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California State Senator Leland Yee (courtesy

Surprising virtually no one, Sen. Leland Yee of California pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to all charges related to his arrest as part of a corruption and organized crime investigation. He faces a gun trafficking charge and multiple counts of “depriving the public of honest services.” He remains employed by the California Senate, but is suspended with pay. In a related story, Tony Serra, the attorney for one of Yee’s co-conspirators, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, said Tuesday that the FBI was guilty of racism and entrapment in their prosecution of his client. Serra said, “We will put the government rightfully on trial” for their actions in this case. Good luck with that, I suppose. . .

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Portland, Oregon. It was only a brief one, but it’s in keeping with the idea of “Keep Portland Weird.” Last Thursday afternoon, Lincoln High School was briefly locked down while police responded to a report of a man who appeared to be high on drugs who was wandering in and out of traffic and hitting cars. When they got there and approached him, he motioned to his waist and claimed to have a gun. Police then fired a bean-bag gun at the man, but according to witnesses, he did not immediately react. After a moment or three, he laid down on the ground and police took him into custody. No gun was found, and the lockdown was lifted very soon thereafter.

A man in Fresno, California is facing an attempted murder charge after he shot himself during an attempted armed robbery early Friday morning. The suspect, Henry Bess, rode up to a couple on a BMX bike at a gas station in Fresno, and started yelling and making threatening gestures at the man. Bess then attempted to pull a gun from his waistband, which was grabbed by the other man. A scuffle ensued, with both men falling to the ground, during which at least two shots were fired, one of which struck Bess. The victim fled to his car, while Bess tried to get away on his bicycle. He was found a short distance away by police, who followed a trail of blood to find him hiding in the bushes and groaning. When he gets out of the hospital, he’ll be charged with attempted murder, as well as violation of parole.

The SIG AR Pistol Brace has been in the news a lot lately, and The Yankee Marshal offers up his opinion, now that he’s picked one up for his pistol. Apparently it’s pretty hard to install, as the middle 45 seconds of the video will attest. I appreciate his thoughts that it might help change minds, but I feel like he’s giving the vast majority of non-“gun people” way too much credit. I just don’t see it happening that way. I really think that as far as most uninformed Americans go, the best we can really hope for is a neutral reaction.

The Lahti 20mm anti-tank gun has been mentioned several times in the past, but usually only in passing. In this video, Kenton Tucker, who owns quite a few unusual and exotic firearms, gives an actual walkaround tour of the big gun and how it operates. Definitely on my “someday” list, simply because it’s cool. You only live once, after all.

I like how the side-by-side comparison of the 20mm round with the .50 BMG makes the .50 look like a .223.

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    • No pointing out the horrendous hypocrisy, Just
      “The veteran Democrat, an advocate for gun control and campaign finance reform in Sacramento, … charged in a sprawling racketeering case brought by the U.S. attorney’s office in San Francisco”
      How soft can you get.

  1. Shrimp Boy pulled an Al Sharpton once before and snitched. He will do it again. Leland is gonna screw up and miss out on the deal

    • Classic Tony Serra. He has been doing this same stuff for decades. In fact, he is SO old, I didn’t know he was still practicing law (he was admitted in 1962). According to the news report of his assignment to represent Shrimp Boy: Serra, 79, has practiced law in California since 1962, except for two suspensions and federal sentences for refusing to pay income taxes in protests against U.S. wars. He successfully defended Black Panther leader Huey Newton in a murder trial, won an acquittal in a Chinatown murder case that was fictionalized in the 1989 film “True Believer,” and has represented scores of controversial clients while living a spartan life and driving a rundown car.”

    • Looks like Shrimp Boy Chow’s lawyer, Mr Serra,
      has hooked up with RPG Yee’s lawyer, Mr DeMeester,
      to cry the same worn out excuse:

      “it’s not FAIR …(RAAACCIIISSST!!!)

      Straight out of Johnny Cochran’s playbook:

      Gonna be fun to see which new young prog-tards go along…and no wonder the older generation of the national StateRunMedia have gone radio silent on this…

      You just can’t make this stuff up, its too hilarious. Who’s got the popcorn?

    • If there’s even a hint that he might turn (which, as a coward, he probably will), his 3 years of freedom might be cut short…..

    • Doubtful. His term expires this year, and I would think his pay will end with his term, which is when the Legislature adjourns this fall.

  2. The 20 is huge.
    It’s why I want one so bad. Yeah, yeah, fire away with the comments about compensating…
    I just really like big bore lead delivery devices.

  3. I actually hope Shrimp Boy flips again, and turns on Yee. At least Shrimp Boy is honest enough to admit he’s a criminal, a gangster, and former street thug. Yee and the rest of the politicians of CA need a rude awakening.

    • Nah. Shrimp Boy knows if he flips he’s toast.
      If the FEEB’s have been wiretapping him for 5 years, they don’t need him anyway, and the proof is the 17 or so other asian named folks…

      No, now that I think about it, its the one guy we HAVEN’T heard so much about- Keith Jackson, and his son- the Chicago Jesse Jackson Family wannabe’s who obviously moved in and out of a LOT more circles than Mid-Life-Crisis-Yee…

      Liberal unions, liberal school board, Chinatown Tongs, black Oakland pols, rich Senators fm SF and Marin, maybe pop on over to Sack-a-tomatoes for the weekend…maybe even brokering money connections to 2012 election bundlers, like the one who got paid with a #3 DOJ job, while related to someone’s prettiest AG in the nation…

      Thats the REAL witsec candidate, is what my tin-foil-hat-radar is saying …
      and maybe the proof is how much we AREN’T hearing from him,
      OR his attorney…
      or the press, local and national StateRunMedia…

      No wonder the State Dem’s have their panties in a wad, and
      Eric Holder is blowing up in Congressional appearances…
      and DiFi and staff are suddenly in a knife fight with the CIA…
      And Clinton’s butt-boy Podesta is smoothing things out over over at the NSA…

      Whooeee! Who’s got the popcorn?

  4. You have to have the right pistol buffer tube for the ar brace, I bought two before I got the right one in terms of diameter…. The new one slips on and off like a glove

  5. While you may be correct about the SB15 not opening up the possibility of SBR’s coming off the NFA list, I haven’t given up hope. Many “non-gun” people I’ve spoken with have expressed incredulity when I explained that for a rifle with a 16″ barrel I can buy it and take it home today, but if the barrel is 15.9″ I have to wait 10 months to a year for “permission” to own it. And yes, they thought it was stupid I had to go through those hoops, not that it wasn’t that way for ALL rifles. 🙂

  6. The disgrace Representative Yee still stands at the trough suckling cash flow from the government tit. Makes a mockery of leadership.

  7. “A man in Fresno, California is facing an attempted murder charge after he shot himself during an attempted armed robbery early Friday morning.”

    The legal system is downright comical sometimes.

  8. I have a feeling Yee’s trial, despite the overwhelming evidence against him, will be an enormous clusterfuck. They’re going to use every trick in the book to try to keep him from getting what he deserves.

  9. I just mounted my SB-15 today. I have a KAK buffer tube designed specifically for the brace. It slid on pretty easily. I had to work it back and forth for the last cm or so, but I didn’t need talcum powder or anything.

    When the brace first arrived, I tried putting it on the buffer tube I used to have on there. I got it on about two inches before deciding I couldn’t get in any deeper. The instructions in the box state that the tube shouldn’t be more than 1.2″. My other tube was 1.225″.

    My SB (not an) R:

    (I didn’t feel like getting the 762-SDN-6 out of the safe for the gun porn).

  10. Whats with the rust on “the shoulder thing that goes up”?

    The pistol brace does seem useful for people with injured/missing hands.

  11. The first plea in early appearances in a major felony case is always “Not Guilty”. This isn’t news.

  12. “Shrimp Boy Chow”

    Every time I read that name I think about Chinese food. I’m going to be in China Town today passing by several good Asian restaurants. I think I’ll stop in one of them for lunch.

  13. “Good luck with that, I suppose. . .”

    Well, the Pennsylvania AG, the famous Bloomberg Bimbo™ Kathleen Kane, just dropped charges against five Philadelphia politicians for the same reason – since they were all non-white, the investigation was flawed by discrimination and bias. At least according to her. And despite her admission that they had committed criminal acts.

    BTW, let’s play a game of guess the party – both the AG and the criminal politicians.

  14. Yankee commented on the NFA being based on science fiction…

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it was based on left over prohibition era laws. When gangsters were using sawed off shotguns and chopped down BARs to mow each other down.

    But, after prohibition was lifted all the goon squads chasing down rum runners and moonshiners needed something to do in order to keep their jobs. And, the NFA was born.

    I thought it was bad policy, not science fiction.

    Anyways, I, for one, think the Sig brace is great, nullification is a good first step to repealing bad law.

    • Thanks for the reminder- was the silencer prohibition same part of that package?

      If so, then pointing out to reasonable folk the prog-tards logic fail, and long proven futility of regulating the WEAPON, or the various nitnoid details of it,

      vs laws that address the behavior of the PERSOn, and holding them accountable, by law enforcement,
      is what needs to be reminded, over and over.

      The knife wielding teenager in CA is another example. h/t drudge:–followed-by-bloodshed-at-high-school

      • And not to go too far OT on this, but in the spirit of the “Hearts and Minds” meme of TTAG- ie sneaking into enemy territory and winning over the poor villages and liberal plantations, where the ignorant are held captive by the Leftist State Tyrranny,

        by informing and educating those new to 2A ideas and freedom, using the facts, and reason, to help them understand how to resist the prog-tard agitprop…

        Here’s another example, of one of “Those of the Elites Who Think They Know Whats Best For The Rest Of Us Little People” needs to be held accountable for her BEHAVIOR in breaking the law. And why the StateRunMedia is again, radio silent…proving TTAGs value among others in the blogosphere, to get the word out:

  15. Just be done with it and make SBR’s legal. As for the SIG pistol brace AR in the mean time, do you really want to get pulled over with that jammed under your seat and explain how it is legally a pistol?

  16. The Bess shooting himself story proves my wife’s 2nd Law of Bicycles: The smaller the bicycle the bigger the delinquent.

  17. Didn’t Obama institute more severe penalties for gun trafficking? I’ll be waiting to see how strict they are for one of his Golden Boys…

    Waiting, not holding my breath.


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