Darren Evanovich: Do What I Say, Not What I Did

Like a ghost from the past, Darren Evanovich denounces a life a crime for MAD DADS. Evanovich pleads with young people to “Go get an education. Go be a man. Go be a grown woman. Get a life. Get something to do with yourself. Occupy yourself, occupy time. Stay focused.” Subsequent to the video, Darren attempted to commit an armed robbery. He was shot and killed by an armed citizen. Sadly, Darren never heeded his own advice. Maybe his self-help video will have more weight now and save a life. Maybe not. [Click here to watch Evanovich’s video testimony.]


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    The story that accompanied the video says he robbed a 53-yo woman and pistol-whipped her. If that’s true, then I’m fresh out of sympathy for Darren.

    1. avatar Eric S. says:

      Amen, Ralph.

      I find it frustrating when someone does something terrible and everyone consoles themselves with, “deep down he was a good person.” I might have been able to see some good had he just robbed and not pistol-whipped the 53-year-old lady, but beating on people twice your age shows cruelty.

      1. avatar sdog says:

        hah yep sorry, Darren’s a scumbag before, during and after this video. There is a big difference IMHO between selling dope and attacking and beating up women. You reap what you sow, and it would seem that MAD DAD’s attempts with this guy went down in flames.

  2. avatar Joe nobody says:

    So this must be the guy who started the occupy wall street movement

    1. avatar sdog says:

      so far i have not seen people at OWS rally’s attacking women.

      1. avatar Joe nobody says:

        Sorry bad attempt at a joke, I was just referring to the occupy time occupy yourself bit. Not funny I know

      2. avatar Contractor says:

        reports say that two (or four?) were raped at various Occupy events….maybe no more than would normally occur in a given population I guess, still I will work.

  3. avatar HAVEGUN says:

    There seems to be a happy ending for at least one person.

    “A man who confronted and fatally shot a suspected robber won’t be charged in the killing because he acted in self-defense after a gun was pointed at him, prosecutors said Friday.”


  4. avatar sonspot9 says:

    Good young nem will now be shpt fo nink;ng a pack o gum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Do sad’

  5. avatar Contractor says:

    Obviously one down…but from the scuttlebug on FB Sister (accomplice) has committed violent crimes before as well, and the mother was busy inside the store passing bad checks. Good Shoot, needs to practice maintaining fire on multiple targets it seems like though, two got away (joking) More citizens need to step up to the crack heads.

  6. avatar Me says:

    This story convinced me that I need to get a Permit to Carry and carry a pistol everywhere I go. Thugs like this are common. There are more good citizens than criminals, and if more of the good were armed we would have a safer society. As my cop uncle tells me, “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

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