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An interesting case, in that the wary home owner called the cops, who cleared the house. Only they didn’t. When the “homeless person” emerged from a closet, 76-year-old Leon Winder perforated him with lead. I’m sure there are those who would say that Winder didn’t have to shoot 37-year-old John Buck Fields. But they weren’t there. If they were there—these people who would disarm Americans for their own good—I wonder what would have happened. Thankfully – yes thankfully – we’ll never know.

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  1. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

    And when they get there, they might look for perps in obvious places. Or maybe not.

    Another reason that the people need to be armed.

    • just over 20 min in the case of one of my friends who called the cops. luckily it was just people pulling a prank, but the point is cops took 20 min to a house when it should have only taken 2 min.

      • Hey! The perp might actually be dangerous! They like to give him some time to get away, so then, filing a shooting report won’t cut into quality doughnut time….

  2. Wow. That’s rather pathetic that the police went through the motions of clearing the home but failed to actually clear the home. How common is this?

    Yet another example of why home carry is an excellent idea.

    • “Home carry…”. Exactly what I thought. wonder what LEO does when you inform him that you are armed. Oh BTW officer, ignore all those guns in my closet… just forget you ever saw them. Yeah. Right!

  3. Hell not only are police minutes away when seconds count, but apparently now they don’t do their job when they get there either.

  4. How many people on TTAG have said that they will never clear their own home because that is the job of the police? I have found a universal thing in this world: when your a$$ is on the line, you will do the best job possible. When it isn’t, you won’t. I am disgusted that the police didn’t do their job, but glad that the homeowner was able to protect himself. We have another clear example why the police (and government) should never be the only people who are armed.

  5. Well we don’t know why the cops didn’t find him, but that does poke holes in the “don’t clear your home theory a bit.”

  6. What if the people who would disarm Americans were there hiding in the closet too?

    If only. Good reasons for proper-capacity magazines.

    • 11 arrests and 5 convictions for the perp, who somehow was still out on the street. I really like a happy ending – the lowlife won’t be doing any future rapes.


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