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Dayton VA medical complex shooting (courtesy

“Guns were responsible for more deaths in Dayton this summer compared to last year,” “reports.” I know what you’re thinking. While the story’s lead reveals WDTN’s anti-gun bigotry bias, it was a simple slip of the journalistic tongue. Could’ve happened to Mayor Bloomberg anyone. But that still leaves the lingering problem of the station’s use of the term “gun violence.” “From June through August, 12 people in Dayton were killed from gun violence. In 2014 from June through August, 8 people killed from gun violence.” Well, at least they were killed “from” gun violence rather than “by” it. What can be done? Dayton Police Lieutenant Eric Henderson has a couple of thoughts on the matter . ..

“We do know a lot of our gun crime is related to the drug market, a lot of it is the victims of offenders know each other,” said Lt. Henderson.

He also says the warmer temperatures during the summer bring more people out. It also can bring crimes of opportunity. Some people will leave their doors or windows open when it’s nice out.

So make drugs illegal(er), launch a “fresh air kills” campaign and ban guns. Next?

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  1. Time for the requisite passively constructed headline comment: I hate when my gun jumps out of its holster and starts firing randomly all by itself. Very annoying, guns need to learn to behave. /sarcasm.

  2. Wow, during that same period how many lethal events did they have that were really the fault of swimming pools, poisons, knives, ladders (and other high places), electrical outlets, fire, gas, prescription medicines, illegal drugs, medical malpractice, cars, trucks, planes, boats, alcohol, tobacco, fast food, fists, feet, dogs, banana peels, and the ubiquitous pointed stick?

  3. Call Bernie Sanders.
    Free air conditioners for everyone. Keep those windows and doors closed.
    “For the Children”

  4. This news story has made me see the light !
    Instead of prosecuting all the drivers for DUI, I should have been closing down all the liquor retailers !
    THAT would’ve stopped all that- Oh, wait ….

      • How can people get drunk and drive over innocent pedestrians if there are no bottles for them to drink out of? BAN HIGH CAPACITY BOTTLES! NO ONE NEEDS MORE THAN 7oz OF BOOZE!

        • Hell, Bloomie already tried that with soft drinks. If lawyers weren’t such lushes as a whole, we might actually see something like that…

  5. We people of the gun really need to start hacking our victims to death with machetes instead of shooting them. Then everyone would be happy.

    • Machetes are soooo “South America” (or “Africa” if you prefer). This is North America, and here the only proper way to hack people to death is with a tomahawk. It’s tradition. Plus the tomahawks additional heft makes it easier to cleave a persons skull in twain.

  6. Maybe these wayward guns could benefit from Baltimore’s gangsters-as-mentors program?

    We round up everyone’s guns. We hand them all over to the local thugs. We come back a few weeks later and the freshly mentored guns should have become well-adjusted, violence-free and ready to resume peaceful existences with their owners.

    It’s pretty much common sense gun reform. I think it’s an excellent idea.

  7. It’s almost as if the overwhelming majority of violence would be eliminated if we just ended the prohibition on drugs, aka The War on Personal Choice. If we got rid of all victimless crimes, society would be infinitely better off. The only “problem” is that police budgets / manpower would be slashed accordingly, thus they’re adamantly against it.

  8. Guns were responsible for more deaths in Dayton this summer compared to last year

    No, PEOPLE were responsible for the deaths.

    Dayton is a very blue city surrounded by deep red. It’s also been dying with the downturn in the economy and closure of manufacturing plants. Almost like a mini Detroit. It’s really gotten bad with gangs, which would account for the vast majority of the violence. Travel 20 min outside of downtown and it gets a lot better.

  9. I gather nobody ever gets stabbed , beaten, bludgeoned, or strangled in Dayton since all the statistics they seem to have are for “gun violence”.

  10. The racial makeup of the Dayton: 51.7% White, 42.9% black.
    I take it that it was “white owned guns” that committed all that “gun violence,” right? /

  11. The problem with reporting is they are opportunists and lazy. They add the how factor which is of no importance, then exploit it. The anti’s are super opportunistic and even more lazy. A violence problem is more accurate. They seldom know or discuss the why. A why would start a path to look for solutions, they clearly do not seek solutions to violence, they want something else.

  12. People STAY on topic.The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting or anything else. It has EVERYTHING to do with protecting ourselves from a corrupt and evil government, police or contract killers or foreign troops that don’t care about the 2nd Amendment. Repeat, “shall not infringe” until it echoes through out the land.

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