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Last month, we mentioned that Staples was excluding gun dealers and gunsmiths from their “PUSH It Forward” contest.  In fact, they put them in the same category as drug pushers, pornographers and hate groups.  Now they’ve had a seeming change of heart.  After getting a lot of flack from gun owners they stated on their Facebook page “We heard you! At Staples, we value all of our customers and appreciate your feedback. We now realize the rules of our Push It Forward contest were too restrictive and kept out legitimate businesses. Unfortunately . . .

we can’t change the rules once the contest is underway. But we will revise our rules to make sure future contests are more inclusive and reflect our commitment to helping all small businesses.”

And besides, they hope once all the furor dies down people will have forgotten about it by the next time they run a contest where they exempt legitimate business based on their politics.  And speaking of politics . . .

Gun right advocates will hold a rally outside the New York State Capitol tomorrow (Tuesday). They’ll “urge law enforcement officials and other public leaders to reject compliance with the [SAFE] law, which has been championed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.” They also plan to “submit more than 100,000 petitions to Cuomo’s office in opposition to the gun-control law” Don’t hold your breath waiting to see extensive coverage of this in the national media.

Magpul "Free Colorado" mag

Magpul has sold out of the limited-edition magazines they made to help fund the gun control lawsuit in Colorado. They were offering the 30-round magazines stamped with either “Free Colorado” or “Boulder Airlift” in packs of five for $65 and sold out within hours. The proceeds will go to the legal efforts to overturn the mag-cap limiting law passed there earlier this year.

“Chicago’s gun registry on the ropes” proclaims the Chicago Tribune. “The numbers indicate the registry wasn’t effective. There are now about 8,650 Chicago firearms permit holders who have registered around 22,000 firearms, according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office. That’s compared with the roughly 150,000 Chicago households the University of Chicago Crime Lab estimates currently have guns.” If it didn’t work there, why do the gun control fanatics think a registry would work anywhere else, especially on the national level?

So far we’ve learned that you can’t accidentally bring a gun onto campus in your vehicle, chew a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun, point a pencil at someone else and say “pow, pow,” take a miniscule toy gun to school, or even say “gun” on a school bus. Now we find out you can’t make a replica gun as a welding shop project, either.

A student at Hellgate High School in Missoula, Montana was “detained and disciplined” after he made a “replica of a sniper rifle” in shop class. The gun was “confiscated” and the student “received an undisclosed punishment” for his creativity. Maybe he should have said it was art class project and it was funded by the National Endowment of Arts as a protest of gun violence. I’m sure then it would have been fine.

Also from the world of academia, a school in Sandbornton, New Hampshire was put on lock-down last Thursday after a teacher heard another teacher calling her dog. It seems that the dog’s name “name closely resembles ‘lock-down.’ When the teacher heard it she took her kids back inside, locked her door and called the front office. This triggered a school-wide lock-down. Rather than taking them to task for overreacting, “Sanbornton Police Chief Stephen M. Hankard commended the students and staff for doing ‘an excellent job while under lock-down.'” It’s a good thing the dog’s owner wasn’t a Roy Rogers fan.

The Tennessee AG says it’s OK for an employer to fire someone who comes to work with a gun in their car. Not so across the border in Alabama. The legislature there passed Senate Bill 286, commonly referred to as the “bring your gun to work law” earlier this year. It goes into effect August 1.

Under this law, employers are prohibited from “enacting any policies that would stop an employee from transporting a firearm in their vehicles to work.” It doesn’t mean that an employee can take the gun into the workplace, but it does mean they don’t have to worry about hidden surveillance cameras or getting fired if they forget to take their gun out of their truck after a weekend of hunting or shooting skeet.

Last week, the Armed Citizen Project held its first training sessions in Houston. It was geared toward teaching single women and other residents in high-crime neighborhoods how to protect themselves with a shotgun. Then they give them a shotgun. The ACP hopes to train about 50 residents in the Oak Forest neighborhood then move on to other neighborhoods and cities. Double-Barrel Joe Biden should be so proud!

Let’s hope former Vice President Dick Cheney is better at shooting antelope than he is at shooting quail. In September he’ll be joining the antelope hunt that’s co-hosted by the governors of Wyoming and Colorado each year. Wait a minute! The governor of Colorado, as in gun control advocate Governor John Hickenlooper? Yep, that’s right.  In fact,the Hickster will be the leader of one of eight teams that have signed up so far. I guess it would be tacky to hope Cheney’s on his team.

We received this email from a reader: GUN CONTROL ACTION ALERT!!! The Gov of Nevada has set up a hotline asking whether or not he should veto a proposed gun control bill….he has opened it up to out of state callers since it would impact everyone…Mayor Bloomberg has asked his minions to call in supporting the legislation we need to call in opposing it 775-684-5670 press #2 to ask for the veto…it takes 15 seconds…just make the call!!”

We hear rumors that Bloomberg’s “hotline” changes the caller’s ID to a Silver State area code, defeating the charge that “out of towners” are queering the numbers in favor or civilian disarmament. They’d never do that . . .

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  1. Never mess with a man’s Red Swingline Stapler. It could get your business robbed and burnt down.

  2. I called in to that hotline. I think that story probably should have been the lead, in case people don’t read all the way down.

    I missed that TN AG story the first time around. That guy is out of his damn mind.

  3. Every business needs a mentor, a guiding light, a path, a philosophy.
    Staples seems to be: Finger to wind, Kow-Tow to anyone, under the slightest provocation, resume former anti-gun position after news cycle finds new meat

  4. The Nevada governor’s phone vote is buried at the bottom of the daily digest? Are you kidding me? You need to put that one out front with its own headline, where it will be seen and responded to. Bloomberg’s minions will be all over this one.

  5. So, Staples is saying that although they are still libtards, they value the dollar of the evil, imbred, hillbilly gun lovers more so they shall tolerate the ignorant masses…for now.

  6. I’m just waiting for the S to HTF somewhere when one of my son’s friends yells his name, “Hey Gunnar!” It’s only a matter of time.

  7. Sold out in hours, who are you kidding? I tried buying the Free Colorado mags from Magpul 10 minutes after getting the email and they were sold out already.

  8. The Free Colorado mags are already being sold on Gunbroker, they’ve gone for anywhere from $21 to $60 apiece.

    Crud. I would’ve bought a 5 pack at $65 if I’d known about them in time, even though I’m pmag’d out at this point in anticipation of the upcoming July 1st ban.

    • While we’re on the subject, there was a guy on the arfcom Equipment Exchange looking to trade a couple of “Free Colorado” mags (he has) for a couple of “Boulder Airlift” mags (he wants). His username is FaunaBeware if you want to PM him over there. If you don’t have a membership over there you can email me at my Gravatar username (mouse over my avatar) at with your email address and I’ll put you in touch via email.

      • Now if I just had some Boulder Airlift mags to trade with him we’d be talking! 🙂

        I did some more research, and the Magpul is apparently going to make another run of special edition pmags. Who knows, maybe they’ll make them in time to beat the July 1st ban!

  9. I wish that PTR or Stag or one of the other CT gun makers would make a “Free CT” commutative magazine or gun.

  10. I’ll be in Wyoming for the One Shot antelope hunt and I legitimately hope that Hickenlooper misses a ten yard shot on a world record pronghorn. What a douche.

  11. This is good news from Staples. I was already boycotting Office Depot when the Staples anti-gun issue came up. I removed myself from their rewards system and wrote their corporate office. Guess I wasn’t the only one!

  12. Apparently, property rights have little meaning in Alabama. Can we get some limited edition PMags?

  13. Call made. As other’s have said, maybe you should carve this one out as an independent story today so more people will see it.

  14. Seriously, put the NV vote in its own story, or at least at the top. Bloomberg already trotted out all the dead children’s parent’s in front of our state legislature to try to guilt them into passing SB221. And Now our only hope is that the Governor will veto the bill. He has said he would, but in putting up this ‘vote’ line it has NV people of the gun a bit worried. Bloomberg is running ads defaming our Governor for his stance, we need the support.

  15. I like “Boulder airlift,” likely more than I should.

    But… 100,000 petitions?!? Mine mind doth boggle.

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