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With Hurricane “Irmaghurd” headed for the Southeast seaboard, coastal Georgia- and South Carolina-located Daniel Defense is suspending operations until the storm blows over. Their press release follows:

In response to Hurricane Irma, Daniel Defense has announced that it will be temporarily suspending operations. All Daniel Defense manufacturing facilities and offices will be closed starting Friday, September 8th and will remain closed until the storm has passed and the facilities are deemed safe to resume work.

“The safety of our employees and their families is always our top priority,” said Marty Daniel, President/CEO of Daniel Defense. “With the hurricane’s trajectory path turning toward the Georgia and South Carolina coast, we are taking measures to ensure that our employees are allowed sufficient time to prepare and secure their homes for the storm.”

Daniel Defense will continue to update employees and customers during the storm through and the following channels: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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  1. I ordered something from F1 Firearms (near Houston) right before the disaster. Even before the disaster, things were expected 45-90 days (because of anodizing demand). Yet… it just shipped. Now *that* my friends is serious commitment to customer service. Oh, and by the way, their employees have been rescuing people too. ‘murica

    • Nice! My mom shipped a package (like a 12x12x8 cardboard box) for my kiddos from outside of Seattle where she lives to outside of Austin where we live, and it was delayed due to Harvey. It arrived here wrapped in a bag and taped up. The box and everything in it were wet and it smelled like low tide haha. It was probably soaked in dirty flood waters. At least it made it! I guess.

  2. Sounds like a great guy to work for but I still don’t believe their guns are worth the asking price. Would love to do a test to destruction with one of their “premium” AR’s vs. a rack grade one from PSA. I’ll donate the PSA gun.


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