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30.06 sign courtesy

Today’s post is going to run a little long, but it’s Friday night, and in my defense, there’s really a lot of stupid out there. Leading off, yesterday’s Digest highlighted a story of a man arrested for disturbing the peace after he carried an AR-15 slung muzzle-down through the Parkdale Mall in Beaumont, Texas to his store, located inside. Today it was reported that the mall has officially posted signs prohibiting firearms at entrances, presumably the 30.06 signs that carry the weight of law in Texas. A rep from the mall’s owners wanted to make clear that the policy isn’t new, just the signs. “Parkdale Mall has never allowed the carrying of weapons of any kind except those carried by certified law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.” Conduct yourselves accordingly.

The school board member in Brookfield, CT, near Newtown, who posted on Facebook that he would observe the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting by distributing ammunition to his friends resigned Tuesday after only two months in office, after a large outcry and numerous demands that he step down. He still faces ethics complaints that he posted the comment to Facebook while at work as a town emergency services dispatcher.

Registration may not lead to confiscation, but it can lead to jail time. It seems that early in 2013, a man in Bristol, Connecticut traded a .22 caliber gun to another man in exchange for a quarter ounce of marijuana. In August, the dealer’s house was searched on a warrant, and the gun was discovered. The dealer told police he’d gotten the gun in the trade, police traced the gun back to the previous owner, and arrested him for the illegal transfer of firearms (punishable by up to five years), because he didn’t fill out the proper paperwork for the transfer and submit it to the state. And Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion.

Today’s Lockdown of the Day™ is brought to you from Corning, New York, where three schools went on lockdown, two more were kept inside for recess, and a high school suspended open campus privileges on Thursday. A Corning man was shooting at squirrels in his neighborhood with a .22 caliber rifle, prompting calls to 911 about “multiple shots” and a “man carrying a rifle.” Unfortunately for him, his home was about a half-block from an elementary school. Police arrived but were unable to locate him, but thanks to a neighborhood canvas, they discovered his identity and arrested him at work later that day. He’s charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, a class-D felony.

Wondering about ammunition shortages? This comment was recently added to a post from back around Thanksgiving, and I think it explains the situation pretty well.

Homeland security is buying it up and destroying it is the word I got from the last gun show. Why you ask, they lost on gun control so destroy ammo thus destroying the interest in shooting. … Give it some thought because the info came from a sheriff who seen the paperwork for the destruction of said ammo.

No. Just no.

We’ve talked about bayonets on shotguns in the past, but this takes it to a whole new level. I got it from ENDO, and Tam, and an email from Have Blue in quick succession, and as far as commentary, I can’t do it better than Tam, so here she is: “If you can’t spot several big problems with the very concept, I want you to go stand in a corner and feel bad about yourself while the rest of us talk about you behind your back.” (Both ENDO and Tam’s View From The Porch are great blogs to keep on your list, by the way, if you’ve got any hours left in your day.)

This guy will be at SHOT, by the way, booth #32411, and someone from TTAG had really better stop by and give this guy some publicity. Please. With photos.

From Caleb over at Gun Nuts comes this gem: Every Gun Video Ever

And finally, this Carnik Con video fits in quite well with the derptastic theme of today’s post. So much good advice in this one. Probably the most important: Always have a throw-down.

That sweater is OAF, but I totally want a tshirt that says “FBI Counterterrorism Supply.”

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  1. Went to BPS today and not a single 9mm round was to be found. I go to other local shops in mass and you can only get 3 boxes (150rds) at a time because there is nothing… Why the shortage of 9mm ammo?!

    • People are discovering that 22LR is never ever coming back in stock and 9mm is the next cheapest round.

      • Saw two boxes of 500 at WalMart the other day, cried because I didn’t have $500 lying around.

        • I would have cried about 1000rds of 9mm being $500, not about being not able to to afford it.
          You can get brass cased FMJ all day online for $260-300
          I load quality 9mm at $150 per 1000

    • i don’t know, but i just got done reloading 650 rounds of 9mm w/ a single stage press….and boy are my arms tired.

    • This is a repeat: there are at least 10 million or so 9mm pistols in private hands.and if everyone wants to increase their inventories by a mere 100 rounds that is 1 billion rounds of new demand. Any questions why 9mm has been in short supply.

      I bought 350 rounds of Blazer Brass for $110 at Dick’s last week. Any questions?

        • That’s a lifetime supply. I carry an inventory of 1000 rounds of 9mm and 45 ACP ball, Recently I have been able to get my 22LR inventory back over 4000 rounds. I can usually by 200-250 at the range. I am doing my best to help out the gun community by not being a hoarder.

        • I just loaded 2000 rounds of 9 this week. All of $300. Double thickness plated bullets instead of jacketed but does fine.
          If I didnt have brass it woulda been $360.

        • Lifetime supply? That’s about three years worth for me. It’s still a lot, but I try to average 100-150 rounds per week. Been slacking for the holidays, though.

    • It’s because you are in Mass. I had a hell of a time getting 9mm when i lived there last year. It wasn’t until I got out of there and moved to Kansas before I could find 9mm again. Additionally most of the stores near me in Westfield and West Springfield had problems with the distributors kind of ignoring them while the big stores were stocked.

        • On the ammo front, some but not a lot. In every other way, not only yes but hell yes, What are you waiting for, start packing.

        • It is horrible up here in free America. We have no ammo, no food, no water, the woman have no teeth, we all live in trailers and there is nothing good to be had up here at all, ever. Let all of your friends know.

          When it gets better, I will let you know. That is all.

        • I was limited to 50 rounds of 9 mm. last week I shot at the Manchester Firing Line. I don’t think they will even sell it to non-members.

    • Ammo availability in CT is getting better…for the first time in over 14 months, I found 9mm ammo @ Wal-mart…12 boxes. Unfortunately, on the day I went, I forgot my pistol permit and couldn’t purchase…but went the following day and all 12 boxes were still there.

    • Nope…

      Funny thing is, looks like a .30-06 rifle (or any other long gun) would be legal to carry past that sign, since it’s not concealed.

      What’s the official word from Texas regarding that interpretation.

      • Seems you our friend in Beaumont found out already 🙂

        My CHL instructor made the big joke about “Well this one will be easy for the hunters to remember” about the 30.06 sign and about everyone I know whos taken a CHL in TX heard some form of 30.06 humor.

  2. I know it’s “probably” a 30.06 sign, but they do realize that bans CONCEALED carry, right? The guy was carrying an AR slung across his back.

    As much as I don’t like it when open carriers are dicks, I think I could get behind him strolling in tomorrow with the same AR….

    • And how are people supposed to shop at his gun store if the management thinks that all guns are banned?

    • “Parkdale Mall has never allowed the carrying of weapons of any kind except those carried by certified law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.”

      My understanding of Texas law is that until you put up the sign, “oh yes you are.” Which is why 30.06 is spelled out as precisely as it is.

      • I guess. I’d think you could still be trespassing if you had a sign that prohibited weapons, they asked you to leave and you refused.

        But the thing is, in these cases they’re not entering with concealed handguns. They’re entering with openly carried rifles. The 30.06 sign mentions nothing about rifles or about open carry.

        • Correct. And in Texas, the open carry of rifles is supposedly legal. And the mere presence of an open-carried firearm is supposedly not PC for a stop or a bust for “Disturbing the Peace.” But the recent case of the Army vet/Boy Scout Dad walking along the road seems to indicate that somebody somewhere isn’t getting the word.

          This business of Soccer Mommies getting the vapors and calling the po-po at the sight of a firearm is getting old.

          • You nail it. Article claims multiple calls, and I call bullsh*t. I see this as one woman, pissed off at the world, seeing a guy with a gun and screeching”he is acting like a dick!!!!” and calling 911.

        • Agreed. I’m really wondering if there is going to be a class-action lawsuit filed by open carriers against law enforcement there for their mis-enforcement of the law.

          Texas Penal Code 42.01 (Disorderly Conduct), states, in part:
          (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly:
          . . .
          (8) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm;

          If one was carrying it up front, was holding the weapon in both hands and a finger on or near the trigger, I could buy that as “in a manner calculated to cause alarm.” But hanging on one’s back? No way. That’s BS.

    • Really? Openly carrying a gun to a gun store is being a “dick”? What planet are you on, where you can buy a gun and it magically appears in your home without you having to carry it from the gun store? It is people like you that are a problem, not people legally going about their business.

      • “Really? Openly carrying a gun to a gun store is being a “dick”? ”

        Not what I was going for. I don’t have any problem with him open carrying. Actually, when the original article was posted I got a chuckle of the image in my head of him just strolling to his store with a coffee and a newspaper whistling a tune and people ducking and covering around him….

        What I DID mean was that had the mall specifically asked him not to open carry and he did anyway, that borders on being a dick. At the end of the day it’s private property.

        What they DID do was ban CONCEALED carry, which he wasn’t doing anyway. What I probably meant to say is that were I him I would stroll right back in with the same AR carried in the same way. Because they didn’t actually do anything to solve the problem that they perceived.

        “It is people like you that are a problem”

        And how is that, exactly?

        • I keep seeing you dropping the comment that people open carrying are “dicks” in comment threads here. THAT is the problem. Too many people make that connection, just as you keep doing, for no legitimate reason. So, yea, you are.

          The people being dickish are the ones calling police and making false claims about others’ actions. They are the ones who should be slapped with tickets and fines.

          Unless this guy just opened his place in this mall you can bet your a$$ people have walked in there openly carrying guns, and walked out of there openly carrying guns. Are they all “dicks”, too? Dollar to a doughnut that all of this is not from scared people being frightened by a gun. It is most likely all started by someone either working there or another business owner there who simply hates guns and wanted to cause trouble.

        • ….I think you need to re-read those comments I keep dropping. I’ve never once said open carriers are dicks. I have said that CERTAIN open carriers are dicks. I fail to see how that is an overarching statement, there are assholes in every group of people.

          If you had actually taken the time to read those comments you would have read that I like open carry. What I don’t like is when people open carry hoping for a confrontation. Those people are out there, only seeking a moment of fame for posting their police confrontations on Youtube.

          Open carry with the intent of normalizing the practice and educating non gun owners is a beautiful thing.

          Open carry for no other point than to post a Youtube video of yourself being a dick to the police is, well, being a dick.

        • I have read several, and you start them out with”I support open carry BUT they are acting like dicks”. See how that works? “they are acting like dicks” followed by blahblahblahblah.

      • You’re both wrong. The greatest danger to democratic government (i.e., mob rule – America is NOT a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic) is Liberty.

        This is as it should be. In fact, given today’s technology, government is obsolete.

  3. Hands down. THE funniest videos yet.

    Oh, and by the way. Local Bi Mart had a case of .22 bricks today. $18.99

    • I want some $18.99 bricks, dammit!

      You remember that deal I posted back in the middle of November on 1400 round buckets of Golden Bullets for $59.99 from MidwayUSA? It was a backorder, with an expected in-stock date of 12/31. Two days ago I got an email that the backorder had been pushed, and now has an expected in-stock of 6/30. FML.

  4. I hope everyone here has the good sense to NOT give our business to those who wish us to disarm before entering their premises.

  5. “…the word I got from the last gun show.”

    Because there’s no more reliable source than some dude at a gun show.

  6. Hey Matt fpsrussia just uploaded a new video. The gun he was shooting is pretty cool its an 870 in a bully chassis. make RF buy you one to review its the least he could do after the wonderful job you’ve done with the daily digest.

    • Yeah, I heard something about that. He hasn’t been on my YouTube subscription list, but I’ll go looking for it tomorrow.

    • My first reaction was: “for that price I could almost have a new 870.”

      Immediately followed by: “I think I need one.”

      Is that a sign of addiction?

      • Nope not an addiction. I’m hoping RF will take my advice and send one out to Matt for review before I finish building my AR. Then I will be in the market for a used 870. Its cheaper than the msrp of a ksg.

      • “Is that a sign of addiction?”

        Nah. “Addiction” is just a word that the Puritans use to lay a shame trip on people who do what they feel like doing.

  7. So wait. This guy open carried an AR in a mall, got the obvious and predictable response (“man with a gun” call to police) and then got the next obvious and predictable response (guns banned from that location). It’s almost like it followed a well-established pattern or something..

    This kind of behavior isn’t doing gun owners any favors. Going around acting like an idiot with a gun doesn’t help us. And apparently it didn’t even help him since he might lose his carry permit because of it. Actions have consequences. Poorly thought out actions, especially.

    • Except guns were already prohibited. They just made the signs bigger, or something.

      At least you didn’t mention the clown militia this time.

      • Guns were prohibited in the sense that the mall could ask someone to leave for violating their gun policy (hidden on their website or whatever). But the 30.06 signs have the force of law in TX, which could make someone an actual criminal now. And yes, the guy truly is a member of the clown militia – even down to getting guns banned in the very place he was trotting around with his AR.

        • Until they throw the gun store out they can not ban guns. A scabknee will have a field day on their a$$ for blocking this legitimate business from doing business.

        • “clown militia” Really, now they are not just a gang but a militia, too. ICP, there is no stopping those white boys!!!!!

      • Parkdale Mall is local to me.

        The state defined “30.06” sign only applies to people legally carrying a CONCEALED HANDGUN with a with concealed handgun license (CHL). It does NOT apply to long guns, or those already violating the law by carrying illegally.

        Sign like these only create victim rich targets because the truly law abiding will be less likely to be armed, but miscreants who routinely violate the law will not be stopped from carrying concealed by a 30.06 sign on a door. Other than the handful of police officers routinely patrolling the mall, honest mall patrons will more likely be victimized by the thugs also patrolling the mall looking for soft victims. The mall is NOT a crime free zone, but it is now a somewhat gun free zone where patrons may be at greater risk than before the 30.06 signs were posted.

        Parkdale Mall being private property, and its owner CBL, have the absolute property rights to post the 30.06 signs as they see fit. Even though I am a fully licensed and commissioned peace officer who carries concealed full time, I will exercise MY RIGHTS NOT to shop at Parkdale Mall or any where else where people LEGALLY carrying with CHLs are unwelcome.

        If they don’t want “me” that they do not need my money!

        ‘Nuff said

        • So I take it you won’t be stopping in Golden Triangle Tactical to support 2nd Amendment crusader Derek Poe then?

        • “If they don’t want “me” that they do not need my money!”
          Oop, there it is.

          And I still don’t see how these jacka$%$es can ban guns in their mall when there is a GUN STORE in their mall. Or is this guy going to be charged for each individual gun in his inventory as being illegally concealed?

        • Would it still be legal for a mall customer to take a gun to and from the gun store if the gun is unloaded and cased?

    • This brought about a debate I’m my head. Mind you, it wasn’t a mass-debate, as I was the only one present…
      If the guy was carrying his AR back into the shop in a carrying case of some type, wouldn’t that be carrying a concealed weapon?
      In Oregon a CCW or CHL permit only allows handguns. This appears to be a rifle.
      Now my head is hurting wondering if a person carrying a rifle in some type of carry case could be charged with carrying a concealed weapon…

      • We had a comment just recently (or a post, I can’t remember) from a guy in… Michigan?… I can’t remember, who was stopped while carrying his rifle, slung, walking home after hunting. Anyway, whoever and wherever that story is, open carry of a slung rifle is legal, but it can’t be cased. Or something like that. So presumably, yes, you could try to do it right by casing it and still be doing it wrong, depending on the stupid rules where you are.

        • Yup, I remember that post. MI or MN,
          I know slung is supposed to be or should be OK.
          Well, except for the hand wringers or skirt wetters.

        • Does anybody know how the law applies if a long gun is in a case but the butt and grip of the gun are visible (e.g. like this or this)? Is that technically “open carry” or “concealed carry?”

          As I see it, that method of carry is very, very similar to open carry of a handgun in a holster – it’s partially exposed and partially covered. But I don’t know what the various state laws specify regarding carrying a long gun.

      • That particular post was MN.

        I’m far from a legal scholar but my best understanding of Michigan law is slung, loaded, and chambered is ok. There is an attorney general opinion that holstered does not equal concealed (one of the few things Granholm got right) but that specifically applies to handguns. Cases like those pics may be a gray area.

        Again, with my understanding of the law, they SHOULD be ok. The problem would mostly come when you get into a vehicle. The moment a weapon enters a vehicle Michigan considers it concealed. They have to be cased, separate from any ammo, and one or the other has to be inaccessible by the vehicle’s occupants. That’s really where that case would be a gray area….

    • Yes, it’s sorta like (working from memory here) seduction. You get the general public used to and gentled to the sight of open-carried handguns before you go walking around with a slung Maw-Deuce.

      • The image of a slung ma-duece gives me the giggles. I’m hoping the sling comes with a back brace….

  8. I hate those damn 30.06 signs, mostly because they are NOT always placed near entrances or in clear view of things. Been to a few restaurant/bar places that had that damn sign like its a game on a corner wall in the bar you have to be halfway inside the place to see, causing me to have to make an unscheduled return to trip to my vehicle cause I “forgot my phone” 🙂

    “Give it some thought because the info came from a sheriff who seen the paperwork for the destruction of said ammo.” Im sure he dun seen it on some legit paperwork. But it IS the federal government so burning actual money wouldnt work.

    If youre going to shoot it dumbass, you better eat it, bushy tails included (I dont recommend city squirrel). But seriously, I told my wife not to buy me the pellet rifle at walmart Ive been calling “The Squirrel Assassin” (has a picture of a squirrel on the front and fancy suppressor looking thing) for XMAS because shooting things in the suburbs is a dumb ass idea.

    Finally, I bet that .22 pistol was a piece of shit if that guy traded it for a 120 bucks, good thing the cops had a registration to trace back 😡

    • “Finally, I bet that .22 pistol was a piece of shit if that guy traded it for a 120 bucks, good thing the cops had a registration to trace back”

      120 Bucks!!?!?!? Where you at? My Free-Market dispensor can get me a quarter-ounce for twenty! (It’s OK, I’m in the People’s Democratic Republic of Taxifornia, and I have a note from the doctor.)

      • I thought that sounded high (no pun intended), but I don’t actually have the experience on which to base a question.

      • Rich, got a 404 error when I went to your link. I am in North TX, and have a buddy whom I just finished grad school with from the Peoples Republik also, he had almost the exact same reaction you had above 🙂

        Bartering is great and sadly something that seems to have disappeared in the age of credit cards (then again im too young to really know anyway).

        • 404 is weird – my hit counter is currently sitting at 640. Maybe I typed a typo:
          I copied/pasted these from my browser’s address window:
          Main Page:
          Miracle of the Free Market:

          But I can’t even blame your browser – 404 is “not found” and I have no explanation.

          Try again, and if you have any luck, send all your friends. If not, I could copy/paste the text to some blog somewhere. – hey, wait! … Heh –

          600 hits in only a couple of weeks is very encouraging! I only need to teach 67,000,000 people to write “Richard McCally Grise” in that little “write-in” box on the ballot, or get a bunch of fellow Radical Libertarian Loons go get the party put on the ballot!

          FWIW, I’ve got a guestbook coming Real Soon Now! 😉

    • Forgive my ignorance, but for a 30.06 sign to carry the force of law don’t the have to be CONSPICUOUSLY placed? I.e. on the entrance?

      I can’t blame you for not wanting to be the test case, but the sign being behind the bar may give you a legal standing if it became a problem.

  9. Boy, there sure is a lot of stupid up there. Usually that means stupid new laws or legislators that don’t know what they’re talking about, but this week unfortunately it’s some gun owners doing stupid things.


    “signs prohibiting firearms at entrances”

    So, anywhere but the entrances is OK?


    • Nice try Officer Syntax, but the Semantics Patrol has found a logic loophole: even if the signs only prohibit guns in the entrance, you still need the entrances to get into the building. So unless you fancy losing your license to carry…


      • You could always “Jack Bauer” through the ventilation system. All buildings ever built have HVAC systems large enough to crawl through, with complete schematics readily available in easy to download, smartphone compatible formats.

        …I have hit a wall of snark…that actually hurt to type. I think I need a TTAG break.

        • Yah. Go ahead. But be advised the sheet metal workers don’t break the raw edges of flanges that point inward.
          Speaking of pointing inward, guess where the pointy ends of the sheet metal screws are?

          • Yeah, that’s one of those “little falsehoods” in movies. A/C ducts are always reasonably well-lit, and for someone that knows what they’re looking at, have clearly been assembled inside-out.

  11. “Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion.”

    Isn’t it tragically ironic that the only “crimes” that “organized crime” has ever committed (other than the collateral damage of the “turf wars” that are caused solely by the prohibition itself) consist primarily of providing products that people want but Big Brother disapproves of?

  12. The mall posted the 30.06 signs after the fact and state their policy has been in place since 2007 as it has been posted on their website.
    A policy posted on a website doesn’t hold water in Texas.
    How many people visit the website to check their policy before going to the mall?
    Legally the mall didn’t become a no carry zone until the signs were posted.

  13. “tradeda .22 caliber gun with another man from Chicago for a quarter ounce of marijuana” (sic)

    do you guys proofread? or even use spell-check?

  14. Again, the rule says “concealed hand gun” and the guy was open carrying a rifle, what is the offence and what is the charge? If there is no offense and no charge then 2nd amendment rights have been infringed and the individual LEOs who arrested the guy must be prosecuted/sued for actions outside the Constitution.

  15. I haven’t been able to buy .22 Short since late 2012. If the DHS is hoarding and destroying that caliber, that’s just mean–and ridiculous.

      • And when has the government worried about expense or wasting money? I thought that was what their job was, waste other peoples money.

    • .22 short? That’s about the only type I’ve seen in the last year and a bit. I bought a few because they still go bang (kind of), but they’re not what I really wanted.

  16. You know someone from the Call of Duty R&D team is getting fired for not having come up with the melee pistol first.

  17. “Conduct yourselves accordingly.” Ah, no. There is a gun store in their mall so they can NOT ban firearms in their mall. Period. Full stop. And I don’t give a f**k what their f@ggoty little sign says. Don’t want guns in their mall? Have to throw GUN STORE out first.

  18. The manly bayonet video has me confused.

    I think it is all a big joke, at least, there is every indication it is, from the look on the guy’s face, to the way he fires his handgun, to the way he misses the door frame with the knife, but … it looks like they actually are trying to be serious.

    • Yea, I just can’t see that as legit, it was far too corny/camp to be real. But! I bet they sell a bunch of those goofy things.

  19. So, they’re buying up and destroying all the ammo, which makes the ammo companies more money, giving them the capital and reason to increase production.

    Also, it makes people more likely to buy it whenever they see it, whether they need it or not, because it’s not as readily available.

    I don’t think that’s happening, but if it is than it’s a very dumb plan.

  20. The videos were quite amusing. In the opening screens of the Manly vid, there is a typo: “attatchment”. It also seems like a nice way to stab your liver (if you’re right-handed). I hope that it’s parody. The second video was, indeed, almost the most awesome gun video ever. I didn’t see any Starsky & Hutch-style roll overs or sliding across the car hood, though. A little disappointing. The Hand Signals had me laughing out loud. What a hoot. (I thought that the hostage could have been a 6 or 7. It was hard to tell with the lighting.) Thanks Matt in FL.

  21. “Homeland security is buying it up and destroying it is the word I got from the last gun show. Why you ask, they lost on gun control so destroy ammo thus destroying the interest in shooting. …”

    The only reason I would give this an ounce of credibility is because it supports the idea that our current government doesn’t have the first clue as to how supply & demand economics works – which they don’t.

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