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“Military-bred semiautomatic assault weapons and ultra-high capacity ammunition magazines now define a U.S. civilian gun market where virtually anyone can acquire the lethal firepower necessary to carry out mass shootings,” the Violence Policy Center press release asserted. “Senator Feinstein’s bill is crucial to ratcheting down the firepower in civilian hands to help make all of us safer in our schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, and every other public space vulnerable to such attacks.” VPC jefe Josh “Assault Rifle” Sugarman has switched from “military-style” to “military-bred” weapons (not firearms). “High capacity magazines” have become “ultra-high capacity ammunition magazines.” There’s only one word for Mr. Sugarman: devious. And one word for the Second Amendment: inalienable. And here’s some more words on the subject . . .

Speaking of “assault words” . . . The Culture of Guns and Misinformation

You might want to have a word with them about that. “Philosophically, I’m not disposed towards the NRA, which runs counter to my family’s, and I would think all my employees’, positions on gun laws.” Yalumba Pulls Its Wines from NRA Wine Club.

Betty Draper gets her gun (courtesy

January Jones has a word or two about the limits of her character Betty Draper [above] in Mad Men

. . . . there are times when I get so frustrated with her. You know? Like, why don’t you say something? The last few films I’ve done, I’ve played the villain. I just think it’s really fun for me because it’s not things that I get to do in real life. I’m not going out and punching people and blowing shit up. I mean, if you’re an actor, wouldn’t you want to do fun stuff like that? Like shooting and riding horses and shooting a guy’s dick off and things?

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing “What Should America Do About Gun Violence?” is set for next Wednesday (30th). Word is it’s going to be something of a sandbag job.

No word on the GBI’s investigation into the assassination of FPS Russia’s business manager. FPS hasn’t posted new material in three weeks, and this one was in the can.

“Officials at the National Rifle Association say more guns in the hands of the right people is the key to reducing school shootings.” The only words on the pro-gun perspective in‘s Newtown residents among those at D.C. march for gun control

Wordsmith’s weasel words. Stephen King: NRA Should ‘Clean Up Blood, Brains and Chunks of Intestine’ After Next Massacre

Gun Show Assault Weapon (courtesy

Are ten words worth a thousand gun control advocates?

What’s the word? Tell me brother have you heard, from Johannesberg? “A [unarmed] man died and an attacker was wounded during an attempted robbery in Muldersdrift last night while Gauteng police commissioner Mzwandile Petros was addressing a residents’ meeting in the area.”

American Joe 1911 (courtesy cabotguns,com)

The last word in American-themed guns?

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  1. Sugarman, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Lautenberg, Boxer…. I’m seeing a pattern here. And I don’t like it.

    • Neither do I. But the only thing that can defeat a bad Jew with no respect for the Constitution is a good Jew with a gun. Blog. A gun blog.

    • Hey, we had a guy who tried to take care of that problem and we sent hundreds of thousands of troops to kill him.

      Just saying….

    • Have no doubt that the pattern is Crypto-Communisim. This nation has changed so much since the 1960’s as to have reached a point of singularity with total subjugation of the Republic and the institution of Empire as the end state

    • There are many Pro-Constitution people of Jewish heritage that have written about eastern Jew’s abject love of Maxism/Communisim and much is atributed to the Russian Jews Love of Lenin who was a Jewish Athiest (or visa-versa).
      The further away from Lenin’s Russia, the easier it was to see him as a George Washington and this myopic romantisim was encoraged by the Comitern’s agents abroad inside the cloisterd halls of the Liberal Inteligensia

    • Before too long anything that can fire a projectile will be called an “assault weapon”, after all, why would it shoot an projectile if not to assault?

      The thing that bothers me is how far they can get by side-stepping or completely ignoring the actual issue. They don’t want to talk about crime, they just want to talk about victims.

    • Well, I tend to think of guns in terms of the design elements incorporated from different inventors, so I guess you could call a pistol a Browning-Glock breed or refer to a rifle as a Saive-Stoner hybrid.

      • Full auto firearms, especially the belt fed variety have more in common with a sewing machine than a MSR

      • You know, all of these anti-gun businesses make my shopping choices easier.

        I also told Groupon to get bent last night and delete my account. Instead they said they understand how sensitive the subject is about guns and a few minutes later I got a Groupon deal for pampers…

        • “…a few minutes later I got a Groupon deal for pampers”
          Trying to decide a category on that; peace-offering or insult? Easier decision if for Depends.

      • IIRC Yalumba is located near Adalide or Perth, so as Australian Serfs their chances of being armed is rather low

  2. Sugerman and the rest are changing the wording because they’re desperate. They see the writing on the wall and it does not bode well for anti gunners. It’s time for us to go over to the offensive and start pushing for the removal of these illegal gun laws. We still have federal court rulings in our favor.

    We gun owners need to keep pushing for better and layered security for our kids at school as it appears the anti’s have nothing to protect the kids but a failed gun grab.

    • Someone needs to challenge the NFA. Only case before was Miller and was only for sawed of shotguns since they aren’t used in the military.

      • Yes, but in addition SCOTUS has since ruled that it doesn’t have to be a military weapon to be protected, so we could potentially get the entire NFA removed.

      • Miller, was interesting not just because of what happened, but what didn’t get a chance to…

        In the end, The Supremes remanded the case back to the Circuit because they felt that the firearm wasn’t suitable for the militia (military). Sadly, this opinion was rendered after Miller himself was found murdered, so it was never reheard in Circuit.

        Sadly, because the US Army’s purchase of 20K+ short barreled shotties for WWI trench warfare would have surely come up. Which would have validated the usefulness of the firearm for militia purposes. And would have put the ’34 NFA on the starting track to being overturned.

    • the anti’s have nothing to protect the kids but a failed gun grab

      The anti’s should be demanding that the Secret Service just hold up ‘gun free zone’ signs to protect their vips. While special people get actual protection by arms we hoi polli get only preaching about a the theoretical safety of a gun free world.

    • You can’t blame them for changing the paint though. “Maybe if we change the paint we won’t go bankrupt as often?”

    • Yeah, I’m still scratching my head over that one. I hate to think how much money they wasted on that.

      • I just looked up the new AA colors, and that is the ugliest plane I’ve ever seen. Hands down. It looks like a five year old finger painted the logo. The old one was stately, and understated. The new one is just ugly.

    • Somebody needs a better gun belt, though. That holster is just going to flop around and is probably going to get in the way of the draw.

  3. I am getting really REALLY tired of hearing nitwits like Feinstein and Bloomberg tell the public that “no one uses these assault weapons for hunting” (A bold faced LIE!) that “high capacity magazines are not needed for self defence” (another bold faced LIE!), that there is no sporting purpose for these firearms (yet another BOLD FACED LIE!) and that these politicians support the second amendment (yet another bold faced LIE!) They say these things as if they are undeniable facts, and with a straight face, but they are NOT facts just because they want them to be. The FACTS are that many people use these firearms for hunting, for self defence, for competitive shooting. Why can’t the media expose these lieing sacks of excrement for what they are, power hungry self centered oppressors of freedom???????

    • You’ll find the antidote to the lies of today in the lessons of the past:

      Si vis pacem, para bellum.

      Vereor non magnus nocens lupus.

      Sic semper tyrannis.

      Molon lave.

        • lava is latin for wash, not greek.

          In modern greek they transliterate ‘beta’ as a ‘v’. It’s more often written using the archaic ‘b’ as “labe” these days, but I get tired of people mispronouncing it lah-bay instead of the correct lah-vey.

      • and don’t forget . . .

        In hoc signo vinces.

        Veritas est amicus meus, sed Smith & Wesson meliora sunt amici.


        Diane Feinstein est a magnus, pinguis mendacii mendax.

  4. After watching that video, I see that Kyle/FPS did not internalize the lesson of his cameraman a few months ago. Still, it’s funny to watch him try to hold his face after the explosion and come up with something calm to say on camera after everything flew around him. Standing six inches to the left of where he needed not-to-be -twice in a row- is pretty amazing…but he shouldn’t shoot for three.

  5. Speaking of disinformation:

    “Organizers say they will be boosting security due to recent accidental shootings at other gun shows around the country.”

    Did they REALLY say that?

    As if some idiot went popping off rounds at the last few shows?

    The AI should organize and offer services to the gun shows:

    Set up a safe spot near the entrance, put up a pile of sandbags at which the business ends of checked guns would be pointed as the AI diligently clear each firearm.
    It’s clear the people doing this in the most recent shows are not that good at it.

        • Take from it what you will. Draw your own conclusions. Trust your instincts. There’s a few ways to say figure it out for yourself and don’t ask someone to spell something out for you that is crystal clear.

    • It’s been a long time, but back in the ol’ ROTC summer training days, you would just walk up to a big old sand bucket angled toward you, put the barrel in the bucket (God help you if you touched the sand!!), check clear, pull the trigger, and then hand it over. Never once saw anyone shoot into the bucket, but I did see some live rounds fall in from time to time.
      Now, I know that was over a decade ago, but there’s certainly been some advancement in giant sand bucket technology these guys could use, right?

      • I asked on the negligent discharge post if such setups were common at gun shows. I’m guessing from what has happened recently that they’re not universal.

        It would be really cheap to implement and it would reduce the risk of injury at a check station to almost zero.

  6. I just went to the Violence Policy Center Facebook page and posted pro-2A comments on their threads. It was a lot of fun. Since I’m drinking a lot of Scotch, I do hope that my grammar and syntax were up to par.

      • So here’s what I posted, though my privacy settings may keep it cloaked from anyone not on my friend list.

        “Come on, John. People like you who think the Bill of Rights is a single body of inalienable rights, not granted by the Constitution but affirmed by it, are simply dinosaurs in an age of global enlightenment. Of course, we like the 1st because it lets us say whatever we want. But the 2nd is all about scary guns, and if we take them away (which is probably a violation of the 4th) things will get better. Except of course for criminals who don’t care what laws they break. But just forget about those criminals. They may have guns, but the world is a safer place so long as you don’t have them. Oh, and you should also understand that we know better than our Founding Fathers. Times have changed. The era of personal freedom to defend your life and liberties is over, because, guess what! We don’t need liberties anymore! Society has progressed to the point where most everyone is good and law-abiding. That’s why we can pass laws banning guns and think we’ve actually made a difference! Except of course for those pesky criminals. Like the ones who shot up Columbine with illegally obtained firearms that had been banned for 5 years by the last AWB. But don’t worry about that. This time will be different! We’ll ban all super-ultra-high capacity magazines! You don’t need those anyway. Just look at the Virginia Tech Shooter. He did just fine with dozens of 15-round and 10-round clips. Or should I say magazines? Honestly, I don’t know the difference. I think it’s that cheek thingie that goes up. But trust us when we say we’re knowledgable enough to advise MEANINGFUL legislation.”

        • I threw one in on a different posting:

          So we want to go after “assault weapons” that are used in less than 2% of all gun crimes? This isn’t about gun crime, it’s about controlling the populace. Nothing more. Control over me and you, not criminals. The supreme court has previously ruled that prohibited persons who still own firearms illegally are EXEMPT from registration. It’s because of that pesky 5th amendment preventing self incrimination. Why not look at empirical evidence from other countries, shall we? Everyone’s beloved Great Britain has seen a RISE, and a large one at that, in gun crime since the passage of their handgun ban. Approximately 5,200 crimes were committed with guns in FY97, before the post Dunblane Massacre ban. In FY 05-06, they recorded over 11,000 gun crimes. How did that happen? Extremely regulated guns can’t have used because they’re illegal, right? Not to mention, they’re on an island. They don’t have mules from heavily armed drug cartels running hundreds of shipments, that could easily include guns, across miles of unprotected borders. So if they can’t keep guns off an island, how will we keep guns out from Mexico?

  7. James Agenbroad, 78, of Garrett Park, Md., carried a handwritten sign on cardboard that read “Repeal the 2nd Amendment.” He called it the only way to stop mass killings because he thinks the Supreme Court will strike down any other restrictions on guns.
    “You can repeal it,” he said. “We repealed prohibition.”

    Are they really that stupid?

        • No. It was repealed because it worked too well. Alcohol consumption was down, wife beating was down, child abandoment was down, accidents at work were down–but what really cooked Prohibition’s goose was that liquor tax revenue was down. With FDR throwing money away hand over fist, Prohibition had to go.

    • Wow! Lets repeal the 2A because prohibition was repealed? What a major breakdown in logic. Alcohol ban didn’t work and sucked, right? So lets ban guns because that will work so much better!

  8. “Military-bred weapons”, “weapons of war”, “assault weapons”; it is as plain as the nose on Jamie Farr’s face that “civilian disarmament” is the goal and incrementalism is the method. 1st big bullet holders, 2nd big bullet shooters, 3rd little bullet stuff, 4th “assault compound bows”, 5th knives & hammers, 6th fingernails. Finally they’ll want to make eunuchs of us having already castrated us mentally.

  9. The “Chicago is bad because guns come from outside” argument makes no sense. If access to guns is the problem, then why isn’t it a problem where the guns are coming from? And it’s not like the situation would be different nationwide. We can’t keep drugs or illegal immigrants from crossing the borders, why would guns be any different?

    • Supply and demand. If the supply here was low (from hypothetical gun bans or other nonsense) then I am sure Mexican drug dealers could help supply the demand, just like they supply the drugs. I don’t think their mule tactics will work though. Not too many people could pass an AK barrel.

      • No, but they could hide them in car doors, body panels, and all sorts of places, and you can’t train a dog to sniff out steel surrounded by steel. Also, just like pot, there would be illicit domestic production. Others here are much more qualified to comment, but guns aren’t advanced technology. Gunsmithing is a highly skilled profession, but the tools and materials required are 19th century, not 21st century. There are people cranking out AK clones in caves, so I just can’t believe that it couldn’t be done here.

      • Make no mistake, the cartels get literal truckloads of drugs into this country. It’d be no sweat for them to chuck in a bushel of AK’s or AR’s. The best part is it’d be no sweat to ensure those rifles have the happy switch. If I can’t have my semi-autos legally and my only choice is something illegal then you can bet your ass mine will have a happy switch.

  10. OKS
    Please site you peer reviewed sources and explain how SCOTUS found that violating PPL’s civil rights was the job of Wash DC?

  11. Why not just call these daily digests “condensed anger-inducers.”

    Seriously, this much stupidity, treason, and destruction of faith in humanity all in one post is just…wow. I mean, when we close our net browsers, we have to live in this world.

  12. The BB gun scene in Mad Men was one of my favorites. And right up there was when Pete Campbell bought a .22 rifle after returning a piece of shitty wedding gift crockery. Icing on the cake was when he walked out of the old Sterling Cooper with it casually leaning on his shoulder during the office move to SCDP…

  13. Bruce Kraft should dissect and fisk the Huffpost piece on the Gun Culture and Misinformation.

  14. Okay, let me be sure that I understand Josh Sugarbabies nomenclature.

    There are regular capacity nice clips, bad high capacity assault clips, very bad ultra-high capacity military-bred magazines suitable only for killing as many people as possible in the shortest period of time possible, and finally ultra-evil super-duper ludicrous capacity military-bred assault clips that are so heavy they’re suitable only for causing hernias.

    Yippee! I can speak fluent Wingnut! And I didn’t need Google Translate.

  15. All of these protests only prove the point made in an article not long ago. When it’s 20 white kids (few and far between), it’s a problem. When it’s a bunch of ghetto kids (daily) who gives a shit?

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