Defensive Furniture Use of the Day: Fresno Starbucks Thief Stopped by Chair-Wielding Customer

“Fresno police say the suspect walked into the Starbucks with a ‘Transformers’ mask and a replica handgun. When the clerk seemed hesitant about giving up the money, he took out his knife.” That’s the report from But the stickup didn’t go quite as the devious Decepticon had planned.

Seconds later, customer Cregg Jerri, 58, snuck up behind the suspect – armed with a chair – and struck. You can see the two get into a fight that led back into another part of the store.

As you may have read here numerous times before, it’s never a good idea to f*ck with an old guy. Once he dropped the chair, Jerri gave the larcenous yoot everything he could handle.

Here’s video of the whole imbroglio:

The would-be stickup man took off, but was captured a few blocks away. Mr. Jerri was cut in the neck during the brawl, but should be OK.

We hope Starbucks is grateful enough to make sure the good Samaritan will be enjoying Frappuccinos and lattes on the house the rest of his natural born days.




  1. avatar TexTed says:

    Old guy for the win!

    But Starbucks being a leftist operation, they’ll probably ban the old guy for life.

    1. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

      I noticed none of the Starbucks pu$$ies came out to help our hero. Fuck them. Literally. I don’t go into these liberal utopias. If I did, I would walk out before helping the Starbucks Castrati progressives against one of these bad guys.

  2. avatar Ragnarredbeard says:

    Freaking amateur robber. Do these guys have no pride in a job well done?

    1. avatar Scott says:

      If they did, they wouldn’t become thieves.

    2. avatar John in TX (Was CT) says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Of all places, why Starbucks? Heavy camera coverage, and being a big business, almost certainly the sort of place that counts out cash frequently. Not to mention that they go out of their way to avoid cash transactions, between google/apple pay, gift cards, gift bar codes on mobile devices, credit cards, mobile order & pay, etc.

      Dude ruined his life, and put in jeopardy the life of the cashier and everyone else in the restaurant, over what could only possibly be a pittance.

      Not that it would be justifiable to do that even for millions of dollars, but there had to have been a better target.

      (Of course, Starbucks is a gun-free zone, particularly in Cali, so maybe that was the justification).

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        Necessity is the mother of invention, drugs are the pedofile step father of desparate armed robbery.

        1. avatar anaxis says:


          But….. drugs are good, and when they do them people think that they’re cool!….. ?

          They get yootoob-famous, clickbait for all them theoretical internet dollars.

      2. avatar Oscar Lee James III says:

        Starbucks is not always a “gun free zone.” I don’t go often, but when I do, it is in the Austin, Texas, area and I carry my S&W M&P Mod 2.0, 9mm, 5inch, in flat dark earth, openly in its Safariland 7TS ALS holster. Never had any issues.

  3. avatar Sam I Am says:

    More likely, the old guy will be banned from Starbucks for life: resisting a robbery is against company policy.

  4. avatar strych9 says:

    Nice job, but knowing a few throws would have been great when they first got tangled up.

    Throws on a tile floor generally aren’t something the “throwee” gets up from.

  5. avatar penis_is_a_social_construct says:

    Looks like stool violence.

  6. avatar Vhyrus says:

    That clip deserves a soundtrack. Here you go:

  7. avatar Hannibal says:

    Oh good, that employee and customer risked their lives to protect .01% of profit for a mega-corporation that doesn’t really care if they live or die.

    1. avatar Mike in OK says:

      No, he risked his life because a piece of criminal filth needed to be cleaned up. A thief is a thief regardless of who their intended victim is. If they’ll hold up a Starbucks for the couple hundred bucks in the register, they will have no problem with taking your shit either. Scumbag just happened to be at Starbucks that day. The next day he would have been round to pull the copper out of someone’s AC, or some other equally or more despicable endeavor.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        ease off batman, before you convince someone ELSE to get killed.

        1. avatar Dan in CO says:

          Dear Hannibal, who got killed? I must have missed that part of the story. Thank you and have a fantastic day.

        2. avatar Button Gwinnet says:

          Go back to your panic room in your gated community and stay there, Shannon.

    2. avatar Dan in CO says:

      Mike in OK is right on this one, a man should do the right thing because it is right. You should know this, you’ve been hanging around this site for a while now. Your comment sounds like an anarchist and antifa school of thought, “big corporation bad, fight the power, don’t trust the system” and more crap like that. Anyways, have a great day!

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        “…a man should do the right thing because it is right.”

        Exactly. And if that person fails to do the right thing when they know they should they should feel shame. If they fail to act and feel no shame for that failure then they cannot honestly be called a “man”.

        1. avatar Dan in CO says:

          Darn skippy!

        2. avatar MyName says:

          “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke

    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      I would argue that the customer risked his life to stop a scumbag who had the drop on the employee and was threatening the employee’s life with a firearm and a knife.

      That was a noble, honorable, and worthwhile act. And the customer may very well have saved other lives in future armed robberies that could have proved deadly.

      1. avatar Ryan says:

        Exactly, who cares about the money as soon as the guy pulls the knife he intended great bodily harm on the employee.
        Shame though that the Good Samaritan wasn’t carrying a gun and had to resort to close quarters hand to hand. None of the Starbucks here in New Mexico have any sings banning firearms so I always carry my gun when I enjoy an expensive cup of Joe.

    4. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      So Hannibal, let me get this straight…

      We should let armed robbers just take whatever property we feel isn’t worth protecting, while they threaten and risk people’s lives in the process?

      I disagree. I think people who behave that way need to be removed from our communities, one way or another.

  8. avatar Echo5 Bravo says:

    Just curious, but at the .41 second mark, if instead of hitting him with that chair he’d have shot him twice in the back? Just curious.

    1. avatar Button Gwinnet says:

      Depends on the prosecutor. It seems to be a clear case of acting in defense of a helpless felony victim in imminent danger of death or bodily injury, but this is in California. Interesting question to ponder, because any of us may be faced with a similar situation. This criminal had zero situational awareness. I would consider yelling “Drop the knife!” one time and one time only, after I was in position, aimed, and ready to destroy my target. Scary shit.

  9. avatar FlamencoD says:

    While on one hand (or maybe, finger tip) I applaud him for his bravery, but mostly, I think he’s an idiot for risking his life fighting a guy with what looks like a Bowie knife. Sorry, I’m not going to risk my life to save Starbucks (or any company) a few bucks.

  10. avatar former water walker says:

    Saving Starbucks? Not me but I’m also an old guy who would enjoy kicking a young cretins criminal azz…good for him?

  11. avatar Geoff PR says:

    “We hope Starbucks is grateful enough to make sure the good Samaritan will be enjoying Frappuccinos and lattes on the house the rest of his natural born days.”


    Agree with the others – ‘Starbucks’ will likely be suing him for damage to the chair, and anything else they can think up.

    “No good deed can ever go un-punished…”

  12. avatar Navillus says:

    Old guy broke Emerson’s Law- “When you strike at the king, you must kill him”
    Same applies in spades to a gun & knife wielding robber. Make the first blow count & the fight is over. Chairs like that have too much give, hit the bad guy hard with something rigid & heavy and put him down with a concussion (or worse).

    Second protip- don’t pick a fight while wearing flip flops!

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      The chair might have been considerably more effective had the customer held the chair’s legs and swung the back support into the robber’s head … or better yet hold the legs and swing the chair like a baseball bat into the robber’s neck or the side of the robber’s head.

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      You realize you just gave tactical footwear advice to the guy that won the fight, right? I think he’d say he’s good.

      Also, you fight with what you have. The best carry gun is the gun you actually carry, not the one you leave at home. If I’m wearing flip-flops when the fight breaks out (which I will be; I live in the things if I’m not actively at work), I suppose I’m fighting in flip-flops.

      1. avatar Navillus says:

        I wear flip flops a fair amount in summer, but I’m pretty sure I’d kick them off & fight barefoot is the point I was trying to make (badly). Seems to work for the MMA crowd, but YMMV.

  13. avatar Chito says:

    Idiot move. Got cut in the neck? Isn’t that where the jugular is?

  14. avatar Rocky says:

    58 is not old.
    That is all.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      This 58-year-old disagrees. Especially after seeing the photos I received from my brothers as my mother shuffles off this mortal coil.

  15. avatar Ralph says:

    That damn fool was lucky he wasn’t sliced up like yesterday’s shashlik. And for what? He risked everything for nothing.

  16. avatar tmm says:

    So…he pulls a “gun,” and just to make sure you knew he was really serious, he pulled a knife? I’m thinking she called him out on the replica.

    And other girl is still wiping down the table when “old guy” decides to take care of business? Classic.

    And come to think of it, he brought a knife to his own gun fight.

  17. avatar AndyinMA says:

    The media and Starbucks first need to determine if Mr Jerri is a “Trump supporter.”

    Brave guy – once he intervened, he was on an island. No one was coming to help, at best maybe the cops in about 10 minutes. He’s lucky he didn’t get stabbed.

  18. avatar G says:

    I couldnt take a robber in a childrens mask like that seriously. He had a knife and a pistol in the same hand.

  19. avatar Timao Theos says:

    I second 58 isnt old! Now i;ll just drink my warm milk and shuffle back to bed….

  20. avatar Gregolas says:

    It’s all Starbucks’ fault. If they had heavy, wooden chairs the perp would have been neutralized at the first blow.

  21. avatar Thomas says:

    This tells everyone that see this video all they need to know about Starbucks and its clientele.

    A 60 year old man fights an armed intruder and not one single person steps in to help, employee or customer.

    1. avatar Ryan says:

      Unfortunately that’s not just a Starbucks thing where people do nothing,I’ve seen countless videos of people struggling for their life while people just standby and do nothing to help. A certain video comes to mind that I just saw on the news of several teens recording a man as he drowns and they just insult him. We live in a fallen world.

    2. avatar ropingdown says:

      This. There’s some useful information to be had from nearly any altercation video.

  22. avatar Ian says:

    Optimus crime. Laid out!

    1. avatar RMS1911 says:

      Now That’s funny

  23. avatar H says:

    Robber was asking for a whole can of wupp ass for defaming the good name of Optimus Prime.

  24. avatar Aaron says:

    i’m all for protecting your family and property. Starbucks is neither. Screw those globalist libs and their burnt coffee!

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