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Think you know who permit-to-carry holders are? Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum, with the generous help of Crucible Arms, put together this short documentary showing a cross section of Minnesota’s permit-to-carry holders. . .

Chris had a post earlier today about George Zimmerman’s “large ammo stash” from his recent arrest. That arrest was for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend. From, this: “George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, who called 911 accusing Zimmerman of pointing a gun at her, has been shopping around for a national media interview for weeks, but none of the national media would pay her the money she was seeking.” This is my surprised face.

Gun-rights advocates asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to overturn the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in striking down the 2009 Montana Firearms Freedom Act. The federal government regulates firearms under the auspices of the Interstate Commerce Clause, and the 2009 MFFA attempts to declare that federal firearms regulations don’t apply to guns kept in the state where they were manufactured. The law was struck down by a district judge and that ruling was upheld by the 9th Circuit. The case is MSSA v. Holder and you can find the Petition for Writ of Certoriari here (pdf warning). A decision on the petition is not expected until early next year.

In a nice change of pace from what we’ve come to expect from the media, has a good quick article for new gun owners (guns being all the rage for Christmas gifts this year, apparently) about how to care for your new pet. To their credit, they get the important stuff out there first. After the introduction, it only takes three short sentences to get “all guns are always loaded” rule stated. They then stress it, saying “make sure the chamber is clear” two more times in the next three lines. The article might be a good one to save for use in future “newbie” encounters.

Chicago police officers watched a drug dealer sell to three people in Gage Park last Monday night, then swooped in and arrested him. He’d been stashing the drugs under a nearby garbage can, and when they looked there, they found nine bags of marijuana and a revolver. They’d also seen him going in and out of a nearby apartment, and when they searched that, they found it “empty of furniture” and “vacant” except for 156 bags of heroin in 12 bundles of 13 bags each and 260 small bags of marijuana tied together in 21 bundles, and a Sten MKV submachine gun. Christian sent us the story and quipped, “Was the guy at the corner all out of Chauchats?”

mattv2099 has done quite a few GLOCK-brand GLOCK torture tests in the past, testing their legendary reliability with everything from bananas to strawberry jello to mashed potatoes, but he hasn’t done one in a while. They’ve always survived (and functioned) pretty well. (Well, except for the marshmallow GLOCK. That one had to go to the armorer.) He’s back now with a GLOCK-brand GLOCK deep fried in Twinkie batter, and this one takes the cake.

I’m actually surprised at the result. Those Twinkies didn’t look that tenacious.

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  1. Things like this are the best antidote to ignorant anti’s who have a preconceived notion of a “gun nut.” I always ask them why I, a husband, father, and attorney who has never had more than a traffic ticket, should not be trusted with a semi-automatic rifle or a magazine over X rounds. I tell them that my range buddies are their doctors, dentists, accountants, and neighbors, and ask what we did to be treated like criminals.

    • Now for the NRA to pick up on this and break it down into 30-second spots that can be aired in major markets during prime time.

      Naah, you’re right, never happen. Pass the gravy…

    • They are the most reversed circuit, at least numerically, primarily because they are the biggest and busiest of all of the circuits. The circuit basically covers Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska. Its current chief justices is Alex Kosinski, an outspoken justice at all times, and favorable to the Second amendment.

  2. I want a Sten!

    The legal case should be interesting, given the way the court found against the feds in the Guns Free School Act… of course, the latter was amended just enough to get around the ruling, so who knows.

    • I was eyeing Sten kits last week. I really want one too, but I want it to be a fully functional normal Sten, meaning FA.

    • This is not a 2A case–it is a Commerce clause case. And the odds of the writ being granted, given a lengthy history of Commerce Clause cases from the Supreme court, is essentially nonexistent.

      • The GFSA was also a commerce clause case, and they took that one.

        I’m not holding out much hope, though.

      • They knew all along this case was going to the Supreme Court because it specifically addresses limiting the power of Congress to regulate, so the lower court rulings didn’t surprise anyone. Disappointed, maybe, but not surprised. The original case was decided against MSSA for both lack of standing and because it went against established precedent. The goal in the appeals court was to overturn the lack of standing ruling, and it was successful in that, giving them the green light to then file for cert with the USSC on the precedential issue.

  3. Gret video. The true faces behind those who conceal carry. Not the one the media would have people to believe.

  4. That video was not half bad. I’d live to see that campaign spread nationwide with more polished cinematography.

    • Why would anyone cringe over a plastic fantastic piece of Tupperware? Seen one Glock, seen ’em all–and there are plenty more where that one came from.

    • I bet it would have functioned though. I’ve seen squib tests on glocks, sigs and his. All passed. I just don’t think the twinkie filling would have raised pressure enough to be a problem.

      I figure seating the round would be the hard part. Though I am thinking that racking a few rounds would have cleared it enough to take care of that.

      I would like to see the test done on a proper testing rig so that no one is in danger but we get a real result.

    • Yes. That’s just nasty, and now I’m completely unprepared for that bump in the night unless I clean the deep fried Twinkie out of my Glock.

      • just let the bad guy eat all that fried twinkie off the glock. It’ll kill him just as sure and probably quicker than a 9mm.

  5. I had to get up and go wash my already-just-washed hands.

    The Glock tray full of eggy goodness at the very beginning makes me want to wash my hands but I can fight that one. Twinkie Glock? Just thinking about touching that thing gives me the shivers.

  6. but it’s open carry, so F them, they’re just looking for attention and ruining the movement…. or some such nonsense…

    • Your statement could not be be more profound. The members of Moms Demand Action recognize a problem (they are vulnerable to violent criminals) and their solution is that everyone else does something about their problem. No one is morally required to do anything to help anyone else.

  7. There is no way that this video is true. We all know for a fact that only two types of people carry firearms: old fat white guys — and men with tiny body parts exclusive to the male anatomy.


  8. Gee the Federal courts decreed that it’s perfectly acceptable for the Federal government to ignore the Constitution and interfere in the Constitutional internal affairs of a state. There’s a surprise.

  9. Great job by Kevin Vick – Crucible Arms. Had to go look this up, as I have seen how Minneapolis changed from midwest middle of the road, to liberal over the last couple decades, not unlike other mid-sized cities in the US-

    To the open carry advocates- I am with you- the point is this, its how you do it:

    this video is a good example of positive and professional persuasion, done strategically- to inform and thus separate the independent reasonable thinkers from the radical left grabbers, and also,

    when to make the smart tactical move, ie to ‘NOT be a d!ck” like here:

    If you read the article by MPR the local affiliate of NPR, here:

    and the comments by their readers there, you will see a thoughtful treatment, by MPR, vs the typical State Run Media propaganda, and more of same in the comments- the reasonable educational approach works.

    Good job TTAG for passing it along!

  10. Minnesota has a “permit to carry” that does not restrict open or concealed. I’ve done both, but the reaction to open is different as you get closer to the big cities than in the outstate areas.

    They were all carrying concealed until the end when they “untucked” to show what they had all along.

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