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The federal background check system for firearms purchases is an unconstitutional infringement of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The only NICS “fix” I support: nix NICS.

Not to put too fine a point on it, NICS is a form of gun control. But let me be perfectly clear . . .

I know that many gun rights advocates approve of federal background checks for new gun purchases from an FFL. How these gun owners — indeed the NRA — can support “fixing NICS”  and say it shouldn’t extend to private sales is beyond me.

But what’s not beyond me: the certainty that Daniel Defense makes magnificent rifles. And that Marty Daniel is, as Sean Hannity would say, a great American. I reckon Mr. Daniel’s defense of NICS (below) reflects his desire to head them (the antis) off at the pass.

Well . . . good luck with that.

From Daniel Defense’s Facebook page:

Dear Friends,

I need your help. I believe the Fix NICS Act (S. 2135), sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), is presently the only common sense approach to keeping firearms out of the hands of the wrong people.

This bipartisan bill, which aims to keep firearms from being sold to criminals and other dangerous people, was introduced by U.S. SenatorJohn Cornyn of Texas. All provisions of this bill have already been voted on and passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. While the bill has enough votes to pass the Senate, we must put pressure on our representatives until the President puts pen to paper.

Our Senators, by passing the Fix NICS Act, can take logical steps TODAY to improve background checks through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). By doing so, states would not only be required to, but would be held accountable for not complying with new reporting procedures which would ensure background checks are complete and reliable. The Fix NICS Act would:

– Mandate federal agencies to report criminal convictions to the  Attorney General
– Require reporting of select mental health records that prohibit the  purchase of firearms (Fix NICS only seeks to require mental health  records that fit current federal categories)
– Hold states and federal agencies accountable for failing to upload  records

Here’s how you can help.

1.) Send an Email to Your Representatives at:
2.) Share this Post & Tag Your Representatives in the Comments

Together, we can get this thing passed.

– Marty Daniel

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    • Marty’s a solid guy. Always great to talk to at SHOT. And always eager to please.

      So fixing the background check system is like complaining about cleaning lens on a cop’s radar gun. It allows someone (Marty in this case) to beat a drum that has long since been beaten to death. But still makes noise. Where’s the danger in that?

      • Because the “Fix NICS” bill would punish anyone who ever seeks therapy of any sort. Lose a family member and seek grief counseling? Kiss your rights goodbye forever. Marty is trying to massively increase the number of people who unjustly have their rights violated. It’s a good thing I’ll never meet him, because he deserves nothing less than a solid punch in the face for supporting shitting on our rights.

        • Has EVERYONE taken a hard left into moonbatville?? The ONLY way to fix NICS is to NIX NICS! Just get rid of it..its unconstitutional..PERIOD. What is the world coming to? Why can’t these people just say NOTHING?!? Is that really so hard, just keeping your mouth shut and shipping rifles?
          Add. D.D. to the ever growing list…

        • The NICS/Fix is basically cover for scared progressive politicians like “Big John” Cornyn who want to be seen as having “done something positive” to contribute to gun-control demands. Of course it’s all well intentioned . . . until people suddenly find they’ve been blacklisted for unknown reasons and can’t buy a gun. And, once blacklisted, they’ll then find that the bureaucracy that did them harm is entirely reluctant to admit that it made a mistake. And then, of course, there’s the gun confiscation that can happen simply because you were treated or are now being treated for something as common as clinical depression or ADHD. And don’t think for a moment that your formally private medical records will continue to remain private.

        • Jail the MFs selling this sh_t. If they ask for due process, tell them the didn’t pas the new Fic’s the FING COMMUNIST (D)1<ks check.

          F em all

          Daniel Defense needs to be Nationalized, and converted to an ass toy forced labor sweatshop. They have a nice new place to work in, that’ll have to be transitioned to gas showers.

      • How can you possibly in any way justify this foolishness by Marty Daniel. This way of thinking is what gets us to this point. Marty Daniel just caved. Simple. #turncoatmartydaniel

  1. Having grown accustomed to being infringed upon, the person/entity begins to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. In that sense, FIX NICS would make sense.
    In any other sense, NIX NICS. Has a ring to it, doesn’t it.

    • Jethro,

      I do not see that fix NICS even makes sense under a Stockholm Syndrome situation.
      Notice these two thoughts that we have heard a gazillion times:

      “[NICS] … keeping firearms out of the hands of the wrong people.”

      “[fixing NICS] aims to keep firearms from being sold to criminals and other dangerous people …”

      Both of those statements are utterly and totally FALSE. The only thing that NICS (background checks) does is mostly stop federal firearm licensees from selling firearms to convicted felons and mental defectives adjudicated in court.

      Background checks DO NOTHING in these situations:
      (1) Convicted felon purchases firearm on black market.
      (2) Convicted felon purchases firearm from private seller.
      (3) Convicted felon steals firearm.
      (4) Convicted felon manufactures their his/her own firearm.
      (5) Convicted felon acquires false I.D. and purchases firearm from federal firearms licensee.
      (6) “Dangerous person” with no criminal record purchases from federal firearms licensee.
      (7) “Dangerous person” with no criminal record purchases from private seller.
      (8) “Dangerous person” with no criminal record purchases from black market.
      (9) “Dangerous person” with no criminal record steals firearm.
      (10) “Dangerous person” with no criminal record manufactures their own firearm.

      Even if background checks shut down the federal firearms licensee distribution channel, there are 10 other distribution channels readily available for “dangerous” people (with or without a criminal record) to acquire firearms. Therefore, those statements that background checks will “keep guns out of the wrong hands” are utterly and totally false.

  2. Hmm I thought all that shit was already in place.One thing I noticed was the private sales thing, NO NO NO not ever should a private sale be subject to any government bullshit, not just guns, but anything.

  3. The only NICS “fix” I support: nix NICS. I would agree, but I think this ship left the dock sometime ago.
    What blows my mind is that my darling daughter thinks that there currently are no background checks being done for current gun purchases and owners.
    With that in my mind, when the pollsters ask the sheep about universal background checks, the sheep are naturally going to answer that they favor the stronger universal background program as they think NICS does not exist.
    Darling daughter also thinks the Gun Show Loop Hole exists. Most sellers at gun shows are FFLs, so background checks are conducted.
    When it comes to gun polling, ignorance is bliss….for the gun control ghouls.
    Yeah, I educated her about the gun purchase laws.

  4. DD should probably shut down their Facebook page because the reaction ha been overwhelmingly negative!

      • Gawd. You guy don’t just eat your young. You eat the parents too.

        Hows about you build a rags to riches gun company and live in the defense contracting world 24/7 for years. And then get your ass judged by the internet glitterati over a non-issue.

        Oh well, bring on the hate. No point standing together when we can fall apart.

        • I agree, in theory, but why in the world did he even open his mouth? There was absolutely no upside. I guess if this is his deeply held belief, then OK, you gets what you gets.

        • Marty is a deeply religious person. I bet he felt compelled to do something. Plus his is a premium product not to be bothered by the whims of us pedestrians. And certainly the military contracts couldn’t care less about political noise.

        • Flinch, welcome to real life, especially in the age of social media.

          I don’t give AF about his “rags-to-riches” story, and neither do most consumers. The fact is that he did something treasonously stupid, and is being held to account for it. A restaurant is only as good as it’s last meal, and a gun company is only regarded well by it’s pro-2A actions. Serve shtty food, and the yelp is there to bury you. Say insanely stupid things as a person who earns a living selling guns – well, he’s getting what he richly deserves.

          If his beliefs get his company buried, I hope they provide him comfort.

        • We could have all stood together but he choose to throw us to the wolves and you expect us to take like a battered wife. Not going to happen.

  5. If you’re not a fan of personal evidence please don’t read this but if you think it’s worthwhile please have at it.

    This bill would BAN me from possessing a firearm. I’m a 19 year old gun owner and I have owned a firearm since I was 16. Nothing out of the ordinary for someone who grew up around firearms. But I am Autistic and who says that they wouldn’t just lump me in with the crazies because of a neurological difference? Sure I may act strange, get uncomfortable around other people, make a fool of myself because I don’t know what to say, but in fact I am not a mental defective nor will I ever be. In fact I know more about firearms then my gun collector uncle due to my memory and interest in firearms. So no I’m not crazy. No I’m not defective. No I’m not evil. I’m simply different through no choice of my own, yet I may be denied my rights. This to me at least sounds similar to a time when others were deprived of their God given rights because they looked different. So not only is this unconstitutional it is simply wrong on a human level.

        • No, it would ban him from purchasing from a FFL. Just like its legal for someone under age today to possess a firearm, this would just add a restriction for the FFL transfer, the law specifically states that.

          Since the area of intersection between tweeners and long gun deaths, is like 200 out of 20k shootings, sure, that makes total since, lets go after the fruit on the tippy top of the tree first. Florida would save more lives if they took the $400mil and specifically focused it on teen mental health, just from suicide. This is like saying that to prevent avalanches, eat more cheeseburgers.

        • 1. Many gun collectors are not well versed in firearms, just those guns they are especially interested in. So that line of reasoning is more of concern to the rest of us than you might imagine. Knowing about guns does not cause safety, nor guarantee a person’s sanity.

          2. The system is not perfect. As hairs are split, there will be those on the line. Sorry, but I’ll side against you at the moment. A line must be be drawn somewhere and there will aways be someone just over the line no matter where we put it.

          If you have to tell us you are not evil or insane, well remember “I am not a witch” How did that go?

        • Filtch I was talking about Mosins when I said that. Should probably have included it. But that is his primary collection as is mine, I have a thing for commie guns. And if they actually had had a way to fight back the outcome would have likely been different.

      • Your great leader of revolutions and genocides all wanted to label everyone. how did that work out?

    • “So no I’m not crazy. No I’m not defective. No I’m not evil. I’m simply different through no choice of my own, yet I may be denied my rights.”

      Exactly. And well said. And as I’m sure you are well aware, most people on discovering that you are autistic cannot see past the label placed on you. And these are the exact kinds of people who will be making bureaucratic decisions about who can and can’t own a weapon or buy a weapon.

      • So autists are perfectly normal, eh Garrison? Nothing wrong with them at all.

        How and why did people identify and catalog them? Just curious. I guess people are just looking to make stuff up.

        Oh, and since they’re ‘just like everybody else’ and “not defective”, I’m sure you’re OK with one being your doctor/pilot/judge/cop/lifeguard/lawyer…

        • Sort of depends where you are on the autistic scale of things.
          Some lead normal lives and fit right in with everyone else.
          Some not so much.

        • So you (16V) are saying they are all retarded and should be locked away for “their own safety”?

          See how stupid it makes you look when you take someone else’s comment and mix it with your preconceived notions and prejudices?

    • Bullshit fuckem, shooting since 16 three years no problems, probably never will have,man enuff to tell strangers your autistic. I’d straw purchase a firearm for you, fuckem…… Now my cousin on the other hand, he’s fucking NUTZ, but not autistic, killed his roommate with a machete for falling asleep with the TV on, good thing he didn’t have a gun huh. Here’s the ironic part, his sister informed mental health that he was going to go off and mental health assholes didn’t intervene, and it gets even better, she’s a nurse in a mental health hospital. Har har, I think “they” wanted him to fuck up soes they could put him away he’d been drawing SSI for years because of whatever the fuck was wrong with him, acrophobia, or I’m to spoiled to go to work. Now he is locked up and it’s cheaper. Autism ain’t crazy. All I know is its a good thing he didn’t have a gun, he coulda killed somebody, er no wait, I guess he did, just made a bigger mess with the machete

      • “Autism ain’t crazy”

        You obviously have no idea what an autist looks like when turned up to 11. Which is really common when someone gets their order wrong. Or they don’t like the way someone looks at them. Or they just don’t want to deal with you. Or…

        They aren’t all violent, but it’s not uncommon. You’re volunteering to be the instructor for the ‘Eddie Eagle, Special School District Program’, right?

    • Present the relevant portion of the law that would do as you claim or you’re just making words.

      • Legally Armed American on YouTube actually did a video on this subject. It’s more informative then I can be.

    • The only way you would be “lumped in with the crazies” is if you managed to make yourself visible to state government in a manner that would allow them to formally judge you as a danger to yourself or others.

      I’m a little bit on the spectrum myself. While I do like my eggs to be just so, I don’t go around threatening peoples lives if they cook them wrong. So as long as you haven’t been crossing any red lines, I think your right to purchase a gun won’t be infringed. Mine certainly won’t be.

  6. There has been quite enough ‘fixing’ of gun regulations recently, thank you very much…

  7. F*** him and his willingness to compromise. He lost a sale with me and I’m sure many others. People like him need to understand that giving in to the libtards only hurts us. If we could all stand together we would have no worries but it’s sad that so many that profit from us are so willing to give away our rights.

  8. The system already exists. You already legally have to go through it when you’re buying a gun from an FFL. The only thing this would do is make it more likely to actually work and possibly stop some of these nutcases.

    The only reason to be upset at this is if you don’t like the idea of the system working. If you’re prohibited, that makes sense. But if you think the fact that it doesn’t work will EVER help gun owners as a whole, you’re wrong. It will not be repealed no matter how much it doesn’t work, they will just add more regulations on top of it.

    • Hannibal, the only reason us plebes (without police exemptions) are angry, is because NICS doesn’t work, and is a waste of our time. Not to mention the thousands of false positives.

      Usually I can agree with you, but stuff like this is showing your inner true statist…

  9. I wish I could walk into a store and buy an artillery piece. Because you could do that in America at one time. Or buy one thru mail order catalog.

    But you can’t do that any more. I have no problem with the instant background check. It’s part of 21st century technology. And I still love my Daniel Defense AR 15.

    It’s interesting how there are commenters on TTAG who have no problem with a regulated or banned bump stock. But do have a problem with the instant background check.

      • Yes I know you can buy civil war era cannons. I would like to be able to buy 20th century artillery.
        They can be the hand held type. Bazooka, mortor, grenade launcher, etc. However, a 37mm cannon or a 40 mm Borfors, would be small enough to handle with a pick up truck.

        I want the same weapons the civilian police have in the USA.

        • “Yes I know you can buy civil war era cannons. I would like to be able to buy 20th century artillery.”

          You can buy a fair amount of that too. You just need licenses out the wazoo and to be rich. Like, really rich. There’s a guy in… Montana(?) who collects tanks with active main guns. Once a year he does a thing where you can drive them around his property and even shoot the main gun. He’s on TV from time to time. Pricey as hell to do but you can do it.

          There’s also a company in Las Vegas, NV that does the same thing. No idea what they charge.

          You too can get this stuff (the artillery and whatnot), some of it’s classified as an MG (that’s mostly anti-air as I understand it) and some of it’s a DD but you’re gonna need paperwork like crazy, to meet a ton of regs for storage (Federal, State and local if your locality even allows it) and whatnot, have a devil of a time finding ammo (type heavily restricted obviously) and you’re going to need to be at least a millionaire.

        • strych,

          Surprisingly 20th century artillery is really rather “affordable” – at least in the context of transferable MGs. Big Sandy is a boatload of fun….

          You don’t need to be a millionaire, just a ten-thousandaire with a clean enough record for an AOW/DD, and a serious boner for big booms.

    • A background check means the state decides who does and does not get to own guns. Do you honestly trust the state that much?

      • Red in CO
        No I don’t trust the state.The NICS is subject to abuse. Right know and for many decades a criminal felon who tried to buy a gun was rearly if ever prosecuted. In fact during the Obama administration they refused to prosecute people. They said it was not a priority.

        I believe it’s been illegal for a felon to buy a gun since the Firearms Act of 1934. Do you support banning felons? And how would you enforce this ban in the 21st century??? Personally I support only violent felons from being banned to buy a gun.

  10. It feels like we are in free fall right now.

    By doing this, Marty Daniel has sunk the company he built. Don’t kid yourself: his rifles appealed to folks who took their guns and gun rights seriously. And they don’t forget.

    It feels like we are in free fall right now. Republicans are lining up to betray us. Companies whose survival depends on holding the line are committing corporate suicide. This failure of moral will has been much, much worse than after the Sandy Hook shooting.

    I get antis doin’ what they do. But the treachery and cowardice on our side has been unbelievable. And the thing is all of these folks will pay for it: there are RINOs who have ended their careers, and now companies that have sunk themselves.

    What the heck is going on?

    It feels like we are in that old M. Night Shaymalan movie “The Happening” where some weird force (basically it was toxic pollen in the movie) compelled people to just commit mass suicide.

    • I agree. This is far worse than sandy hook (minus the rediculous panic) because it seems the pro 2A side has lost steam and just giving up all the sudden. Like this one, for some reason broke the whole pro 2A movement. It’s like everyone just went “well fuck it, we’ve lost, let’s all just go home.” Well that’s just fine and dandy. Hope everyone has fun standing in line at their local police station to turn in their AR. Because at this rate it’ll be about 6 months from now. The whole right to keep and bear arms thing was fun while it lasted.

    • +1

      We are seeing the shake out of those who appeared on the surface to support the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms but really only supported government privileges. Let them continue to out themselves as they were simply wolves in sheep’s’ clothing. When your enemy thinks that it is safe to step out from concealment, don’t stop them. You may never get another chance.

      Screw the gun control loving DD.

      Shall not be infringed.

  11. People should be more worried about losing their job because they have a government permission slip to carry a firearm.

    How long before those pre-hire background checks include the fact that you have any kind of firearm permit? How long before company health insurance policies refuse to cover gun owners and treat them like they treat tobacco users?

    Frankly, it is really about time we begin discussing a divorce between the states.

    • …Or landlords, or property management companies denying an apartment renter his/her 2nd Amendment rights–or others…as a mean of discrimination….to prevent you from exercising YOUR rights in your rented dwelling…Like if you were living with authoritarian relatives….Or a bank, Mortgage Firm, credit Union, home insurance company, Etc denying a homeowner on his or her property there second amendment rights because those companies disagree with it…. folks we need to take a stand. We need to fight The Future…. this is a blatant attack Liberty, Justice ,and freedom…)

      • Heck, a friend of mine is going through a separation and moved into an apartment outside of town. Part of the rental agreement included a prohibition on firearms. I’d wager if we lived in a state with firearms registration they would have declined to rent to him.

        • At one time I had to move into the low rents. No gunz, being the ass I am I took my Ruger 10-22 sawed the barrel back( did a hell of a good job dovetailing the front site) painted it black, drilled holes in the forend added a 25 round mag hung it on the wall and got kicked out in three months. Fuuuckem. Didn’t really care anyway my car got broke into every night.

      • In addition, the government (IRS) has been trying to get the NRA membership list for awhile now. I’d wager if they ever got that list there would be a disproportionate number of tax audits among current and former NRA members. Imagine not getting a security clearance for having a firearm permit or for being a member of the NRA.

        • “Imagine not getting a security clearance for having a firearm permit…”

          If you have a firearm permit and apply for a job that requires an SF86 they know you have a firearm permit before you even hand in the SF86 there brother. They know that and a hell of a lot more about 10 minutes after they know how to spell your name.

          A cop outside your home state can pull that shit up from a laptop in their car in a couple minutes but a company that does background checks for clearances or the government can’t get it when you apply for a clearance job? LOL! Yeah, that’s not how any of this works.

        • I am not foolish enough to pretend that you’re wrong. My point isn’t that they don’t already know this but that we are heading down a road where, as gun owners, we are denied jobs, denied credit cards, denied housing, denied (as has happened in Oklahoma already) the option to foster children.

          They may not be able to ban the private ownership of firearms but they will make that ownership so taboo and so onerous that people will stop buying firearms.

          I remember the late 90’s and early 2000’s when firearms were so socially taboo that we didn’t talk about them to anyone we didn’t know from the range and it looks like we are heading back to those dark days and even worse is in store.

    • Frankly, it’s about time we start talking about solving this without the interference of politicians.

  12. Sure…Don’t worry…Trust the government…It’s for public safety, think about the children…We’re NOT going to take away your constitutional rights–RIGHT!?..It’s just “Universal Background Checks–unbridled, without HIPPA protections, gulity till proven innocent by militant, faceless government bureaucrats, NO due process, no right to attorney, no fair trail, no right to face your accusers, etc…Trust the Government! You won’t be declared to be an “Enemy of the State!” Everything will be okay…….You’ll see…Don’t worry about the heavy armored, and armed Paramilitarized Police Commandos of the Gun Confiscation Teams! THEIR only there for the “Bad People….” To take away guns from PEOPLE who shouldn’t have them….(Re: Yeah, okay…..How many people from TTAG would suddenly become “Terrorists, political dissidents, wrong-think criminals…” If the political landscape went from just nuts to overwhelmingly full till crazy…We might actually find out what it was like to be in Tiananmen Square very soon…)

  13. Yeah let’s make the “system” more draconian. We have ubc in Illinois. It ain’t a good thing..add another gun company/ store to the sh#t-list.

  14. Make no mistake. Regardless of what system is used it is doomed to fail simple because of the bureaucracy. Name one government program that has worked as intended. Government is much the same as fire. If kept small and well controlled it is a useful tool. If it gets to large and uncontrollable it destroys everything that gets in it’s way. This was and is the purpose of the Bill Of Rights. To control the actions of Government so it doesn’t get out of control. It is also the citizens who have the responsibility to control the actions of the Government. If said Government gets out of control it is not only the citizens right to do what is necessary to bring it back under control. It is their Responsibility. At what point do YOU choose to Kneel and Submit instead of Standing and Fighting for that which so many gave their lives…Freedom from Governmental Oppression. The anniversary of the most important day in our nations history is fast approaching 4/19/1775. If you are unfamiliar with this date. I suggest you take the time to educate yourself on what took place and why those brave men chose to take a stand. Keep Your Powder Dry…

    • Along with LaRue, Springfield Armory, Rock River, X-Products (libtard trolling us while making money off our backs), Two Rivers Armory (boutique AK builder), and a few others I am probably missing.

  15. The fix nics bill is up for a vote combined with some school safety bill this coming week. It is not attached to any national reciprocity which was promised to be included in the fix nics bill.
    This is gonna pass. You notice we are getting more gun control under the GOP than when Obama was in office…..

  16. “I need your help. I believe the Fix NICS Act (S. 2135), sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), is presently the only common sense approach to keeping firearms out of the hands of the wrong people.”

    Does “keeping firearms out of the hands of the wrong people” include Kalifornia’s millions of illegal aliens?

  17. NICS should be eliminated, and so should all laws (State and federal) that prohibit possession by felons.

    It should be replaced with this metric: If someone of legal age is too dangerous to be allowed to possess firearms, they are too dangerous to be allowed out of prison.


    • Anyone not in the lawful, legitimate custody of another is free to exercise their unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms.

      – Underage… Has a guardian/parent(s)
      – Arrested, in prison… Has a guardian; government
      – Incompetent… Has a guardian
      – On trial (criminal)… Has a guardian while in the actual courtroom during trial; government
      – In surgery (temporarily incompetent)… Has a guardian; surgeon/medical staff
      – Etc

      A guardian is responsible for the reasonable safety of their charge. Disarm someone, you are responsible for their reasonable safety. It really is that simple.

  18. I was considering a Daniel Defense or BCM upper but was having trouble deciding. Thanks for making my choice really easy now Mr. Marty Daniel. BCM all the way.

  19. As long as it can be done without creating a de facto registry, I’m fine with it. If shitbags and mental defectives can’t legally buy firearms it’s no skin off my ass. The reason we’re discussing assault weapons bans instead of national reciprocity and hearing protection is because defective people were sold firearms.

    For all the clowns running around screaming “traitor!”.
    * NICS isn’t going away
    * The NFA isn’t going away
    * You’re not getting a puppy for christmas
    * Marty Daniel lives in reality, perhaps you should consider it as well

    • The reason we’re discussing assault weapons bans instead of national reciprocity and hearing protection is because defective people were sold firearms.
      Sooo….why were the defective people sold the firearms? Gun show loophole?

      • none were adjudicated mentally defective and the guy in Texas’ record wasn’t updated to reflect the domestic violence charges he had from the military.

    • “The reason we’re discussing assault weapons bans instead of national reciprocity and hearing protection is because defective people were sold firearms.”

      No, the reason is because government is violating the Constitution and attempting to prevent the exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms. Shall not be infringed.

      Hopefully, you aren’t one of those people who stubs his toe and then claims someone made them do it. Government writes these laws. Government attempts to enforce these laws. Government is the reason for these laws.

  20. I think what Marty is doing is something similar to what the NRA was trying (and failed) to do and that is rely on bureaucracy to do what bureaucracy does and gum up the works on this one. See to “fix” NICS you must first get bureaucrats to admit NICS is broken and doesn’t work, then you have to get them to agree to take on a little extra work to “fix” it, and finally, you have to ensure the fix actually fixes the problem. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a bureaucracy pull off any one of those things let alone all three. The best fix would be to just burn it all down and dance in the ashes, but normal people have gotten used to the idea of any potential gun owner getting a background check so that’s not about to happen. The easiest solution, it seems to me, is to ensure the correct information is fed into NICS in the first place and to maybe just MAYBE make it easier for people like Lanza, Cruz, and those other nutballs to be committed and adjudicated defective sooner. Still, that would be abused in places like California, New York, and New Jersey as there is no shortage of head shrinks with less than stellar morals and a deep desire to make a statement.

    Perhaps in lieu of actually fixing a broken system we should attempt to audit the system and see just how correct it is before we start just dumping more information into it?

    • “but normal people have gotten used to the idea of any potential gun owner getting a background check so that’s not about to happen.”

      There is exactly why we cannot allow even one inch of gun control; normalization. That is why the real exercise of an unalienable individual right is rare restored incrementally. Damaging normalization that is difficult to repair in one generation is extremely difficult to repair after having set in over generations.

  21. While some of you may be constitutionally correct about NICS and the GCA and NFA, your grasp on reality is most certainly not there. A guy in Vegas massacres a bunch of people and uses a bump stock in the process, and you people are on here stamping your feet, demanding the deregulation of actual full-auto firearms? A lunatic who apparently should have been barred from owning guns goes into a Texas church and murders people, and you’re here demanding that background checks be deleted entirely instead of bolstered? These are fever dreams. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!!!” Ok, I get it, and I agree, but do you actually think that the political climate is currently amenable to repealing what you demand be repealed? Get your heads out of the sand. Many of you are simply not living in the real world. It’s like that old tin-foil hat nonsense with the NRA – that the NRA creates problems to drive up membership. Considering roughly 25% of the U.S. population probably wants the 2nd amendment to be repealed entirely (ideologically different people also living with their heads in the sand) the idea that problems need to be manufactured is asinine. And the ragers on here who are basically suggesting Wayne LaPierre himself signed off on behalf of the justice department regarding bumps stocks are especially insane. Some of you could be left wing trolls, but I’ve seen enough lunacy on here from what appear to be regular posters that it seems the wheels have come off the cart for some of you. So please, tell us all again about how the NRA are sellouts and that you proudly only donate to GOA – a group who say a lot of the right things, but are almost completely unknown outside of of pro-gun websites. I get their emails, they are on board with many of you to get rid of NICS. That ought to happen any minute now. Wait for it. Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox met in person with the POTUS not too long ago. I guess the invitations for Erich and Larry Pratt got lost in the mail. [/rant]

    • Since the process to repeal the 2 Amendment requires an effort of unity that will never occur. You are either the coward who gives up their Rights willingly or a Patriot who does what is necessary to preserve that Right. There is a choice to be made regardless. Even if you choose not to decide…You have still made a choice. How you choose is for you to decide. Just remember without the 2nd Amendment you have no way to protect the rest against a Totalitarian Government. Reality is a Dangerous Place and no Law will protect you from its Judgements. 4/19/1775…Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • This idea was probably hatched with some mis information for the reason to sew discontent and cause a divide in the NRA ranks. Seems some have fallen for it.

  22. I see that in the aftermath of Parkland’s terrible event, many in the shooting fraternity are starting to embrace concepts that will destroy the second amendment. We need to be careful of what we wish for. One theme we keep hearing is that there should be universal background checks on ALL firearm transfers. This IS bad. Universal background checks on private transfers—a brainchild of Michael Bloomberg, requires a background check for any transfer–even lending a gun–between private parties. Gun lending is most common among hunters, when hunter A has drawn a permit for an elk, for example, and hunter B may offer the loan of a rifle more suitable for such a large animal. This loan would now require a background check before the borrower can receive the weapon, and another background check before he/she could return it to the lender.

    Also, consider this: an FFL holder cannot be compelled to aid a private party sale by performing such a check, and many will not. They see the seller of a used weapon as a competitor. Two weeks ago, when a friend offered me a deal on a matched set of upper and lower receivers for an AR-15, I needed an FFL holder to receive it and perform the background check as it was to be shipped from another state. One local gunshop, Butch’s guns, absolutely refused. He said they sell AR-15 receivers, if I’d like to buy one. He wasn’t going to assist a private sale though!

    If no private sale could move forward without an FFL, and no FFL was willing to assist in such a sale, only new guns could be sold, and used guns in the hands of private parties would have zero value, even if you want to sell it to an FFL holder. Why would a gun dealer pay fair market value for a used gun if the owner can’t legally sell it to anyone else? What would be the fair market value of a gun you cannot sell without a third party’s cooperation? Alternatively, an FFL holder—if he was willing to handle the transaction–could charge whatever he deemed acceptable for the service—and after paying for the background check, it could be more expensive for the buyer to get the used private party’s gun than to buy a new one from the FFL holder.

  23. And what about everyone who voted for Trump?

    In his book, The America We Deserve (2000), Trump wrote “…I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.”

    And yet thousands of so-called gun rights people supported him.

    Supporting a confessed gun-control advocate like Trump seems a lot more “traitorous” than what Marty Daniel wrote.

    (And don’t write a bunch of crap about how Trump was better than Clinton. There were other candidates in the primary who never advocated gun control, and yet Trump won most of the supposed pro-gun vote).

  24. Wait until the next massacre! What will the NRA deal away that you have? And Trumpy was all set to pass Feinstein’s and Klobuchar’s shit too! They’ve after all of them! The Florida shooting was a Government failure from the outset! So now everyone else gets the blame!

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