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Yup. There she is, starting at 1:37. The woman at the center of the David Petraeus sex scandal that led the General and CIA Director’s downfall. Keep watching after the now-ironic comments about the importance of the human aspects of warfare and you’ll see Lieutenant Colonel Paula Broadwell (Res.), West Point ’95 throwing some serious lead downrange. Before this link surfaced, it was kinda hard for me to see why Patraeus took up with his biographer. Now that I’ve scanned the “sealed with a KRISS” action it I get it.  Not all femme fatales are raven haired. More’s the pity, really . . . [h/t Ropingdown]

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  1. Willing to shoot? Of course she’s willing to shoot–she’s a West Pointer with service in Iraq and Afganistan.

  2. “The woman can shoot…” Well, d’uh. That’s Lieutenant Colonel Paula Broadwell (Res.), West Point ’95.

    • Heh. No argument there. Paula Broadwell fits my definition of a strong, attractive woman, which at least eliminates the “WTF? Her? Really?” element of the story. See also: Prince Charles and the equine blue-blood he married post-Diana.

      Bill Clinton is masterful at many things, but being discriminating in his selection of extramarital playmates is NOT one of them.

  3. The Sex scandel is a smoke screen, a distraction the media can use to not ask about what was REALLY shipped to Al Queda/Iran by Obama. Was it Just 20,000 Stingers or an ICBM guidance system and and enriched uranium detination sequencer? Was it something even worse?

    • Oh, there it is, I can die happy, because now I have heard it all. We’ve reached the point where the misadventures of Petraeus’ penis are all Obama’s fault. Because it curves to the left, no doubt. I just – I have no words, sometimes, when I read these posts.

    • Enough of the conspiracy theories. Why would the President allow such items to be shipped to enemies? We were told by people like Cheney etc that if the President was elected in 2008 then we would have major terrorist attacks (like those that happened on his watch). Well guess what we didn`t, so Obama has not made less safe.

      • Mike, you do understand that the CIA developed/started Al-Qaeda in the late ’70s to fight the Ruskies in Afghanistan and that they are still funding them today in Libya and Syria?

        The Petraeus Affair is a classic “Honey Trap” tactic deployed nuermous times by those in espionage and is most certainly a diversion tactic to draw attention away from the Benghazi Hit Job on Ambassador Stevens who most certainly was working with the CIA to funnel weapons to Al-Qaeda in Syria.

        Please come back to reality and understand the REAL world that you live in, not the false Left/Right BS paradigm with cheerleaders on both sides rooting for their team to win.

        None of this is at all theory, but most certainly FACT. Whether or not you choose to face the facts is up to you. Ignorance truly is bliss!

    • So which was it? Secretly sending hundreds of shipping containers full of Stinger missiles to the Taliban? Giving thermonuclear weapons and delivery systems to Al Qaeda?

      After reading lots of Glenn Beck and, I’m convinced that it’s worse. But how much worse can it get?

      How about using jet contrails to seed a grape-eating fungus over the vineyards of Provence and Tuscany? Emailing the name and cover of every covert NATO operative in the world to Dr. Evil? Uploading the Cyberdyne Systems activation codes for Skynet? Deliberately contaminating the New York City municipal water supply with the zombie virus?

      Be afraid. Be very afraid.

      • Chris, so Iraq had WMDs and Saddam helped plot 9/11? Also, the US Military isn’t guarding Poppy Fields in Afghanistan? And the ATF didn’t sell 10,000’s of assualt rifles, RPGs, and fragmentation gernades directly to Mexican Drug Cartels all the while trying to blame it on the @nd Amendment.

        Our Government Loves us and would never conspire on a mass scale, let alone lie to us.

        Be ignorant. Be very ignorant.

        • oh, oh…you forgot about the importing of drugs into the United States by the CIA.

          and the murders of several Special Forces soldiers by CIA operatives and the killing of Colonel Sabow, US Marine Corps.

          no conspiracies at all! go back to watching the kardashians and tend to your obama/romney 2012 yard sign. Those that do question are “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-american”. 😀

      • So Chris, Iraq had tons of WMDs and Saddam helped to plot 9/11? Also, the US Military isn’t guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. And the ATF didn’t sell 10,000s of Assault Rifles, RPGs, and fragmentation grenades directly to Mexican Drug Cartels?

        Our Government loves us and would never conspire on a mass scale, let alone lie to us!

        Be ignorant. Be very ignorant.

  4. I’m not sure how, but the video producer actually managed to shoot her segments in the worst lighting possible. She looks like they did her makeup for for the video shoot by smearing her face with butter.

  5. She’s my girlfriend. My biographer. My girlfriend. My biographer. (Gratuitous Chinatown reference).

    Don’t you long for the good old days when the old guy would always claim that the hot young chick was his niece?

    • “Don’t laugh, but I just don’t use e-mail at all,” Janet Napolitano recently said, smiling into the camera. Maybe she was onto something… but not via email! Needless to say the entire episode has doubled the future recruiting problems for the CIA. “You work for the CIA? Neutered, eh?” “Not feeling so randy now, eh Mr. Bond?”

  6. I love how intentionally giving guns to known murderers so that they can kill more people is a “witch hunt” and laughing about US diplomats murdered in Libya is “no big deal”, but screw a pretty girl and that’s a “scandal”. Seriously, this is why I almost never pay attention to US news media anymore, there’s so much bullshit it’s not even funny.


      I love how these statist pigs get a laugh at the idea of marching off to a major war that could erupt into a global conflagration. Look at the bright side: chelsea clinton wont be in uniform carrying a rifle for her country.

      Not scandalous at all /sarc. but its a amazing thing, this american imperial hubris.

  7. I’m not sure why the Kriss Vector is all its cracked up be (or why it would be superior to a 6.8 or 300 BLK SBR), but I do have some theories as to why someone would want to sleep with Paula. Schwing!!!

    • It is a more compact weapon system that still has effetive firepower for its range. It can be wielded single handedly. Its not superior to a rifle caliber (because its not a rifle) but it is an excellent compact weapon.

      Watch the new Resident Evil movie where Alice uses 2 of them. I’ve actually seen and held the Vector at the last gun show. Its compact and brilliant design is the difference to a SBR/SMG.

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