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This was a bloody weekend in New York City: 25 people were shot in that 48-hour period. No, it wasn’t any kind of mass-shooting scenario, These shootings took place all over the city with a total of six people now at room temperature. So far this year there have been 440 shootings in the Big Apple, but the New York Daily News is quick to point out that this “represents a 23% drop compared with the 574 victims shot through this time last year.” They don’t break down how many of those were shot by the police.  Interestingly, the story contains no quotes from Mayor Bloomberg about how well his gun control efforts are working out. Maybe he and his MAIG mafia should leave other cities alone until they can clean up their own mess. Meanwhile in Chicago . . .

Police have caught the guy responsible for several armed robberies on the CTA Green Line train. He liked walking up to people on the train, showing them a 9mm tucked under his shirt, taking their cell phones and other items and threatening to shoot them in the foot until he had a chance to get off at the next stop. The police are asking for any unidentified victims to step forward.

You have to wonder just how long this would have gone on if Chicago had allowed concealed carry on public transit. The surveillance videos might have looked a little different if someone had shown the dipwad their own 9mm in response. I doubt he’d have waited for his next stop before he tried to get off the train.

Is the ammo shortage winding down? Judging by their analysis of Alliant Techsystems’ stock, KeyBanc Capital Markets seems to think so. The Wall Street Transcript quotes VP and Equity Research Analyst, Michael F. Ciarmoli:

First, on the military side, with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq winding down, we expect there to be less demand for ammunition in the field. We also couple that with the budget pressures hitting the Pentagon and what will likely be force structure cuts, specifically to the Army and Marine Corps. We are seeing curtailments of training. We think that’s all going to hit military ammo demand and production, and we see ammo funding potentially falling by as much as 40% to 50% over the next five years… as we start to see more normal buying practices, or just a cooling off of some of these legislative concerns, that will pressure some of their commercial ammunition revenues as well.

From your spreadsheet to God’s ears!

The RCMP is catching some flack from gun advocates over a gun amnesty program in British Columbia (that’s in Canada, for the geography-challenged out there).

For the month of June, people who have unwanted or unauthorized guns, weapons or ammunition in their home can turn it in to B.C. law enforcement agencies as long as it has not been used in a crime.

Oh, Canada!  They don’t even offer to buy them back – they just expect people to walk in off the street and give them up. RCMP Insp. Brad Haugli told CTV News the program will make for safer streets, because if the gun is with the police it means it can’t be used to kill or injure someone. “Every gun turned in is one less gun that could fall into the hands of criminals.”

Well, that certainly sounds familiar.

Of course, every gun not turned in one more gun that could be used to defend against criminals. “‘In no way shape or form is this amnesty going to make the streets of Vancouver, B.C, or Canada any safer because they have taken a gun off the street,’ [Jim Bennett of the Historical Arms Collectors Society of B.C] said.”

That sounds familiar, too.

The fifth anniversary of the Heller decision is coming up. The guys who led that fight at the Cato Institute are going to have “a wide-ranging discussion of the Second Amendment, self-defense, and the right to keep and bear arms” and will stream it live tomorrow (Tuesday, June 4) at noon Eastern. The low-down on the seminar and info on viewing on line is at

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  1. 9 mil is still upwards of $.70 a round in most places. I’ll wait. If we all took a break from shooting/hoarding this would go a lot quicker.

    • $.35 a round here in Connecticut at one or two honest shops. $.60 at less than honest shops and everyone sets limits on how much. I thought we were especially bad.

      No intention of taking a break though 🙂

    • The internet is not one of those places, use gunbot. Its not taking a break from shooting we need, its the hoarding. A little more training never hurts.

      • Gunbot has done me no favors. Just got 3 boxes of American Eagle .223 Rem 100rds for $0.12 less per round than I paid for Wolf through Gunbot. My LGS’s shelves are filled, and I finally got my new AK.

        • Wow! The few LGS’ I can goto around me in the DFW area are pretty much all ready to bone you on ammo as you walk in the door. Gunbot seems to be the only way I can get .223 for less than 65+ cents a round, luckily I work at a computer and have a browser open on it most of the time.

        • Got 2k rounds of Tula 223 for $300 and $375 respectively off Gunbroker. That’s pretty close to what it was before December. My M&P15 has no problem with it so why not.

        • Yeah the Bass Pro in grapevine had LOTS AND LOTS of CCI 5.56 ammo. but that was it. Handgun ammo? HA! hunting or self defense ammo? Keep dreaming.

          however i am pleased to see many AR-15’s on the shelf and a snazzy FNS-9 that has caught my attention…

        • The one benefit to the ammo shortage is that I have become much more proficient in shooting and manipulating the old shotgun. It had been neglected for the black rifles and pistols I have accumulated. It is now getting the love it deserves as that is about the only ammo I can get enough of for a reasonable price to practice with.

        • Scored 1000 .223 at about $.49 per. A bit more than the $.40 I was paying before the panic, but not horrendously so. $79/200 in September, $99.9/200 on Friday. So 25% more? *shrug*

          Could be worse.

  2. Ammo is slowly coming back with the exception of 9mm and .22 rimfire. Was at the lgs a couple days ago and pistols are starting to show up again.

    • At a gun show they were selling 500 9mm for… I can’t remember how much but I know it came out to $14 for 50rds. You do the math. This was in so cal. Note that is was just wolf ammo.

      • I sure hope that’s true.

        I actually found a decent stock of Blazer Brass and American Eagle 9mm at the local shop several days ago — at least 60 boxes of each, $13.99 apiece. First I’d seen on the shelf since February. Except for the two-per-customer limit and all the other empty shelves down the aisle, it almost felt like the good old days back in November. I snagged my two boxes two days in a row, then it was all gone. Sigh…

        No .22 to be seen anywhere. Even 30-30 is finally gone; I suspect the mfgrs have scaled it back to focus on the higher-volume stuff.

        I have enough ammo to make a few low-volume range trips, but I don’t dare use what I’ve got for fear that it might never come back at a price I can afford. If/when it does, I’m going to embark on a carefully managed hoarding program until I have enough ammo to ride out the apocalypse in style.

    • I’ve had good luck finding ammo at the local gun show. Picked up factory reloaded 9mm for the same price as I did last October. $119 for 500 loose rounds in a box. No ammo can this time, but for $0.24/rd I can totally dig it.

      .223 was still high, though. It was $255 per 500 instead of $185. Not horrible, though, overall.

      • $255 for 500 .223! That ain’t bad at all. I’ve been seeing people on a local bartering website sell 500 223 for $450. And the pirates get the buyers they want.

    • 6.8??? I can’t seem to get a drop locally and I’m not paying 30 bucks shipping. Dang you, rural Kentucky.

    • .22 LR still seems to be the one caliber I can’t get reliably anymore. in the past two weeks I’m up to my ears in 9mm, .45 and .223. But .22LR is still a rare beast.

  3. Of course the RCMP wants people to turn in their firearms. Given the RCMP reputation of murder in the line of duty , they probably just don’t want competition. “We’re the Mounties. We answer to no one.”

  4. No ARs but plenty of 55 grain Winchester 5.56, Tul 7.62 and occasionally 6.8 at two local WalMarts.

  5. Shooters in Jacksonville, Fl has ammo and ARs and AKs in abundance. They where always a bit pricy, so no real difference. Academy Sports in Orange Park has plenty of ARs at good prices, not much ammo. Walmart, still barren.

    • Walmarts in the DFW area of Texas are just as barren. Its the same damn boxes EVERY time i go there.

      its like there are ninjas that camp out and wait for the ammo trucks. Its almost as bad as a HALO midnight release at gamestop…

  6. Saw some regular priced 45 at fishermans marine. No 22, 5.56, 7.62, only calibers like 7mag, 270, .280 on the shelves. Lots of black rifles anew hand guns of all makes. Just no food.

    • Well, we’ve had a gun amnesty around here some twenty years back and a guy turned in, I kid you not, an 88mm anti-tank gun. Not in pristine condition, of course, but repairable.

      • You think it’s been tough and expensive buying ammo for your favorite guns of late? Try feeding that 88mm.

  7. Went to Cabelas this past weekend to see a TON of space filled with 7.62 and all other sorts of random crap like .223 WSSM for some reason. I am still able to buy all of my .22lr, .223/5.56, 9mm/40/.45 on the interwebs at decent prices even after shipping. However, no one can ever beat the price of 25 cents a round for .40 at walmart.

  8. ‘Every gun turned in is one less gun that could fall into the hands of criminals.’ This is the exact methodology espoused by the local LEOs, the Greens Party, and the local anti-gun groups.

    They openly claim that people legally owning rifles are the direct cause of crime committed by criminal gangs using handguns. Since the last two groups are also openly campaigning for drug law reform (ie: complete legalization), it is clear where they get their ideas from.

    • Assumptions and stereotypes go both ways. The desire for legalization is not directly tied to disarmament.

      • The point was the logic of the Greens Party and the anti-gun groups only makes sense when applied through the filter of narcotic substances.

  9. local walmart has winchester/federal sporadically 13.50/50rds if you come at the right times…. same jackass comes in every night and takes all the .22lr though.

    I wish the 6920colt they have wasn’t $1499 =(

    • THATS the sh!t i dont like.


      how do these people have souls?

  10. Plenty of pistols and rifles back on the shelves – including ARs and AKs.

    The great ammo shortage continues, though… at least here in WA. It’s better than it was, though.

  11. We are a little luckier in my corner of Texas. 9mm from Winchester, Federal and Tulammo. Pricing from $10.37 to $12.59 at my local Wally World and Academy. Picked up 4 bricks of 22lr this last week. Three 22lr in Remington and one Winchester. All at regular prices.

  12. Here in the slave state of New Jersey (and getting more slave-y by the minute!) we don’t have very many LGS’s. Only FFL’s can sell ammo commercially. Not surprisingly, ammo was hard to come by locally BEFORE the shortage even started. Gunbot has been the only way for me to feed my AR and 92FS.


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