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Watch the video to find out what happens: we don’t want to ruin it for you.

This young hunter will never forget his first deer, that’s for sure. Everybody remembers their first deer, but the hunter in this story couldn’t forget it if he tried.

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  1. Watch the vid? What am I doing wrong?I clicked on watch and got, you guessed it, Brownells. Clicked on wide open spaces, it was loading slower then a turtle on downers. I give up,,. Kapow kapow. I got a real funny deer joke video too, it’s so funny you should see it, but you can’t, to bad, it’s funny

    • You shouldn’t have to click on anything. The video shows up right at the top. I’ve never had any issues with the wide open spaces videos from my phone which is how I always browse TTAG.

      • I don’t want to hear that I am the problem, or that I should change the browser software I am using. I’m using Windows Internet Explorer on an Intel-based laptop with good internet bandwidth. The most common and most reputable software and hardware in the world, and I can’t see any of the videos or links in his posts!

        Someone tell him how to attach links, photos, and videos correctly, and do it soon, because I am getting tired of this BS.

        • You mad bro? I didn’t say anyone was the problem. I also didn’t say anyone had to change their browser platform. Just don’t plan on watching any of the videos posted by Wide Open Spaces. (Here’s a hint: they don’t play in IE)

      • I’m using a linux operating system and Firefox browser. I have not seen any video or links to videos since TTAG switched format. I don’t know what the problem might be here, but I can watch videos at any other site…

  2. I don’t know what’s funnier, the video or the person who thinks windows is the most reputable software in the world.

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