gun bans are running together in my head. Shouldn’t these guys be charged for owning an AR-15 in NY? Or is Cuomo’s ban not in force yet?

  8. I’d like to point out that this was a “hot” burglary, which many people say don’t happen all that often. BB guns or not, those guys came in that house with the full expectation that someone would be home.

  9. The designer of the gun had clearly not been instructed to beat about the bush. “Make it evil,” he’d been told. “Make it totally clear that this gun has a right end and a wrong end. Make it totally clear to anyone standing at the wrong end that things are going badly for them. If that means sticking all sort of spikes and prongs and blackened bits all over it then so be it. This is not a gun for hanging over the fireplace or sticking in the umbrella stand, it is a gun for going out and making people miserable with.

    • Brian, you absolutely and intensely made my day with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Reference.


  10. Let me get this straight. The big Causian dude screamed like a little girl and the little Asian guy saved his white a$$ with a black rifle? Is that basically what happened?

    Only in America.

    • Or, to put it another way: the unarmed, helpless guy screamed (and I can’t believe he admitted that) while his armed roommate confidently dealt with the problem, displaying excellent shoot/no-shoot judgment.

        • Also, the “little Asian guy” appears to be wearing an Army fleece cap. I’d bet he knows pretty well how to use his EBR.

    • Ralph, Alphageek can bear witness on this for me. Go to any range in the greater bay area on any given day and if there’s an asian dude there he has at least 1 AR. They must own stock in the company or something. And as god is my witness, I’ve never seen an asian guy with a revolver at the ranges. If it ain’t semi auto they don’t want it.

      • Absolutely, JWM.

        Heck, hardcore Asian twentysomething shooters are the only reason I have any experience with the travesty that is top-loading an AR equipped with easy-pull takedown pins. Saw the guy next to me doing it at Chabot and just had to strike up a conversation. So hardcore that he had a pre-bullet-button workaround setup complete with bolted-in-place magazine. They also show up with lots of GSG 22LR lookalike products, including one MP5 that was so realistic that it fooled me until the first shot.

        The Bay Area Asian newbies I’ve taken shooting definitely gravitate to the semi-auto pistols, too. Definite cultural bias spanning Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino folks.

        • Alpha and jwm, it’s the same right here in MA. The Asian shooters at the local indoor range are always equipped with some serious sh!t. I might be popping a snubby on Lane 1 while the guy on my right who looks like Bruce Lee is expertly decapitating a zombie target with a Noveske M4.

  11. Good for these guys. Glad it worked out. I can imagine the perp’s thoughts when he saw the barrel of that AR. ‘Oops gotta go and change my shorts. Later.’
    This scenario also shows the importance of carrying even while at home. Or since this guy had a long gun, making sure the rifle was quickly accessible and loaded.

  12. when used in defense its a sporting rifle or and AR-15 or just a rifle. if it was used in a crime the news would be calling it an assault rifle. i also love how they have to point out that it was legally owned. gotta love the media

    • Exactly….so they give credit for a HD scenario to a semi-automatic rifle, but if the intruders had one, it would be an assault rifle.

    • No, this would be an Assout Rifle, as in “Git yer assout of my house” Rifle.

      Are you trying to say that lining up an AR-15 on a home intruder isn’t sporting?

  13. WTF… an obvious situation of defensive gun use in the Land of the Left and the news reporters still can’t give an inch. Did you hear the reporter suggest that the BGs were probably carrying BB guns? They so wanted to characterize this as unjustifiable force but had nothing. I hope the boys learned their lesson and have the AR loaded next time.

  14. Logical fallacy of the grabbers: The “if it could save just ONE life” mantra proves too much. It could have saved at least ONE life here. Thus, civilian ownership of AR-15’s justified. QED.

  15. I hope he did anyway, and was just making a point by commenting on how it was stored unloaded, because he was a “responsible gun owner.”
    That was excellent, btw. He absolutely demonstrated his good guy status by engaging, determining that ToF was sufficient, and everybody lived to fight another day.
    And the better news is? This happens all over the country EVERY DAY. I bet there’s a ton of guys on this page alone who’ve been in similar situations, myself included. We just need to make sure that they get reported.

    • Thanks for the link. Shared that one to Facebook as soon as I finished reading it and decided it smelled legit.

    • Wow, that’s crazy… and evil.

      Like they say, the truth is out there. It’s sad that the cops would cover up a real-life incident of law-abiding citizens defending themselves and instead put all the press on the other story.

      • Would YOU want to be the public affairs officer who let this hit the wire while your chief (frequently the PA staffer’s direct boss) was on TV ranting about the evil AR? Tough call, glad I wouldn’t have to decide whether to risk my job by doing my job.

  16. This happened right down the road from where I go to school. It’s time for college campuses to rethink their “Gun Free Zone” policies.

  17. I hate to sound like a killjoy here but an AR15 would not be my first choice as a home defense weapon. The 223 or 5.56 puts ettybitty holes in human bodies. The 22 caliber has little stopping power. I base this on 20 years in the US Military. In war the idea is not to kill your enemy it is to wound your enemy. When U wound your enemy you take 3 fingers off of 3 triggers. Then there is the logistics of supporting the wounded. There are personnel considerations, food, fuel, drugs and on and on it goes. If you kill, its game over no drain on the enemies resources. I would much rather have a 1895 Winchester 30/30 lever gun. Holds 7 rounds of 170gr softpoint bullets that mushroom and expand inside your target providing max tissue damage and hydrostatic shock. A 5.56 round just goes straight through and if it does not hit bone it does little damage. If your target is high on drugs the 5.56 may not stop it even if your first shot is mortal as it takes a while for blood pressure to drop enough to cause your target to go down. Case in point the lady that shot an intruder 5 times with a 38 caliber pistol and he was still able to run away and get into his car and drive away, even if it was not too far. She should of been holden a 1911 A1 Colt 45. I guarantee U with the first shot he would have been down even if it had not been a mortal wound. size does count boys and girls.

    • One other thing, it just might take 10 rounds to kill a deer with a AR15, 5.56 caliber. Mayor Cummo is completely wrong on this one he does not have a clue what he is talking about. This is just another example of a gun grabber who knows nothing about firearms trying to pass laws to take away our 2nd amendment rights. It’s kind of like the female legislator that wanted to pass some anti gun laws. One of the criteria was that any rifle that had a barrel shroud should be made illegal. One audience member asked her if she knew what a barrel shroud was, and she answered; ït’s the thing that goes up on the shoulder’. Getting back to Mayor Cummo, the 2nd amendment is not about deer hunting my friend, the 2nd amendment is about protecting us from the likes of you. An AR15 is useless as a deer hunting weapon. In fact in many states it is illegal to hunt with with a 22 as it is not a humane killing caliber. Too many animals will be wounded and run away to die a long painful death. I live and hunt in the interior of Northern British Columbia Canada, and I can tell you a 22 caliber rifle would not be the weapon I would want to be holding in the event I came across an apex predator such as a very hungry pack of wolves , old sick hungry black bear or a pissed off 900 lb grizzly bear that took exception to me being in his living room. For this reason I carry a 375H&H or a 300 Weatherby. I do not hunt or even leave my house with anything less than a 30/06.

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