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David French from KC, MO send his load out.   He’s a shop manager and counts himself as another S&W Shield carrier.  Yes, GLOCK was a few years too late coming out with their single-stack 9 and the folks at S&W ate their breakfast.

David likes his in the 2.0 version in .45 ACP caliber.  That’s a lot of single-stack goodness.

He writes this:

M&P Shield 2.0 .45 with green laser sight in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB holster loaded with Ammo Inc OPS FJHP ammo. An extra mag, just in case. Super comfortable and secure all day long. I have my Streamlight for working nights and my trusty leatherman for all kinds of things.

He covers all the bases in a very well-worn set of gear.

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  1. I tried the 9mm Shield 2.0. To skinny for my hand. Couldn’t make my grip work for it.

    This fellow works nights so he carries a light. I did too. When I worked nights.

    • “This fellow works nights so he carries a light. I did too. When I worked nights.”

      “If I had a light, I’d know it was nighttime. And nighttime is no time to be in this here neighborhood…”

      (Cheech and Chong?)

      • Firesign Theater. From either “We’re All Bozos on This Bus”, or
        “Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers”.

      • from big bambu, “push the car? get yo’ mama to push the car!”
        from bozo bus, “many people enjoy squeezing my nose.”
        from dwarf pliers, “old man ribba!”

  2. “The very liberal Andy Lassner – producer of the Ellen show, had some angry words for members of Antifa:

    Hey Antifa, whoever you are, how about you cut it the fuck out?

    You’re putting millions and millions of us in a position where the right wants us to defend something we want no part of.

    You don’t represent me.

    Go home.
    — andy lassner (@andylassner) August 17, 2019”

    • The libs created antifa and now they are afraid of the monster they spawned. It will be fun watching them tear each other apart til the .gov steps in.

      • If you follow the crap in WA, OR, and CA and if you really look into the truth about charlottesville, when the government steps in it always on the side of Atnifa/BLM. They get a pass while “far right groups” and “white nationalist” who are usually neither far right nor white nationalist get arrested, or even forced into the middst of Antifa/BLM by the police themselves and then abandoned ot the mercy of the leftists when the police pull back. If it looks like the non leftists are getting the upper hand then the cops come in an an start busting heads. Government is not our friend.

        • Very observant and informed and very, very well said. Wish there were more like you around here. You deserve the heralded flashlight award from TTAG for shining the light on the truth.

  3. I heard that Trump is talking about declaring antifa a terrorist org. He needs to get serious about them before they have a chance to interfere with the elections. The left will steal this election if given a chance.

    Instead of helicopter rides we need to see some drone strikes. Anybody wearing a mask at a ‘demonstration’ gets a free missile.

  4. A double edge pig sticker. No thanks. All else is good. Especially the caliber and the light.

    • Yeah, little practical value except for self-defense. My pocket blades are multi-functional, from opening boxes and trimming hangnails to ‘get-the-fuck-off-of-me’…

      • Also don’t like how the blade necks down at the ricoso. A potential break point as was the Gerber Mk.II with the wasp waist.
        If you twist the blade it WILL snap at the narrow point as did my Mk.II when I needed it the most. A hilt and an inch or so blade ain’t worth shit.

  5. I’ll leave a comment about the EDC… b/c I’m not a thread stealer, it’s pretty narcissistic.

    Don’t like the knife. In fact, the only type of knife I do like in that style are the microtechs.

    Also, when your light is bigger than your gun. Does that thing take D batteries? I like the streamlight, but the HL is a pretty old design and the pocket clip leaves over an inch beyond your pocket. Plus, for 2 cr123a’s, it’s bigger than it needs to be. Maybe he’s owned it for a long time? Maybe time to upgrade to a 2L-X.

    Here is a comparison of the HL-X (a slightly newer version with a deep carry clip) compared to the 2L-X

    I’ll trade 250lm for the size. Trust me, you are not going to notice the difference. From 500-1,000, yeah… on a no moon night in the middle of the woods you will… but for EDC, not worth taking up that much space. I even feel like my 2L-X is a bit big sometimes. It’s why I swap with a microstream from time to time.

    Like the extra mag and the shield. Not sure about the use of the laser, but I do have a TLR-6 on my g43 for those theater carries, but I feel unless you have the time most the time regular carriers will never use them. Again, great for on the property, but I wouldn’t have a shield deployed if I was trying to warn the random 1 bear per year back into the woods. I take the canadian approach and just try to ask them to nicely retreat off my property. Funny thing is, it usually works.

    • Looked up microtechs…nice but too rich for my needs but learned about them. All knowledge is good.

    • It looks like that light is pushing 30 years old, so I’ll give it a pass on being ungainly large.

      Just pulled out my Surefire 6P-LED (that *desperately* needs a modern upgrade LED module in it) and it’s on the chunky side as well.

      Anyone got a line on an upgrade LED module for a Surefire that won’t break the bank?

      • I have a surefire that does not even stay on it’s so old. You have to hold it. The downside is that it’s an awesome light, but maybe 200lm max? I dunno… not gonna dig it out. It has IR, red, blue, yellow, strobe and regular lights. Army issued back in 2006/7?!?! It used to be a backup in my tool box in the truck, but I have not seen it in months lol.

  6. Wow, much off topic discussion. I love 45 ACP, but my shields are all 9mm. But there is a market.

    Glock was late to respond to the LCP. Glock was late responding to the shield and has yet to fill in the lower volume 40 S&W or 45ACP.

    Where is the response to the 380EZ? I am shocked it isn’t the best selling pistol.

    Where is the response to the P365?

    This is a great carry. I would feel comfortable with it.

    • SIG is making Glock look silly with the p365. They even came out with a p365XL that is the same size as my s&w m2.0 3.6″. Granted… nothing groundbreaking about the XL. Still only holds 15 in 9mm, I think.

      IMHO, I think Glock is trying a bit to hard to stay relevant at all now days. Not that I don’t like them… I own two Glocks, but for innovation, their new designs are just stupid compared to the redesigns of the M&P lineup, and SIG’s. But… there is a market for everything I guess. My first was a G22, and I still love it. But I probably won’t buy any Glocks in the future. /rant

  7. I have 2 9mm shields that I shoot more than my other pistols. 9mm is cheap to shoot especially with reloads. My LC380 get little trigger time becuse ammo is significantly more expensive than 9. The 380EZ’s target audience is small compared to the Shield 9’s and thus the aftermarket support. If I didn’t live in CA, I’d buy a Sig P365, IMO it’s the best compared to the Glock 43 and Shield.

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