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Sure, we’ve had our differences with Shannon Watts and her now-Bloomberg-owned Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America civilian disarmament org. Not to mention the laughably named Everytown for Gun Safety. But let no one say we don’t give credit where and when it’s due. Shannon has used a nice chunk of the $50 million Mayor Mike dedicated to making it harder for Americans to exercise their right to keep and bear arms to turn out this slickly-produced spot illustrating exactly why armed self defense is so important . . .

Like Shannon and her dozens of followers, the mom in the commercial is demanding, too. When her agitated ex wants in, she demands help from the police. The 911 operator’s question brilliantly highlights how useless a restraining order is when someone’s kicking in your door. And as the much larger man grabs the child and points a pistol at the woman, who could think otherwise than what she needs most at that moment is a Sam Colt-style equalizer.

So thank you, Shannon. You’ve produced a textbook lesson in the utility of firearms for self defense in our society. What’s more, you’ve shown why some of those who can benefit most from the ability to fend off a bigger, stronger, faster attacker with a gun are…women! We couldn’t have done better ourselves.

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    • A pro gun group should get the same actors and make their own ad showing it end with her defending herself and child. Air it after original ad. With the end saying “criminals don’t follow the law, she would have died in a world that Demand Actions wants you to live in”

      • DO THIS!!!! Heck, make a Kickstarter for the funds if needed. You’ll get the $30,000 you need to fund the production in 2 hours.

        • I’m not sure if this is an NYC thing, a coastal thing, a blue state thing, or just the sad state of our nation, but from what I hear and see in my daily life (unfortunately, and not for much longer) in NYC, people aren’t very concerned with reality, only trying to be a part of the made up reality that their idolized celebs inhabit and that their college professors convinced them exists. They see it, they read or watch a little news, but take it at face value and move on to someone famous’s relationship problems I don’t think we should ever stoop to the anti’s level, but feeding them (and the fence sitters) some made up shit with a clear message, might help them understand? I mean people can’t even have a conversation any more they’re too busy staring at their phone. So make it flashy and put it in their phone.

          For instance, some people at work who have no idea what’s going in with politics or government, and care the most about what Beyoncé had for breakfast, actually got to talking about the safe storage dildo ad that recently went around, because they thought it was clever and well produced. Idk you guys might be into something..

  1. I guess it would be ok if he just beat her to death then?

    All I can think is that it’s too bad she was not the one with the gun cause what she had was just paper.

    • A close up of her face as he had his hands wrapped tightly around her throat strangling her would have been a nice cinematic touch. I suppose that would have defeated…..some purpose?

      • It should’ve been a defensive gun use, but that might’ve spoiled the plot and cinematic tension.

        Dial M For Murder – Murder Sequence

    • What is probably necessary is to have his body drop on that piece of paper, to prove you showed it to him before taking the required action.

    • It’s not like a man needs a gun to kill a woman.

      Why is Everytown so concerned with gun violence against women, when non-gun violence against women is orders of magnitude more common and more deadly?

      Oh right, because agenda.

      • DV cases where the man is the sole aggressor like in the video are quite rare in real life. Over 60% of DV cases are receptacle violence between both partners. Violent people are just attracted to other violent people.

        Closer to reality, both probably would have guns and killed each other.

        • so…. no one can accuse me of being mature anymore…

          But you said receptacle violence. Which totally makes me think of sex organ related violence.

          I know you meant reciprocal… but still…

  2. All you guys are missing the point!! The eeeeeevil gun made him do it!!!! Without the gun, the ex-hubby would peacefully have followed the restraining order while sipping peach flavored tea at Starbucks.

    • Right. Because it’s not like he doesn’t have fists. He’s already way stronger than her. He didn’t even need a gun to do all that. But she still did to defend herself from him. I second the person upthread that suggested there needs to be a counter argument ad for this because it’s just stupid that anybody would believe we could really get guns away from the criminals. What she needed was a gun, not a 911 dispatcher.

      • Most likely both would have been unhinged violent persons and harmed each other in fits of rage. Over 60% of DV cases are receptacle violence, not one way violence solely by men like Moms demand Misandry likes to portray in their media.

  3. Honest to god, that sound of banging on the door gave me chills. I have my Ruger SR-22 sitting right beside me as it’s smaller to pack around lightly dressed on these 100° days, but I think I’ll go get my regular carry P229 now.

  4. In-sane. I can’t imagine anyone in the gun culture imagining anything but the woman pulling her own pistol out of the nightstand and hosing down the ex as soon as the door flew open.

    And the MDA thinks they can stop any of this by enacting whatever today’s pet control scheme might be? And they think gun owners are crazy?

    • I saw about five different opportunities for her to defend herself and her child outside of the firearm she should have been carrying in that video.

      With that said: home carry, guys and gals… There’s always that guy in the comments of an article like this that says it. Might as well be me this time.

  5. They really are immolating lately, aren’t they? Thanks Shannon, mad props to you and your Cracker Jack team. And please do give our warmest regards to Mike for the generous cost savings to the NRA’s advertising budget, much obliged.

    • That’s exactly what it has accomplished. I will play the video for several I know who have been resistant against purchasing a firearm and learning how to use it safely and accurately. I think that will be all they will need to see to make them gun owners.

    • Yep. This is what you get when you have progtard PR types who collaborate with community organizers, who have been drinking their own bathwater so long they dont even know the dogs aren’t eating the dogfood.

      I’d venture this is some one’s political genius move to tie in with the “war on women” meme, thats being flogged again, leading up to 2014 elections. Doesnt seem to be gaining much traction, does it?

      HerRoyalClitnon is fading faster than her book sales, Fake Indian is apparently the next best thing, and Dems are running scared of Sarah Palin, who is calling them out, with great relish.

      Jeez, where are Lena and Julia when you need them?

        • Cowgirl, I think what he really meant to say was that they’ve been drinking their bong water. That would make more sense given their bizzare world view.

      • Maybe they took a bath in their bong water and then drank it. Really, we can have all worlds here. These people are weird. Who knows WHAT they’re doing! 😛

  6. Ma’am, do you have a restraining order?
    Oh, well, call back when you do get one and we’ll be sure to let him know you have it. Should clear the whole problem right up.
    Seriously, do restraining orders actually do anything? Nobody who needs a restraining order put against them actually obeys them; just look at the ATF!

  7. Even though I am a man, I still carry 24/7. 22 magnum in my pocket all the time, 9MM, or 38 special when I go to town.

  8. Good god are these people thick…

    What in the HELL makes these people have this ‘disconnect’ in their mind that keeps them from seeing the FACT that if a person is violent enough to kick a door they’re more than violent enough to bash their estranged SO’s head in with a crow bar. Glocks are NOT forged in the fires of Mordor. They don’t come with the Mark of Cain and thus don’t infuses the owner with all the darkness that lives in the heart of man.

    • ” Glocks are NOT forged in the fires of Mordor. They don’t come with the Mark of Cain and thus don’t infuses the owner with all the darkness that lives in the heart of man.”

      But you’re speaking to a painfully weak-minded person, so much so that weapons are evil incarnate to them.

  9. I went to see this on YouTube:

    “Comments are disabled for this video.”

    Really?? I’m shocked! SHOCKED!

    Published on Jul 28, 2014

    Warning: Some may find this video disturbing.
    Stop violence again women. Text SAFER to 877-877 to urge your senator to support legislation that will keep domestic abusers from getting guns. #SaveWomensLives


    Can you image how much fun we’d have if comments were allowed?

    • Yup.

      The pistol was completely superfluous in that video; the mom couldn’t stop him, he already had the kid and was on the way out the door. A hammer could have fulfilled the same purpose as the gun, and without the paperwork, cost, noise, or potential problems of carrying it around town in the car.

      Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if this video “goes away” if they read some of these comments.

      Dumb arses.

      • That’s what I was thinking as well. He had complete control, all he had to do was push her off and take whatever he wanted.
        I wonder what the stats have to say about this. How often does a situation like this occur? Not that it would matter to MDA.

        • Women aren’t shot terribly often. The most common cause of violent death for women, is men.

    • Grumpy F’er,

      Your Comments are Now Disabled From This Discussion!!

      Please note that if you agree with us comments are Allowed.

      If you do not agree with us comments are Not allowed.

      Thank You For Your Cooperation,

      Shannon Watts
      Everytown for Gun Safety

      • Maybe we can use a variant of their rhetoric against them?
        I agree with gun control, but…[point out irony here]
        I wonder if they would notice the further irony?

        • I actually sent this video, without comment, to a friend of mine who is very much in favor of gun control. Even he immediately asked why anyone would think it presents an argument FOR gun control, and said it just showed the best reason to own a gun.

  10. Annnnd here we see the face of modern feminism.

    Send your silly text message to some politician to “stop gun violence against women.”

    As for “gun violence” against men? Pffft. You men can go screw yourselves.

    Thanks. Got the message, loud and clear. Because I don’t have a vagina, I’m not allowed to have an opinion on the matter.

    Remind me again: who thought the 19th Amendment was a good idea, and why?

    • This is quite baffling to me. Instead of empowering women to take care of themselves and become more independent they teach women to be more dependent on the state (and men employed by the state). Their entire goal is to tear down men instead of raising up women. This is the modern feminism and aim of MDA; victim training.

    • Never mind all the kids who will be tramautized watching this on the predictable Lifestyle, Oxygen, and other channels aimed at the PTA mommies. What will those impressionable toddlers think of their Dads now? Do all men come thru the door and shoot their wives?

      Not only is this a slander against ALL men, that ignores the documented fact that 40%+ of domestice violence is perpetrated BY WOMEN, but it also taps a deeply frightening meme for kids, frightening them, to gain some small cynical political advantage, in a fringe group, on an issue that the majority of Americans agree on- 2A rights to self defense.

      Progtards like Shannon Watts and Mayor Bloomberg really dont mind breaking a few eggs to make their omelette, do they? Even when it comes to risking the emotional health of innocent children, all too often supervised by the TV only, who will catch this PSA while Mom is in the den Fakebooking away to impress one another in the Kool Kids Club.

      Do it for the children, indeed…

      I really doubt anyone from MDA or Everytown bothers to read comments here at TTAG, given the group thought control and moderation at the faux facebook sites they perpetrate as the facts there,

      but if there is someone on the fence, who dares to question the fascist thought police tactics,
      please pass this along- SHAME ON YOU! CAN YOU STOOP ANY LOWER?

      • rlc2 wrote: “I really doubt anyone from MDA or Everytown bothers to read comments here at TTAG,”

        I disagree. They read every word on this blog, to hopefully use against us and the RTKBA at their convenience.

      • “I really doubt anyone from MDA or Everytown bothers to read comments here at TTAG, given the group thought control and moderation at the faux facebook sites they perpetrate as the facts there….”

        Yes, they do, and they have used some of them in their propaganda.

    • I care about gun violence against women OR men. Nobody should be a victim of violent crime and unable to defend themselves. Arguing against women’s right to vote is like arguing against black people’s right to vote. The reality is that the left USES both women and black people (and now hispanics) in order to further their socialist agenda. Part of the way they do it is by convincing women that men on the right are “anti-woman” and that those on the right are racist. Throwing women’s rights under the bus because you don’t like how women are voting is exactly why they continue voting that way because they think there is a “war on women”.

      *I* think the war on women is taking away a woman’s right to equalize force and defend herself from a violent criminal using her own gun. More and more women will also think this way and align both with the right and 2A if we can focus on how the left uses and lies to women rather than on misogynistic BS that only serves to reinforce their views.

  11. Don’t they realize this video is actually a commercial for why you should own a gun. It was obv too late for the police, the restraining order part was meaningless as well. shed be much better off if when she heard the banging on the door she immediately had a bullet for whoever was kicking it in.

  12. Yes, the guy in the video doesn’t respect the restricting order, but we should have _no doubt_ he will respect a gun ban law. How could it be otherwise since it would be the law?? Maybe with a “Gun Free Zone” sign on her door would have help her… maybe!

    We (the pro-gun) are just too dumb and we should definitely try to understand them (the anti-gun) better. Apparently, we just don’t get it, so let’s have them more videos like this one to _explain_ it to us…

    I’ve to be honest, with this video, I actually already understand it better!


  13. I’m calling it. Everytown and Bloomberg are false flags secretly in the pay of the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation. No one could be so dense as to produce a more effective PSA for armed self defense.

  14. Would it be possible to hack the site and replace that inane video with the Glock version, starring Gunny?
    Not that I would advocate such a thing but it sure would be funny, probably why they have disabled comments. The Left will not tolerate dissent.

  15. As far as I know, the goals of ETfGS are to reduce the ability to people to get guns (whether good guys or bad guys at this point is immaterial). Their goals do not include more police patrols, reinforcing the doors of potential victims, a victims relocation program, or anything else that would make it harder for a violent ex-husband to break in.

    So, if they had shot that video under the rules of their utopia: he would have still been pounding on the door, he would have still kicked the door in, he would have still kidnapped the kid, he would have still overpowered the small woman, and killed her if he wished to.

    He didn’t need a gun to completely control that situation. But I bet if she had pulled a gun as soon as he started pounding, things would have ended much differently.

    • ETfGS/MDA and the other “Letter Organizations of Control” care not a whit about who has guns, and they strictly avoid the fundamental truth that criminals do not obey laws because they’re criminals. All they care about is money and power.

  16. Ok, lets just follow their premise. They succeed in getting legislation passed to remove guns from the offending individual at the time a restraining order is obtained; now it’s up to the physical differences between the man and woman and her young son) and any other weapons he could bring or even illegally (gasp!) obtain. Hmm, well that didn’t work. How about we take it a step further. They succeed in their efforts and all guns are removed from everyone except the police and military; now it’s up to the physical differences in strength between the man and women (and her young son) and any other weapons he could bring or even illegally obtain. That really turns the tables in the favor of the woman…not.

    Really the only thing they would agree with that would avoid this would be an arrest and detention of the male based on thought crime, or the female’s feelings, until she feels better. On the other hand she could just carry and by exercising her constitutional rights avoid turning this country into a vision of 1984.

    • I’ve got a stinking suspicion that their endgame would be the pre-emptive jailing of men when the women file for divorce.

      Just to be safe, you know.

      • brian wrote: “I’ve got a stinking suspicion that their endgame would be the pre-emptive jailing of men when the women file for divorce.”

        Well, when dad is in jail he can’t pay alimony and child support. Or pay taxes on his salary to fund the current socialist agenda.

  17. It seems the Bloomberg cult has decided to focus on the idea of keeping guns out of the hands of ‘domestic abusers’ and at the same time expanding the definition of ‘domestic abusers’ to eventually encompass every person. Or maybe just every man.

  18. “We couldn’t have done better ourselves.”

    Um, yeah we could’ve. She could’ve shot him.

    [dissolve to]

    Mom and the kid at the range.

    [fade to black]

    [text fades in]

    Self defense is a human right.

  19. If the flippin’ right is pro liberty/2nd Amendment/self sufficiency et cetera, how come no right-leaning rich dude is doing an anti-Bloomberg?

    Methinks none o’ our owners want us anything but helpless, regardless of who they endorse or how they vote.

    No business taxes? Lots o’ lobbying and TV money.
    No environmental laws? Lots o’ lobbying and TV money.
    No [fill in the blank] that they don’t like? Money galore.

    The bill of rights? Nuthin’ much.


  20. You gotta think anyone with any sense watching this add will come to the logical conclusion that the Mom should be armed. Running Glock’s wrong girl add behind it would surely shore that up.

  21. Perhaps the MDA/Everytown movement has finally swayed me to write my congressmen. Perhaps, as a result of watching this video, there should be an expedited process for people who recently obtained a restraining order to get carry licenses and firearms without a wait period in states that require a wait period. That way, they can pick up protection to cover what the restraining order doesn’t.

    • Bad idea, because it provides incentive to file frivolous restraining orders. Better to just remove the waiting periods.

      • I renounce my previous statement and offer my support for the rebuttal. Might as well just go ahead and remove the wait periods for all and knock it out in one go.

  22. Just commented on the video on Everygrabbers facebook page and all the comments I saw were telling them, as I did, how they’d just shot themselves in the foot!

  23. And to think, if she had her own personal firearm, she could have defended herself as he kicked in the door, rather than waiting for the police. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comerical before that’s made me want to buy a firearm more than this one.

  24. I wonder how many video responses using the “Wrong Girl” Glock Commercial were posted before MDAGSA/ETFGS disabled comments.

    • I’m pretty sure they disable comments when they post the vid. Haven’t seen one of theirs yet where comments were enabled.

      • Their model is that they tell you stuff to save you from your stupidity. There is no possibility that anything you might say would be of interest to those so much superior to you.

        Thank you, sir, may I have another!?

    • +1.

      Note that 3 of 4 of the women on “The View” panel were pro-gun when it came to defending their children. Pretty surprising that the producers allowed this- or maybe they were as surprised by the gut check and response.

      The black woman was particularly clear-eyed. Best example of someone NOT STAYING ON THE LIBERAL PLANTATION, Shannon.

      Mommy Bears Demand SemiAutomatic Action when it comes to defending the cubs.

    • What was so disheartening was the loud cheers and applause when that one presenter (forgive me for not caring enough to know their name) so arrogantly and defiantly states “I have two kids in the house, I will never own a gun”… yeah because God forbid it grows legs and kills them in the middle of the night… shows we still have a long way to go.

        • Thats how I heard it too, and that was encouraging- my guess is the typical attendee at a studio recording in New York? LA? for the View is middle of the road- more like mostly liberal types who go for emotional self-stroking and ego worship, kind of like the typical PTA Mommy at Everytown…

          I also can’t imagine the producer assistant intern waving the “clap now” sign for that- just enthusiastic approval for the black womans no-nonsense “racking the shotgun” visual. And I was impressed that so many “got it” right away, too. So thats an even stronger endorsement that many in the prospective niche that Everytown/MDA is targeting is just NOT buying their wimpy concern troll nonsense.

    • I love that most of them were pro-gun. I wasn’t at all surprised that the black woman spoke up first. White women tend to live in a privilege bubble until some random unexpected “bad thing” happens. Whereas, less privileged demographics understand how the world works and what they need to protect themselves.

      The lady that said: “No, I have two kids, I wouldn’t want a gun in the house.” You could hear the fear in her voice. The thing is… I think she DOES want a gun, but she’s been so frightened off of them that she won’t do what she needs to do to protect her kids.

      We need to gently try to get these types of women familiar with guns and gun safety. We need to stop saying stupid crap like “accidental discharge” like guns just come to life and go off without anyone pulling the trigger. We need to make them aware of the combination safes (like the girl in the Glock ad used) that can go under their bed or anywhere in the house with a loaded firearm so the kid can’t get to it fast, but she can. Hell, she could probably get something with fingerprint technology. We have plenty of technology to allow the kids to stay safe from the guns while the women have access to them, and we need to really fight through that fear and get to logical ways of getting around it because that objection to me is not a real objection in principle, it’s what the left has done to push this OMG KIDS GUNS OMG OMG at people. And it has worked much better than it should have.

  25. Shared this on Facebook with this comment attached.

    “Everytown for Gun Safety (Bloomberg’s anti-gun group) made this video without realizing that they are demonstrating the exact reason why some women should own guns.”

  26. Dude could take the kid without using the gun. All he has to do was pick him up and leave. What is the Demanding Mother to do, since she has no gun?

    In a disarmed society, the weak will be at the mercy of the strong.

  27. I want to know how he can be holding the kid with 2 arms, holding her arms with 2 arms, and pulling out a gun with the 5th arm. Is he Dr. Octopus?

  28. YES…the most pro 2A anti gun video ever! I just saw this on Cam & Company with the view gals( no Whoopee ). Only brain dead Lara Spencer said she never have a gun in the house. The gals are particularly fond of pump shotguns. I don’t think the midget billionaire got his $ worth this time LOL

    • Actually, Herr Bloomberg did get his money’s worth…from the myopic antis’ point of view of not defending ones self and being a helpless victim to a bigger, in this case armed man, all the while *hoping* government will provide protection.

      In trying to make their case against *guns* in the hands of violent abusers, what the antis fail to realize is that in their scenario the “Ex”would have ‘had his way with her’ and taken the kid even without the handgun.

      So the point of the video is specious.

    • Supposedly Whoopi owns a gun and is a member of the NRA. I obviously have no way of confirming this, though. So it could be BS.

      • Agree with you cowgirl-

        The successful black women I know in business are no-nonsense plain-speaking types- a real pleasure to talk to, and would be angry to have some white elitist like the former head editor of the New York Times, Jill Abramson, tell them “there is no difference in their experience” …

        No, when you lose 3/4 of the hosts on the View, your liberal plantation is starting to empty out fast, Shannon… dont forget the LGBTs are getting it too- this is a simple issue of personal freedom. When Rachel Maddow of MSNBC tells fans her first date with her now long-term partner was at an NRA hosted “Ladies at the Range” and she carries at home, you know the trend is underway.

        Nanny Mayor – call your office, get your money back while you can…

        • The liberal plantation emptying is why they are importing more slaves (I mean voters!) for their plantation in the form of illegal aliens. They have to import voters because the jig is up here. Too many black people and women are fed up. Maybe they’ll have more luck conning the Mexicans and South Americans.

  29. Typical law school test: With what crimes do you charge the perpetrator?

    • Burglary (unlawful entry with intent to commit a crime within)
    • Kidnapping (taking the child)
    • Assault with a deadly weapon.
    • (Based on the sound at the end) homicide.
    • Domestic violence, if a separate statute apart from the assault statutes.

    Without discharging a round, the guy should be locked away for about 20 years. Add homicide, and gone for life and dies in prison looking at a bare concrete wall.

  30. I’m just guessing, but I’ll betcha the creators of this video were thinking that viewers would conclude that somehow the gun gave the creepy ex the idea to break in, or the courage, or that in some other way he would not have come around if he hadn’t been able to quickly and easily and legally, with no background check at all, get his hands on a penis extender (their reasoning, not mine).

    This is also a guess, but I also betcha that the producers of this video assumed that it would give viewers, especially women, the belief that anyone supporting the right to self defense with a firearm (and especially the NRA) is somehow in cahoots with abusers.

  31. We need our our version of this video from MDA (Men Determine Action) The same format, banging on the door, it gets kicked in, only this time the mother shoots dead the intruder.

  32. Dan,

    Your link to the “…Samuel Colt made them equal” advertisement truism has a comment that refers to an essay in “George Magazine,” titled “Annie’s Got Her Gun,” by Ann Coulter.

    She wrote, in part, “…What the arms-control faithful really want is a world without violence, not a world without weapons. These are the ideological descendants of the authors of the Kellogg-Briand Pact, which purported to outlaw war. But we can’t have a world without violence, because the world is half male and testosterone causes homicide. A world with violence — that is to say, with men — but without weapons is the worst of all possible worlds for women. As the saying goes, ‘God made man and woman; Colonel Colt made them equal’.”

    This goes to the crux of the anti’s dilemma whether they want to acknowledge it or not. They want to blame the gun, when the true problem is that many humans are too easily moved to violence; mostly, no, primarily men, but it seems of late, more and more women too, though the ladies not so much with firearms.

    The antis can blame the gun all they want, but the fact of the matter is it will always be the violent anti social human who will use whatever means necessary to overpower and defeat their victim that is the heart of the problem.

    Superior strength and tools of violence will always be a risk to those being stalked. Since there is no sense believing the fantasy that a Blue Knight will be able to come to the rescue in time, the only answer is to at least level the playing field with the option of arming oneself adequately, and that means in most cases…a gun!

  33. Are they really that blind they don’t even see how this is a compelling ad for why a woman would want a gun?

    These people are Hoplozombies! “gunnns, we need to take your gunnns”

  34. Lol-ing at the backfire: In Watts’ HuffPo column about this ad, she says she showed the ad to the ladies on The View show. This is what happened: “On the show, Lara Spencer called the ad “effective” and after a discussion the other three hosts concluded that women might be better served by keeping guns in their homes.” Well, duh, that’s what most sensible women are going to think.

  35. Without a gun: He knocks her out cold with a punch to the face. Or choking. Or stabs her with a kitchen knife.
    If she defends herself: Shoot or scare him the second the door kicks inwards. No baby stealing, no hurt mother. If they want us to live in a world where only criminals are allowed to defend themselves, maybe they should move to a different country.

  36. If only breaking and entering, totally disregarding restraining orders, and attempted murder/murder were illegal then there would be nothing to worry about. Oh wait he broke those laws…. I guess that means any new gun laws would also be broken if he wanted to commit this crime.

    • Honestly, if a guy in that situation just stomped the mom’s head with his boot heel I think it would be OK with Shannon. As long as no gun was involved–on either side.

  37. Here’s the version I was expecting Bloomberg Civilian Disarmament Industries to make:

    Mean dude bangs at door. 911 call. Restraining order, etc. Then she says, “I have a gun.”

    “Unload the gun and put it away,” the 911 call taker says. “He’ll only take it away from you.” But — too late — Bad Ex bursts through the door. Wife fumbles with evil-looking gun. 911 voice can be faintly heard saying do not use the gun. Cut to terrified toddler on couch clutching stuffed monkey.

    Struggle ensues. Gun falls toward floor in slow motion. Mom’s helpless expression fills the screen. A loud bang. Mom screams silently and we cut to the stuffed monkey falling to the floor.

    Graphic: a gun in your home will kill your kids.

    • Oh PLEASE don’t give them ideas! They weren’t smart enough to come up with that initially. Of course, if they do it now it’ll be even more transparent what they’re doing.

      • Nah, he’s just sneaky. Trying to get them to invest in another video believing that when you drop a gun it will “go off”. So we can make fun of them again.

  38. More evidence that Shannon’s alleged PR expertise may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Why did they use a big strapping guy as the antagonist. Anybody with more than two brain cells to rub together will instantly conclude he doesn’t need a gun, he could just beat her senseless without breaking a sweat, and in the real world, probably would do just that. It looks totally contrived, like they gratuitously threw in the gun specifically so they could make it an anti-gun ad instead of an anti-domestic violence ad (which it is, of course, but wouldn’t a PR genius kind of hide that fact? Use a little misdirection?) Seems to me they could better have made the guy a snivelly little weasel, too cowardly to attempt a confrontation with the lady without one of those eeeeevil guns backing him up and egging him on.

    • But then he would break his leg trying to kick the door in.

      Oh, he didn’t give back the extra key? Never mind then.

  39. SANE people would have a gun in one hand and the cell phone in the other.. so yeah.. you can stop that, right at the door.

  40. I think the reason for playing up the domestic abuse angle to such an extreme (e.g., the big scary ex instead of some pathetic little guy) was so Shannon & Co. could recruit allies among advocates against domestic violence. Adding their political voices and clout to MDA’s is the payoff they’re looking for. Don’t forget that this ad came out the day before hearings on a federal bill that would preemptively disarm anyone with a restraining order (due process of law be damned).

    MDA needs a victory, especially after the overturning of DC’s total ban on handgun possession outside the home this past weekend. But if you read Shannon’s post on HuffPo, you can see she’s hedging her bets. “75 percent of the hosts of The View disagree with me and concluded after viewing my ad that it might be a good idea to have a gun,” she says (I’m paraphrasing). “I’m not stupid enough to tell what sounds like the majority of women that they shouldn’t defend themselves, so I’ll distract them with a story about a male abuser taking his ex girlfriend’s pink Glock from her and shooting her with it.”

  41. Perhaps the next MDA video can be an instructional video. Roll restraining order into tight tube, then attempt to stick it in the attacker’s eye…that’s about the only way a restraining order is going to deter the attacker.

  42. Comments are disabled for this video.


    • I’ve always felt like this far left tendency toward censoring comment threads is because they know if people have a chance to really discuss it, they’ll have a chance to see through it. The only shot they have is if they deliver this stuff to people in a vacuum where they can’t see any dissent and might believe that other people agree with it so maybe they should too. If comments were allowed, overwhelmingly they would be pro-gun. The overwhelming pro-gun stance would ping the less-stellar bullshit meters of those on the fence who might have followed the propaganda without any other voices to sway them. The left MUST silence those possible voices of dissent or they can’t win.

      • It’s the exact same tactic as the -snerk- Church of Scientology. All dissent must be removed, downplayed, or crushed mercilessly. Hmm, maybe Progressivism is just a cult that worships itself?

  43. “Come right away!” Demonstrates the immediacy of the problem. At the same time, shows how desperate she is when calling the police, restraining orders, signs, and laws aren’t much help.

  44. From the youtube link…

    “All Comments – Comments are disabled for this video.”

    How are we ever going to have that national discussion about gun safety if they keep the comments turned off?

    • Nah, they wouldn’t have liked it…..
      ……….the home owner doesn’t end up getting injured or killed! 😉

      Bad-ass commercial, BTW! I’ve already given it the “Thumbs-up” and added it to my favorites.

      I recommend forwarding this video to all friends!

  45. Wow, just wow, this is a really awlful video. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America really likes to paint fantasy scenarios and seem to be anti-male too. For one thing, over 60% of DV cases are receptacle violence, both the man and woman are violent people who attack each other. The sterotype DV of a helpess woman being beaten by a violent man like in this video are pretty rare in reality. Most women in violent relationships, abuse their children because sadly they are messed up and screw up their kids who most likely repeat the cycle of violence. But Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America can’t allow reality to stop their strawman arguments. They must protect the poor helpless mothers from all us violent men. This video proves being anti gun rights and being Misandry (prejudice against men and boys) goes hand in hand. Just a vile group of people in many different ways.

    • Unh, maybe “reciprocal violence”? I’m trying to get over the imagery of “receptacle violence”, not sure I’m ready …

  46. Well she should have gotten a restraining order. ‘Cause, you know, restraining orders are effective at keeping the bad guys away.

  47. Good catch mirgc. Katie Pavlich is on it, too:

    And for any of you MDA or Everytown fans lurking here- if you are truly honest with yourself- do you REALLY want the Left telling you how to think, how to defend your kids?

    Read this, if you have the intellectual courage to reconsider what the Kool Kids want you to believe:

  48. Any one know how to do some good video editing to change just the end of the commercial where it fades to black to say something like “A restraining order is just a piece of paper, your life and safety is in the end is up to you. A firearm is the best means to defend yourself.”

  49. I think that The Truth About Guns should make one with the man choking the life out of her and the son picking up the gun and shooting the man.

  50. Just putting a gun into the hands of a woman does not magically make her able to defend herself with it – any more than the gun magically morphs people into raging homicidal maniacs.

    The gun is the most effective TOOL for self defense, for anyone capable of controlling that tool. It does not and cannot stand alone. Without the will to use it effectively, and the minimal skills to do so, the gun is as much a paperweight as a rock.

    The sick false altruism, learned helplessness and irresponsible choices are the real problems to be overcome if people are to defend themselves effectively. First they have to WANT to defend themselves. They must believe that their lives are of infinite value, and must be willing to set aside all the false conditioning and fear they’ve been taught over a lifetime.

    We read sometimes about the elderly, the handicapped, the weak and the very young who do manage to overcome the conditioning and successfully defend themselves, or simply luck out and learn that their lives have more value than they were led to believe.

    But, all too often, that conditioning and false guilt or irresponsibility just get people killed. By whatever means the aggressor chooses.

    More guns, and less indoctrination into helplessness. People of the gun can help with both. Invite someone to go shooting with you. Show them that they do not need to live as helpless potential victims.

    • Excellent post! That’s so true. You need some real world range training, the more the better but at least something minimal and a fully knowledge of how your gun operates, and mental training. Pushing past the way we’ve been indoctrinated to see violent criminal lives of higher value than our own is such a big part of it!

      You’re right, guns aren’t magic. Getting one is a first step to empowering yourself to defend yourself, but everything you said in your post is SO key to everything beyond that initial door you have to walk through.

  51. Hey, here’s another idea for Everytown: Surely there’s a causative connection between alcohol abuse and domestic violence. So why not make a new law forbidding the subject of a restraining order to *get drunk* and beat his/her ex? While we’re at it, why not a law forbidding subjects of restraining orders to drive under the influence, because they might decide to drive to their ex’s home and assault them?

    “Why, that’s silly!” the Everytown Busybodies would reply. “There are already laws against those things, and domestic abusers don’t obey the….um…….uh….”


  52. Honestly if the pro gun groups do not recreate this but put a firearm in the woman’s hand then I don’t know if I can donate anymore. To have something served up on a silver platter like this and not take it and run would be spitting in the face of its members.

  53. Further evidence that when seconds count, the law enforcement response is minutes away. Mossberg has a solution to this woman’s predicament .
    911, great for medical and fire emergencies and when reporting an event that has already occurred, not so much when someone is pointing a gun at you.

  54. They’ve disabled comments on their video. Interesting… I guess they couldn’t have anyone leave any truthful opposing comments, that would hurt their cause.

  55. They did it wrong. The gun should have had a price tag still hanging off the triggerguard, and he should have been wearing an NRA shirt.

  56. I am a trial court judge in Alabama and was on the bench when the Legislature enacted the “Protection from Abuse Act.” While we had two judges who did nothing but divorces and two who did nothing but juvenile, the 8 of us who did general jurisdiction (all felonies and all civil cases over $10,000) decided that we could handle it. Wrong.

    Well, it soon became a nightmare as every police officer and social worker said “Just go on down to circuit court and they will give you a PFA” (protection from abuse order). Ever one of these that I handled (99% were women) I told them the order wasn’t bulletproof, a cell phone was not a weapon, and that it usually took the police 12-15 minutes to respond to this type call. We actually called the violation of a PFA that resulted in the woman’s death a “common law divorce.”

    I recall one Defendant that I had to put in the State Hospital for the criminally insane for a while. I kept up with him via his psychiatrist by telephone.. She was very opinionated and talkative and said one day (after the Defendant/ex-husband figured out a way to call his ex. on the telephone and harass her): “Our victim needs to stop being a wimp, empower herself, and buy a 9mm. Then the Defendant won’t be bothering her again.” All I could say is: “You are my kind of doctor.”

    When your ex-husband is chopping through your door with an axe, a lot of Gun Grabbers change their minds about gun ownership. I have seen it first hand.

  57. A gun for self-defense for the family is a very good thing. And all the women vulnerable if not equipped with weapons to defend themselves. In the family I have a handgun is protected by biometric gun safe. It helps safeguard my family.


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